Prairie Heart

Marian Snowe - 2017
    Many of the couples in the tiny Colorado ranch town of Prairie Winds have Eleanor to thank for their happily ever after. But when her best friend, Morgan, asks for Eleanor's help to set her up on a date... Well, that's where it gets complicated. Morgan is funny and dashing, and she’s sexier in blue jeans and a cowboy hat than any ranch hand has a right to be. She also just came out. The thing is? Eleanor's had a crush on Morgan since forever, and has spent her entire life convincing herself that Morgan was off limits. Now that Morgan's told her she's not exactly straight--and that Morgan needs her help to find the right lady--Eleanor's heartbroken that this "right lady" is probably not her. Ever the great friend, she knows her own ex-girlfriend is absolutely perfect for Morgan... A sexy camping trip, a tornado and an intense love triangle round out this heartwarming romance by best-selling author Marian Snowe!

Love's Someday

Robin Alexander - 2009
    Her relationship becomes the casualty when the past and present collide.Erica Barrett’s world is turned upside down when she is forced to watch Ashleigh confront old demons and become someone she doesn’t recognize.Is love worth fighting for when you realize that you never truly knew the person you’ve shared five years of your life with?


Rachel Spangler - 2012
    Blue-collar boi Joey Lang is too insecure to even approach her—that is until her well-meaning but meddling best friend Lisa decides to break the ice and makes Joey a life-coaching appointment with Elaine. A session meant to bring clarity only leaves them both feeling more confused about their purpose in life and love.Will Joey be able to find the strength to chase the woman of her dreams, and even if she does, will Elaine be willing to risk the life she loves for the woman who could be the love of her life?

How To Wrangle a Woman

Susan X. Meagher - 2012
    It turns out that Brooklyn York is extraordinary. Yes, she has to be at work at 6 am, still…when you have to pay a perfect stranger very good money to be a human alarm clock it might be time to reassess. But Brooklyn isn't the most introspective person in town. She's much better at aiming pointed barbs at politicians and celebrities during her mornings on talk radio and her evenings on the college lecturecircuit.Kiri Klein rides to the rescue. She's very adept at helping celebs stay out of jail and rehab. Actually, Brooklyn is the easiest client she's ever worked with. The only problem is how to keep things strictly professional. Brooklyn is charming, generous and kind and Kiri begins to lose the battle. Maybe theycould have sex but keep it casual. That wouldn't be hard, would it? Well, would it?

Love At Last

Kate Sweeney - 2011
    She had put her artistic passion on hold when she married, raised two children and kept a happy home.Now that the kids are grown and out of the house, it is Alana’s time, at last. However, she and her husband find themselves faced with a new, and sad dilemma—figuring out who the stranger is that sits across from them at the dining room table. The questions and doubt now begin when Alana retraces the decisions she has made that brought her to this point.As her life unravels around her, she meets Toni O’Hara, a Chicago fire inspector. Through her humor and compassion, Toni helps Alana come to terms with her life, her culpability in her failed marriage, and the most wonderful realization of all—Love, at last.

Making Time

C.J. Harte - 2014
    She has spent the last fifteen years trying to forget Teri Stanton. Just as she thinks her life is moving forward, Mia loses her lover and then must become her parents’ caretaker. She is still determined to make a life without Teri’s ghost haunting her.Teri Stanton has sold her soul to her family’s business. She’s tripled the net worth and made it a global company. One day she will be the CEO. That is all she cares about. Until Mia Daniels shows up and keeps telling her to go away. Mia is attractive and smart, and Teri is interested, but Mia has too many responsibilities for Teri to deal with.Mia may be Teri’s one chance to regain her soul back, but first she has to make time to prove to Mia she is worth the effort. Teri’s not sure if she can.

Something to Believe

Robbi McCoy - 2010
    Cruise over, they kept in touch, and rapidly became close friends. The following year they’re reunited for a visit which ends with a spontaneous kiss that surprises them both. That one kiss destroys their friendship, sending them back to their lives—and their partners—heartsick and remorseful.Ten years later everything—and nothing—has changed. While the path is now clear for them to reignite the old flame, the time still seems all wrong. Cassie is unable to break through the emotional walls separating her from both her estranged son and her rediscovered love, while Lauren is overcome with revelations about her late partner that shatter her belief in destiny and romance.Challenged by the past and besieged in the present, the only thing going for them is the one thing they’ve denied all these years: love.With an unforgettable journey through China as backdrop for a story of fated love, Robbi McCoy (Waltzing at Midnight, Not Every River) returns with a decade-spanning romance that explores first impressions, second chances and perhaps third time’s the charm.

