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Three Years Later by Anna Fisher


Amish Days: Replacement Wife: Hollybrook Amish Romance (Greta's Story Book 1)

Brenda Maxfield - 2017
    Is she serious? Is she really trying to force him to make such a promise? How can she possibly expect him to marry Greta Glick after she dies? How can anyone replace Betty as his wife? How can anyone replace her as the mother to their son? Isaac can’t even begin to think such thoughts. All he wants is for his wife to live. But Isaac’s prayers aren’t answered. Betty dies with Isaac and their baby son by her side. After the burial, Greta Glick assures Isaac that she will not hold him to the promise, even though she already loves his son. She suspects she might love Isaac, too, but she shoves her feelings aside. Later, when the local healer’s granddaughter begins to show interest in Isaac, Greta regrets how hastily she brushed the promise aside. Was she wrong to dismiss Betty’s dying wish so quickly? And now, Isaac is threatening to leave the state, and it appears that both Isaac and his baby son will be lost to her forever… Replacement Wife is a sweet, clean, inspirational Amish Romance—part of the much-loved Hollybrook Amish Romance series. Replacement Wife is a touching Christian story of loss, grief, and true love. Enjoy this tender romance today! Grab your copy now!

Christmas Tales with the Schwartz Sisters

Hannah Schrock - 2018
     Katie, Elizabeth and Hannah Schwartz are three sisters that love their Amish lives, but one by one they are tempted by the outside world and love. When their mother died Katie, the eldest, took it upon herself to take care of her sisters and her father. At the age of twenty-six Katie yearns to love and to have a family of her own but she isn’t sure her sisters will manage without her. In a twist of events, Elizabeth and Hannah plan a trick to prove to Katie that they can. Will Katie find love this Christmas after all? Elizabeth had always enjoyed the company of her bible but when the Bishop’s wife is in a brutal buggy accident, she offers to find their son. Jacob and Elizabeth had been friends before he left the ordnung, when Elizabeth finds him and takes him to see his mother, she can’t help but wonder if they will ever be friends again. Will the bishop’s wife recover, will Jacob revisit his decision to leave the ordnung? Hannah had always been the curious one, younger than Katie by almost ten years, she is excited to go on rumspringa. When Hannah disappears without a word, Elizabeth and Katie are grief-stricken. But what they don’t realize is that Hannah had returned and was hiding out in their barn with the help of their farmhand Paul. What happened to make Hannah hide from her family? Can Hannah reunite with her family in time to enjoy an Amish Christmas?

Amish Christmas Gift

Samantha Bayarr - 2015
    Amish Christian Romance Fiction When Vivian answers an advertisement to spend Christmas at a B&B in the country, she doesn't realize it is run by an Amish family who is just as broken as she is. Trying to rekindle the Christmas spirit, can Vivian fit in with the Amish family and join forces to help each other through the holidays? Will it take a modern-day miracle to make things right again?

Amish Ace of Hearts

Mary Lantz - 2020

A Lancaster Amish Sketchbook 1:1

Ruth Price - 2014
    They are young and in love, and as soon as Isaac can get the money together, they intend to marry and have their own farm. But when Beth decides to explore her lifelong passion for drawing by taking an Englischer art class at a local community center, and Isaac finds himself swept away by the lure of earning money in a new career, will Beth and Isaac stay true to each other, or will they sacrifice their love, faith and future together to the temptations of the outside world? Find out in A Lancaster Amish Sketchbook, the third book of the bestselling Amish Identity series. This is Book 1 of 5 of the Kindle Unlimited Serial, "A Lancaster Amish Sketchbook." It is a great value for borrowers through Kindle Unlimited. If you do not have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, we recommend you get the non-serialized version by searching ASIN: B00KJ7LAUS as you will save $9.96 overall. Thank you! IF YOU LOVE CHRISTIAN BOOKS, SCROLL UP AND GRAB YOUR COPY FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED NOW!

