Wolf Queen

Stormy Glenn - 2009
    When her father dies, she goes to Mikhail for solace. Afterward, believing Mikhail doesn't truly care for her, Katia flees. By then, it's too late. The mating heat has started and must be completed or Katia will die. But Mikhail is not all he seems. He's a Kindred and he's determined to have Katia as his mate. But first, he has to convince Katia that he does love her. That's easier said than done when Katia learns about the Kindred and that the man she loves turns into a werewolf. It's also complicated by the fact that Mikhail is leader of his people. Mikhail has to defend Katia against a Council of Elders who believe she's an inferior human, and a band of rogue werewolves is out to kill them all. Can Mikhail save his bondmate before she gets challenged again, or will Katia have to fight for her life? ** A Siren Erotic Romance


Skye R. Richmond - 2019
    He kissed his straight best friend at the guy’s stag do and now he’s run away to the Lake District to lick his wounds.All he wants, in fact, all he's ever wanted is a Prince of his own. Who knew running would lead Axel straight to his very own fairytale? No really. His new mate, yeah, that’s a thing, lives in a magical valley and there’s a castle and he’s telling Axel it’s going to be the two of them forever.  Did Axel mention in this fairytale he can have babies and his mate turns into a wolf? Only it's not a fairytale, it's really happening. Malek has travelled the world searching for his mate, and now he’s actually here, in Malek’s family’s forest. It’s turning out to be the best day of his life.  No angst, and lots of fluff. An MM Shifter Mpreg Romance.

Mine to Save

Jayda Marx - 2019
    We protect each other and our land, where we reside in homes built by our own hands. Our job gives us pride and purpose, and we get everything we need from the land and the nearby town. Everything except one. Every shifter has one true soulmate granted to them by Fate; one person they are to love, protect and cherish for all time. Once we find our destined match, we dedicate our lives to protecting them, providing for them and ensuring their happiness. When I find mine, I’m captivated by his intoxicating scent and struck by his incomparable beauty. But his circumstances are dire, and I pray I’m not too late.Rory - After being kicked out of my house for being gay, I moved to the city with my best friend Dax in search of a fresh start and acceptance. He’s my family and supports me in everything I do. He’s all I have in life; well, besides my crappy, low-paying job and my love of photography. That love pushed me to save every penny possible for months to purchase a new camera. I decide to take it into the forest to capture the beauty of nature, even though I have a terrible sense of direction. And a body that’s not built for hiking. And zero endurance. What could go wrong?*This M/M paranormal romance is for readers 18 and up! It has no cliffhangers or cheating and a very happy HEA. It contains a sexy wolf shifter, his devoted pack and his lovable fated mate. Look out for lurking dangers, heartwarming moments and steamy scenes! My books are low angst and insta-love. They’re full of sexy moments, sweetness and a healthy dose of humor.

Artist Wanted

Susi Hawke - 2018
    Cecil is a sassy, British twink of an omega, now living in Las Vegas and although quite pregnant, has been resistant to settling down with his alpha boyfriend, Michael. He doesn't think a surprise pregnancy should push their relationship to move faster, but... he wouldn't mind having his man there full-time. Especially now that he's so far along and will soon have a baby to care for.A fun anniversary outing turns into a kinky show in a leather club that has to be seen to be believed. Be prepared for a side-splitting laughter and a steamy 'scene' with one completely trussed-up alpha who's at his omega's mercy.A Free Read through Insta-Freebee from August 28th to September 4th together with other authors ->https://claims.instafreebie.com/gg/FC...

Accidentally Mated

Lynn Tyler - 2015
    All he wanted to do was borrow a car. But he couldn’t ignore the dangerous direction his beloved pack was heading in. Jake Trenton, tiger shifter, has a secret far more important than his unrequited love for his best friend. One that he will do anything to protect, even move thousands of miles away from everything he’s ever loved. One night of passion ends with a mistake that ties them together for life and ends in disaster. While Tristan struggles with the consequences of letting go of his rigid control, Jake must decide whether he can show, and accept, his true nature.

Liam's Mate

Olivia Black - 2014
    Wanting to help out the wolf pack that welcomed him in, he gets a job at the Silver Bullet. One night while picking up empty glasses, he notices a gorgeous stranger checking him out from across the room. When the vampire heads down to the dungeon, Liam follows.Oscar Fitzgerald is a regular at the club. When he spots Liam working, the attraction is instantaneous. He heads to the dungeon when his friends arrive and the tiger follows him. What starts out as a sexy game of cat and mouse soon turns into something else entirely when the shifter starts to panic.

Faerie Bound

Jenna Castille - 2010
    Now he wants something for himself—a mate. But how will his pack respond if they discover their Alpha is a closeted sexual submissive?Not the typical faerie prince, Faolan is disobedient, lives in exile and has more piercings than a punk band. He’s also a sexual dominant longing for someone to call his own.What are a lovelorn faerie and wolf to do? Turn to a paranormal dating service, of course. When Divine Intervention pairs Garrick and Faolan, it’s a match made in BDSM heaven, the resulting explosion a conflagration of passion the likes of which neither has ever known. Of course, the reactions to a wolf/faerie union are just as heated...

Hidden Wolf

Toni Griffin - 2013
    Not Ashley Neilson that was for sure.Ashley Neilson was in pain, he was sticky in all the wrong places and all he wanted was a shower. So, of course it stands to reason that he would run smack bang into Mr. Tall, Dark, and Crazy. Who is this man and why does he keep talking about them being friends?Vaughan Jacobs doesn’t understand why Ashley knows nothing about the mate bond. They’re both shifters, right? Vaughan can smell it, but as he gets to know the man fated to be his, secrets buried deep in the past manage to find their way to the surface.

