Ghost Horse

Janni Lee Simner - 1996
    Twelve-year-old Callie sees a silvery horse outside her window one night, and realizes see must be seeing a ghost horse.

Survivors: Tales from the Packs

Erin Hunter - 2015
    Three novellas from the action-packed world of the bestselling Survivors series by Erin Hunter—together in print for the first time! In Survivors: Tales from the Packs, discover these thrilling stand-alone adventures:Alpha's Tale: Before he became the fierce leader of the Wild Pack, Alpha learned to survive as the only half dog in a Pack of wolves.Sweet's Journey: In the aftermath of the Big Growl, Sweet left her friend Lucky to go in search of a Pack—and found a place as its Beta.Moon's Choice: When disaster struck the Pack that raised her, Moon lost the life she'd always known… and began a new one with the dog she loved.

The River Singers

Tom Moorhouse - 2013
    Something deadly. Something that made Sylvan's fur bristle with fear . . .Knowing their lives are under threat, Sylvan and his brother and sisters have no choice but to abandon their burrow for ever. Together they set out on an epic journey along the Great River; but with dangers lurking at every turn, will they ever find a safe place to call home?Adventurous, exciting, and bursting with charming illustrations - this is a book you'll want to treasure for ever.

Caesar: The Life Story of a Panda-Leopard

Patrick O'Brian - 1930
    When he was fourteen years old and beset by chronic ill health, Patrick O'Brian began creating his first fictional character. "I did it in my bedroom, and a little when I should have been doing my homework," he confessed in a note on the original dust-jacket. Caesar tells the picaresque, enchanting, and quite bloodthirsty story of a creature whose father is a giant panda and whose mother is a snow leopard. Through the eyes and voice of this fabulous creature, we learn of his life as a cub, his first hunting exploits, his first encounters with man, his capture and taming. Caesar was published in 1930, three months after O'Brian's fifteenth birthday, but the dry wit and unsentimental precision O'Brian readers savor in the Aubrey/Maturin series is already in evidence. The book combines Stephen Maturin's fascination and encyclopedic knowledge of natural history with the narrative charm of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. It was published in England and the United States, and in translation in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Japan. Reviews hailed the author as the "boy-Thoreau." "We can see here a true storyteller in the making....a gripping narrative, which holds the reader's attention and never flags."—The Spectator

A Rat's Tale

Tor Seidler - 1986
    His only delights are scavenging through Central Park for feathers and berries for his mother, and painting the seashells his aunt brings him. One day, he rescues the beautiful Isabel Moberly-Rat, and upon escorting her home is introduced to a world he never knew existed. For she lives at the wharves, in a spacious crate, among rats who look down on those like him who make things with their paws. Suddenly Montague is ashamed. So when he hears about the campaign to save the wharf from human destruction, he does all he can to help. But how much can one rat really do, especially when hes an outcast?


Donna Jo Napoli - 2005
    His neck is too long. He's stays underwater for "too many" seconds. He keeps climbing onto Mother's back whenever he's afraid. So when all the other ducks of Dove Lake turn against him, Ugly's mother has no choice but to protect her family and leave her darling genius behind. Armed only with his natural curiosity and a few good pieces of advice, the ugly duckling must find his way alone. Luckily, the friendship of a few wonderful characters--a boxing wallaby; two bold geese; a maternal wombat; a spunky possum--makes his journey a lot easier. But what is it that Ugly is searching for? By setting this story in Tasmania, Donna Jo Napoli turns expectations on their heads and gives readers a fresh and funny look at this classic tale of finding one's identity.

