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Seducing My Billionaire Boss by Cynthia Sax


Dirty Beginnings (Dirty Duet, #1 incl'd; Dirty Games Duet, #1 included; Dirty Sweet Duet, #1 included

Laurelin Paige - 2019
    But he's going to have to play real dirty.Meet the love scrooge, Dylan Locke, in Sweet Liar, book one of the Dirty Sweet Duet: British ad exec, Dylan Locke, isn't looking for love. He isn't looking for fate. He's definitely not looking for the pretty, young, romantic Audrey Lind.But when the girl, who's twenty years younger than him, literally lands in his lap and asks for his expertise, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't interested.

Little Black Dress

Brynne Asher
    The go-to wisp of material that’s perfect for any occasion. The quintessential LBD hugs, stretches, and moves with the female form. Every woman needs one at some point, and sometimes that means borrowing from a friend.Starting with Abby, this lucky LBD makes its way into the stories of Lucy, Katie, and Winnie right when they need it most.Four women, four stories, and four happily ever afters…And it all started with one little black dress.Warning: Keep your hands off our Little Black Dress if you're not 18. ~~~~~All net proceeds will be donated to Gilda’s Club, Rochester. With over 1,200 FREE programs offered to men, women, teens, and children, they offer much-needed social and emotional support to those living with cancer, their friends, and family.

The Enemy's Daughter

Sam Crescent - 2017
    Alaric is tired of fighting, so he comes up with a plan. His enemy has a daughter, a very plain woman. Alaric is going to find her, make her fall in love with him, and then he’s going to break her. Bella Reed works at a veterinary practice, and when an older man brings in a cute pup, she does whatever she can to help. Still, she’s a little taken aback when that same man wants to take her out on a date. Before long she has accepted a date, and then another, and another. Little by little, Alaric gets to know the woman he intended to hurt, and he can’t do it. He’s falling in love with her, and Bella is falling for him. But—he has lied to her. She doesn’t know his real name or the truth, and there’s nothing he can do about it. He’s stuck. The moment Bella discovers the truth, she is heartbroken. The first man she truly loved has betrayed her. It takes an unlikely source to show her that sometimes love is about second chances, about forgiving, and about never living a moment filled with regret.

Tempting Trace

Debra Webb - 1999
    The singer-turned tycoon prefers his privacy and he is not thrilled to be the subject of a “Fallen Stars” segment aired by a local television station. When the host for the show, Claire Carson, won’t drop the proposed follow up segment, Trace doesn’t get mad—he buys the station and Claire’s contract.If Trace thinks he can tell Claire what to do, he can just think again. The talk show host didn’t sweep the ratings on her smile alone. Now she will need every ounce of her determination and people savvy to win this power struggle. She has never met a man so infuriating…so deliciously handsome…and so completely lonely. Claire’s desire to win is suddenly second to her need to touch Trace’s heart.

Unexpected Bride

Abigail Graham - 2019
    When she asked me to join her for a weekend in Vegas before a destination wedding in Hawaii, I said yes. When I saw her brother again, I said yes, yes yes!Ryan has been the star of my dreams since I first saw him. His winning smile, powerful tight muscles, strong hands... I can't think about him without breaking into a sweat. I can't talk to him without stammering. All I want to do is get my hands on his belt and yank him into bed with me.I was expecting him to be too cool for me, but when I got roped into 'chaperoning' the bachelor party and things got a little too wild, Ryan came to the rescue and carried me off to a limo ride that turned wild, and my dreams came true in a night of passion I'll never forget.Then the next thing I know, I wake up next to him and we're both wearing wedding bands. When my best friend finds out...

Love in the Storm (bundle of four contemporary romances)

Samantha Chase - 2013
    She might be trapped with him during an ice storm, but she won't fall for him again.

