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New Avengers: The Reunion

Jim McCann - 2009
    The world is desperate for heroes - and after being caged for years, Mockingbird is eager to punch some bad guys. But when her ex-husband Clint Barton, the Avenger Ronin, tags along on her new secret mission, old wounds reopen fast. Can these two great heroes set aside their feelings long enough to save the day? If not, they might find it's hard to cheat death a second time.

Hulk, Volume 1: Red Hulk

Jeph Loeb - 2008
    When one of the Hulk's oldest cast members is murdered, everyone turns to the team of Iron Man, She-Hulk, and Leonard Samson to solve the grizzly case. All the evidence points to the Hulk as the killer - but... Join us for a brand-new story and a brand-new team who loves the Hulk as much as you do.Collecting: Hulk 1-6

Punisher War Journal Classic, Vol. 1

Carl Potts - 1988
    It's Wolverine!

Avengers: Galactic Storm, Vol. 1

Bob Harras - 2006
    But it's the Avengers who are caught in the middle when the two alien races wage a war to re-write Marvel's map of the universe! As two-legged WMDs land on Earth, the Avengers end up as alien invaders on wartorn worlds of wonder, both as a unit and individually! Featuring the Imperial Guard! Starforce! Deathbird! Thor vs. Gladiator! Super heroes from three galaxies and more clash in the first half of the story that shook the team to its foundations! Collects Captain America #398-399, Avengers West Coast #80-81, Quasar #32-33, Wonder Man #7-8, Avengers #345-346, Iron Man #278 and Thor #445. Book 1 of 2.

Captain America: Theater of War

Paul Jenkins - 2010
    From skinny Steve Rogers at boot camp to the Super-Soldier leading a battalion of men against the Nazis, this is the Captain America you thought you knew but you've never seen. And when the choice is between his country or his best friend, this is the decision he had to make. Then, follow Cap as he experiences one of his darkest days when a WWII mission doesn't go the way anyone planned. Plus, witness how the legacy of the Super Soldier reverberates through the years in this all-new story set during the height of the Gulf War. Collects America the Beautiful, Brother in Arms, To Soldier On, and Ghosts of My Country.

The Eternals Omnibus

Jack Kirby - 1978
    "The Gods Are Coming Back!" Jack Kirby reveals a secret history of heroes and horrors as humanity's cousins, the Eternals and the Deviants, vie to inherit the Earth! It's a time of Titans, Terror and Time Travel - as only the King could conceive! Guest-starring the Incredible Hulk (or at least an unreasoning facsimile thereof)! Collects Eternals #1-19 & Annual #1 This is sold on a non-returnable basis.

Guardians of the Galaxy by Jim Valentino Vol. 1

Jim Valentino - 2014
    Strange and the 26th century's Thor, Dargo Ktor, against the mad god known as Korvac!COLLECTING: Guardians of the Galaxy (1990) 1-7, Annual 1; material from Fantastic Four Annual

Fantastic Four, Volume 1: New Departure, New Arrivals

Matt FractionVC's Clayton Cowles - 2013
    through all of infinite time and space! And in the real absence of Marvel's First Family, a substitute FF, hand-picked by the real deal - Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk and the all-new Miss Thing - stand ready to guard the Earth and the nascent Future Foundation ... for the four minutes that the Fantastic Four will be gone. What could possibly go wrong?Collecting: Fantastic Four 1-3, FF 1-3, & material from Marvel Point One.1

Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk Prelude

Daniel Way - 2010
    Bruce Banner has finally found a semblance of peace. Here, in the isolated interior of Alaska, he hopes to protect the rest of humanity from the Hulk’s never-ending rampage by secluding himself in self-imposed exile. Banner is confident that his plan will work — after all, who would be foolish enough to actually come looking for the Hulk? But when Nick Fury comes calling, you know there’s trouble for someone involved.

