When A Hood Legend Claims It All 2

Belleza - 2019
    Amare is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Corryn even if it means a life must be lost. Will they survive the drama that Pitt is causing them? There's another snake close to Corryn that she would have never expected, will she be able to catch the betrayal in time? Amena and Wesley are working on being couple goals, but the past will come back to bite them at the worst time. When secrets are uncovered, Wesley will have to make a decision but will his choice end his and Amena's relationship before it even gets started? Will Amena be willing to stick beside Wesley through it all? With Kenton focused on being the man in the streets, he somehow managed to keep that life totally separate from his family. However, his baby mother, Tara, doesn’t play fair when it comes to his children and always find a way to make parenting a difficult task. Soon Kenton will find solace in someone else who he feels understands him and gets along with his family. Is it even possible to keep your street life and family life separate or will Kenton have to accept that both worlds are intertwined? With all the jealousy and drama going around, everyone just wants to be happy. Snakes have to be eliminated by any means necessary, if that means death then so be it. Amare, Wesley and Kenton are here to prove that When a Hood Legend Claims It All, it is always for keeps

The Payback Girl

Jonathan Dunsky - 2018
    They have connections in high places. They can get away with anything.The police won't help her.The media won't either.So Amber-May must make her own justice or forever live in fear.Amber-May's mission will not be easy. For as she sets out on her quest for vengeance, she finds herself hunted in turn.And if she gets caught, she will face a fate worse than death.You will love The Payback Girl because it is a gripping thriller about revenge, love, justice, and the power of women.

A Beast Tamed Her: An Urban Romance

Cherice Harris - 2019
    Caleb was her protector, but there had always been something else lingering in the background. Now, as adults, things heat up when friendly feelings jump out the window, and their relationship begins to get complicated when they take the step to become more than just friends. However, just when things are starting to look up, everything takes a complete left turn. Aaliyah and Yazir are like water and oil. They just don’t mix. Aaliyah is new in town, and the only thing on her mind is school and caring for her sick mother. But we all know that’s when Cupid catches up to you. Often putting a bad taste in each other’s mouths, Yazir and Aaliyah are forced to be around each other because of their mutual friends. However, when tragedy strikes, will they ultimately end up needing each other to lean on? In this dynamic series, enemies will emerge, leaving this group of friends struggling for air.

No Longer His Victim

Soulja Choc - 2019
    She's not naive though. She knows that if he did it once, he will do it again. Tito had promised her that if she leaves, he will kill her and her family. She has no reason to doubt him. With the help of her best friend and her friend's brother, she begins to regain her confidence and learn to protect herself. This doesn't stop the abuse. She knows that there is only one way out. One way to no longer be his victim Will she do what it takes to save herself?

Diary of a Surfer Villager: Book 5: (an unofficial Minecraft book)

Dr. Block - 2018
     How will they survive? Can they escape? Will Clayton triumph? And, most importantly... Will Jimmy ever be able to surf again? Find out the answers to these questions in Book 5 of the epic Surfer Villager unofficial Minecraft series Even if you don't care about the answers to these questions, read the book anyway because it is pretty awesome. And, Herobrine is in it! ****************************************************************************** Be sure to read all my other books: Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 1 Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 2: Into the Mine Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 3: Rescue Mission Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 4: Mysterious Objects Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 5: Pursuit of Herobrine Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 6: No Rest Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 7: Herobrine’s Minion Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 8: End Times Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 9: Apocalypse The Complete Baby Zeke: Books 1-9 (also available in audiobook) Otis: Diary of a Baby Zombie Pigman, Book 1 Otis: Diary of a Baby Zombie Pigman, Book 2: Konichi Juan Otis: Diary of a Baby Zombie Pigman, Book 3: Training Creeptastic (also available in audiobook) Diary of a Werewolf Steve (also available in audiobook) Minecraft Halloween Tales Diary of Herobrine: Origins Diary of Herobrine: Prophecy Diary of Herobrine: Apotheosis Diary of a Minecraft Bat (also available in audiobook) Diary of a Spider Chicken, Books 1-3 Diary of a Surfer Villager, Books 1-5 A Notchmas Carol: An unofficial Minecraft holiday story inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (also available in audiobook)

Marco & Rakia 2: Not Your Ordinary Hood Love

Tina J. - 2020
     Overwhelmed with everything that occurred in the last few days, Rakia, comes to the conclusion, that Marco doesn’t love her; or does he. She tries to disappear to get her mind right but someone finds her and she ends up in the hospital; again.Marco, goes on the hunt for Zaire and when he finds him, the connection of why he entered Rakia’s life, becomes clear. However, she has absolutely nothing to do with it.Tech, is going crazy, trying to figure out, who shot the cop car up, his wife was in. Unfortunately; the person hasn’t made themselves known, which makes it harder for him to find them.Cara, is still on the road to destroy Rakia. However, she does something, that forces her to go into hiding; only to re appear and hit Rakia with some devastating news. With tempers flaring, jealousy at an ultimate high; who will be the last one standing?

Ghosts of Culloden Moor: Volume 5: Highlander Time Travel Romances

L.L. Muir - 2020

Suck Me Dry (Erotic Flash FIction Series)

Dyphia - 2013
    He was her first and will be her last if she doesn’t have some type of fun before they get married next year. The college life has done nothing but torment her of everything she’s missing sexually because Amari is an old fashion lover. When he leaves for a weekend business trip, Tiffany decides to let her hair down and fulfill those sexual desires/fantasies. Little does Tiffany know, her desires will also bring secret crushes to surface and this very well may be the weekend secret to take to her grave.

