Kerry Wilkinson - 2015
    But is it a mistake, where does the money come from, and can Kitkat get through New Year's Day without its owner asking for the money back?This is a 7,000-word short story.


Norah McClintock - 2008
    But it is when Colin is scrubbing away at graffiti that he meets a beautiful dog walker named Alyssa and begins to notice some suspicious activities going on. Colin finds himself implicated in a string of robberies and must figure out how to bring the guilty to justice.

The Solitary Amish Man

Sarah Miller - 2020
    Always a spirited and curious young woman, when she is warned to stay away from the mysterious neighbor Ruby is too intrigued to listen. People turned their backs on Aaron after they discovered his secret. Years of isolation have made him cold and bitter. When the beautiful and lively Ruby barges her way into his life Aaron is stunned and a little angry. But, Ruby can see the lonely man Aaron has become. With a good heart, she wants to understand and to help, maybe becoming his friend is a start. As Ruby gets to know Aaron the more positive she is that the town has shunned a good man. She wants to help him, but the unthinkable happens, his secret is revealed. Can Ruby accept the man she had started to love or will the town tear them apart?

The Amish Farmer

Hannah Schrock - 2020

Escape from Danger

Linsey Lanier - 2020
    He left a letter warning Sloan with one word—Run!And so Sloan did. But he took someone with him.Now he regrets that decision.PI Janelle Wesson can’t believe she left her job at the Parker Agency for this. She thought she was in love with the secretive FBI Agent. Now she’s racing across South America with him with an unknown enemy at their heels—ready to destroy them as soon as they’re in his sights.Will they survive in time to find out who killed Cooley and prove Simon’s innocence?Or will they disappear for good?

Searching for Her Cousin

Hannah Miller - 2020
    The problem is—he’s her cousin’s beau. Yet her cousin isn’t happy in her relationship. She confesses to Bridget that she thinks Amos is too steadfast, too dedicated, and not nearly exciting enough. But when Amos inherits property in Ohio, Dawn decides to marry him, anyway. Bridget is certain Dawn is only marrying him for the chance to leave town and start a new life; not because she loves him.Bridget is conflicted. Does she tell Amos the truth and potentially save him from an unhappy marriage, or does she stay loyal to her cousin and remain silent?When Dawn goes missing and they discover why, everything whirls out of control. Will Bridget’s feelings for Amos be revealed after all?

The Factory Worker

Brenda Maxfield - 2020
    But instead of proposing, Daniel Jantzi tells her he must move north to work in the factories. If he doesn’t earn money quickly, his family will lose their farm. Although sad to see him go, Sadie understands, and they promise to stay close by writing.Sadie’s father is getting on in years and wants help around the farm. Having only daughters, he needs a strong, available son-in-law. He decides that Sadie must marry Aaron Mullet. Sadie is stunned by this demand, as arranged marriages simply aren’t done; yet, she finds herself forced into a courtship she has no interest in.Aaron devises a plan, but it involves deception and lying—something neither of them condone. But how else can Sadie keep her true love?

A Rebellious Heiress For A Stubborn Rancher

Evelyn Boyett - 2020
    She grew up in a life of parties, and social functions, but she finds extremely difficult to trust men. She feels that they are always after her money. That’s why she decides to be brave by answering a mail order bride ad in the paper in order to start a new life away from all these riches.Jake Randall is a wealthy rancher who inherited his successful ranch from his father only a couple of years ago. He’s had nothing but trouble with women throwing themselves at him because of his fortune. There’s one in particular that his mother has been pushing at him over and over. He is sick of it and wants to marry someone who doesn’t care about money.So Marla and Jake start corresponding. They both tell the truth about themselves, but keep their fortunes as a secret. When Marla arrives, they get married and Jake takes her back to his ranch. She is shocked to see that Jake is wealthy and she is immediately furious that he lied to her about this.At the same time, Jake’s mother is plotting against Marla by working together with the woman that she thinks is a better match for her son. Once Jake finds out that Marla lied to him gets so ticked off that she was so upset with him for not telling the truth when she had done the exact same thing.Will they, and their precarious new feelings for each other, survive all the scheming from Jake’s family that aims to push them apart? Or will they both lose their only opportunity to find true love?

The Proud Rancher's Fearless Bride

Ava Winters - 2020
    But how can he follow when their ranch is not safe?Ada is a protective young woman who unexpectedly loses her parents. Along with her blind sister, they stay in a local women’s shelter, but it’s getting dangerous for them to stay there. She accepts a mail-order bride offer to fend for her sister’s needs. Meeting her aloof husband, though, brings extra baggage. However, whenever she sees how protective he is with her sister, her heart softens. How can she show him that forgiving yourself is the only true way towards love and affection?Noah is a proud and emotionally-guarded young rancher. He still hasn’t overcome the tragic death of his family. He places an ad for a marriage of convenience just so to have the ranch in order and perhaps someone to talk to. When he meets Ada, his world is shaken. He starts seeing himself as her devoted husband and as a father to her sister. However, it’s difficult for him to say out loud his feelings. How can he surpass his deep wounds and accept that loving Ada is his only redemption?When Noah’s lost brother comes to town, he comes with secrets. How can Noah and Ada devote themselves to each other and their new family when the circumstances drive them apart?