Avengers Assemble, Vol. 1

Kurt BusiekMark Waid - 2004
    When duty calls, these legendary champions answer, fighting valiantly until justice prevails. But what happens when their oldest foes strike directly at the team? On the eve of a huge Avengers gathering, an attack by the evil enchantress Morgan Le Fay sends these assembled heroes into a strange medieval reality where nothing is as it seems. Held under Le Fay's thrall, the Avengers have lost all memory of their true identities. Breaking free of Morgan's spell, Captain America and Hawkeye must fi ght to free their teammates before the Marvel Universe is altered forever! Plus: The Avengers take on the Squadron Supreme!Collects Avengers #1-11, and Annual '98.

Avengers: Ultron Unlimited

Kurt Busiek - 2000
    Hank Pym, a scientist who has been a hero under the various guises of Ant-Man, Giant-Man and Yellowjacket. Constantly evolving, with each defeat, every new incarnation of this seemingly indestructible enemy is worse than the last. But never before has Ultron been this dangerous. Seizing the attention of the world's media, Ultron destroys an entire Eastern European nation. And that was just to get the Avengers' attention. The Earth's Mightiest Heroes are in for the fight of their lives, and this time, their adversary just may have evolved out their league altogether. Collects Avengers vol. 3, #19-22, 0

Marvel Boy

Grant Morrison - 2000
    Fine. Here comes the ultimate adolescent power fantasy!" So speaks Grant Morrison, writer of the runaway hit comic, Marvel Boy, don't let the name fool you; Marvel Boy is no tights-wearing pushover. He is Noh-Varr, the youngest member of a diplomatic team of the alien Kree. After voyaging for years, these alien super heroes reach Earth, only to be blown out of the sky. Only Noh-Varr survives, and is captured and tortured by the mysterious Midas Organization. Escaping, he vows vengeance on all mankind. But with Morrison weaving this tale, don't expect cliche superheroics or a squeaky clean protagonist. Instead, get ready for Dr. Midas, a criminal billionaire who's so obsessed with Cosmic Rays that he bathes in them, Exterminatrix, who arrives in issue #3 to make life heaven and hell for Marvel Boy, Hexus, the Living Corporation, Bannermen, a trio of U.N. super soldiers whose bodies are laced with adamantium and enhanced by gamma-rays -- and have we talked about our ticked off protagonist yet? "The Marvel Style began with the Sub-Mariner", says Morrison. "And like Bill Everett's Prince Namor, I wanted my hero to be an outcast, a fiery rebel with an appetite for righteous mass destruction". Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Avengers A.I. Volume 1: Human After All

Sam Humphries - 2014
    to face down Dimitrios. But what secrets does the powerful Alexis hold? Prepare yourself for the kingdom of thinking machines! COLLECTING: Avengers A.I. 1-6

Avengers: Red Zone

Geoff Johns - 2003
    When the Red Skull infiltrates the United States government, he authorizes a biological weapon to be released from the peaks of Mount Rushmore, and it is up the Avengers to contain it! Under the direction of creators Geoff Johns and Olivier Coipel, the Avengers face a threat unlike any they've ever faced - then they take on the Red Skull himself!Collecting: Avengers 64-70

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus, Vol. 2

Jonathan HickmanNick Dragotta - 2014
    Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman revamps and redefines Marvel's First Family! The War of Four Cities escalates, with the Future Foundation caught in the middle! But as the Inhumans return to Earth and Annihilus' forces and the Kree armada lay siege to the planet, will the coming of Galactus turn the tide...or doom us all? As the Future Foundation contends with the Council of Reeds and the Mad Celestials, Valeria turns to their greatest foe! Find out why all hope lies in Doom! And in the aftermath of an endgame beyond imagination, the FF explore the furthest reaches of the Marvel Universe - from Wakanda to the Negative Zone, from the past to the future! And as the Fantastic Four are reunited, Hickman's groundbreaking run comes to an explosive end!Collecting: FF 6-23, Fantastic Four 600-611, 605.1