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Counterfeit Love by Julie Fison


All That I Want: A Queensbay Small Town Romance (The Queensbay Series Book 6)

Drea Stein - 2017
    She left Queensbay, determined to leave her past behind. Now, after a mysterious inheritance she's back in town. And she's determined to make a new home for herself. Jake Owen's never forgotten his time with Colleen. It might have been ten years ago, but no one - no woman - has ever quite measured up. But he was - and is - a small town guy. And he wasn't good enough for her then. But can he show her that small town doesn't mean small time? Will he convince her that a small town guy holds the key to her heart - and her happiness? Find out if Jake Owen can win over Colleen McShane in book 6 of Drea Stein's Queensbay series.

Return to New York

Kristina Adams - 2018
    Fayth is about to finally get a taste of the independence she never knew she wanted.She'll live in New York with her celebrity boyfriend, study photography, and start to build a life away from what's left of her close-knit family.But is she ready for everything that involves?And when the ghosts of her past begin to haunt her, can she fight them, or will they finally win?

The Bad Mother's Wedding

Suzy K. Quinn - 2020
    Dreams of rose-covered cottages, rolling pins and two parents living with their own biological child were well and truly shattered.But now Juliette is engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Alex Dalton, and everything is looking up. Juliette can’t wait to marry Alex and live happily ever after at the Dalton Estate.The trouble is, Juliette isn’t the only one getting married this year. Her ex-partner, Nick, is getting married too and is trying his hardest to sabotage Juliette’s wedding day. Plus, there’s the small matter of the global Covid-19 pandemic.Will Juliette get the wedding of her dreams? Or will Nick succeed in ruining yet another wedding day?Wednesday 24th JuneAnother meeting with our wedding planner today – this time about party favours.Cressida showed us cute little hangover kits, personalised wine glasses, mini champagne bottles, chocolate truffle boxes, watches, toiletries, all sorts. There was even a monogrammed rum and Coca Cola can and a little treasure chest of sugared almonds, should we choose a Caribbean destination wedding.When Nick and I got married, all we thought about was drink, food and the church, in that order.Who knew there was so much sparkle and magic in the wedding world?Perfect for Jill Mansell and Unmumsy Mum fans. Can be read as a stand-along novel or as part of the series. Download this Kindle Unlimited comedy as part of your subscription.Editorial Reviews for Suzy K Quinn‘Suzy K Quinn is the literary equivalent of hot chocolate …’ – Liza Foreman, New York Times journalist'Suzy K Quinn is a born storyteller' -- Erin Kelly, bestselling author of He Said, She Said.'I read Suzy’s latest novel in one sitting, with a break for sleep. This does not usually happen. It's a terrific read.' -- Fay Weldon, author of the Lives and Loves of a She Devil.'Unputdownable. I was completely absorbed.' -- Julia Crouch, author of Cuckoo'A seriously skilful page turner ... don't read it on the beach unless you want sunburn.' -- Kate Harrison, author of The Secret Shopper's RevengeThe writing is skilful and vivid and the tension doesn't let up. Suzy K Quinn is one to watch.' -- Julia Gregson, author of East of the Sun“Funny, real, honest, and raw—this is an excellent book about the roller-coaster that is being a mum.” —Charlene Wedgner“Books like this, books that share honest and realistic experiences are a breath of fresh air.” —Diary of a Book Mum“I just love its honesty/real-ness and the way it ends on such a high note helped me to realize what a privilege it is to be a parent.” —Busy Mama Book Club“The reason I loved this book so much was the honesty of it! Unlike other parenting books nothing is sugar coated! This is Motherhood!! You will find yourself relating to almost everything she writes!” —B Club Betty“Would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a fun and honest read about parenting.” —Em Digs Books“It’s funny, it’s quick, short chapters, all of these things are really important, easy read, when you’re a sleep deprived new mother. I really wish I had it when I was a new mum five years ago.” —The Motherload Book Club“A real breath of fresh air and a massive reality check for when you’re trying to be the perfect mum.” —Mrs Cooke’s Books“Had me in fits of laughter…I really do applaud Suzy for being so honest …She really does tell it like it is, which is that parenthood is a challenge but it’s totally worth it!” —Kirsty’s Book Buying AddictionAbout the AuthorSuzy is a bestselling British fiction author. Her books have sold nearly 1 million copies and been translated into nine different languages.

Beauty and the Beat

Kate Forster - 2013
    Rob is rude, disrespectful and has terrible taste in music. They have absolutely zero in common.But as they spend more time together, Mia starts to realise that there's more to Rob than she'd thought. That he might even be the guy she never knew she was looking for. Too bad she's already scared him off...

Advantage Love

Madhuri Banerjee - 2014
    When irreconcilable differences drive them apart, a broken-hearted Trisha becomes wary of love and men. That is until the dashing tennis star, Abhimanyu, comes along and fills her life with love and laughter. All at once she finds herself in the midst of the glamorous tennis circuit which is in stark contrast to her small-town moorings. Even as Trisha embarks on a path of love and self-discovery, fate brings Vedant back into her life, asking that they rekindle their old romance. Will Trisha dare take a second chance with Vedant or move on to play match point with Abhimanyu?Advantage Love is a compelling and passionate contemporary Indian romance that explores the complexities of love, friendship and career in a woman’s life.