Life Regained (An Amish Friendship Series)

Sarah Price - 2014
    Her entire world has turned upside down and she is left pondering what, exactly, her purpose in life truly is. On her son's suggestion, she escapes to Holmes County, Ohio and finds herself living on an Amish farm. While she tries to regain a life that has been lost, she finds herself gaining a lot more than she ever previously had. An unexpected friendship with Mary Troyer proves to be pivotal in how Elizabeth views the world around her, this time with the wisdom and insight of an Amish woman, rather than the demands and expectations of a world filled with work, demands, and hardships. A full-length novel, Life Regained is the first book in a series about the power of friendship that shatters the perceived boundaries of different cultures and religions.

In Time For An Amish Christmas

Samantha Price - 2017
     Heidi King was one woman who needed a miracle. She left the Amish community years ago and built a life for herself as a successful New York City realtor. Loneliness and regret cause her to cry out to God. Heidi wakes the next morning to the life she would've had if she'd stayed in the Amish community and married Derek, her old Amish love. At first, she was delighted to be Derek's wife and mother to their three children, but soon motherhood and the realities of life in the Amish community overwhelm her. Heidi finds her way back to her city life and her single status. Now with no children and no Derek, will she realize she's made the biggest mistake of her life? Will Heidi be able to find her way back in time for an Amish Christmas?

The Amish Broken Quilter (Amish Romance)

Emma Maas - 2018
    But even worse, she doesn't care. She blames God for taking her husband and has since lost her way in both her faith, and her community. But life must go on, and to support herself she makes and mends quilts for the Amish and Englishers alike. Living alone in an apartment above her shop, she works only to live and seemingly not much else as she feels the need to almost punish herself, and God, at the same time. But all that changes when Levi, himself a widow, comes into her shop to mend an old quilt as a surprise for his daughter's first child. He's immediately taken with Hannah. And as his job is repair and fixing broken things in his workshop, his trained eye spots a few problems around her home that could use some neighborly help. But his heart spots some problems, too. Yet Hannah doesn't want the help, or the attention. She resists, but Levi won't take no for an answer. He repeatedly shows up to work on things, trying to slowly chip away at her gruff exterior and win a smile, if not a friend. But Hannah is comfortable in her pain. She certainly has no time for friendships, let alone love. Yet God, and Levi, just might have other plans. Can two people find what they need in the other, when they both need it the most? A desire to mend against a desire to harbor old pains. Will love win out, in this sweet Amish Romance? Read this new book by Emma Maas to find out today...

The Byler Brothers: the complete series box set

Abigail Fisher - 2015
     Matthew hires Mandy Bowman, an Englischer in need of a place to live, to take care of the house and his youngest brother, John, who is blind. Mandy is exceptional with John and empowers him to do more for himself and build confidence and acceptance with his disability. Sparks fly between Matthew and Mandy, especially in a crisis, but when Mandy’s step-father arrives, everything changes. Will Matthew accept Mandy’s past and still love her? Will Mandy stay and accept the Amish way of life? Is there hope for two very different people to find love and happiness together? Find out now in THE BYLER BROTHERS Series: Book 1: "MATTHEW" Book Two: MARK: (Mark's Story: The Calling) Mark clings to his Amish faith in the aftermath of his parent’s fatal accident. After experiencing a spiritual calling similar to Paul or Samuel in the Bible, Mark is convinced that God has a special plan for him. Is he God’s choice to be the next bishop in his community? Hannah Hershberger lives next door to the Bylers. She has loved Mark from the time they were children together in school. After seventeen years, he finally notices her and asks her to attend the Fourth of July celebration with her. Is Mark truly interested in her or does he just want time with her grandfather, the bishop? When the bishop falls ill, Mark and Hannah spend time together watching over him, and he asks her to marry him while her grandfather is able to perform the ceremony. Hannah happily agrees. But when something happens that causes Hannah to question Mark’s intentions, she must decide what to do. Will Hannah call off the wedding? Will Mark learn to let go of his own intentions and trust God’s plan? How will God’s plan be revealed? Find out now in THE BYLER BROTHERS Series: Book 2: "MARK" Book Three: LUKE: (Luke's Story: Love on the Road) Two years after the devastating death of his parents, Luke Byler is sixteen years old and ready to get out of his small community and see the world. Amber Westbrook has graduated from high school and is determined to follow her dream to buy a trailer and experience life by travelling the country. Luke and Amber are joined by their sense of adventure and desire for new experiences, but when the world turns out to be more harsh than they expected, they turn to each other for support. How will a sheltered Amish boy and simple farm girl manage in a tough city? Will they stay strong with worldly temptations or learn from their difficult lessons? Where is peace found in the middle of chaos and trouble? Find out now in THE BYLER BROTHERS Series: Book 3: "LUKE" Book Four: JOHN (John's Story: Gift or Curse?) Being blind since birth, John Byler has developed sensitivities that are unique and cause him to see the w

