Scarlet Delaney - 2018
    Not even me. As the leader of the Malicious Intent M.C. I keep the things that matter to me close. I'd fight for them. I'd die for them. But when it comes to Alexis I spend more time fighting myself than anything else. I know she's better off without me. The things I do weren't meant for her. A better man would let her go, but I've never been that guy. He's all I ever wanted. He's the one thing I can never have. Ky has been my world since we were kids, but something changed when we started to grow up. I lost my best friend. I lost the life I thought I was supposed to have. I live on the fringe now, pretending I don't care that he refuses to let me in. They call him Sadist now, and if the stories are true, maybe he is. But that only makes me want him more. We can't let go, but when the dam finally breaks and we give in to all the things we need from each other neither of us will ever be the same again. The world around us will never be the same again. Content Warning: This story is not your typical romance. This book contains disturbing situations, graphic violence, sex, strong language and all types of abuse.


Kitty Thomas - 2020
    But if Conall Walsh were perfect, I wouldn't have killed him.I thought I got away with it until I received an anonymous note at the ballet company I dance for:You were a very bad girl. If you don't want me to report what I know about last night, meet me at the old opera house after rehearsal. I will tell you the price of my silence when you arrive. If you speak of this or bring anyone with you... no deal.But his price isn't money. It's me.THIS IS A STANDALONE contemporary dark romance.

Il Padrone

Leigh Kenzie - 2020
    I’ll bathe in his tears and watch as he humiliates himself. It’s all for my pleasure. I own it all and he’s just another addition to my collection.EmilioIl Padrone calls me his toy. His property. He says I can earn the right to be higher in his organization if only I submit. If only I change who I am. I may be younger, but he hasn’t seen the likes of me before.Just how twisted can a tale of vengeance become?Trigger Warnings: This is a dark MM Mafia with graphic violence and extreme sexual situations. While this series becomes dark romance, it does not begin that way. Book 1 of the Vendetta Series, ends on a cliffhanger

My Brother's Wife

Nicole Houston - 2020
    Can the alpha male seduce his brother's wife? Will our sassy heroine stick to her mission or sway with lust? Do not regret and grab your copy now and get a FREE book - Limited time offer!

Bully Beatdown

Ki Brightly - 2021
    The anger is a roadblock, but he has been too busy building his company to get a handle on it. One morning, Casey’s temper explodes when he’s furious with his computer and he terrifies a beautiful boy from the tech department. The boy runs, but his frightened eyes haunt Casey, and he decides it’s time to learn to apologize.The Scared IT GeekAngel Gaffin has had a difficult life. He grew up with an abusive father and doesn’t respond well to violence. When his boss, Mr. Uhlig, blows up at him, he heads home to hide. What he doesn’t count on is his boss tracking him down to apologize. Angel is shocked by the feelings one apology stirs up in him.Power Play to Grow CloserA date with Casey leads to a relationship that both scares and comforts Angel. Casey is older than Angel and that difference feeds into Angel’s craving to have someone protect him. Angel hands over his trust. Problems arise because while Casey might be trying now to be a good person for Angel, his past coming to light might tear apart the fragile connection they’ve established. Will Casey be able to grow as a person and become the man Angel needs, or will he give in to his anger and pain, and ruin both their lives?


William Vitelli - 2011
    Visions of fairy tales and "happily ever after" filled her head; as the wife of a wealthy and handsome architect, she thought she would have everything she ever wanted.And she did, though not quite in the way that she might have imagined.Her husband Anthony, seeing beneath her repressed exterior someone who wanted nothing so much as to be kidnapped and carried away by pirates, set out to train her as his new sex slave...whether she wanted it or not. What followed was an intensive introduction into a new world she could scarcely have imagined.


Shannon Youngblood - 2019
     Thank The Master The Lord giveth and the Master taketh away. Thank The Faith The Faith giveth and the fire taketh away. In a society where men are superior and women belong at their feet, Master Zander and his slave, Phoenix, must find a way to navigate through the horrors they were born into. Three menacing tasks are all that separate Zander from his inheritance. Three gruesome tasks and Phoenix might finally be free. The question is can Phoenix complete them and keep her sanity in check? Can Zander play the part without unleashing the monster behind the mask? Will they rise from the ashes of their present and soar into the future, or will they both be engulfed by the flames of their past?

