To So Few: A Novel of the Battle of Britain

Russell Sullman - 2013
     Pilot Officer Harry Rose, fresh from training and eager to prove himself, is posted to Excalibur Squadron, a Hawker Hurricane fighter unit based in southern England. In the coming weeks and months of that fateful summer, as the outnumbered RAF battle grimly with the Luftwaffe in the skies above Britain, Rose will come to know what it is to love, and will experience both the glorious euphoria of success and the desperate bitterness of loss. As his friends dwindle in number, Rose knows that it can be only a matter of time before it is his turn...

Hugh Glass, a Revenant: The "true" story of Hugh Glass and the Grizzly (Campfire Tales Book 1)

Robert Dwyer - 2015
    First in the Campfire Tales series that includes stories of western men like Hugh Glass and John Colter.

Wasting Your Wildcard: The Method and Madness of Fantasy Football

David Wardale - 2018
    It’s THEIR team.They have spent hour after hour assessing injuries, swapping subs and tweaking formations. Because when the day is done and the scores are in, they want to be able to look in the mirror and say, ‘THAT TRIPLE CAPTAIN CALL WAS AN ACT OF GENIUS!’Welcome to the obsessive world of Fantasy Football, where managers will do anything to succeed. David Wardale – writer for the UK's number one Fantasy Football site, Fantasy Football Scout – meets previous winners to discover how they beat millions to the crown. He reveals the leagues where failure involves outright humiliation and discovers just how low some managers will go to claim a psychological advantage.Along the way, he finds Saudi sheikhs, stats professors, most of Norway and a member of one of the biggest pop bands of all time, all of them united by their unflinching desire for Fantasy Football greatness.

Flash of Silver: ...the Leap That Changed My World

Graham Kerr - 2015
    It contains a powerful remedy for indifference in just one word...resilience!Resilience has begun to outstrip 'sustainability' as the action to be taken to preserve many species, including our own.Graham Kerr, as the 'Galloping Gourmet' was referred to, during his international TV series, as the 'High Priest of Hedonism'. He had learned how to eat, cook and profit from some of the finest and richest foods in the world and he used those gifts with enormous enthusiasm and good humor.Suddenly everything changed as an accident severed his success with one blow.Searching for a return to resilience for himself and his family he began an ocean sailing adventure that took them 24,000 miles in 2 years.Then follows one of the most observed U turns ever made by one man. The Kerr's went from a conspicuous gourmet lifestyle to that of a small family living their lives beyond immediate self-interest and they did this in plain sight!Graham uses the literary practice of the 'extended metaphor' to enquire how habits are both formed and relinquished. He does this by comparing his life with that of a wild pacific Chinook salmon. Using poetic license, imagination and good science he asks his readers to hear from the and to see how both man and fish have somewhat similar rites of passage.They are swept 'downstream' where they face continuous discovery, some of which are difficult, some joyful...even hilarious.Upon reaching the salt waters they encounter the challenge of an almost limitless 'ocean of opportunity' where they must eat or be eaten, always driven by immediate self-interest and the need to survive.Finally they turn away from conspicuous consumption and begin to go 'upstream on purpose', this time motivated not just to survive as individuals, but also as a species...It's a wild ride as the scent of their natal river begins to provide direction for their way back home, where it all began.Kerr is not an angry activist, as he puts it."I have a story to tell and it's personal. I have made a series of very obvious leaps over some major obstacles, not unlike the salmon. Their flashes of silver are, for me, a splendid example of the resilience that is ours for the asking."Flash of Silver is supported by an extensive web site that includes an interactive 'REFLECTIVE READERS CLUB' at

Do You Even Know What You're Doing?: A Collection of Reader-Submitted Medical Stories

Kerry Hamm - 2019
    What was waiting in the backseat as a hospital security guard moved a patient's vehicle? If you lost your new Littmann, to what extremes would you go to get it back?In this edition, we have weird ideas patients had about sex and reproductive health, hear more from school nurses, and thank our lucky stars we weren't on THAT shift.

Stay Away from my ER and other fun bits of wisdom: Wobbling between humor and heartbreak

Rada Jones - 2020
    You can’t fathom the weirdness– unless you’re one of the ER aliens. If you are, buy a dozen copies to give away: to your family, your neighbors, and the PTA. They’ll learn things you never had the heart to tell them, but they should know, like how it's like to work in the ER, the deviousness of shampoo bottles and the dangers of frying bacon naked.

The Trafficking Consortium (Consortium Series Book 1)

Richard Verry - 2017
    During your annual physical, a well-paid receptionist forwards your chart to an international human trafficking ring. A clear violation of the HIPAA Laws, but who cares? Money is a great incentive. Consider what happens after they take you, ship you off, and sell you at auction? Can you imagine your new life? Can you imagine a life as owned property?Avril Gillios doesn't have to imagine it; she has to live it. The question is, can she survive it?The Trafficking Consortium Copyright (c) Richard Verry 2016A brutal erotic suspense thriller about Avril Gillios, a young woman in her mid-twenties, who get’s caught up in an international organized crime ring specializing in human trafficking. The thousand-year old organization call themselves ‘The Consortium.’ Their affluent and influential members can order or acquire anyone, men and women alike, to satisfy their unique needs and desires. From organ acquisition; to perverse sexual satisfaction; or feasting upon their prey, they seemingly operate above the law all across the globe.Told from Avril’s point of view, the story describes how this criminal organization targets her, kidnaps her right off the streets of NYC and sells her to the highest bidder; marking the beginning of a new life, forever barred from returning to the only life she ever knew.She must navigate the perilous events that threaten her life to survive her ordeal and attempt escape. Sold to a sadistic monster, her captivity is relatively comfortable. Locked in a luxurious suite with all the trimmings included in the most elegant high-end luxury apartments enjoyed by the upper one-percenters, a cage is still a cage.She endures brutal beatings and violent ravishments as her new owner trains her to be compliant to his demands and needs. Along the way, she discovers that her sadistic owner loves her, in his own way.Confused and bewildered, she must figure out how to navigate the ever narrowing serpentine path to escape the growing threat to her life. Her captor eventually gives her an impossible choice, one that takes away all doubt of what he intends to do with her. However, he requires that she select the path that her life will take. Failing to choose is the same as choosing a horrific, slow, and painful death.Will she choose life or death?

