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Falling from Gravity by K.K. Allen


You. Me. Bed. Now.

Olivia T. Turner - 2019
    Insta-love. And of course a sugary sweet HEA guaranteed! You know how OTT does it. Grab this book and let Akea bring you to your knees...

Made to be His

Allison Gatta - 2015
    Even if it means breaking down all the carefully placed defenses she’s built around her heart…Logan Grant needs to make good. After accidentally ruining his best friend’s career, he tries to make up for what he’s done in the only way this prideful family will accept. The only trouble? He never accounted for how he’d be affected by his best friend’s suddenly sexy sister…Search Terms: different worlds, deal, bargain, baseball, sports romance, sexy, romantic comedy, best friend's sister, older brother's best friend, unrequited love, reunited lovers

Jilted Jock

Rebecca Jenshak - 2020
    A sexy, cocky Australian soccer star named Finn was the last person I expected to be living with for two weeks. He showed up at my brother’s house on his wedding night, hot, drunk, and very much not married. Next thing I knew, we were roommates, spending nights watching TV and getting to know one another. Those two weeks turned into more than either of us bargained for. He was fresh off a broken heart and I had a boyfriend. I wasn’t supposed to fall for the jilted jock, especially when I knew we’d be going our separate ways. All good things must come to an end, right? Except he’s not letting me go without a fight.

End Goal

Amy Daws - 2018
    It reads well as a standalone but will be enjoyed better if you read Challenge first. Only professional footballer, Camden Harris, is cocky enough to elope to Scotland with his fiancé and leave the Harris Family behind.

Too Close to Call

Tessa Bailey - 2017
    A fairytale college career skyrocketed him to the NFL draft. Adoration and opportunity are thrown in his direction wherever he goes, thanks to being chosen in the first round by the Los Angeles Rage. None of the accolades mean anything, though, without his high school sweetheart, Bree Sutton, by his side. Four years ago, she walked away from Kyler, choosing a quiet life over the flash and notoriety his career would someday bring. Now he’s back in their Indiana hometown, refusing to leave for Los Angeles without her. Demanding she give their life together a shot. Her heart never stopped bleeding for the love of her life, but Bree’s decision was final. Too bad their wild attraction has only been amplified by their separation, and Kyler won’t quit until Bree is wearing his ring.

Nothing Without You

Monica Murphy - 2019
    She puts her heart and soul into every cake she makes, especially since she’s such a believer in true love. But then Tucker McCloud rolls back into town, reminding her that love is a complete joke. The pro football player is the hottest thing to come out of Cunningham Falls—and the boy who broke Maisey’s heart back in high school. He claims he wants another chance. She says absolutely not. But Maisey’s refusal is the ultimate challenge to Tucker. Life is a game, and Tucker’s playing to win Maisey’s heart—forever. The Kristen Proby Crossover Collection features a new novel by Kristen Proby and six by some of her favorite writers: Kristen Proby – Soaring with Fallon Sawyer Bennett – Wicked Force K.L. Grayson – Crazy Imperfect Love Laura Kaye – Worth Fighting For Monica Murphy – Nothing Without You Rachel Van Dyken – All Stars Fall Samantha Young – Hold On

Love on the Tracks

Tamsen Parker - 2017
    Luge has never captured the American public’s imagination as much as figure skating or even hockey, but her outsized personality and dare-devil ways have got everyone’s eyes glued to the track. Including a certain chart-topping heartthrob. Zane Rivera is the lead singer of License to Game, the hottest band in the country. When Zane finds out Rowan Andrews has had some complimentary things to say about him, he arranges to meet her while he’s in Denver enjoying the games. And when a photo of him kissing Rowan on the cheek goes viral, they both see the advantages of faking a relationship for the publicity.After Rowan’s injured in her final race, their relationship starts to feel all too real to Zane. But is this rock star ready to fall in love?

Until You're Mine

Cindi Madsen - 2018
    No one cares about personal reasons when it comes to losing fights and money. I’m determined to get back to where I was. For you to hear my name again. I’ve finally convinced the owner of Team Domination to take a chance and get me back in fighting—and winning—shape. What I didn’t bargain for is the guy’s spitfire of a daughter. Factor in her two professional-fighter brothers who are acting as my coaches and the fact that my career hangs in the balance, and Brooklyn’s the last girl I should be fantasizing about. The closer we get, the more I want Brooklyn. The stakes are high, and I know there’s a big chance of both of us getting hurt, but I won’t stop until she’s mine.

Whisper Forever

C.A. Harms - 2017
    It would have made his absence easier to accept. Lucas Rivers broke my heart more than once. In my world he was my guy, the one I’d grow old with and laugh with. But things aren’t that simple, and time changes everything. That naive girl with dreams of happily-ever-afters was gone.  I didn’t need a man to complete me. I was enough—no, I was more than enough. I was strong and determined. I was Madelyn Emery, and never again would a boy break my heart. But the moment Lucas returned after four years, acting like we could pick up where we left off, that strength inside me shifted. The more I tried to ignore his efforts, the harder he fought. How can one simple word whispered by one man mean so very much? “Forever.”