The Parlour

Charlotte E. Hart - 2016
    Devastatingly debonair and seductively charming. Always styled and perfected.He is also a cad, scoundrel, rogue and kink empire founder. Tutored in the highest of society, having been born of royalty only to deny it, he found his solace in a world where rules need not apply. Where he chooses to ensure rules and duty do not apply. Some call him Sir, others call him Master and no one would dare risk his wrath unless they required the punishment he favourably delivers. No one except one, who has just strapped a collar around his throat. One he asked for. Now he needs to appropriate his businesses correctly for peace to ensue. He needs to find the correct path forward for everyone concerned, so he can relax, enjoy, and finally hand over the responsibility to someone else.Simple.But where comfort and a safety of sorts once dwelt, there is now uncertainty, and a feeling of longing he no longer understands. A need unfulfilled. As problems arise and allies scheme, he finds himself searching for answers in the most unlikely of places.LilahIt’s the same every day. I found it odd at first but I’m used to it now. I was so tired and weak when I got here that it was helpful really. That small woman comes in to help me wash and get dressed. I don’t know where the clothes come from, but they’re nice enough, and at least they’re clean and dry. Not like the rags I arrived in. They were taken from me the moment I took them off to get into the shower, the first shower I’d had in god knows how long. For nearly a year, I’d been running the streets. A year without a real bed or a home of any sort. There isn’t a long and awful story to tell about an abusive family member or a broken home. I suppose I just slipped through the cracks and got lost at some point. I lost my job first, then I couldn’t afford the bills or my apartment, so the landlord threw me out. I don’t blame him, he did the right thing for himself. And then it was just a long and never-ending road to nothingness.So, now I’m here, wherever here is.And I don’t know why…Note* This Trilogy is best read after The White Trilogy as a continuation/spin off as some of the elements to the story are part of a backstory. Although it can still be read as standalone. It begins shortly after The White Trilogy ends and involves old characters.

Confessions of a Smut Author

Scott Hildreth - 2014
    **WARNING** DO NOT attempt the scenes depicted in this novella. Shawn Fairfield is an erotica author who had always used his wife as the sexual inspiration for his novels. Be it a dark erotica or something a little softer, he had always felt the need to make the sexual scenes 'accurate'. After the death of his wife, he became a recluse. After over a year, when he finally ventured from his home, he met a very unlikely woman who was willing to act as his muse. Cheryl Baker is a religious woman who comes from a very strict and religious background. She admits to Shawn, after they meet the first time, that she enjoys reading erotic novels. She is immediately drawn to the author, and is intrigued by his writings, and his personality. She agrees to have a sexual relationship with the author, acting as his inspiration and muse. There's only one problem - she has no idea of what type of book Shawn was working on when his wife died. Calling the unfinished novel ‘dark’ doesn't quite do it justice. And Shawn is determined to finish it, using Cheryl as his muse.This novella is extremely, and I do mean extremely, erotic. There are many scenes of role play, some of which are nonconsensual. Additionally, some of the sexual scenes are of a very explicit nature, and depict acts that should NOT be experienced by the reader in real life, and only enjoyed as entertainment through reading this book. Please, proceed with caution.Includes MM, MMF, MMMF, MMMMF, FF, and NOCONSENTUAL SEX scenes. Additionally, this novella includes scenes of asphyxiation and should not be considered anything the reader should experience, only read for entertainment value.

Decadent Knights

Julia Sykes - 2016
    Smith is determined to help her heal, and he has a decidedly decadent plan to replace her nightmares with a hot fantasy involving their friend Dex.