The Devil's Deceptions: Is There Life After Death?

Ginger Baum - 2019
    In a world that is overflowing with man's traditions, that often put a dark cloud over God's truth, you will be astonished by the answers that now await you concerning the mysteries of death.

What Bae Won't Do: The Next Man Will: Part 2

Genesis Woods - 2015
    When a couple of Jerome's many secrets come to light, will Semaj’s shoulder still be available for her to cry on? JaNair's trifling and crazy cousin Mya is still up to her old tricks and making Jerome hers is still her #1 goal. Will she finally succeed in getting the man who doesn't want her or will all that lying, backstabbing and blackmailing pay off?Twins LaNiece and ShaNiece have always been close, but with a new love on the horizon and your ex possibly being your sisters baby daddy, will ShaNiece lose her mind, or will the new man in her life make her forget about all of her troubles?Join some of the characters you love, and some of the ones you hate in this second installment of What Bae Won’t Do: The Next Man Will.

The Kennedys: The True Story Behind America's Most Powerful Family

Hilary Brown - 2015
    It is the story of an Irish immigrant family who, through hard work, unparalleled drive and ruthless ambition, worked their way up the ladder of American society, ultimately reaching the highest office in the land. The story of the Kennedys is a true reflection of the American dream and is one you will want to hear again and again.

Single Daddy Detour (Southern Beaus #4)

Layla Valentine - 2022
    I built my career starring in rom-coms.I know enough to realize they don’t exist in real life…So why can’t I resist my hottie BFF?HER:I’ve avoided my home state for years, but now I’m back—for one reason only,On the cusp of mega-stardom, the kind of role I’ve been working for all this time,…only to be blighted at the last hurdle, for reasons that have nothing to do with me!Just as I think things couldn’t get any worse, who do I run into?Only Justin Hatcher, my former best friend, and the very reason I left Georgia in the first place.He’s the same hottie he always was, only now he has ten years of secrets to hide…HIM:I feel like I’ve seen a ghost.When Kim left, I never thought I’d see her again.In the time she’s been gone, a lot has changed in our small town,And now she’s here, and I suddenly have a lot of explaining to do…For one, I’m a single dad now, and that’s just the start of it.I know she won’t stay, that she has no interest in giving up everything she’s worked for,I’ll just have to make the most of her while she’s here…

Julia's January

Caroline Ashton - 2020
    When this is interrupted by the sudden death of her grandmama, Julia is appalled to find that the detestable Lucien has been appointed her trustee. A heartwarming short story from the bestselling author of the Regency Belles novels.

Caught Up Loving a Legendary Maddox Gangsta

Khadijah J. - 2020
    Benji was tall, extremely handsome, charismatic, and single, the perfect qualities for a single woman. The only thing was, Benji was all about his Benjamins, and there was no one getting in the way of his money. He differed from the average man in many ways, being groomed at an early age to become who he was, and he accepted his destiny with open arms.Kelcie Lagos was the epitome of brains and beauty. Girl next door, Kelcie grew up living next door to the infamous Maddox family. They had a horrible reputation, yet Kelcie had the inside scoop. From the sandbox to high school, Kelcie held the key to Benji’s heart until tragedy struck and separated them.Does absence make the heart grow fonder, or does it make you grow apart and learn to adapt and live without that person? One can only wonder. Years go by, and they run into the adult version of each other, only to realize the spark is still there, yet stronger. However, they’re both at different phases of life facing different obstacles. Is that undeniable chemistry worth fighting for, or will the obstacles be too much forcing one of them to walk away?

Completely Smitten / Hers for the Weekend

Susan Mallery - 2011
    Guided by her preacher father and the residents of her tiny hometown as to what to do, what to wear and even who to marry, she'd lost herself along the way. But no more. Now she was going to live on her own terms and do all the things good preachers' daughters didn't do. Starting with Kevin Harmon. The injured U.S. Marshal needed a ride from Kansas to his home in Texas. Haley had a car. She figured she owed him a favor. And he knew a lot more about being bad than she did. A few days, just the two of them, in her tiny convertible and intimate hotel rooms...It would be fun, it would be passionate, it would be an experience. At least, that was her plan. He just didn't know it yet.

A Beast Tamed Her: An Urban Romance

Cherice Harris - 2019
    Caleb was her protector, but there had always been something else lingering in the background. Now, as adults, things heat up when friendly feelings jump out the window, and their relationship begins to get complicated when they take the step to become more than just friends. However, just when things are starting to look up, everything takes a complete left turn. Aaliyah and Yazir are like water and oil. They just don’t mix. Aaliyah is new in town, and the only thing on her mind is school and caring for her sick mother. But we all know that’s when Cupid catches up to you. Often putting a bad taste in each other’s mouths, Yazir and Aaliyah are forced to be around each other because of their mutual friends. However, when tragedy strikes, will they ultimately end up needing each other to lean on? In this dynamic series, enemies will emerge, leaving this group of friends struggling for air.