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Murder at Monk’s Barn by Cecil Waye


Crime in Kensington

Christopher St. John Sprigg - 1933
    Some of the other guests are less amenable, however, and Charles's suspicions are instantly aroused when the first thing he hears on approaching the hotel is a threat of murder. Shortly afterwards, the hotel's proprietor, Mrs. Budge, is attacked and apparently kidnapped. A further gruesome discovery reveals that a ruthless killer is at work in this quiet corner of London - and soon Charles finds himself revisiting his previous vocation as he joins forces with his old acquaintance Inspector Bray to solve the sensational mystery of the Garden Hotel!Originally published in 1933, this is a classic British murder mystery from the golden age of crime fiction.

Nobody's Perfect

Douglas Clark - 1969
     Called to investigate Huth’s sudden death, Detective Chief Inspector Masters and Inspector Green of Scotland Yard, find Huth slumped in his chair. Initial observations conclude that one of the company’s employees murdered Huth. Faced with the prospect of eight hundred suspects, Masters and Green have their work cut out. When all signs suggest the cause of death was an overdose of drugs, not self-administered the investigation’s complexity increases. In a company that has unlimited access to drugs, and with drug experts working within the company, Masters and Green find themselves searching for a needle in a haystack. Adam Huth was a popular man. Anyone who knew him hardly had a bad word to say about him. This just made the case even harder … what motive could the murderer have had? Mr Torr, the Personnel Manager, has something to hide. Masters and Green can sense it. Arousing their interest, Masters and Green start to dig into Mr Torr further. The matter of missing Metathiazanone tablets puts Mr Torr high on the list of suspects. Huth knew about the missing tranquilizers, and Masters and Green are almost certain Mr Torr murdered Huth out of fear of being sacked … Mrs Huth had a lot to gain from Mr Huth’s death. His life insurance would have kept her going for a while … another suspect to add to Master and Green’s list. Mr Huth was suffering from a kidney infection … according to Dr Mouncer, who prescribed the drugs that killed him. Yet another one to add to the list … As the investigation takes them deeper into the profile of certain employees, the discovery of the missing drugs and its uses, surfaces. And the murderer’s motive behind the killing shocks everyone … Nobody's Perfect is book 1 in the Masters and Green Mystery series. Praise for Douglas Clark: “With perfect moments of dry wit, this is a classic whodunit” – Matt Lynn About the author: Douglas Clark was born in Lincolnshire, 1919. He wrote over 20 crime novels and under other names, including James Ditton and Peter Hosier.

Poirot: The Complete Battles of Hastings, Vol. 1

Agatha Christie - 2004
    A brand new Agatha Christie omnibus, featuring four of the eight novels in which Captain Arthur Hastings appears alongside the world-renowned detective, Hercule Poirot: The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Murder on the Links, The Big Four and Peril at End House.

The Borough Treasurer

J.S. Fletcher - 1921
    'What those buildings had been used for in other days was not obvious to the casual and careless observer, but to the least observant their present use was obvious enough. Here were piles of timber from Norway; there were stacks of slate from Wales; here was marble from Aberdeen, and there cement from Portland: the old chambers of the grey buildings were filled to overflowing with all the things that go towards making a house-ironwork, zinc, lead, tiles, great coils of piping, stores of domestic appliances. And on a shining brass plate, set into the wall, just within the gateway, were deeply engraven the words: Mallalieu and Cotherstone, Builders and Contractors ...'

The Billiard Room Mystery

Brian Flynn - 1927
    First in the Anthony Bathurst series.

Death In A Cold Climate

Robert Barnard - 1981
    After that he wasn't seen again, not until three months later, when Professor Mackenzie's dog started sniffing around in the snow and uncovered a human ear - attached to a naked corpse. Nobody knew who he was, or where he had come from. And after three months it was almost impossible to track down the identity of the corpse. But Inspector Fagermo refused to give up - and as he probed deeper into the Arctic city he began to discover a dangerous conspiracy of blackmail, espionage, and cold-blooded murder.

Information Received

E.R. Punshon - 1933
    At the other end of the house his safe hangs open and rifled, and earlier in the day he had visited his solicitors in order to make a drastic change in his will. Later it is discovered that there has been fraud connected with the dead man, and this is but one of the many complications with which Superintendent Mitchell is faced. Fortunately he has the assistance of young Constable Owen, a talented young Oxford graduate who, finding all other careers closed to him by the ‘economic blizzard’ of the early thirties, has joined the London Police force. Information Received is the first of E.R. Punshon’s acclaimed Bobby Owen mysteries, first published in 1933 and the start of a series which eventually spanned thirty-five novels. This edition features a new introduction by crime fiction historian Curtis Evans.

Wycliffe and the Three Toed Pussy

W.J. Burley - 1968
    A young woman has been shot. The only thing taken from a scene is the shoe and stocking from her left leg…exposing her deformed foot. Wycliffe uncovers evidence of an unhappy woman who routinely manipulated the men in her life. As half the men in the village have been known to visit her, and most have reason to lie about it, finding the murderer will not be easy. Wycliffe's task is complicated by the discovery of some clues in the form of crossword puzzles left by the victim herself. If Pussy Welles knew she was going to die, why did she make no effort to save herself?


George V. Higgins - 1989
    Corruption, deceit, and dishonor propel a gang of rascals as devilishly beguiling as any seen before.

Vanity Dies Hard

Ruth Rendell - 1966
    If that means money, well, Alice has plenty of it.Then Alice starts to feel sick -- a virus perhaps, something she just can't shake. Her handsome husband, who is ten years younger than she is, seems determined to keep her at home. Does he just want her to feel better? Or is he trying to keep her from finding Nesta?Ill though she is, Alice can't help asking questions. And the more she learns about Nesta's disappearance, the more certain she becomes that her own life is in peril....

A Reason To Kill

Jane A. Adams - 2008
    Like Mac and Rina, George thinks he is safe in the sleepy seaside town of Frantham, but then an old lady is murdered and peace, for all three, is proven to be an illusion . . .

A Wasteland of Strangers

Bill Pronzini - 1997
    Who is he? Why has he come here now, during the off-season when there is nothing to do but get into trouble? What is it he wants? Everyone has an opinion of him, and only a few of them are favorable. For everyone he helps, there are two who question his motives, who see danger to themselves and their way of life in his continual presence in their town. And then, when a beautiful, lonely woman is brutally slaughtered after spending time with him, Faith is the prime and logical suspect. Discovering the identity of the killer becomes as important to Faith as to anyone else, except the murderer.

The Ponson Case

Freeman Wills Crofts - 1921

Death Under Sail

C.P. Snow - 1932
    When his six guests find him at the tiller of his yacht with a smile on his face and a gunshot through his heart, all six fall under suspicion in this, C P Snow’s first novel.

The Revenge of the Hound: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Michael Hardwick - 1987