Falling for A Real One 2

K. Renee - 2019
    Devastated that Shanice was kidnapped, will she be able to make it out alive? While Truth is trying to rescue his love, Shanice, trouble halts his search and he is now in for the fight of his life. Will he make it out to save Shanice, or is he facing a life sentence in jail? Only time will tell. Gabe and Gia never saw the enemy lurking until gunfire erupted on their car. Gia gets shot in the process will she be strong enough to pull through, and grow old with Gabe? She has a secret to tell Gabe that would change their life. Will she be able to reveal her secret and make Gabe a very happy man? In the end, everyone will have to make hard decisions that they never saw coming. Shanice and Gia will be forced to admit that they fell for a real one but is that a good or bad thing?

Cowboy Roomie Complete Series Box Set

Claire Adams - 2017
     Cash Ogden was perfectly happy on his ranch outside of Jackson, Wyoming where he always knew what to expect and was able to keep things neat and tidy. But then Hailey Young showed up on his doorstep, throwing his entire life into disarray. An author from New York City, she wants to study Cash’s life so she can write a realistic cowboy novel, and though Cash isn’t excited by the prospect of opening up his home and life, he can’t turn down the money she’s offering. Cash can’t deny an immediate physical attraction to the beautiful and smart Hailey, but they are complete opposites who also happen to live three thousand miles apart. He vows to keep things professional between them, but will he really be able to keep that promise to himself during the three months Hailey plans to stay, closely watching his every move as the attraction builds?

The Autobiography Of A Hustler's Wife 2

Twyla T. - 2020

Kissing A Thug Under The Mistletoe

Keila Rowe - 2021

Julia's January

Caroline Ashton - 2020
    When this is interrupted by the sudden death of her grandmama, Julia is appalled to find that the detestable Lucien has been appointed her trustee. A heartwarming short story from the bestselling author of the Regency Belles novels.

40 Feet Off The Ground!

Shobana Mahadevan - 2019
    However, Sreya is tormented by demons from her past. And she turns down Vishal, the college heartthrob. Will their intense chemistry triumph over her dark past? Kavya falls desperately in love with Aadhi. Aadhi loves Kavya too, but only on his own terms. Things then start to go incredibly wrong. Will their love succeed? Anand and Priya are quiz partners, project partners and great friends. But is there more than what meets the eye? Are they secretly in love with each other? Join the fun loving group of close-knit friends, studying in an Engineering college, having the time of their life while following their passions and dreams!

The Hendersons: Three sisters and the journeys of their hearts

Clare Connelly - 2016
     THE GREEK'S MARRIAGE REVENGE Alessandros Petrides has spent a lifetime looking out for his younger sister. He might have amassed a fortune and built a reputation for himself as a heartless tycoon, but when it comes to family, he'll always make time for Helena. So when she informs him that her husband Eric is having an affair with their nanny, Alessandros doesn't hesitate to put himself right in the middle of the love triangle. He'll do anything it takes to save his sister's marriage, even if it means seducing the nanny into his own bed. Nothing in Sophie Henderson's life could have prepared her for how she would feel to meet a man like Alex. Not only is he charismatic and sexy, he exudes an air of danger that Sophie can't resist. Lust at first sight turns quickly into love and when he proposes marriage, she doesn't need to think twice. Why would she? Spending the rest of her life with Alex is a dream come true... until she discovers that their marriage is based on lies and revenge and a dark attraction that will consume her if she lets it. THE SHEIKH'S CONVENIENT MISTRESS The business which brings Sheikh Zamir Fayez to the deserts of Las Vegas is far from pleasant, and it's vital that it be kept secret. After all, the last thing he needs is news of his brother's drug addiction hitting the tabloids. Enter Olivia Henderson, a celebrity concierge who specialises in meeting the requirements of her clients no matter how difficult they might be. Only nothing in Olivia's experience has prepared her for a man like Zamir. He's domineering, arrogant and sexy, and he makes no effort to hide the fact that he wants Olivia in more ways than the professional. Nothing in their relationship is certain, but for one thing: that it must end. For Zamir will be King, and the hopes of a nation rest upon his shoulders. Olivia is a perfect distraction in his moment of need but she's hardly wife material. So why does he find it so hard to leave her, even when his duty calls him? And will he ever forgive her for how quickly she moves on? THE BRAZILIAN'S FORGOTTEN LOVER A secret child. A romance in tatters. And a thousand reasons Cristiano and Ava can never be together. After the death of her mother and the heartbreak of leaving Cristiano, Ava Henderson finally has her life on track. She's running the family vineyards and raising her beautiful daughter single-handedly. But a chance reunion with the love of her life makes her doubt everything she's worked to build. Cristiano had been right to leave when Ava asked him to. What choice did he have? She had always wanted a completely different life to what he could offer. And that life was more important to her than anything else. But three years later, he's back in the sleepy wine-growing district of Western Australia, and the same electrifying connection sparks between them as though no time has passed. Just as he's starting to wonder if maybe lightning does strike twice, he discovers something about Ava that will change his feelings forever. How can he forgive a woman who lied to him? Who kept his own child away from him? And how can he move forward, sharing a child with a woman he's now starting to despise ...