The Three Sisters

Jane Routley - 2004
    Once Tari ruled in the land of Yarmar -- a mysterious race of visionaries and healers whose power has since faded to legend. Then the armies of Mir came to destroy and enslave. Now, in their relentless drive for domination, the despised Mirayan Prince Scarvan and his loyal duke, Wolf Madraga, have both claimed a prize beyond compare. She is called Elena Starchild, the bewitching wife of a newly slain woodlands leader. She is Tari, possessing a "fatal beauty" that confounds and obsesses her lustful captors. And she will not be abandoned.Drawn from their island sanctuary by a sister's plight, a warrior and a sorceress return to an oppressed land, carrying with them the magic of hope, spirit, and glorious rebellion. But there are shadows in their own hearts that first must be conquered before a prisoner is freed ... and a mighty destiny can come to pass.


Jack Porter - 2019
     I was a soldier, fighting for the lives of the whole damned world, when I went and got myself obliterated by this alien f*ck. I figured that was it. Game over, done. But then I woke up in a different body, in a strange world full of dust and ruins, with awesome martial arts skills I’d never had before. Not to mention a chi gift thing that seemed to work a lot like magic. I had no clue why or how it all happened. All I knew was that there were these monster girls I was supposed to protect from an endless horde of semi-human things that wanted us all dead. And there were these words seared into my brain like a motivational quote: You can save them. You can save ALL of them. Of course, I had no clue who the words referred to, whether there was any truth to them at all, or where to f*cking begin. Rogan’s Monsters: Wastelands follows our hero's sword-swinging adventure across the wastes of a strange new world. It is the first book in a harem series that includes isekai, wuxia, xianxia elements (martial arts and magic), as well as a few gamelit mechanisms for good measure. Set (mostly) in a post-apocalyptic world, it contains violence, nudity, and sex, as well as alien invasions, wraiths, and monster girls. Read at your own risk.

A Touch Of Ruin

Scarlett St Clair - 2020

The Witch's choice (The dewins Book 1)

Leanne Griffin - 2017
    Where is this place? Why was she bought here? Luckily she's made a few new friends to help her in this strange new world but after living in a realm of magic and fantasy will she want to return home? and will she be able to leave the six men slowly stealing her heart. Contains strong language. Excerpt The coppery taste of blood hits the back of my tongue as I bite down hard on the finger covering my mouth, Ewww gross. Normally I wouldn't hurt a fly let alone think about biting another human being, I'm not a zombie after all, but when a stranger grabs you and carry’s you off the fight instinct kicks in hard.

A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation, Volume 1

Misaki - 2019
    Even so, laid-back Lizel isn't the type to panic. He immediately sets out to learn more about this strange place, and to help him do so, hires a seasoned adventurer named Gil as his tour guide and protector. Until he's able to find a way home, Lizel figures this is a perfect opportunity to explore a new way of life adventuring as part of a guild. After all, he's sure he'll go home eventually... might as well enjoy the otherworldly vacation for now!

Dangerous Creatures - FREE PREVIEW EDITION (The First 8 Chapters)

Kami Garcia - 2014

Stealing the Egg

LeRoy Clary - 2015
    He is warned by night whispers to flee from his tiny mountain village of Dun Mare. The stolen egg of a dragon will pay his way, if he manages to live long enough to sell it. However there are forces against him far beyond his understanding. All he believes he knows about his life and home is false, but the egg of the black dragon is the key. Many believe black dragons do not exist or have gone extinct. Gareth finds himself alone in a strange world of tempest seas, flying dragons, and powerful foes vying for the mental powers he may possess, and for control of the egg. Telepathic teachers a secret sisterhood, and the king's armies willing to kill for a black dragon are only the beginning of Gareth's story. The second book of the series is expected to be published by October of 2015.

The Last Dragon Chronicles Complete Set, Books 1-5: The Fire Within, Icefire, Fire Star, The Fire Eternal, and Dark Fire

Chris d'Lacey - 2010
    David even gets his own personalized dragon, Gadzooks, who can forecast the future. As David explores the dragon world, he finds himself drawn down a path from which there is no going back ... to the very heart of the legend of dragons and the mysterious ancient secret of the Icefire.Chris D'Lacey's action-packed series -- which begins with the adventures of David Rain and continues with those of his daughter, Alexa -- offers smart, funny, and compelling fantasy for dragon fans and readers of all ages. Includes The Fire Within, Icefire, Fire Star, The Fire Eternal, and Dark Fire.


Aaron Pogue - 2012
    Gone the high culture of the Mountain Tribes, the learned writings of the Twin Empires. Among the remnant of survivors, barbarism reigns. Men hunt men, sacrifice the weak, and do whatever they must to survive in the face of the dragonswarm.Rinuld, a man once deeply devoted to a fallen Empire, stands amidst this chaos. Despite danger and deprivation, he's fashioned a semblance of safety. Now he faces a form of brutality unthinkable scant years before, and it forces a decision. Rinuld can hide from the monsters, or he can risk his life for the memory of civilization by saving a young girl."Remnant" is a short story set in the fantasy world of the bestselling novel Taming Fire. Beginning thousands of years before the events of the Dragonprince Trilogy, "Remnant" reveals what happened last time the dragons woke.Approximately 10,000 words.