Good Boys Talk Dirty, Forbidden Fruit Shorts #1

Amanda Faye - 2020
    Bad boys rock your world, but then they break your heart. So, I made a solemn vow to put my bad boy dating ways behind me. Now I have a naughty itch that I just can't scratch. Enter Bax, my brother's best friend since we were kids. Bax is the embodiment of a good guy. I bet he even helps old ladies carry their groceries. When I least expect it, though, he shows me a side of him I never imagined. Is it possible the best of both worlds has been beside me the whole time? BaxterThe number one rule of the guy code is you don't date your best friend's sister. Google it; you'll see I'm right. Even if she is gorgeous and smart and has a unique brand of crazy that just flat out does it for you. Bros before—well, you know. But after a night of drinking and listening to Sophia complain about her bland love life, I see an opportunity too golden to pass up. After all, good guys can talk dirty too.

Risking Everything: A Steamy Anthology of First Responders

Kara LianeK.L. Montgomery - 2019
    All proceeds go to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.Romance on the Rig by Kara Liane: Finding love on and off the ambulance proves difficult for Air Force veteran Murf—until he meets Lana, a game-changer. Murf may be an EMT hero, but he’s only human. Mistakes happen in love, and a misunderstanding keeps them apart. It’s time to make things right and answer the call from the heart.Reconstructed Heart by K.L. Montgomery: Trey Prince never expected to make a gruesome discovery at an accident scene only a few months into his new job with the Collision Reconstruction Unit, and he never expected Trooper Jenna Labato to be the one who helped him pick up the pieces. No matter how badly Jenna wants to help him heal, Trey isn’t sure his heart or faith can ever be restored—not without something close to a miracle.Walk the Line: Gage by Harlow Layne: Gage Walker never thought a call to a scene would change his life forever until he met Claire Blake. Sparks fly, but when his fellow Brothers in Blue’s girlfriends are targeted, Gage wants nothing more than to protect her—even if that means he has to give her up.Always Kind of Love by Amanda Siegrist: The last thing Ethan McCord wants to deal with is his old high school flame, even though his desire for her hasn’t diminished. Battling the burning blazes and an arsonist bent on destruction is nothing compared to fighting the temptation to rekindle the love he always wanted.Beautiful Persuasion by A.K. MacBride: Raelyn wasn't supposed to fall for the rebound guy, but the moment Griffin opened his mouth, he drew her in with his sexy Irish accent and dark gaze. As one night of sizzling passion develops into something more, she's forced to choose between the man who sets her heart ablaze and the only family she has left.Going Down by Jody Kaye: Devastated by her parents’ divorce, Kat’s looking to regain the stability she took for granted. Dash Newhouse is a drifter, paying his bills by skiing at a new mountain each season. Paired together on ski patrol, Dash reminds Kat that she can’t live life to the fullest while playing it safe. But when the snow melts, will he ride off with her heart?Rescuing Ryan by Syd Ryan: Ryan is out of the frying pan and into the fire, working the oldest profession of all time to finish her last year of nursing school. On the first day, she meets Chris, the sexy firefighter, as he is licking his wounds of rejection. For Chris, rescuing Ryan will be the hardest rescue of his life.Perfect For Me by Alyne Hart: Firefighter Luke O'Conner and ex-model Grace Adams shared all their firsts in a tiny cabin just outside Sugar Creek. Nine years later, Grace is back in town, and they find themselves waiting out a storm in that very same cabin. Fire burns between them as neither seems able to keep their lips or their hands to themselves.Call of Fate by Kelsey Cheyenne: After surviving a school shooting, Aubrey Winters became a dispatcher, dedicating her life to helping people. One fateful call and a meet-cute at a coffee shop leads Aubrey into the arms of English teacher Noah Burgess. Can their trauma be overcome when true love calls?Loving Lindsey by Larissa Gail: Firefighter Gavin Thomas has no desire to settle down anytime soon. He’s having too much fun playing the field. That is until he meets Officer Lindsey Allen, who’s moved to Oaktown to start over after a devastating loss. Can the blue-eyed beauty convince him to change his ways?


