Superman H'el On Earth Preview Book

Scott Lobdell
    He grew up on Earth convinced he was the last of his kind. He was wrong. Superman, Supergirl, and the half-Kryptonian, half-human clone Superboy must now face their biggest threat: H'El on Earth.

Superman, Volume 6: Imperius Lex

Peter J. Tomasi - 2018
    6: IMPERIUS LEX!It's a game of thrones on Apokolips as the lords of the dreaded world battle each other to claim its rule. Lex Luthor is summoned back to the warring planet, and he will need Superman to help him reclaim a crown he did not ask for. As the conflict continues, a new warrior enters the battlefield: Lois Lane, Female Fury. May Granny Goodness have mercy on all their souls...Peter J. Tomasi (SUPER SONS) teams with illustrator Doug Mahnke to continue their amazing run on one of the most critically acclaimed series of DC Rebirth! Collects #33-36 and #39-41.

Superman: The Dark Side

John Francis Moore - 1999
    In this warped tale, Superman is raised by the tyrannical Darkseid and becomes a savage force of destruction. Devoid of conscience or virtue, the Man of Steel uses his powers to destroy his adopted father's adversaries, the heroes of New Genesis. But when the war against his sworn enemies is over, Superman turns his destructive attention towards Earth and a group of men and women who could have been his friends in another life.

Detective Comics (1937-2011) #1

Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson - 1937
    Its editor, Vin Sullivan, also drew the debut issue's cover. It features the character "Fui Onyui" who served as the "yellow peril" villain (battled by Slam Bradley and his humourous sidekick Shorty Morgan).No Batman until issue #27.

Superman: A Celebration of 75 Years

Alan MooreEdmond Hamilton - 2013
    The phrase "super hero" had yet to be coined when ACTION COMICS #1 hit newsstands in 1938, but once Superman entered the scene, effortlessly lifting a car above his head on that first iconic cover, the character paved the way for each of the hundreds (if not thousands) of super-powered heroes written since. SUPERMAN: A CELEBRATION OF 75 YEARS gathers a range of stories featuring the first and greatest super hero, highlighting the many roles the Man of Steel has played over the decades. In these celebrated stories, Superman is in turns the Herculean champion, the lonely alien survivor, the super-powered Boy Scout and the soul-searching leader. Over the course of seventy-five years, watch as the character grows from a simple strongman to the beloved international symbol he is today!This Volume Collects:("Superman, Champion of the Oppressed") / ("War in San Monte") -- ACTION COMICS #1-2 (1938) Writer: Jerry Siegel, Artist: Joe Shuster"How Superman Would End the War" -- Look Magazine (1940) Writer: Jerry Siegel, Artist: Joe Shuster"Man or Superman?" -- SUPERMAN #17 (1942) Writer: Jerry Siegel, Penciller: Joe Shuster, Inker: Joe Sikela"The Origin of Superman" -- SUPERMAN #53 (1948) Writer: Bill Finger, Penciller: Wayne Boring, Inker: Stan Kaye"The Mightiest Team in the World" -- SUPERMAN #76 (1952) Writer: Edmond Hamilton, Penciller: Curt Swan, Inker: John Fishchetti"The Super-Duel in Space" -- ACTION COMICS #242 (1958) Writer: Otto Binder, Artist: Al Plastino "The Girl From Superman's Past" -- SUPERMAN #129 (1959) Writer: Bill Finger, Penciller: Wayne Boring, Inker: Stan Kaye"Superman's Return to Krypton" -- SUPERMAN #141 (1960) Writer: Jerry Siegel, Penciller: Wayne Boring, Inker: Stan Kaye"The Death of Superman" -- SUPERMAN #149 (1961) Writer: Jerry Siegel, Penciller: Curt Swan, Inker: George Klein"Must There Be a Superman?" -- SUPERMAN #247 (1972) Writer: Eliot S. Maggin, Penciller: Curt Swan, Inker: Murphy Anderson "Rebirth" -- ACTION COMICS #544 (1983) Writer: Marv Wolfman, Artist: Gil Kane"The Living Legends of Superman" (excerpt) -- SUPERMAN #400 (1985) Writer: Elliot S. Maggin, Artist: Frank Miller"For the Man Who Has Everything" -- SUPERMAN ANNUAL #11 (1985)Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Dave Gibbons"The Name Game" -- SUPERMAN #11 (1987)  Writer/Penciller: John Byrne, Inker: Karl Kesel"Doomsday" -- SUPERMAN #75 (1993)  Writer/Penciller: Dan Jurgens, Inker: Brett Breeding"What's So Funny About Truth Justice and the American Way?" -- ACTION COMICS #775 (2001)  Writer: Joe Kelly, Pencillers: Doug Mahnke, Lee BermejoInkers: Tom Nguyen, Dexter Vines, Jim Royal, Jose Marzan, Jr., Wade Von Grawbadger, Wayne Faucher"Question of Confidence" -- Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross (2003)  Writer: Chip Kidd, Artist: Alex Ross"The Incident" -- ACTION COMICS #900 (2011)  Writer: David S. Goyer, Artist: Miguel Sepulveda"The Boy Who Stole Superman's Cape" -- ACTION COMICS #0 (2012)   Writer: Grant Morrison, Artist: Ben Oliver

Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told, Vol. 1

Jerry SiegelAl Plastino - 2004
    SUPERMAN: THE GREATEST STORIES EVER TOLD features the first and greatest super hero the world has ever known: Superman Witness the events that have made The Man of Steel one of the most recognizable icons on the planet, captivating audiences and sparking imaginations

Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen

James Tynion IVNick Filardi - 2020
    In this collected edition, Lex Luthor faces off against the Batman Who Laughs. On the one side are Luthor's forces of injustice--and on the other are the Batman Who Laughs' agents, known as the Infected...corrupted versions of heroes including Supergirl, Shazam, Commissioner Gordon and others. Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen also sets the stage for the next phase of DC's "Year of the Villain" and beyond.This title collects the five-issue miniseries Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen.

The Man of Steel

Brian Michael BendisWade Von Grawbadger - 2018
    After revolutionizing superhero storytelling in such classic titles as Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil and New Avengers, acclaimed comics author Brian Michael Bendis brings that same magic to the DC Universe with this explosive new Superman saga. Featuring the work of artists including Jos� Luis Garc�a-L�pez, Ivan Reis, Jason Fabok, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Steve Rude, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire and Adam Hughes--The Man of Steel marks the beginning of an amazing new era for Superman!A remorseless killer called Rogol Zaar has arrived on Earth, bringing wide-scale death and destruction in his wake. Only Superman and his cousin, Supergirl, stand between Zaar and the completion of his mission--the utter annihilation of the Kryptonian race.But even as Kal-El and Kara struggle to contain this new existential threat, the world's greatest superhero faces a completely different challenge in his adopted home city of Metropolis, where Clark Kent still lives and works--but without his wife and son.The stage is set for a reckoning like nothing Superman has ever faced, and everything that matters to the Man of Steel hangs in the balance!Collects The Man of Steel #1-6 and stories from DC Nation #0 and Action Comics #1000

Superman: Doomsday and Beyond (Death of Superman, The Novel)

Louise Simonson - 1993
    Now all the world is in mourning.What will happen to lois Lane, Ma and Pa Kent, and the rest of humankind? Where is Clark Kent? And what about all the rumors of Superman's retum? Is Superman's body really missing from its tomb in Centennial Park? And who are the four mysterious super-beings, each claiming to be Superman?Here, for the first time, is the complete story. Relive the events leading up to and following Superman's epic battle with Doomsday. And witness, at last, the ultimate fate of the world's greates super-hero.

Robin, The Boy Wonder: A Celebration of 75 Years

Bill Finger - 2015
    2015 marks the 75th anniversary of Robin, the Boy Wonder! DC Comics is proud to present this new hardcover anthology collecting some of Robin's greatest stories.

Superman: Godfall

Michael Layne Turner - 2004
    The Futuresmith's changed Metropolis's reality and the Man of Steel has gone missing Superman awakes as an adult on a Krypton he's never seen before complete with a career, a loving partner and a sense that something is not right, especially when he starts displaying powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal Kryptonians.

Superman: The Black Ring Vol. 1

Paul Cornell - 2011
    But in BLACKEST NIGHT, he briefly became an Orange Lantern and got a taste of true power. Now he’ll do anything to get that power back. Buckle in for a greatest hits tour of the DCU’s most wanted as Lex Luthor begins an epic quest for power, all brought to you by writer Paul Cornell (Dr. Who, Captain Britain and MI-13) and artist Pete Woods (WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON).

Superman: War of the Worlds

Roy Thomas - 1998
    Across the timeless expanse of space they came...Terrifying tripods that spewed fiery death to all humanity.All that stands between Earth and utter destruction is a powerful mysterious being in red and blue...a being who may himself be an alien.

Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman Deluxe Edition

Jules FeifferMort Weisinger - 2018
    Plus, a historical essay by guest editor Paul Levitz, and all one thousand ACTION COMICS covers presented on a special poster!As a bonus, don't miss a previously unpublished 1940s Superman tale believed to be by writer Jerry Siegel with art by the Joe Shuster studio, salvaged from the DC Comics files fifty years ago and hidden away until now.

Superman vs. Hollywood: How Fiendish Producers, Devious Directors, and Warring Writers Grounded an American Icon

Jake Rossen - 2008
    For the first time, one book unearths all the details of his turbulent adventures in Tinseltown. Based on extensive interviews with producers, screenwriters, cast members, and crew, Superman vs. Hollywood spills the beans on Marlon Brando’s eccentricities; the challenges of making Superman appear to fly; the casting process that at various points had Superman being played by Sylvester Stallone, Neil Diamond, Nicolas Cage, Ashton Kutcher, and even Muhammad Ali; and the Superman movies, fashioned by such maverick filmmakers as Kevin Smith and Tim Burton, that never made it to the screen.