House of Malice

Scott Mariani - 2013
    . .But instead she opened the door to HellRomantic novelist Mandy Freeman thinks all her dreams have come true when she becomes the new owner of Summer Cottage, the former home of her idol, bestselling author Ellen Grace. With her new life starting and love on the horizon, Mandy's future is looking bright.But as Mandy begins to learn, all is not as it seems at Summer Cottage. As a series of increasingly disturbing and sinister events forces her to delve into the mysterious past of its former owner Ellen Grace, Mandy finds herself caught up in a horrifying nightmare that threatens to destroy her sanity . . . and perhaps claim her life.

Gary's Children (Shingles Book 2)

Rick Gualtieri - 2018
    Gary Handler has issues. His boss hates him, his mother hounds him, and his cat thinks he’s an idiot. But that’s okay because Gary’s got the perfect solution to all of life’s troubles: a porn site subscription and his right hand.Sadly, all habits grow old, even the fun ones. Gary soon finds himself at the doorstep of a creepy old pawn shop where he buys a used adult novelty toy to spice up his one-man sex life.Pity for him that it’s cursed by the angry spirits of all the “kids” he’s flushed down the toilet. Needless to say, hairy palms are about to become the least of his worries.----------Jack on, jack off ... with the Jacklight in book 2 of Shingles, the horror comedy series that’s not for those with faint hearts or weak bladders.

Lords of Twilight

Greg F. Gifune - 2011
    Mysterious lights dot the night skies. A local farmer is found dead at the summit of a hill with no evidence as to how his body got there. Livestock is disappearing, only to be discovered later, dead and mutilated with precision-like wounds. And despite the coming of an enormous winter storm, odd men identifying themselves simply as 'federal agents' have converged on Edgar in government vehicles as if in anticipation of some greater event. Newcomer Lane Boyce, a recently divorced schoolteacher with a questionable past, believes there must be reasonable explanations for what is taking place, yet seems inexplicably tied to the events. Haunted by his own demons and drowning in loneliness and regret, Lane had hoped Edgar might be a quiet refuge and a place to begin again. Instead, there is madness here, an evil that is slowly making itself known. And as the snowstorm hits town, Lane finds himself trapped in his small house in the middle of nowhere, alone with his puppy...and something else. There, just beyond the trees, hidden in shadow, something watches, waits and whispers, ushering in a new age, a time of something else. Something other. Something close. Reality is no longer ours. It belongs to them. It belong to the LORDS OF TWILIGHT.

Young Slasher

S. Elliot Brandis - 2016
    It might make you uncomfortable. If it does—if your stomach knots or your skin prickles—then your answer is yes. You probably don’t want to admit it. I get that. But it doesn’t change the fact that deep down you’re a killer. Like me. My name is Mia Sanguine. I’m a 17-year- old girl, living in Australia. I go to school, play percussion in the orchestra, and study when I have to. I like horror movies, comic books, and punk music. Oh, and yeah, a group of teenagers has ruined my life. So I’m going to kill them. But don’t get me wrong—I’m not talking about some Columbine-styled rubbish. No offense, but this isn’t the United States. All I need is a mask, an outfit, and a pair of knives. You see, I’m going to become a slasher movie villain. Like Jason, Mike, or Ghostface. In real life. Not because it’s right. But because of what I am. A YOUNG SLASHER.

The Music of Eric Zahn

H Love - 2012
    Lovecraft’s The Music of Erich Zahn. Max Finn rooms at a rundown rooming house and does not know his fellow boarders, but one sad, mute street musician named Erich Zahn, gets his attention. Each night, the old man plays haunting melodies on his violins. Melodies that plague Finn’s dreams and give him nightmares about an impossible cosmic land ruled by Nyarlathotep, the messenger of the elder gods.


J.A. Konrath - 2013
    GRANDMA? Part 1 by J.A. Konrath and Talon KonrathShe won't bake you cookies...

PYM: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket / An Antarctic Mystery

Edgar Allan Poe - 2008
    Poe's work is full of mystery, horror, and a dark imagination, while Verne focuses on action and adventure. It is a fascinating look at two great literary minds as they work on the same subject: the strange voyage of Arthur Gordon Pym to the Antarctic.

Kill Your Neighbor

Andersen Prunty - 2017
    They wanted to get out of the city and get on with their lives on the quiet cul-de-sac. Instead, an object of obsession brings their lives to a screeching halt.Who is the woman living next door?Why does she do the curious things she does?Why do Emma and Kip feel like their lives have been so disrupted?How do they get her to stop?The Duprees are only sure about one thing: the social contract must be upheld at all costs.

The Zombie Survival Guide Journal

Max Brooks - 2011
    This lenticular journal cover sets in motion images of slithering, shuffling zombies from the bestselling graphic novel The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks. Filled with lined pages, this all-purpose journal is perfect for jotting down notes, making to-do lists, plotting your own survival strategy, and is just the creepy thing for zombie fans everywhere.

Christmas with the Dead

Joe R. Lansdale - 2010
    It's a story about a man named Calvin who's bound and determined to celebrate Christmas despite being the only human left in a town inhabited by Zombies.PS Holiday Chapbooks #6

The Monkey's Penis (Shingles Book 3)

Steven Wetherell - 2018
    Entering a world of mysterious powers and nightmarish consequences, Chris realizes the secret belief of every teenage boy- that his wang has the power to change the world. The Monkey's Penis is the third installment in the terrifying Shingles series, and once again readers with weak hearts or bladders are advised to read on at their own risk...

Hornblower Addendum - Five Stories (Hornblower Saga)

C.S. Forester - 2011
    These stories about daring exploits, compassion, and challenging discoveries were written outside the confines of books and were published by magazines. Here the author has given free reign to Hornblower - creating unique circumstances to further the development of his character. A potential mutiny thwarted, an Irish uprising out foxed, help to hundreds, managing a healthy sea voyage for an ailing monarch, and meeting once again Napoleon Bonaparte - very different insights into this complex man Hornblower.

Zombie Attack!!!

Robert Bevan - 2012
    They go out for what's meant to be a simple zombie hunt and get in way over their heads.

The Reluctant Vampire

Eric Morecambe - 1982
    With illustrations by Tony Ross, this re-issue is sure to delight.A tale about an extremely unconventional vampire. This tale of laughter and ghoulish horror for seven and eight year-olds is sure to delight. Here, Eric Morecambe’s customary humour is employed for a young audience.

Before the Harvest

Kimberly A. Bettes - 2012
    Louis to the safety of the countryside, they don't realize that the rural town they think of as a protective haven is loaded with secrets, and the farm they lease is far from safe. It is cursed land, and they're about to find out the hard way that danger lurks everywhere, even in a small, peaceful farming community. AND SO HAS THEIRS... Will the Martins live to see dawn, or will they only add to the rising body count?