Pet du Cajun

Jana Downs - 2012
    Luckily, he’s taken in by a group of boys called the French Quarter Brats and shown how to survive by its members. A year into living with them, he sees the man the Brats call the Cajun King, and the instant attraction and unreasoning pull he feels will not be denied.Evan St. Germaine, the Cajun King of New Orleans, has been looking for his mate since he became a werewolf a decade previously. When Gideon approaches him, he knows instantly who the boy is to him, even if the human doesn’t realize it yet. Taking Gideon home and building his mate’s confidence is just the first step in helping Gideon realize his self-worth, but will Evan’s mastery be enough to make Gideon realize that being his mate includes more than his obedience and willing submission?Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

Claimed by Fate

Aiden Bates - 2020
    And when they go too far, I can’t take it any more. I’d rather be poor than their pawn. But when my past catches up to me, I do what I do best … make something up. Markus Montlale isn’t my fiancé, but my family doesn’t need to know that. A dragon as powerful as Markys shouldn’t be happy to play along, and a part of me is worried that he’s just as concerned with his status in society as my family. But if that’s true, why does he kiss me like me means it? He says there’s more than a fake relationship tying us together … he says we’re mates. No one believes in those stories anymore, myself included, but the more time I spend in Markus’s arms, the more I find myself wondering … are we really faking it? Or could it be fate?

Change of Heart

Kiernan Kelly - 2007
    Jack is more like a stone around his neck than a help, and while Dae had problems letting Jack go, he knows he has to do it. Still, things go from bad to worse. Dae has a secret, one that he inadvertently reveals to his vet assistant, Sean, when things go terribly awry. His dual life doesn't faze Sean as much as his vengeful ex-boyfriend. Can Dae and Sean adjust to their newfound attraction and keep Jack from ruining everything for them?


Fel Fern - 2020
    One pregnant runaway Omega and one sexy growly Alpha make for one sizzling combination. Eli wants out of his gilded cage. When he finally tastes freedom, he wants to hold onto it for as long as he can. Bumping into a growly Alpha grizzly shifter isn’t part of his plans. Neither is falling in love. Liam and his brothers are monsters. Everyone fears them. Liam’s content running the mountain lodge his parents left behind. When ferocious and bold little Eli comes into the picture, Liam can’t find it in his heart to turn the pregnant Omega away. The more time they spend together, the more Liam realizes he has no plans of ever letting Eli go. Is a future possible for a snarly werebear and a werewolf Omega who has more baggage than he can carry? Liam is the first book in the MM omegaverse mpreg shifter romance Grizzly Mountain Lodge series. Each book features a different couple and ends with a HEA.

The Werewolf's Mate

B.A. Stretke - 2015
    He’s used to getting his way and using force to do so. He doesn’t believe in romantic love or the necessities of such attachments, that is until in the middle of an altercation with the Dubois family he is brought face to face with his predestined forever mate...and oh boy does he mess it up. Actually to say he messed it up would be an understatement. Now after hurting his mate accidentally and scaring the crap out of him, he has to find a way to forge a bond and claim his mate, while also tracking down a shooter in the woods that is threatening his pack. Nothing in Jake’s life has ever come easy. Skye Dubois is the runt of the litter, so to speak. He is the youngest and the shortest of the five sons of farmer Daniel Dubois and therefore he is the most protected in the family. He cooks for his brothers and the farm workers and all-in-all has a pretty sheltered existence. He breaks that shelteredness when he meets Jake Maguire during a fight between the wolf pack and his brothers. Skye feels drawn to the handsome stranger, that is until said handsome stranger breaks his wrist. Now in the midst of trying to forge some sort of relationship with Jake, he has to deal with the wrath of his overprotective brothers. Skye will either end up hurt again, or embarrassed beyond all recognition...possible both.

Underwater Secrets

Charlie Richards - 2012
    Their love has made this house a home and their relationship gets stronger every day. Today a knock on their door will change everything. One of them hasn't been entirely honest and the gorgeous man on their doorstep has secrets to tell.Photo Description: A well-cared-for cottage, sided with natural planks, sits at the edge of river or lake, completely surrounded by trees. A deck with comfortable chairs spans the entire width, with an attached dock at water level.This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love is Always Write" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Read the story here or find it in Love Is Always Write: Volume 10.


Claire Cullen - 2020
    An alpha without a family. They need a pack—they just don’t know it yet.Hawk put everything he had into fulfilling his father’s ambitions, almost dying in the process. After a year spent recovering, he has one thing left to do before he returns to the army—get his childhood home ready to be sold. The last thing he expects to find is an omega and his protective older brother hiding out there. Instead of chasing them off, he takes them under his wing. Between Damon’s anger and Jesse’s fear, he knows they’re running from something. As he coaxes Jesse out of his shell, his desire to help becomes something more.When Jesse finds himself pinned to the ground by the scariest alpha he’s ever met, he doesn’t even try to fight. That always makes things worse. But beneath Hawk’s gruff demeanor is a gentle alpha. Drawn to Hawk’s caring nature, he wants to hold on to him and never let go. Only Hawk seems determined to keep him at arm’s length.But an unexpected heat—and its not-so-unexpected consequences—changes everything.