Dolores Wilson - 2014
    To say the least. She calls Sweet Meadow, Georgia, home, where she works for her father doing auto repairs. She also drives the tow-truck, although Sweet Meadow's rather colorful denizens tend to treat Bertie more like the local, free taxi service. You know, someone has to get to a doctor's appointment or pick something up at the dry cleaners. Bertie's favorite day of the week is Friday, when she leaves the wrecker with her father for the whole weekend and joins her friends at the Dew Drop Inn for a night of dancing. Her best friend, Mary Lou, sometimes fixes her up with dubious dates, although Bertie has to remind her friend not to tease her hair too high for those occasions. Like the time when they went to Carrie Sue's open house, and a ceramic cow with angel wings hanging from a ceiling fan locked its hooves into Bertie's big hair and refused to let go. She had to wear it all night, dangling chain and all. Bertie's nearly perfect life is about to take a downhill turn, however. It starts when her landlord, Pete, currently a resident in a nearby nursing home, starts showing up at her house. In his birthday suit. A very badly wrinkled birthday suit. And then she goes to her mailbox, a rubber large mouth bass, and finds a notice from the zoning commission saying she can no longer park the wrecker in her driveway. The notice is signed by George Bigham. But when she goes to the courthouse to take care of her little problem, it is only to discover George Bigham is deceased. And Mary Lou's pregnancy test just came up positive. Can it get any worse? In a word... yes.

A Child's Voice Calling

Maggie Bennett - 2002
    With poverty never far from the door, the battle to stay respectable is finally lost when the family breaks up in tragic circumstances, and Mabel is thrown upon the dubious mercy of her grandmother, the sinister Mimi Court, who has her own dark secrets. But faithful Harry Drover of the Salvation Army, in love with Mabel, gets an opportunity to prove his devotion when Mimi falls foul of the law and Mabel has to fight for her own survival...

Pink or Black 2(Pink or Black #2)

    And how it changes her life.This book will take you on a vicarious journey with Tiana, where you will feel her pain- pain of seeing her friends acting even worse then enemies, And seeing the person she never wanted to see again, everyday. Her confusion about whom she loves and her fear about what if everyone would get to know the secret she is hiding from all since last 1 year and with all that trying to be in teacher's good books.Yes a big secret,which she don't want anyone to know and how the New Comers in her school will make it difficult for her to keep that secret safe.

Universally Challenged

Anna Bell - 2012
    Not only does she wake up in a stranger's apartment, but the company she works for claims never to have heard of her. Jess wakes up in a hotel room without her husband. She tracks him down and discovers he is married to another woman. When a stranger, Jake, tries to convince her that she is heading up a multi-million dollar deal, it is too much for Jess, the teacher, to take in. Trapped on the wrong side of a parallel universe, Jessica and Jess turn to Jake to help them work out who they really are and what they really want. Same woman: wrong parallel universe

The Vineyard

Karen Aldous - 2014
    She’s moved her toyboy – a muscle-bound vintner named Cal – into the family home, and given him the run of the land that was meant to be Lizzie’s inheritance!Cal’s wine business frequently takes him to France, and suddenly wherever Lizzie goes, he’s already there – meddling, giving unsolicited advice, saving her little boy’s life and stealing her heart. But none of this changes the fact that he’s her mother’s lover…

Lucid Dreams: Let's Redefine Love

G. Mehul Krishna Kumar - 2020
    The dream of being together is tested high by the hard hitting facts of life. A love story that involves the emotions of their family and friends results in a rollercoaster ride that comes to an end when a lucid dreamer arrives. Do dreams really get fulfilled?

A Holly Bay Christmas: (A Fabrian Books' Feel-Good Novel)

Jo Bartlett - 2016
     Maddie owns her dream business running a combined bookshop and tea rooms, in the beautiful Cornish village of Holly Bay. When Ben arrives looking for a place to rent, Maddie is keen to help him find a home in the town she loves, where they really know how to celebrate Christmas. Stepping in to help Maddie raise money for a charity that’s close to her heart, and even dressing as an elf on Christmas gift day, Ben seems too good to be true. Letting her guard down, she realises she’s falling for the newcomer, but, when it turns out he’s got a hidden agenda, she can’t wait for him leave. Will the storm that breaks out two days before Christmas, and cuts off Holly Bay from the rest of the world, give Ben another chance to prove himself to Maddie? Or is she destined to spend another Christmas with only her books for company?

