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Caught By Surprise by Sandra Paul


The Maverick Prince

Catherine Mann - 2010
    November: Antonio Medina, Stetson-clad royaltyHis Past: Living without royal constraintsHis Present: Dealing with the results of his ruseThe world knew him only as a Texas shipping magnate, lover of the finer things in life...including Shannon Crawford. But when Tony Medina's true identity was splashed across the tabloids, he could no longer hide his royal heritage. Despite his lover's furious reaction to the news, Tony had no choice but to whisk her away to his secret island retreat. He claimed he was simply guarding Shannon from the paparazzi. But Tony's true goal was to win her any means necessary.

Dangerous Temptation

Kathleen Korbel - 2006
    Then he met Nuala and lost his heart to her dangerous beauty.Eldest daughter of the Fairy Queen, Nuala must marry among her own kind to keep the line pure, but her heart has long been possessed by the handsome mortal. Now she will do anything--even align herself with humankind against the terrifying power of her own people--to make him hers.

Living Together

Carole Mortimer - 1980
    A brief disastrous marriage had left her terrified of men.She wanted desperately to forget her past, but she couldn't--not yet. And she couldn't expect Leon to wait for her.She must get out of his life before he found out her secret, for surely he would hate her for it. Anything was better than having Leon hate her... even living without him, the man she loved with all her heart.

White Rose of Winter

Anne Mather - 1973
    White Rose Of Winter by Anne Mather released on Jan 25, 1979 is available now for purchase.

Vacation with a Vampire: Stay / Vivi and the Vampire / Island Vacation

Michele Hauf - 2012
    After all, what’s more relaxing, and more romantic, than a midnight stroll through Paris? Or the way the moon reflects off the ocean? And if your mesmerizing, sexy date happens to be ready to nibble your neck, who would want to say no?Vacations are a perfect time to indulge, so why not spend a little quality time with these immortal hunks in three luscious tales of hot getaways. Treat yourself to a little bit of summer moonlight with these tales brought to you by Michele Hauf, Kendra Leigh Castle and Lisa Childs.

The Playboy's Proposition

Miranda Lee - 2000
    An offer she couldn't refuse ...? Michele willingly accepted Tyler Garrison's offer to help her out by pretending to be her lover-a role he'd play to perfection! Then Tyler made an even more provocative proposal: they should make love for real! Michele couldn't believe it-Tyler, her long-time pal, and Sydney's most eligible playboy, wanted her ?

Marriage on the Edge

Sandra Marton - 1997
    He's wealthy, and his marriage seems successful, too--until Natalie leaves him.Then Gage receives an invitation to his father's Texas estate; Jonas obviously has more on his mind than just his eighty-fifth birthday celebration. But the possibility he might inherit Espada is less important to Gage than the opportunity to win back Natalie. Jonas will expect to see her, so Gage must ensure that his wife is back by his side, still married to him--for convenience's sake....THE BARONSFour brothers: bonded by inheritance, battling for love!

A Conflict of Interest

Barbara Dunlop - 2013
    Given their work, a relationship is dicey -- and impossible now that the president has taken office.For Max, their relationship may be a lark, a fling -- maybe she's just another woman in the long line that forms a part of his bachelor lifestyle. But for her, what they have is different. She's all but given him her heart. And now she is having his baby.

A Boss In A Million

Helen Brooks - 1999
    After all, she'd started dating another man--a man whom Max decided wasn't good enough for her. The simplest way to convince Cory of her mistake was holding her captive until she admitted it was Max she really wanted!9 to 5Getting down to business... in the boardroom and the bedroom!

Choose Me

Jo Leigh - 2012
    Be yourself…Charlie Winslow isn't your average New York date—he's wealthy, successful and usually mingling with the A-list crowd. So how exactly did he get set up with Bree Kingston on Valentine's Day?Still, there's something about Bree. Her quirky style, her authenticity, or an unanticipated attraction that just keeps Charlie wanting more. And if Bree plays her trading card just right, this might be the luckiest—and nakedest—Valentine's Day ever!

Nobody Does It Better

Julie Kenner - 2000
    she's fallen in love with a man who exists only in her mind--a man she invented as a pseudonym for the fast-paced, testosterone-laden spy novels she writes. Now the man of her dreams is standing beside her, touching her, loving her.-- But who is he? Bar owner Devin O'Malley wanted Paris the first moment he saw her. And he was willing to do just about anything to get her--including becoming novelist Montgomery Alexander, but his deception worked too well. Before long, he'd stolen his way into Paris's bed and into her heart. Was she in love with Devin--or the fantasy he portrayed?

The Baby Switch!

Melissa Senate - 2018
    But the unthinkable has happened--his beloved baby isn't really his! And Shelby Ingalls is reeling to discover that her baby was accidentally switched with Liam's. Their solution? Marriage! And in this new Wyoming Multiples miniseries by the former Meg Maxwell, the sparks flying in this marriage of convenience sure look a lot like love.

Tycoon Cowboy's Baby Surprise

Katherine Garbera - 2017
    The passion that got them in trouble during a one-night stand three years ago is still there, too strong to deny. Nate can't help it: Kinley gets under his skin. But what happened in Vegas really needs to stay there. Too bad that cliché only gets him so far as he falls for the woman whose baby secret will change everything! Tycoon Cowboy's Baby Surprise is part of The Wild Caruthers Bachelors duet.

Twins for the Billionaire

Sarah M. Anderson - 2017
    Working for real estate tycoon Eric Jenner is the perfect solution. But her childhood buddy is all grown up now…and tempting as hell. Surely one unforgettable night of passion wouldn't hurt? After that, they can go back to being all business! But Eric doesn't agree that they should put their red-hot romance on ice. He can't deny his connection to Sofia's adorable twins—or his consuming desire for their mother. What will it take to convince her that he's playing for keeps?

A Very Stylish Affair

Emma Darcy - 1993
    He also seems unable to even look past Sophie's hair, which is a bit. . . well . . . flamboyant at the moment. She suspects her days as his new assistant are numbered.But when Sophie discovers the cad only hired her as a distraction for a case he's working on, Mr. Snob finds himself on the receiving end of a temper as hot as her hair. A truce reached, now they're headed for Bora Bora, where things are bound to get even hotter!