The One I Want for Christmas

Fiona Davenport - 2016
    Only it isn’t a what that she’s wishing for this year… it’s a who. But what are the odds that Santa can fit Jacob Marley in her stocking? Warning: Some of the best gifts come in small packages. Which is a good thing since this sweet & sexy novella is short… but not as short as the blurb!

Christmas in the City

L.J. ShenPenny Reid - 2019
    Travel through six cities and fall in love with these enchanting love stories. L.J. Shen & Helena Hunting Just The Tip  It’s not every day you meet a stranger who knows how to jingle your bells… Corinne Michaels & Melanie Harlow Baby it’s Cold Outside My Christmas list did not include a broken heart, freezing temperatures, or my tree stuck in the door to my apartment building, but that’s what I got. Just when I thought Santa had failed me, I got something I never thought to ask for … Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward Kissmas in New York It was just supposed to be a simple kiss with a stranger.  I'd done it to prove a point--that I hadn't lost my sense of adventure. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. Maybe I'd get something in my stocking after all this holiday season... Sierra Simone & Kennedy Ryan The Christmas Crown Noelani, queen of Manaroa, has one mission on her diplomatic visit to the States: forge strategic alliances for her homeland. When she meets brooding security specialist Brock Grimsby, their unexpected alliance heats up the holiday. One night. No promises, but come Christmas, will either be able to walk away? Penny Reid & L.H. Cosway Songbird Two lonely souls find companionship in Dublin for one magical night. Broderick Adams doesn't mind his solitude, until she walks in. Ophelia Kelly sings to heal her heart, but has no idea he's listening. Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy EPIC Jamie and Wes are having a blast living and working in Toronto. Until a scout for another team swoops in to make one of them an offer that might complicate the life they've built together.

Last Gift

Jessica Clare - 2013
    It's about 7500 words of holiday goodness.

Halloween Treats

Alexa Riley - 2016
    She's been lusting from afar, but little does she know he's been taking steps to make her his.Jack Bates has been obsessed with Raven since the second he saw her. The Halloween school dance is his opening to make her his and make sure she never gets away. Warning: Their story is fast, hot, and sugary sweet! Grab some candy corn and throw it in the trash... Then get some chocolate and snuggle up with this adorable read!

His for Christmas

Skye Warren - 2014
    I love the way she infuses emotion and eroticism together.” – Romantic Book Affairs I stand very still, holding a pen I shouldn’t be touching, in the office of a man I’ve never met. The man who’s standing behind me now. The man who has his hand on my hip. He’s my new boss. I could fight him, but then he might ask questions. He might find out about my criminal record, the one I didn’t mention on the job application. So I let him make me come, but he wants more. He needs more, and for some reason I want to give it. But if he finds out about my lie, I’ll be out on the streets—or back in jail. **************** His for Christmas is a sexy dark billionaire romance intended for readers over eighteen. Fair warnings: Contains rough sex in the workplace, a tortured hero who doesn't believe himself worthy of love, and a heroine who's going to give him the best Christmas present. Other dark sexy romance books from Skye Warren: Rough On the Way Home The Beauty Series Praise for His for Christmas: "The elevator scene is delicious. You have to read it. If you’re in the mood for a quick, super hot read, with a ton of emotion, this is for you." - Silken Sheets and Seduction "This was my first time reading anything by this author and I can only say 'WOW', I cannot wait to read more. This was one very hot read that kept me reading from page one to the very end." - Karen, Amazon reviewer "Gage and Angel story started out with a BANG that’s for sure. I would defiantly recommend this one! It was a great dark holiday novella! I cant wait to read more by Ms. Warren that’s for sure!" - Dani's Book Reviews

An On Dublin Street Christmas

Samantha Young - 2012
    But all her secrets are about to be laid bare… Four years ago, Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments. Her solitary life is working well—until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street where she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core. Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants, and he’s determined to get Jocelyn into his bed. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached. But after an intrigued Jocelyn accepts, she realizes that Braden won’t be satisfied with just mind-blowing passion. The stubborn Scotsman is intent on truly knowing her… down to the very soul.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Jennifer Probst - 2014
    Outside it may be frosty, so turn the heat way up with these stories of desire! Searching for You Can a determined woman executive and a playboy billionaire survive being stranded together in a snowstorm? Jennifer Probst depicts an encounter almost too hot to handle... It's a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol Drew and Kate play an encore to Tangled in this sexy take on a "Christmas Carol" by Emma Chase. When a Christmas Eve argument condemns Drew to a troubled night, three dream women teach him that no gift could be more tantalizing than Kate... Saving Grace With Kristen Proby, ski slopes are quite delightful. Grace Douglas is sure she'll never learn to ski, but instructor Jacob Baxter could teach her lessons of a different kind... Safe in His Arms Can a southern California transplant survive Montana's deep snows? Melody Anne, author of the bestselling Andersons series, melts the icy drifts completely away with the heat between sexy Hawk Winchester and brand-new teacher Natalie Duncan... Rekindle the Flame What could be hotter than a firefighter? Kate Meader shows how, as Beck Rivera and heiress-turned-tattoo-artist Lucy Cochrane discover, nothing ignites holiday flames like rekindling a lost love...