The Boy Who Could Fly

Sally Gardner - 2001
    Thomas's ability to fly brings heartbreak and happiness

Thunder Oak

Garry Kilworth - 1997
    Now life for a weasel—under the heavy paw of the vicious stoat rulers—is pretty miserable (unless you happen to be a weasel who likes living in a hovel and toiling all hours for the benefit of the stoats).It's certainly not enough for Sylver. Or for his small band of outlaws, both jacks and jills. but slingshots and darts can only do so much against heavily-armed stoats and life as an outlaw has a fairly limited future (probably a painful one, too). That's when Sylver comes up with his plan—a heroic plan that could destroy the stoats' reign of power for ever. He will find the humans, and bring them back to Welkin! And the first step is to follow up a clue from the past—a clue that lies in a place known as Thunder Oak...

Stealing Thunder

Mary Casanova - 1999
    When she discovers Thunder is being abused, Libby knows she has to rescue him, no matter what the risk!In this exciting adventure, Libby finds her own voice as she stands up for what she believes in a world of adults who think they know best.

The City Under the Back Steps

Evelyn Sibley Lampman - 1960
    It made him quite dizzy, so dizzy that he closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he couldn’t recognize where he was.Although Craig didn’t realize it yet, he and his cousin, Jill, had been reduced to minute size and taken prisoner by an ant colony in punishment for stepping on one of its members.

The Black Paw

Heather Vogel Frederick - 2005
    No matter what school he goes to, it's always sharks -- bullies -- versus everyone else. What would Oz's hero, James Bond, aka 007, do? He would make mincemeat of the sharks. But Oz is no 007 -- more like double-o-lard. Then Oz meets Glory Mouse, a skateboarding private eye trying to take down the evil rat leader, Roquefort Dupont, and Oz is swept into a exciting world of espionage. But this is no make-believe movie. It's real life: mice vs. rats, kids vs. bullies, good vs. evil. And all the power lies in one paw.

The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog

Jeremy Strong - 1996
    Jeremy's readers range from 7 to teen, perfect for fans of Roald Dahl and Andy Stanton. Streaker is a mixed-up kind of dog...with quite a bit of Ferrari and a large chunk of whirlwind. Streaker is no ordinary dog. She's a rocket on four legs with a woof attached, and Trevor has got until the end of the holidays to train her. If he fails, he'll lose his bet with horrible Charlie Smugg, and something very, very yucky involving frogspawn will happen... Award-winning Jeremy Strong has written many wacky books for children aged 7-teen, including My Dad's Got an Alligator and My Brother's Famous Bottom. Most of which are illustrated by Nick Sharratt, who also illustrates for Jacqueline Wilson! The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog is back causing more chaos and getting into more trouble in Return of the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog, Lost! The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog, Wanted! The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog, Christmas Chaos for the Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog and The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog Goes for Gold - guaranteed to have you laughing your socks off! Join Jeremy's Krazy Klub at

Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape

Dermot O'Leary - 2017
    Toto is almost totally blind, and learned to trust her senses from a ninja cat-master who taught her back in Italy where they were born. By day, Toto and Silver seem to be ordinary cats, but by night, they love to have adventures!One evening, news reaches Toto that a king cobra has escaped from London Zoo! Together with help from a very posh cat and two hungry tigers, Toto and Silver must investigate. Can they find the giant snake, before it's too late?

The Cat Mummy

Jacqueline Wilson - 2001
    More importantly, Mabel once belonged to Verity's mum--not that Verity actually ever knew her mum because she died. She really doesn't mind too much about not having a mum, apart from when she goes to visit her grave, which makes her think about being in the ground with a head full of worms. So when she finds Mabel dead in the wardrobe, it seems to Verity that it would be much better to take a few lessons from the ancient Egyptians: rather than bury the poor old thing she decides to mummify her so they can be together forever. But what with the problems involved in finding the mummification materials and the fact that Gran would probably fuss about hygiene if she knew anything about it, things don't quite go as planned.

The Magic Place

Chris Wormell - 2019
    And she's determined to find it one day. But first she must escape from her wicked aunt and uncle and from the Great Black City. With the help of her best friend, Gilbert, a very clever cat, she sets off on an epic journey that just might make her dreams come true.A thrilling, moving and funny adventure about looking for the most magical place of all. HOME.