The McCaid Sisters

Amy Rafferty - 2021
    With their brother missing, their grandfather in recovery, and their family home under threat, the sisters are reunited.The McCaid sisters are forced to put aside their differences to face their fears, unravel a mystery, and confront an unknown enemy.Stand with them as they battle their demons, fight to protect their family, their home, and salvage their late father’s reputation. Journey with them as they get swept away on the high seas of adventure and intrigue while stumbling upon true love and finding the courage to open their hearts to it once again.Laugh, cry, and fall in love with the McCaid family, broken by loss and tragedy and torn apart by secrets and betrayal. Get lost in a story about the powerful bonds of family and the magic healing ability of love which can drive a person to defeat their worst fears in the face of danger and adversity.Let the McCaid family show you that love does conquer all and knows no age limit. This timeless love story spans generations as everyone deserves a happily-ever-after.Escape into this mystery beach series. You’ll fall in love with the McCaid family while you visit the warm white sands of Clearwater beach in Florida's Gulf CoastThis is Book 1 in a Six-Book Series

Hush 2

Shameek Speight - 2019
    After earning her degree in Psychology, Bernie’s life purpose was to help women suffering with depression as best she could, while being a mother to her niece Simone; the child her sister Bianca left behind. When a rash of murder/suicides of mothers and their children began, and with little to no assistance from the police, Bernie begin to dig deeper into the strange occurrences. Finding a common factor amongst the victims, which she also shares, the possibility of sharing the same fate as her sister and other women consumes her as she races against the clock to save herself and the life of young Simone.

Joy at Quail Crossings (Quail Crossings, #5)

Jennifer McMurrain - 2020
    The Brewer children have all grown up and started families of their own and Dovie Pearce is content. She’s married to a wonderful man, Gabe, and her adoptive daughter, Ellie, is a wonderful companion. But one cold March night, the peace is broken with a midnight knock at the door that ends with the cries of an abandoned baby by sunrise. Joy Smith has fallen into her own quiet life. At sixteen, she has little to worry about, until she finds the marriage certificate of her parents that doesn’t make sense. She questions her family members, trying to figure out the mysterious document, but once she discovers the truth, her life is shattered.Jaded by her parent’s lack of trust, Joy finds a kinship with baby Jeffery. When she finds out who the abandoned baby belongs to, she vows to make things right for him. Will her actions give Jeffery the life he deserves or is she putting him in the hands of the very person who will destroy him?

The Smoky Hills Academy: Book 1-4

Emma Wolfe - 2020
    Somewhere to move on from the past that haunts us. Smoky Hills, Tennessee seemed to be exactly what we needed. Here, I could be invisible. That is, until quarterback Liam Bronson decides I’m important.Even though there are plenty of girls who would love his attention, he doesn’t seem to care. The way he stares at me is like I’m the only one that matters, even in a room full of people. Like he chose me.Then I discover his secret. The animal that lives inside of him. He tells me to leave. That it’s not safe for a human. If only my heart didn’t pound when he was around. If only he wasn’t so kind. If only he wasn’t exactly what I need in my life, I could honor his wish.Lucky for me, I’m not part of his pack. I don’t have to obey. The Fullback ProtectorRoseI know my parent’s death wasn’t accidental. And I won’t stop until I find answers.I can't help the desire I have to discover the mystery of Smoky Hills forest. Even though I know it's crazy, I can’t help but wonder if there are creatures that roam our woods and I can't help but wonder if they took part in that fateful night. The night I was made an orphan. Determined to get answers, I start with Fullback Grayson Keller. He’s big. He’s burly. But he’s the only one who can’t seem to look me in the eye. Even though it takes some convincing, he agrees to help—until I begin to dig a little too deep.Suddenly, he wants to pull away. And somehow I care more about that than the answers I’ve been looking for.Why did I let him into my life? Why did I let myself care? Why did I ever think this would end in a pretty little bow?My obsession for answers doesn’t seem to matter. Not when Grayson leaves.Not when it might even be my fault.The Wide Receiver OutcastBrielleMy brother is gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Which is not like him at all. Not when he promised to never leave me alone in Smoky Hills. Even though I pretend I’m strong, I know I’m not. Not without Grayson. If only I could find him and bring him back, my chaotic life would finally return to normal.Before I can even create a plan, another shifter from the woods shows up, making Smoky Hills his home. Matthew Young, the new wide receiver. He's dark. He's brooding. And he has all other shifters on edge. As if there's a reason he's here that he's not telling us.So I take it upon myself to discover who he is and why he's here. After all, that's what Grayson would do. And I’m trying to reinvent myself. This seems like the perfect way to do it.Only, once I get to know Matthew, I soon discover that perhaps, there's a different side to him. One that he's hesitant to share. His secrets come to light and I find myself torn between helping him and saving my brother, who perhaps, doesn't want to be saved after all. The War Between the PacksTensions escalate in Smoky Hills as the warring pack battles to see who the new alpha will be. Friends are pitted against each other and human's lives are at risk.