Twyla Turner - 2013
    Her love-life is as predictable as her B.O.B. (battery-operated boyfriend). Until a random night out at her favorite local watering-hole, where she is being watched by a handsome stranger in the shadows. Gabriel Wolf is a mega-famous movie star that has lost the passion for his career and life in general. Growing up in foster-care as an orphan that never knew love and then becoming a superstar, only to be love for his status and what he can do for others. He's never felt what it is to be wanted for just being Gabriel Wolf...the man. That is until he happens across the bright, funny and modestly beautiful Sunny Stone. Can these two lost people come together to find a love that neither could have dreamed possible? Or will the media, friends and fans turn that dream into a real-life living hell? Come along with these two sweet charmingly damaged people in Twyla Turner's erotic romance debut: Star-Struck.

Tropical Tryst

Nicole MorganCourtney Hunt - 2017
    This set is perfect for romance lovers of all kinds. Offering up passionate, and enticing tales set in hot and tropical settings, this collection will feed your need for summer sexiness! ✩✩✩ Featured Authors ✩✩✩SEAL My Love by NY Times Bestselling author, Sharon HamiltonSwept Away by International & USA Today Bestselling author, Nicole MorganTempting James by Victoria Pinder, USA Today Bestselling authorRider’s Fall (A Viper’s Bite MC Novella) by International Bestselling author, Lena BourneA Miracle in Hawaii by Fiona MiersPerfectly Skeptical (Perfectly Series novella) by Award Winning author, Linda O'ConnorAlpha Heat by Mandy RoskoTristan by International Bestselling author, Liz GavinDesire a Bridesmaid (an Always a Bridesmaid novella) by Courtney HuntFinding Cory by Caitlyn LynchMurder with a Kiss by USA Today Featured Author, Stacy-DeanneA Major Affair, The Colonel's Daughters quintet, a novella by Award Winning author, CJ MatthewBrooklyn Winters (A Seven Brothers Security Team Novella) by Karen M. BrysonTwo Reckless Hearts (A Barrett Ridge Novella) by Holly CortelyouHis Diamond In The Rough by Bestselling author, Roxy Sinclaire and Zara ZeniaWorth the Risk (a Solace in Secrets novella) by EmKay ConnorBestselling author, Susan Ann WallBestselling author, Krista AmesStarry Nights by JB DuvaneCold and Hottie by Jan O'HaraHomecoming by Elana BrooksLust Abroad by Whitley CoxJust Trust Me by Celeste HallHotter in Hawaii by Alexis Alvarez

Hawks MC Ballarat Charter: Volume One

Lila Rose - 2014
     Zara Edgingway is a twenty-six-year-old secretary. She has a daughter that apparently knows-it-all and a best friend that could possibly have the mouth of Satan, but she's been with her through hell and back. Then there's the hunk'a'licious biker neighbour finally showing interest in her. If only she isn't about to face her next obstacle in life, the one she ran from six years ago: her ex husband. Talon Marcus is the president of the Hawks Motorcycle Club. For two years, he's had his eye on the quiet, reclusive, yet sassy, neighbour Zara. Finally, he has the chance to claim her as his woman. Just when her past catches up with her, she'll need, not only his protection, but the help from his biker brothers. Now, if only she'd stop fighting him along the way. Climbing Out Deanna Drake has a past she longs to forget, but won't ever be able to. She's always been the tough one. No one, but her best friend Zara has ever been able to penetrate her cold, hard, shell. Until Griz Griz— a.k.a Grady Daniels, Hawks Motorcycle Club second in command, also has a past that he wishes he could undo...all except one part. It's her past that brings them together. Only will it be forever? Finding Out (novella) In a moment of weakness, Ivy Morrison tells a lie, a lie which will leave her scrambling for a solution and quick. The perfect solution comes well-packaged in the form of broody and sinfully sexy Fox Kilpatrick, courtesy of Find Your Soul Mate online dating service. Desperate times is most definitely a call for desperate measures. With no other choice, Ivy convinces passionate yet possessive Fox to help her in her time of need. Fox 'Killer' Kilpatrick is still caught up in his past, a past of anger and death, which his biker brothers desperately want him to recover from. Losing a bet, Killer finds himself on a blind date with Ivy, the woman who is set to turn his world upside down. Following your heart is never easy, neither is following an unknown path, but finding out may just be worth the journey to possibility. Only together, will Ivy and Killer discover if it was worth the risk after all.

