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Babies of the Wild by Carl R. Sams II


The Boy Who Cried Over Everything

Betsy Childs - 2011
    An experience with a slingshot and a sparrow helps him realize that it's okay to cry when you are sad, but it's best not to cry when you're mad.

Freddie Frog is Hungry

Kari Brimhall - 2011
    Your child will delight in reading this funny tale over and over again as you learn different colors and sizes. The bright illustrations and easy to read words will have your child reading along and chanting "I'm still hungry!"

What Am I? Animal Book #1

Selena Dale - 2014
    All the animal books focus on 21 different animals from all over the world. The world is filled with an endless variety of creatures. Some are amazing, some are unusual, some are terrifying, while some are all of these combined. All animals, no matter what they are, have something interesting to learn about them. This Book Has Fun Facts & Photos of 21 Animals. Book Section Numbers Each section starts off with a number at the top of the page. The number is written in letter form and in number form. This will help your child understand how to recognize numbers in both forms. Fun Cartoon Images Below the section numbers are the fun cartoon images. Each section has its own animal cartoon image to grab your child’s attention. A speech bubble appears above each animal describing a fun fact about that particular animal. Click the book image at the top of this page to see what I mean. What Am I? Below the image is the question, What Am I? Underneath that are three answers. You can now read through the answers with your child to decide which of the three is the correct answer. As you go further through the book some of those animal names re-appear again….just to test your child’s memory. Real animal photos Once your child has chosen their answer you flick over to the next page to see if it is the correct answer. The image on this page is now a REAL photo of the animal. Now your child can see what that particular animal looks like in real life. Below that is the correct answer. This book is fully illustrated and has simple blocks of text that will make learning fun for your child Your child will be learning in a relaxed and fun way. Some children don’t mind learning but others just don’t enjoy it. This series of books will suit ALL children! The following animals featured are: Camel Cow Crab Crocodile Donkey Duck Goat Horse Hyena Jellyfish Mouse Panda Peacock Raccoon Seahorse Skunk Sloth Spider Tiger Vulture Zebra Fun while learning! This book is part of a series called, "What Am I?" all of which are great for bedtime reading. Collect the series! Don’t forget your free gifts!

The Prickly Porcupine

Melinda Smart - 2014
    Children's Book: The Prickly PorcupineThis picture book is with illustrations and is intended for little ones from 2-5 as well as independent reading for children 6-8 years.

Children's Book: How to Be a Superhero (A Fun Illustrated Children's Picture Book; Perfect Bedtime Story)

Rachel Yu - 2011
    It’s the perfect bedtime story for the entire family to enjoy. Teen author, Rachel Yu, is residing happily ever after, in her own Castle of Brilliance. Another quality children picture book from the father and daughter team of Michael and Rachel Yu.

Magic Tree House: #9-10

Mary Pope Osborne - 2004
    Complete with a giant octopus, a hungry shark, and dolphins to the rescue, this Magic Tree House book delivers an underwater adventure kids can dream about. Ghost Town at Sundown Morgan le Fay has promised to make Jack and Annie masters of the tree house if they can solve four riddles. In Ghost Town at Sundown, the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to a ghost town in the Wild West of the 1880s. There, they meet a mustang herder named Slim as they search for the answer to the second riddle.

The Little Cockroach

Susie Violet - 2020
    He loves Mexico but wants to explore the world. Amazing things happen to Pedro and his friend Enrico when they decide to leave their home in search of adventure. The Little Cockroach is a delightful bedtime story about determination, travel and adventure.

Benny's Boogers: A Silly Rhyming Children's Picture Book

Xavier Finkley - 2011
    This is a fun rhyming picture book that is great to read with your child if he or she has a cold or the flu. Even if they are not under the weather, any 1 to 5 year old will thoroughly enjoy reading along with Benny's Boogers.

Disney Princess: A Story of Love

Amy Adair - 2002
    A Story of Disney Princess Ariel's Love

The Night the World Turned Royal Blue

Jason Sivewright - 2015
    A perfect way for Royals fans, and baseball fans everywhere, to share that magic night with their children and commemorate it themselves with beautiful illustrations and clever rhymes.

The Agent With a Bone to Pick

D.R. Tara - 2014
    After finding him on the road and adopting him, his parents give him a life that most dogs could only imagine, riding with Mummy on her scooter and playing cricket with Daddy. In Story 1, Jack spies on Mummy as she shops in a mall. In doing so, he foils the efforts of a robber who tried to steal Mummy’s purse. His efforts result in an invitation to join the police force as a special agent. In Story 2, Jack goes undercover to solve a case of looting in the neighbourhood. In story 3 Jack finds a great friend in Scoobie, and the two friends spend quality time playing together.

The Great Dinosaur Race

Lily Lexington - 2012
    Join them as they race through forests, tracks, over flips and more. Each brother believes they have the best dinosaur, who will win?The story ends with a great lesson about teamwork and being able to get along that all parents will love.- Beautiful illustrations with many amusing scenes.- Rhyming lines help engage your child and sustain interest.- Your child will be enthralled and love to read this story over and over.

The Pranksters Club: The Wimpy Kid Takeover

J.C. Foster - 2014
    And how can that get any worse for this Wimpy Kid? By finding out that you’re getting the meanest teacher in the school this year AND she just moved down the street.Leave it up to Connor, Max and Milo to turn the miserable first week of school into the biggest and most exciting party ever. All while avoiding the bully squad, outsmarting Molly, the teacher’s pet and staying one step ahead of Mr. Mooger, the principal.But everything is not as it seems and the three soon find out that they haven’t been the only one’s pulling pranks.Join Connor, Max and Milo on their new adventures in middle school, watch them out smart the bullies and stay one step ahead of the teachers. This illustrated book is a humorous and fun ride through middle school, never knowing what's just around the corner or under your seat. Connor's Diary of the Wimpy Kids in his prankster's club will keep you guessing and laughing out loud.Also Available: The Pranksters' Club: Ripped - Book 2 of the Series

Whoever Heard of a Flying Bird?: A Children's Book About Not Giving Up

David Cunliffe - 2020

Sammy The Sheep Dog (Adventures of Sammy The Sheep Dog, #1)

Rob Dallowe - 2015
    But why is it taking him so long to find a new owner? Join him on his adventure as he tries to find out. Perfect for bedtime reading and early readers, this delightful story introduces the incredibly cute puppy, Sammy The Sheep Dog. With beautiful illustrations by Gill Dallowe on every page, filled with fun and drama, this story will be a hit with all children who love animals.