My Mama Was Right About Yo Azz

Lady Lissa - 2020
    Shannon had the perfect family, two great sons and two beautiful daughters. Everyone was striving in life and she enjoyed being around her children. How quickly things change! When her younger son Dominic meets Markeeta, he is instantly smitten with the young woman. Dom hasn't been in a relationship in over two years, so when Markeeta locks her claws into him, he quickly falls for her. When Dominic starts changing towards his family, Shannon knows exactly who is behind it. Markeeta isn't looking for anything but the next dude to give her everything she wants. When she realizes that Dominic could be her ticket to easy street, she quickly sinks her teeth into the inexperienced young man. When Dom's family tries to warn him about the woman he has so quickly given his heart to, he doesn't want to hear it. With a huge rift now drawn between the family and Dom, Shannon wonders if things will ever be the same. Will a mother be able to save her son from the likes of a chick who is all wrong for her son? Or will it be too late for him to be saved? Find out in the first installment of My Mama Was Right About Yo Azz...

Sutter's Country Home for Children (Sutter's Home #1)

Laurie Kast-Klein - 2013
    The social workers would pull up with a kid. Aunt Clara and Uncle Dan would greet them in the driveway, all smiles and handshakes. Before the road dust had settled from the departing worker's car, the kid would be given the low-down on living here.The low-down was what everyone called the rules. Don’t speak unless spoken to. Do what you are told, when you are told. Never touch the telephone. “The sooner you fall into line, the better off you will be,” Uncle Dan always piped in.Some of the kids cried, some kicked and screamed when they realized their predicament. That's what the chamber was for. The Chamber was merely a downstairs storage closet. Those that couldn't settle in the way they were expected had to be given the chamber treatment.

Long, Tall Texans: Regan & Second Chance Cowboy

Diana Palmer - 1994
    Daniels, originally published in 2008.Two sexy cowboys, two second chances at a happily ever after. In REGAN, Ted Regan has a second chance with his first love—if his pride will allow him to forgive a mistake she made long ago. And in SECOND CHANCE COWBOY, Hank Monroe could be the one cowboy in Whitehorse, Montana, who can track down Arlene Evans missing daughter—which could be complicated when his own past comes knocking.These rough-riding men might have storied pasts, but when it comes to protecting the women they love, nothing is going to stand in their way. First published as REGAN’S PRIDE by Silhouette Romance in 1994First published as SECOND CHANCE COWBOY by Harlequin Intrigue in 2008

Not Worth Living For

Shreyan Laha - 2018
     Shweta wakes up in an unknown planet with an advanced civilisation and sets out with Alexander Ishutin, a former spy of the RSV to discover about the far future. Underlying the lives of these two girls in different worlds, there lies a dark secret. Will they ever come across this dark secret or will it be so chilling that it won't be worth living for? Prepare yourselves for a psyched, dystopian adventure. Not for the faint hearted.