Savannah Martin Mysteries 10-12

Jenna Bennett - 2016
    But when her perfect husband turns out to be a lying, cheating slimeball—and bad in bed to boot—Savannah kicks the jerk to the curb and embarks on life on her own terms. With a new apartment, a new career, and a brand new outlook on life, she’s all set to take the world by storm. If only the world would stop throwing her curveballs... UNFINISHED BUSINESS - #10 When Savannah wakes up alone on what is supposed to be her wedding day, she isn’t sure what to think. Did her fiancé—bad-boy TBI agent Rafe Collier—decide he couldn’t face being shackled to one woman for the rest of his life... or is something more sinister going on? Savannah’s mother Margaret Anne, in Nashville for the nuptials, is certain she knows the truth: her future son-in-law has always been an ill-bred cad, and leaving his pregnant girlfriend practically at the altar clinches it. But the people who know Rafe aren’t so sure. Wendell Craig with the TBI and Tamara Grimaldi with the Metro Nashville PD suspect foul play, and set out to prove it. Shortly, a dead woman turns up in Savannah’s house. Rafe’s son David goes missing from church camp on the Cumberland Plateau. And a shadowy figure from Rafe’s past is stalking them all—a knife-wielding serial killer who likes to hurt women, and who has a score to settle. Now Savannah must solve the murder, find David, and avoid getting herself killed... or she can kiss her happy ending—and Rafe—goodbye. ADVERSE POSSESSION - #11 Savannah Martin’s real estate career has been an uphill battle. As far as Savannah is concerned, her personal zenith was getting Aislynn Turner and Kylie Mitchell into their dream home, a Victorian cottage in the hip and happening historic district of East Nashville, last January. That was six months ago, and now the dream has turned sour. Someone is sending Aislynn and Kylie threatening letters, warning them to get out while they can. Aislynn is terrified and Kylie is ready to cut her losses. But finding a poison pen is only the beginning. When Kylie is attacked and the previous owner of the house is killed, the hunt is on for a murderer, and Savannah is determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on before Aislynn and Kylie have to give up their dream home, and maybe each other, in the process. UNCERTAIN TERMS – #12 Savannah’s husband, TBI agent Rafe Collier, is back in disguise and undercover, getting into the middle of a gang war. And since he wants to keep his pregnant wife out of harm’s way, Savannah agrees to spend a couple of days under her mother’s roof in her quaint and quiet hometown of Sweetwater, Tennessee. But out of harm’s way doesn’t necessarily mean out of trouble. When her brother’s receptionist asks Savannah’s help in looking for her birth parents, Savannah is happy for the distraction, even when the search takes them to places

Gates of Power

Peter O'Mahoney - 2019
     When Chicago’s most revered newsreader, Brian Gates, is found murdered in his dressing room, all the evidence points to one man—professional computer gamer Alfie Rose. Desperate to prove his innocence, Rose defies the advice of his legal team, hiring private investigator Jack Valentine to dig into the case. Still reeling from a personal tragedy, the relentless Valentine embarks on the most dangerous case of his career—battling against the far-right, the complex world of lawyers, and media corporations that will do anything to deliver the news first. With a community on edge, Valentine turns leads into danger and friends into suspects, but what he uncovers will change him forever… This private investigator thriller will take you for a ride through the streets, twisting and turning until it reaches an ending you won’t see coming.

Hearts on the Run: An Inspirational Historical Romance Book

Grace Clemens - 2021

Sudden Exit

Thomas Wymark - 2015
    After the authorities haul away the remains of the body, Michael finds something that he thinks will change his and his family's life forever. So he makes a choice. But when his family is threatened and his options turn from bad to worse, Michael regrets his immediate choices. But by then it's too late.

Love's Healing Touch

Juliette Duncan - 2020

The Summer We Were Friends

Fiona O'Brien - 2021
    But as plans begin to unravel, tensions mount in the sleepy seaside town.Newcomer Dot joined the festival committee as a way of fitting in and as the first guests arrive to her newly renovatedbeachside B&B - TV star Molly Cusack and businessman Ryan Schindler - Dot becomes more determined than everthat her move be the fresh start she so desperately needs.Meanwhile heartbroken Merry has returned home to Derrybeggs and is back working at her parents' café. Everyone in town knows that her dream life in Florida tragically fell apart, but Merry is the only one who knows the whole story...When an intriguing American visitor turns up at The Seashell Café with no memory of who he is or why he is in Derrybeggs, Dot, Merry and the rest of the town's residents must come together to try to help him. But will they manage to do this while also saving the film festival?