The Tea Shop: Cakes, Ice Cream & Afternoon Tea

De-ann Black - 2014
    First published February 2014.It is a new 33,000 word novella set in the spring and summer. It's the first book in the Sewing & Baking series of books.Book 1 - The Tea Shop Book 2 - The Sewing Bee & Afternoon TeaThese romances can be read in any order.Story: Jayne's job is to find suitable pop-up shops for businesses looking for temporary premises on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland. Rich and handsome Brodan McBride, a master baker, becomes one of her new clients and opens a pop-up tea shop selling cakes, ice cream and afternoon tea in one of the busy seaside towns. She also meets Fergus, a gorgeous bespoke tailor who makes Brodan's expensive suits. Jayne's friend and hairdresser, Ceard, isn't sure that she should become romantically involved with either of them. Although Jayne is attracted to Brodan, is he the man for her? Or is Fergus and his well-cut suits a better fit? Then again, has she been friends with the man who was meant for her all along? In the busy seaside town, with its lovely little tea shop, gossip, cakes and ice cream, there's only one thing for sure -- Brodan McBride grinds his own nuts.About the Author:De-ann Black is a bestselling author, traditionally published for over 15 years, with more than 50 books published. She's also a scriptwriter and former newspaper journalist. She worked as marketing editor for a glossy magazine, helped organise fashion shows and photo-shoots, trained for many years in martial arts, and was a full-time newspaper journalist. De-ann loves to sew and is also a fabric designer and artist. And she loves to bake cakes.Books by De-ann include:The Sewing & Baking series: Book 1 - The Tea Shop Book 2 - The Sewing Bee & Afternoon Tea The Tea Shop & Tearoom series: Book 1 - The Christmas Tea Shop & Bakery Book 2 - The Christmas Chocolatier Book 3 - The Chocolate Cake Shop in New York at Christmas Book 4 - The Bakery by the Seaside Book 5 - Shed in the City The Tea Dress Shop series: Book 1 - The Tea Dress Shop At Christmas Book 2 - The Fairytale Tea Dress Shop In Edinburgh Book 3 - The Vintage Tea Dress Shop In Summer And - Christmas Romance in Paris Christmas Romance in Scotland The Bitch-Proof Suit - fashion and romance set in Dublin and New York Oops! I'm the Paparazzi - romance in New York The Cure For Love - set in Cornwall New releases for 2014 THE SEWING BEE & AFTERNOON TEA THE TEA SHOP SHED IN THE CITY THE BAKERY BY THE SEASIDENew releases for 2013 & 2012 include: CHRISTMAS ROMANCE IN PARIS THE CHOCOLATE CAKE SHOP IN NEW YORK AT CHRISTMAS THE CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATIER THE CHRISTMAS TEA SHOP & BAKERY CHRISTMAS ROMANCE IN SCOTLAND THE VINTAGE TEA DRESS SHOP IN SUMMER THE FAIRYTALE TEA DRESS SHOP IN EDINBURGH THE TEA DRESS SHOP AT CHRISTMAS DUBLIN GIRL - HOT SUMMER IN THE CITY THE BITCH-PROOF BRIDE THE BITCH-PROOF ROMANCE SHOPPING FOR MEN SHOPPING FOR MEN AT CHRISTMAS OOPS! I'M UP TO MISCHIEF

Autumn Awakening (Summer Unplugged Book 9)

Amy Spaling - 2015
    As in, ALL of their free time. As the days go by, Bayleigh's not even sure Jace has remembered the occasion. But she's hoping he'll prove her wrong. This is a novella. Also available: Part 1 - Summer Unplugged Part 2 - Autumn Unlocked Part 3 - Winter Untold Part 4 - Spring Unleashed Part 5 - The Beginning of Forever - A full length novel Part 6 - Autumn Adventure Part 7 - Winter Wonderful Part 8 - The Girl with my Heart (a novel from Jace's point of view)

. . . and Baby Makes Two: A Novel

Judy Sheehan - 2005
    But that’s before she sees the perfect child. There he sits in his stroller, angelic and beautiful, magnetic and serene– and he makes Jane question everything she has and everything she thought she wanted. Suddenly all she can see are babies and pregnant woman everywhere. Were there always so many of them? And while there was once a man in her life–her one true love, Sam, gone from this world too soon–there is no man now. Jane must make a choice: possibly become a bitter and childless old lady, letting her biological clock tick on ’till menopause, or tend the ache in her heart now, by becoming a single mother. As Jane struggles to make the most important decision of her life, friends and family offer no shortage of opinions. There’s Ray, her “hubstitute” and gay best friend who would be jealous of any kid who got Jane as a mom; Sheila, her sister, who went from zero to sixty when she eloped with Raoul–who had two young twin sons– and has mixed feelings about being a new mommy; her strict, Catholic father who can’ t imagine what level of hell Jane would banish herself to if she becomes a single mother; and the women of Families with Children from China who are preparing to adopt orphan daughters–without a man in sight. Just as she thinks she’s made up her mind, Jane discovers one small wrench in her plans: handsome, charming, funny Peter, who just happens to be (unhappily) married. . . . And Baby Makes Two is a heartbreakingly honest, wonderfully addictive, and funny novel about love and loss, family and friendship. Judy Sheehan, co-creator of the smash hit Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, has perfectly captured the delights and dilemmas of the scariest job in the world: motherhood.From the Hardcover edition.