Young, Rich, N*ggas: Thugs Fall In Love Too

Bianca Marie - 2019
    What do you get when you wrap all those dudes up into one? You get a Gangsta. Geon “Gangsta” Rich is a young dude on the come up. Living his life to the fullest, he has a carefree attitude. His nonchalant spirit and bold mouth take him far. Gangsta is the epitome of his name. Love doesn’t come easy for him, and in his mind, the only thing he’s concerned about is the money. His emotions get twisted when he’s put into a position where he has to make life-altering choices. When he meets Aspen, everything he stands for goes out of the window, and he opens his mind and his heart to that four-letter word again. Aspen is a woman who loves the people closest to her more than anything. In a hopeless relationship, she tries her hardest to make things work. Being the girl of a dope dealer isn’t the most prestigious position in life but its one she’s accepted. Things take a turn for the worse one day, and she falls into the arms of the infamous Gangsta. Meeting Gangsta under unlikely circumstances makes her rethink everything. She tries her hardest not to fall for him, but when fate takes control, certain things that can’t be stopped. Asia is Aspen’s baby sister. College girl by day, party animal by night. She’s living her best life to the fullest and still manages to receive good grades. Asia thinks she’s on her a game, and nothing could distract her, but then she meets someone who seems to be her mirror image. Any other time, Asia wouldn’t have had a problem with it, but the difference with this dude is that she’s falling for him, and hard. Asia doesn’t know if she can handle the drama that comes along with a hood dude. Finally, you will encounter Trill. A trill ass fly dude, the ladies love him, and the dudes envy him. One of Gangsta’s best friends, Trill is a lot like him. He has a don’t give a care attitude, and that’s how he survived so long in the streets. After a steamy one-night stand with Asia, he didn’t think he would ever see her again. But, unfortunately, when you have a connection with someone, you can’t stop thinking about them. Trill ends up falling for Asia, but at the same time, he’s not able to change his playboy ways. But when he realizes she’s just as nonchalant, can he handle the rejection? These four people are going to take you through the emotions of loving each other. Things aren’t always what they seem, and they find out the hard way if love is worth it.

The Amish Bonnet Sisters series: Books 10-12 (Amish Bliss, Amish Apple Harvest, Amish Mayhem): Amish Romance (The Amish Bonnet Sisters Box Set Book 4)

Samantha Price - 2020

Rewind and Play

Tarun Gautam - 2018
    Rahul has mixed feelings before the meeting. He had never considered his graduation years as important in his life. As he waits for the others to turn-up his mind wanders to memories of those four years. Random incidents keep coming to his mind. Those incidents were hilarious, scary and traumatic. Each of those incidents had something deeper hidden in them. Something that he had never thought of in the past. Will Rahul find meaning in those memories? Will those memories find answers to his current problem?


Marie Beech - 2014
    This is the first time that I have told the whole story of the abuse I suffered at the hands of my alcoholic step father.

Love Yourself First: How to Heal from Toxic People, Create Healthy Relationships & Become a Confident Woman (The Love Yourself First Series Book 1)

Krystle Laughter - 2020

Still Thirsty (An Urban Novella)

La'Tonya West - 2013
    The saying that bird's of a feather flock together couldn't be more true when it comes to this thirsty pair. Unaware of the fact that every action has a reaction both Kaliyah and Xay have been living life recklessly but for one of them the consequences of their actions may even prove to be deadly. Thrill has finally gotten his life on track and is only focused on doing what it takes to provide a better life for his son but when an altercation between Blake and Cameron get out of hand. He is forced to go back to his old ways and even ask a big favor of someone from his past that may lead to the uncovering of some things that he may not be prepared to deal with.

To The Bravest Person I Know

Ayesha Chenoy - 2021