Little White Lie

Lynda Sandoval - 1999
    She doesn’t want, nor does she need, a relationship. When her prestigious academic career earns her an invitation to appear on a national talk show, she eagerly looks forward to discussing her genetics work. Little does she know that the episode is really entitled “Those bookworm looks have to go!” Worse yet, gorgeous makeup artist Gia Mendez—a woman Emie stupidly lowers her guard around—is in on the humiliating prank.The fiasco just convinces Emie of what she knew all along: relationships are for other people, and women like Gia don’t belong anywhere near her world. But Gia’s about to make it up to Emie, by convincing her she has not only brains, but beauty...and she’s the only woman Gia wants in her life.First in the Amigas y Amor Series

None So Blind

L.J. Maas - 2000
    Taylor Kent, now a celebrated artist, has spent the years trying to unsuccessfully forget the young woman who walked out of her life. Best friends forever, neither woman ever had the courage to speak of the passion they felt for one another. Now, an unusual but desperate request will throw the old friends together again. This time, will they be able to voice their unspoken desires, or has time become their enemy?

The Practitioner

Ronica Black - 2017
    An anxiety disorder, loss of her business, and homelessness have been difficult to overcome. But Johnnie has come through the other side to find success as an artist. Now, however, she’s lost her creative drive and she’s struggling to produce.Elaine Taylor has an interesting job. She’s a “creative practitioner,” known to awaken her client’s creative side by using many different approaches, including a sensual or sexual approach. Most of her clients are male and she likes it that way. Women are the last thing she wants in her life, having lost the most important woman she’s ever known, her wife.Fearing she’ll lose all she’s worked so hard for, Johnnie takes her friend’s advice and calls a lone number on a business card, steps into Elaine’s office, and shakes up both their worlds forever.

Do Not Disturb

Carsen Taite - 2010
    Even though she has no desire to be surrounded with lonely mountain ranges and coyote skulls, she can’t resist a challenge that might put her within reach of a corner office at headquarters.Rock music celebrity Greer Davis’s protective bubble of stardom bursts after a night of wanton partying results in a public disaster of epic proportions. Totally unprepared for the scathing turn of events, Greer heads for the hills—literally. She assumes a new identity and returns to her roots in Northern New Mexico just as her latest album debuts at number one on the charts.When Ainsley and Greer meet on a flight to the Land of Enchantment, love is the last thing on either of their minds, but tall mountain vistas, big blue skies, and hot, hot green chili all combine to create a rush of endorphins begging for release.

Sweet Surrender

Anna Cove - 2017
     Julia has it all. Fame, fortune, and all the ladies she can get her lips on. But she can’t write her next book. She’s as blocked as a teenager’s pores. Could it be because of the one who got away? Susan had it all, and now it’s gone. She moves through life like a zombie, doing only what she needs to do to get by. Then Julia returns, and her irreverence and impulsiveness sends a tiny electrical pulse to Susan’s heart. When Susan and Julia are reunited, they try to ignore the flying sparks. There’s too much baggage—Julia is almost half Susan’s age and was once her student. But they need each other now more than ever. As their bond strengthens and heals, the attraction between them becomes impossible to ignore. Do Julia and Susan have a future together? Or just a past?

Playing For Her Heart (The Ashforth Series Book 1)

Melissa Tereze - 2020

Just Business

Julie Cannon - 2009
    Real estate tycoon Dillon Matthews, in the middle of negotiating the deal of her life, is stunned when the owner of the small parcel of land she desperately needs to complete her latest project presents the final condition she must meet to close the deal. Callie Sheffield is struggling to pay the attorney she has hired to appeal her brother’s conviction for a crime he didn’t commit. When Dillon and Callie meet by chance, they realize each has what the other needs. A simple business transaction will give them both what they need—until love threatens to derail the negotiations.

Barring Complications

Blythe Rippon - 2014
    So when the Court decides to hear a case about gay marriage, Justice Victoria Willoughby must navigate the press, sway at least one of her conservative colleagues, and confront her own fraught feelings about coming out. ­­Just when she decides she’s up to the challenge,­­ she learns that the very brilliant, very out Genevieve Fornier will be lead counsel on the case.Genevieve isn’t sure which is causing her more sleepless nights: the prospect of losing the case, or the thought of who will be sitting on the bench when she argues it."With flashbacks to the main characters’ time at Harvard Law, we plainly see what kind of choices and sacrifices that generation was forced to make, to achieve what they wanted to achieve.......The author is to be commended for portraying this historical backdrop without judgment but with full emotional intensity. Blythe Rippon leads the reader right into that maelstrom of history, which mangled so many gay lives.......This backstory enhances the importance of the main storyline and shows why the decision for marriage equality was a landmark case. And it is fitting that the story at the end points at the next frontier, the fight for transgender rights." --Lambda Literary