Dec the Holls

Jasinda Wilder - 2014
    Holly is working overtime, cold and lonely and broke. Across the hall, Declan is lonely too, and thinking this Christmas is going to be a joke. Then one blustery night Holly’s car won’t start and Declan is there to help with a little love in his heart. Open this gift from bestselling author Jasinda Wilder to find out if a single mother of two can let herself fall in love with her sexy-as-hell workaholic boss.

Sincerely, Arizona

Whitney G. - 2015
    We’re no longer just best friends…

Lake Mistletoe: A Holly, Jolly and Steamy Christmas Tale

Amber Kelly - 2021
    My career was all planned out running one of the hottest hotels in Miami’s South Beach. That was until our playboy owner broke a few rules, and my perfect opportunity crumbled underneath my feet.So here I am, headed to Lake Mistletoe, a quaint little valley town in Idaho of all places. My grandmother, and namesake, left her Inn to me, and I am now sentenced to the task of getting it prepared to sell at the end of this year's holiday season. My memories of this Christmas oasis have long since faded, but I’m determined to use this experience to further my career and get back into the hospitality game. When Keller Harris, Lake Mistletoe’s resident craftsman, and unofficial handyman, offers to help me with the neverending list of repairs and upgrades, it's the perfect opportunity for me to get hands-on experience. He’s talented, driven, and sexy as sin, but he's also a know-it-all and completely unimpressed by my business sense. I can learn a lot from him but his stubborn self can also learn a lot from me. As walls start to fall, literally and figuratively, I begin to realize that success comes in many forms and passion can be found in unexpected places. Will I be able to turn this season into a stepping stone to an exciting new career in Belize?Or will I discover that everything I ever wanted was tucked away in the Rocky Mountains?


Melody Grace - 2013
    As the snow keeps falling, and a friendly game of truth or dare gets way out of control, Daniel discovers that the one girl he wants more than anything is the last person he expected.But when the snow melts, will their night together be more than just a memory? And will they make it to Beachwood Bay in time for the wedding? Anything can happen this holiday season!Fall in love with the latest installment of the internationally bestselling Beachwood Bay series by Melody Grace.

Until You're Mine

Jenika Snow - 2018
    That was the hardest time of my life. Xavier was the boy who’d sneak into my bed at night and hold me as my parents fought in the next room. My protector. My best friend. The man I was in love with. The man I’d saved my virginity for. And now he was back home for good. Too much time had passed. I was done keeping us in the friend zone. I wanted him in my life in every way that counted. So if he wasn’t going to make the first move then I would, even if it might ruin what we had. Because I had to take that chance. Xavier She was my life, the very reason I breathed. I saved my virginity for Cora because no one else compared. No one else ever would. It was time I man up and tell Cora that she was the only girl I’d ever loved, that no matter how much time had passed she’d been it for me. But how could I go about doing that when eight years had gone by? Admitting how I felt was hard as hell seeing as we’d always just been friends. How could I not cross any lines and screw up the relationship we had? Easy. I’d tell her I loved her and propose. Warning: Sit back, relax, and dive into a double virgin friends-to-lovers romance that’s so sugary sweet your teeth will ache. Although it’ll tug at your heartstrings, make no mistake it’s as filthy as can be. A standalone romance with no drama and just the juicy bits, this story features cameo appearances by Asher, Cash, and Trevor Mayson from Aurora Rose Reynolds Until series.

Hot for the Holidays: Thirteen Naughty & Nice Novellas

Marie ForceJulia Kent - 2019
     THIRTEEN BOOKS INCLUDE: A Gansett Island Christmas by Marie Force A Real Man Holiday by Jenika Snow Sweet Liar: Dirty Sweet Book 1 by Laurelin Paige Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire by Julia Kent Getting Scrooged by Eden Bradley Holiday Heat by Noelle Adams On the Twelfth Night of Kinkmas by Tamsen Parker Christmas Eve: A Love Story by M. O’Keefe Lost To You by A.L. Jackson Red & White: A Snow White and Rose Red Retelling by Sierra Simone Say It First by Nikki Sloane If I Return by Sawyer Bennett His For Christmas by Skye Warren HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a gift from the authors to help you find a new series to love. It will only be available for a limited time!

The Baby Clause

Melanie Moreland - 2016
    How does Richard handle becoming a father?"A glimpse into Richard and Katy's future. Reading the book The Contract first is highly recommended.Contains spoilers.

Unexpected Gifts

Elena Aitken - 2011
    But he’s determined to show her everything the season has to offer…including love. For Andi Williams, Christmas represents everything she’s supposed to have—and doesn’t. Running away to a remote mountain lodge seems like the perfect way to escape the season. And it would have been if it weren’t for the snow storm and a booking mix-up that finds her stranded. That is, until a rough around the edges, green eyed stranger offers a solution.  There was no way in good conscious that Colin Hartford could leave the woman with nowhere to stay. Especially on Christmas. He knows all too well what it’s like to be alone for the holidays. It isn’t long before Colin’s determination to enjoy the festivities he’s missed for so long sweeps Andi into the season of joy that she’s not so sure she’s ready for.  If Andi can allow herself to open up—just a little—she might finally have the chance to experience everything the holidays can really offer…including love.