Warrior Prime

Victor Gischler - 2019
    What he finds is Zayda Yond.Ever since Zayda was sold into bondage by her financially destitute father, her masters have taught her a punishing lesson: erase the past. Collared with an unmovable band of exotic metal, her future is that of a slave. She’s also become an ink mage, marked with a tattoo that enables her to experience the world as no one else can—a powerful honor, yet one out of her control. Now, Zayda dreams only of escape.She gets her chance when a scuttled ocean passage leaves her in a longboat, and in the company of another lone survivor, Peyne, a foreign envoy—spoiled, noble, a libertine, and a gambler. He’s also a skilled fighter. And when they make it to land, in wild and unfamiliar jungle territory, he’s the only person Zayda can trust.Then come rumors of a lost desert city said to hold the key to removing Zayda’s collar. Shadowed by enemies who want to use her power to win their own war, Zayda must fight for her freedom—whatever the cost. And Peyne will do anything to help her.

Charlotte Tweed and the School for Orphaned Dragons (Book #1)

Allegra Skye - 2013
    I highly recommend it for all ages!"--Morgan Rice, #1 Bestselling author of THE SORCERER'S RINGCHARLOTTE TWEED & THE SCHOOL FOR ORPHANED DRAGONS (Book #1) tells the story of Charlotte Tweed, a 15 year old orphan who longs to know who she truly is, and who her true parents are. Charlotte is kicked out of every foster home she is sent to, and living with a cruel family and sent to a school where she is bullied, Charlotte ducks off the fire drill line one day and cuts school. During this fateful walk she meets Tom Throtteldon, a wizard from another land, and he tells her he’s come to take her home.Charlotte is brought to the land of Annarunnus, the land, and is led to the famous Bellins School for Magic, where she must train to learn who she is and how to use her unique powers. Charlotte also discovers that a rare and precious event has taken place: dragon eggs have been found, hatching just two days before Charlotte’s arrival. Each student receives their own baby dragon to bond with, tame, and train. At Bellins Charlotte meets new friends, and struggles to discover herself and to bond with her obstinate baby dragon. She also meets Tyron, one of the handsome Outcasts. But dating is forbidden at Bellins, and they will have to decide if they will risk it all for love.

Trial by Heist

Kel Carpenter - 2017
    This book is told from Johanna’s perspective.The Mother will guide you. The dragon will call.I used to believe that. I used to believe a lot of things.My name is Johanna Kozak, and I have spent over a decade living in the shadows of our very dark world. I thought that if I ran fast enough, far enough, that I could outrun my past. Until my best friend was murdered by the same person who killed my parents, and I was the one framed for it. Now the Supernatural Council hold me prisoner, and if there’s one thing I know—it’s that being a half-breed in a Supernatural world is a death sentence unto itself. The Council Member who locked me up plans to execute me, but little does she know… she’s not the only one with friends in high places—and mine are planning a prison break.

Dragon Riders of Elantia Complete Series

Jessica Drake - 2019
    This wild, adventurous epic fantasy series has been compared to books by Anne McCaffrey, Christopher Paolini, Robin Hobb, and more. You're sure to enjoy it if you like clever heroines, epic adventures, wild new worlds, and of course, dragon riding! From the inside flap of book one: Zara Kenrook has a nose for treasure and a knack for trouble. With her business strapped for cash, the ex-thief reluctantly accepts a job stealing a priceless artifact. But when she nabs the wrong precious object, she ends up bonded to a baby dragon for life... Forced into the rider's academy by the dragon rider she tried to rob, she trains by day and looks for a way to reclaim her destiny by night. But when she discovers that her original mission may involve magical objects and a dark purpose, Zara vows to battle a nefarious destiny.

Secret of Souls

Aubrie Nixon - 2017
    But now an otherworldly realm has unleashed an army of nightmarish creatures upon the peaceful empire, spreading a lethal plague called The Decay which consumes its victims mercilessly from the inside out.The king of the Empire of Lucent calls upon “Lady of Death” Zephera Travelle—an infamous assassin with a weakness for braided cinnamon bread and a striking aptitude for murder and mayhem. He sends her on an impossible quest to find the one person who can concoct a cure and save the realm from total annihilation. Together with her best friend Zadkiel, mage extraordinaire Brenner, girly city-guard Oriana, and broody warrior Daegan, she embarks on a journey that will test her wits, will, and sanity. Along the way, she discovers that no one—and nothing—is as it seems, including herself.

Singing My Sister Down and Other Stories

Margo Lanagan - 2017
    A piece of the moon is buried. A ferryman falls into the Styx. Wee Willie Winkie brings a waking nightmare. A new father dresses a fallen warrior princess. A sniper picks off clowns one by one. Margo Lanagan’s stories will stay with you, haunting you with their quiet beauty and fine balance.