Cold (Book Three)

Ella London - 2016
    You like it when I touch you there…” Imagine if you told a lie—a really big lie that could get you into all kinds of trouble. Well, that’s what I did. And the worst part? I lied to the one man you never lie to. My sexy and terrifying billionaire boss, Ashton Carter… When Mr. Carter discovered my deception, he made me a deal. He would let me keep my job. But in return, I had to promise to tell him the truth no matter what he asked me. Then he started asking about things I never imagined telling anyone. Made me admit my deepest, darkest thoughts and desires…including that fact that I wanted him. Now he’s using my own fantasies against me—acting out everything depraved thing I’ve ever dreamed of doing with him. It’s better than I ever imagined, and more terrible than my worst nightmare. Because Ashton Carter is not a nice man. In fact, he’s ice cold. And now he owns me completely.

Daddy Issues Box Set

Dani Wyatt - 2018
    Dani is one of the champions of the Daddy trope. Leave your guilt behind and sink into these delicious, sweet and filthy Daddy/babygirl stories, we won’t tell. KISS ME GOODNIGHT… The day I met her I was trying to decide if staying alive was a viable option for me. Then, one look at the girl who is now mine to raise and those dark thoughts are vanquished. With eyes the color of sunflowers and a smile that tells me she needs me had me making a promise to myself in that instant. I will never touch her. She’s too pure. Too young. It’s wrong. Except, each time she calls me Daddy, my resolve weakens. I can’t help myself. I ask her for something. Something that breaks that very promise. Kiss me goodnight. God help us both. Author’s Note: Kiss Me Goodnight is Daddy Babygirl yumminess and included exclusively now with the DADDY ISSUES bundle of three other of my favorite Daddy reads. Cupid delivers an arrow straight to the hearts of these two in Kiss Me Goodnight. It’s that special sort of love, the obsessed stalker kind. So, grab this bundle of FOUR HOT, HAPPILY EVER AFTER, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Daddy stories with one brand new in Kiss Me Goodnight!! Have fun and be a good girl for Daddy. (No one is actually related here, you get that right? As well, everyone involved is over eighteen, making wise adult life decisions.)


Kathryn Thomas - 2017
    AND HE JUST PUT A BABY IN MY BELLY. It all started with a lie. I’m terrified of how it’s going to end. Because I let myself fall for the hitman… And now I’m pregnant with his baby. LILY He said he was my blind date. I guess I just wanted to believe him. He was tall, dark, handsome – and dangerous. So I let him take me to bed. But the best night of my life turned into the worst morning. Because Roman is gone… But he left his baby in my belly. ROMAN A gorgeous girl alone at a bar? I’ll be whoever she wants me to be. It’s not the first time I’ve lied. And it sure as hell won’t be the last. Because lies are my profession. I hurt. I torture. I kill. Compared to all that, lying is the nicest thing I do. Lily doesn’t have to know all that, of course. After all, she’ll only know me for a night. I plan to disappear as soon as the sun’s up, never to be seen again. But when I end up on her operating table a month later with a bullet in my shoulder, I realize what I left behind with her. From now on, I won’t let her out of my sight. She belongs to me now. HITMAN'S SURPRISE BABY is a full-length, standalone, bad boy baby mafia heist romance. Includes additional bonus content so you can keep on reading 'til you've had your fill of hot sex, thrilling action, and HEAs that will melt your heart!

Forbidden Neighbor

Summer Brooks - 2019
    The hottest firefighter to ever exist. My goddamn neighbor. And…My older sister’s ex-boyfriend. The man is an irresistible package full of trouble. I know because I have a good view of him from my bedroom window. I’m probably stupid to think that I can get away with this. That my own sister won’t notice me lusting over her ex.But I’m desperate… And he’s tempting. Besides, it’s not like I’ll get pregnant, right? Right?