False Memories

Lee Gpiee
    So when Ha-woon befriends Wan on his first day at his new school, Wan is elated. Ha-woon must be an angel! It doesn’t take long, though, for Ha-woon to betray him in a terrible way, and Wan discovers Ha-woon might be more devil than angel. But then an accident happens that gives Wan a second chance at friendship with his angel. And it all starts with one big, fat lie.

Welcome to the Yaoi Research Club

Haruta - 2017
    He's broke. He goes to class depressed, where his friends Kaname and Yuusuke conveniently offer him a part-time job. Satou leaps at the chance without hearing the details, but of course there's a catch... Turns out he has to suffer through a lot of very special "research" and "experiments"...! This lucrative part-time job is full of some eye-opening first-time experiences, but will Satou ever catch on to their real motives!?

Pian Pian

Haesin Young
    The location of these “imprints” is unique to the individual, but the meaning behind the letters is the same. Sooha’s happens to be located in a – ahem – very private location. The chances of actually uniting with one’s soulmates is rather slim, but that hasn’t stopped Sooha. Not only does he believes he will find his, but he has refused to enter into any other relationship until then. But lately his handsome boss chef Calix has had him feeling some feels “down there...” He thought he was alone in these feelings until the chef suddenly started showing interest in him. Could the tides be finally changing for our innocent Sooha?

남수가 기다리는 목욕탕 [Following Namsoo to the Bathhouse]

Cuke Soap - 2017
    And at night, he spends a good amount of time in front of his computer watching videos, vigorously. Things take a turn when he meets a stranger on the bus. The words "tall," "handsome," and "beefcake" come to mind, but Minjae focuses on two things: the scent of soap and a wandering thumb. Stranger still, he follows him to a bathhouse where "beefcake" offers him a full-body scrub. What could possibly go wrong?37 Chapters + Epilogue (Complete)Side story: 8 Chapters (Complete)Original WebcomicOfficial English Translation

Room to Room

Lee Aru - 2018
    Until one night, Chamin comes into Dowan's room and wants... to have sex? The problem is, Chamin doesn't remember a thing each morning after. Turns out he has something called sexsomnia?! What is Dowan supposed to do now?

미숙한 표현 [Unripe Expression]

AGA (아가) - 2016
    18살, 같은반 남자 아이한테 떨림의 감정을 느끼며 시작되는 성장스토리Lee JaeWon, 18-year-olds student, starts to feel awkward towards a classmate of his, Han KaRam.Every time they meet, he feels nervous.Is it love, or...?Original Webcomic

How to Chase an Alpha

Kimnyeong - 2019
    Money, education, appearance, everything's perfect. His only complex is, he is a recessive omega.However, after the one-night encounter with Cha Kyungjoo, a dominant alpha, there's a strange change in Wooyoung's body.The bravest recessive omega in the world, Yoon Wooyoung, met an alpha that he'll never miss!

The Good Teacher

Eeej - 2019
    His partner told him it wasn’t him, per se… Hojun just wasn’t good in bed. But it turns out Drunk Hojun is surprisingly resourceful; singlehandedly managing to find and set himself up with a sex tutor by the name of Mr. Ahn. Ahn Seunghyun was only half serious when he posted the sex tutor ad, but he quickly finds himself in too deep to call the lessons off. And the more he sees Hojun, the more he can’t help but notice how attractive he is. Seunghyun is making it up as he goes along, so what will the final exam look like?

Back to School: All Grown Up

    In fact, their bond is deeper than ever, both emotionally… and physically! But when Jihyun comes back on the scene, could there be trouble brewing in paradise?

Someone else's BL comic

    He’s looking for a match that will accept him, but it’s classmate Seungtaek who spies him on a date gone bad. Now that someone at school knows he’s gay, can Seunghee’s life remain ordinary the way he likes it?

The Devil's Temptation

Youn - 2018
    This year, however, he decides to attend his company holiday party to make his existence known to his office crush—the devilishly handsome Alek—but instead, downs too many drinks, makes a fool of himself, and blacks out. The morning after, he wakes up to a Christmas nightmare: lying next to him butt naked is his despicable colleague, Ivan Mariani. Hyun has always hated everything about Ivan. So why does Ivan suddenly look different...smell wonderful...and radiate irresistible sexual energy?https://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/devil...

The Art of Loving

Eiki Eiki - 2001
    Frustrated by this facade he must put up with and stifled by a future already laid out for him, the only way Yutaka can deal with the boredom and unhappiness of his empty life is through sexual release. Then one day, Tohno - a delinquent-looking student with blonde-dyed hair - suddenly transfers into Yutaka's class. As he finds himself more and more obsessed with a deep abiding lust for this young man, his daily descents into sexual fantasy begin to interfere with his life, until a ferocious impulse to possess Tohno for his own leads him to a diabolical scheme.


Teiko Sasaki - 2004
    Friends say they act like a couple. Their birthdays are only three days apart so they always celebrate together. But an "innocent" kiss confuses things. When Kazushi reveals his feelings, the fallout threatens to drive them apart. Haru can only see him as a friend - nothing more. Why would the popular Kazushi be interested in guys in the first place? Why is Kazushi such a workaholic? These are questions that Haru must answer before life changes everything!

The Baker on the First Floor

    One day, he gets caught working on his comic by a handsome blond man. Later, he finds out that this man is the new baker on the first floor. But there's just more to this man than simply his looks.

My Starry Sky

Confeito Planet
    Skyler might look blessed (his sister’s even in a girl group), but he’s got some family issues that only Yeonduk can understand. Yeonduk is more than just star-struck, though, and when Skyler starts acting nice and walking to school with him, he can’t help but hope there might finally be more between them.