In the Land of Gods and Monsters, Part Two (Gods & Monsters Book 2)

Carmen Jenner - 2019
     In the land of gods and monsters, she was set free. Left, lost, forgotten. Cast out of the only world she remembers, Pet now answers to a new name—victim. Ares walked away without a backward glance and left her desperate for safety, desire, and the freedom she found in his cruel touch. But in the end, Pet discovers nothing is ever free. * In the Land of Gods and Monsters, Part Two, may contain triggers for some readers.

Tank's Pearl

G.M. Scherbert - 2015
    Leaving me with two small kids I thought my life couldn't get worse. Then, I meet Tank, I fought the attraction that I felt for him. Giving into it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me. As it turned out I was wrong, our worlds do not play well together.Tank The first night I saw Pearl, I knew I wanted her. What I was not ready for, was her fighting against this attraction we have. I want her, I don't care that she has kids, or that she doesn't know shit about the type of life I have. She thinks that the fact that she's ten years older than me is an issue... its not. But the biggest thing she's mistaken on is the fact that she thinks this thing between us is just a casual thing. She will be mine and there is almost nothing that could happen to come between us.Or is there?***DISCLAIMER***THIS BOOK CONTAINS CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR SOME READERS. IT CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND EXTREME SEXUAL SITUATIONS. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES 18+

Sixty Days, the Box Set

Jade West - 2019
     Sixty days of total submission. No safe words. No limits. No holds barred. Sixty days of your body being used and abused and pushed to extremes. Then you were free to go, no further dues, thanks and goodbye. And your bank balance looked seriously healthy for the experience. I should never have been tempted. Not for a second. I should never have even thought about putting myself up for sale for sixty days, not after hearing the brutal tales of what happens to you. But I had to. My sister desperately needed the money. Needed Me. Needed more than I could ever give her. I’d just never have guessed in a million years that soon enough I’d be needing him. The beautiful stranger. The dangerous monster. The guy who’d be responsible for my pleasure and pain and everything between for sixty days straight. And the man who’d want my very soul along with my body. No holds barred doesn’t even come close to his requirements. But I’m willing to give him everything.

Reborn In Blue

M.J. Knight - 2020
    A abusers victim. That's how I have seen myself the last ten years. Not Anymore. That night was the last straw. I’m starting over but not somewhere new. I'm going back to where it all began.How many times in your life do you get the chance to flirt with four sexy bad boys? Exactly! So when you do, you go for it! Enter the steamy Sons of Fortune. The four oldest sons of the Saupoudrer crime syndicate. Gearing up to take over for the heads of the families in charge, they were not suspecting me to show up and throw a wrench into everything. The daughter of former Navy Seal turned felon, Frank "Old Man" Underhill. I was struggling daily to deal with my demons. They helped me embrace them. I might slowly be going crazy, and they might be dark and twisted, but I would forever live in the chaos and shadows just to be near them.It's never that easy, however. Not when people want to control you or kill you. Will we get our crazily ever-after, or will we be ripped apart before I can find out how wild life can be with the Saupoudrer boys?I'm Ayida Underhill, and this is how I won my life back. This book contains strong language, sexual situations, violence, death, and reverse harem relationship. It also mentions past physical and emotional abuse. Recommended for 18+

Gangsters And Guns

K.A. Knight - 2021
    I’ve had my fair share of pain—every moment is a fight to survive. With my brother on his deathbed, it’s up to me to provide and protect what’s left of my broken family. I do things I never thought I’d be capable of, becoming a person so hardened to the world that when I look in the mirror, all I see is a stranger.When a twist of fate lands me at rock bottom, I make the ultimate decision and give away the only thing I have left—my freedom.I belong to them now… The Beast. The Brains. The Bastard.The Dixen’s have their secrets but they aren’t the only ones hiding something. When the truth finally emerges, our worlds will collide in a potent mixture of sex, drugs, and bloodshed. Either we will fall under the weight of our deception or it will make us untouchable—bound irrevocably to each other.Sometimes you have to trust the gangsters. Sometimes it takes a gun to stay alive. And sometimes, it takes both.***Gangsters and Guns is a dark, contemporary, standalone novel. There are explicit scenes and dark themes such as drug abuse that might be triggering for some. If such material triggers or offends you, please do not read this book***