The Nanny Rules

Melynda Price - 2019
    It’s one rule I’m most certainly going to break.Since becoming a single father, I have two things that keep me sane—my daughter Lily and playing football for the NFL. But when my meddling sister hires a nanny without my knowledge, I’m not thrilled to come home and find the woman has taken over my house. Our instant attraction is one more complication I don’t need in my life.But my daughter loves Amelia, and I will do anything for that tiny munchkin. Even if it means walking around with blue balls most of the time. Why does the nanny have to be so sweet—and drop dead gorgeous? She’s driving me crazy. Never in my life have I wanted a woman more. I just need to make it through this season. I can do that. Hands free, of course. But then there’s that moment, and I know she’s thinking what I’m thinking and, well, yeah. Screw the rules...

Pride & Joie : Part 1

M.E. Carter - 2017
    THE COMPLETE SERIES IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL VENUES*****ONE COUPLE. THREE STORIES. THREE HAPPILY EVER AFTERS. Joie Stevens put all her dreams on hold the day she became a mom. As a natural caretaker, it never bothered her. But now that her son is grown, she has some new goals in sight and nothing is going to get in her way. Except maybe an attractive football coach. Who very literally gets in her way. As assistant football coach for the Flinton State University Vikings, Jack Pride really has nothing to complain about. He has a job he loves and friends he enjoys. Certain he had his one true love in his late wife, the last thing on his mind is dating. Until he runs into a beautiful non-traditional student. Who he very literally runs into. This first part of the Pride & Joie trilogy reminds us love can be better the second time around. And that it’s not just players in the game…

Scoring Chance

Emma Tharp - 2019
    He’s as smoking hot on the ice as he is off. Women who get close enough can’t deny the heat. Newly divorced, he has no interest in relationships.Cora Locklyn is a face from the past. One Derek didn’t expect to see—half-naked doing a striptease—at his best friend’s bachelor party.She’s a mystery to him. One he can’t keep off his mind.He’s a distraction she doesn’t need. Making money and taking care of her sick mother are her only priorities. When they come together, sparks fly that neither can ignore. Can Derek win Cora's heart and heal from the pain his ex-wife caused him, or will she block his advances and ruin both of their chances at happiness? Scoring Chance is book one in the Rules of the Game Series. Book two releases on February 27, 2019. This book contains mature content. 18+ Other titles by Emma Tharp1.What About Her (The Bluff Harbor Series Book One)2. What About Us (The Bluff Harbor Series Book Two)3. Drawn to Dark4. Keeping It Casual5. Moving On (McLoughlin Brothers Series Book One)6. All In (McLoughlin Brothers Series Book Two)7. Alive Again (McLoughlin Brother Series Book Three)8. Crashing Christmas: A Billionaire Office Romance9. Always Just Us (Just Us Book One)10. Forever Just Us (Just Us Book Two)

Off Duty

Sawyer Bennett - 2015
    But underneath the muscles and tattoos, he still nurses a bruised heart handed to him courtesy of his first love. While on vacation with his son in New Orleans, Tim runs into the very woman that taught him about love before pulling it all away.Holly Reynolds is rebuilding her life as an orthopedic doctor, far away from her home in New York City and her controlling father… the man responsible for tearing her and Tim apart. While she knows the hurt she caused Tim could never be forgiven, she can’t help the overwhelming feelings she still has for her first and deepest love.Truths are revealed as lies are exposed.Two people come back together again to explore the fragile emotional bonds that still keep them tethered, even as their passion ignites hotter than any fire Tim has ever had to put out before.

Fallen Crest Campout: A Fallen Crest/Crew crossover novella

    Sam and Mason return to Fallen Crest for a camping trip.They head north, meeting up with a few friends from Roussou and enjoy a night of booze, some leapfrogging, and there’s a small therapy session to air out some tension in the group.Empty chair, anyone?Enjoy a novella crossover between the Fallen Crest series and the crew series!

The Goal Line

Jamie Bennett - 2020
    The guy with a list of past girlfriends as long as his hard, muscular arm.They’re going to be parents, but first, they’re going to be roommates, and then maybe they’ll be friends. But there is no way—NO WAY—that this is going to turn into some kind of love story, no matter how much Camdyn likes him, no matter how sweet he is, no matter anything.Absolutely not. Even though César is pretty much the ideal, if a woman was interested in something like a permanent future with a gorgeous, muscled-up guy who also likes to cook.That’s not what Camdyn wants—she’s positive, as positive as all those pregnancy tests! But life does have a funny way of moving your goal line…