Sarah's Story (Amish Christmas Romance #1)

Rebekah Fisher - 2015
    You'll get to know Sarah, Hannah, and Rachel very well! Each of them are featured in their own book, with their own story of finding Christmas love. In this first book,you'll be introduced to all three girls, but this story features Sarah, who's desire all year has been to find her special 'someone' by Christmas. Circumstances certainly seem that this will not be the case, however, as Christmas is just around the corner. Although her good friend Mose would love to court her, he seems more like a brother to her and she has no desire for a romantic relationship with him. Does God have a special person for her? And by Christmas? Find out what God has in store for Sarah...

Lily's Longing (Amish Bouquet Bakery Book 1)

Emma Cartwright - 2017
    Her days and nights are filled with caring for both. Having lost their parents two years before, the girls work together to keep their legacy alive, and each one has a responsibility to fulfill. Lily loves baking delicious pastries, bread, cookies and pies for their community, but she feels that something is missing in her life. Although her time is taken up by her work and helping her older sister run their household, Lily’s heart longs for the kind of relationship her parents had, but no one in their small town of Greenwood, Kentucky has ever tried to win her heart. In her youth, her shyness prevented her from responding to any overtures, but now she is just too consumed with her duties to even try. Gabriel Albrect works for his father’s construction company and is a former charmer of women. However, after having his heart broken, he retreats from the social scene and throws himself into his work. He’s done with women now. But when his cousin comes to visit, he is reminded of his former self and knows that he has to take responsibility for his cousin’s actions. After all, he is the reason that Mark behaves this way. When Mark appears to be making advances toward Lily’s sisters, Gabriel steps forward to intervene. He cares deeply for the Springer sisters. Although he and Lily were once close friends, time and changes caused them to drift apart. While they are still friendly, the relationship is a shadow of what it once was. Gabriel feels helpless to change it, believing that Lily will never trust him again because of his past. Still, he wants to protect her sisters from the advances of his flirtatious cousin. As the anniversary of her parents’ death approaches, Lily feels vulnerable and calls out to the Lord for comfort. If she can’t have the desires of her heart, she asks that He take them from her. Little does she know that God has a plan for her that will go beyond all her hopes...

Step of Faith (Magnolia Gardens Book 1)

Michelle Stimpson - 2018
    She's always lived for her family, but apparently they aren't thinking twice about her. When she makes a sudden decision to make herself happy, for once in her life, she has to deal with the repercussions this new life brings with the children who were hardly even thinking about her. Step of Faith is the first book in the Magnolia Gardens series by bestselling Christian Fiction author duo Michelle Stimpson & CaSandra McLaughlin. You will enjoy this cast of lively cast of senior characters and grow to love them through their trials and triumphs.

Amish Harvest 1

Samantha Jillian Bayarr - 2013
    Despite the many mishaps she encounters, she is determined to get that deed. If not for Luke, the Amish, tenant-farmer's oldest son, she could stay on task, but her attraction to him is becoming a little more than a distraction.

An Amish Choice

Diana Morgan - 2014
    Now she has returned. Can he win back her love? Or is he destined to spend his life alone?

The Decision Preview (The Prairie State Friends #1)

Wanda E. Brunstetter - 2015
    But his heart is about to be broken again as Elaine Schrock ignores her love and rejects his courtship in order to care for her only living relative, a grandmother with dementia. Jonah is sure he won’t find love a third time until he starts dating Sarah, a widow with a son. Now Elaine is feeling the heartbreak as it appears Jonah has finally found the happiness he has long sought.