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A Sixth Sense Of Forever by Mary Anne Graham


Garden of Shadows

Meara Platt - 2016
    Lodore’s Church in the quiet village of Borrowdale.Julia doesn’t believe in faeries or magic or dreams coming true, but odd things have been happening at the vicarage lately that cannot be explained. Her orphaned cousin, Charlie, believes in mythical creatures and claims that faeries now inhabit the vicarage’s bluebell garden. The boy also claims the faerie king, Cadeyrn, has promised to make him a prince in his kingdom and teach crippled Charlie to walk again if he will cross into the Fae realm.As the faerie king’s influence on the boy grows stronger, another threat emerges from the boy’s uncle—Douglas Hawke, the Earl of Eastbourne, who has come to wrench him from Julia’s guardianship. Julia is determined to fight both men, but as she and the boy begin to fall under the spell of the faerie king, Julia realizes that only her love for Douglas can save them.But is Douglas capable of loving her, even at the cost of his own life?

Heir of Earth

Rosemary Clair - 2013
     After graduating high school, American teen Faye Kent is spending a magical summer in Ireland with relatives.  The summer promises her everything her old life didn’t, including a chance at love with the impossibly perfect Dayne DeLaney.  But Faye is hiding a secret, a secret she came to Ireland to forget.     The mystical Irish countryside also hides a secret, a slumbering evil that awakens and quickly fixates on Faye.  The locals warn Faye to heed their cautionary tales of the beautiful, but deadly, creatures that once ruled this mystical land.  They avoid the Sidhe at all costs. Faye laughs at their superstitious ways, breaking every rule that could have protected her. She should have listened.  The Sidhe now hunt Faye, and she faces a fight that will expose the secret she desperately wants to keep hidden and uncover a mystery even deeper than she could have imagined.   Soon the world will know the truth about who Faye Kent really is. Will she sacrifice herself to save everything she loves?

The Thorn Princess

Bekah Harris - 2019
    Maas, Victoria Aveyard, and Holly Black are craving. Ivy Hawthorne has always felt like an outsider, but now she is starting to wonder who—and what—she really is. She can see people’s auras. Animals watch her wherever she goes, and worst of all, sometimes her dreams actually come true. But recently, things have gone from strange to downright bizarre. The animals have started following her. Strangers have started watching her. And when she gets angry or upset, inexplicable things are bound to happen. But the craziest thing of all is the sudden arrival of Barrett Forbes, a mysterious transfer student who finds her fascinating. The more she gets to know Barrett, the more she learns about the dark truth behind her lonely, isolated childhood. As she digs deeper into her past, Ivy discovers the shocking realities about her lineage and where her destiny lies. Filled with magic, romance, and mystery, The Thorn Princess is the first book in Bekah Harris’ captivating new series, the Iron Crown Faerie Tales. Purchase your copy today.


R. Garland Gray - 2005
    She exists as a slave in the fortress of a Roman invader, her only friend an ancient, blind Druidess, Derina. Her life is bleak and without hope. And then Derina tells her she must rescue the prisoner in the dungeon. Tynan lies naked, chained to a cold, stone slat, both body and mind tortured by the Sorcerer, evil ally of the Roman Lord. The Sorcerer's purpose? To discover if this one, at last, might be the Dark Chieftain, the fulfiller of prophecy. Even deeper in the dungeon, trapped by magical enchantment, are the faeries. They await their liberator, the one who has been prophesied. And the Dark Chieftain awaits a destiny of his own...mating with the territorial goddess...a union that will set the land, and many loves, right. First, however, he must gain his freedom and find her. And Bryna is on her way to the dungeon...

Highland Magic: The Complete Highland Historical Series

Kerrigan Byrne - 2017
    and that's a Berserker who's found one. The MacLachlan clan is cursed with an ancient bloodline, strong as ten men and violent as a leigon. Here are 9 stories of men who battle the beast within, and the woman who are strong enough to tame them.

Laird of Twilight

Susan King - 2007
    But his grandmother's will issues an ultimatum—marry a Highlander with fairy blood or forfeit his inheritance. Then he meets Elspeth MacArthur. She's beautiful, enchanting—luminous, really—with something mysterious and unique about her.Yet, Elspeth is keeping an astonishing family secret and spurns the hopeful and handsome Lord Straun, confident he will never accept her situation.But when an ancient and mystical force portends to reveal the truth behind her secret, Elspeth quickly realizes her only haven is in James' passionate embrace . . . the most dangerous place of all.Publisher Note: Previously published as To Wed a Highland Bride, the story has been edited by the author for today's readers. Readers who appreciate romance set in historical settings with fantasy elements will not want to miss the newly-updated Whisky Lairds Series.The Whisky Lairds SeriesLaird of TwilightLaird of SecretsLaird of Rogues

The Merriweather Sisters Books 1-3

Cynthia Luhrs - 2016
    Check. Haunting castle ruins. Check.Proper English lord for a boyfriend.Well, almost check. Be careful what you wish for…Lucy Merriweather’s supposedly perfect boyfriend attempted to murder her during a visit to Blackford Castle. Falling through time to 1300s medieval England, she lands in a tangled heap at the feet of a tarnished grumpy knight with secrets of his own and no time to spare for a crazy damsel in distress.Book 2: Knight MovesLose yourself in time…A missing sister and totally fishy story.Check.A haunting castle in England.Check.Finding out news that rocks your world.Check. And double check.Be careful when you go searching for answers…Melinda Merriweather’s sister vanished on a trip to England. When someone tries to kill Melinda Merriweather, she knows there’s more to the story of her missing sister. Determined to find out what happened, Melinda lands in England, only to get more than she bargained for.A picture she can’t explain. A wrong turn leading to Falconburgh Castle and a whopper of a storm. Falling through time to 1300s medieval England, she finds herself staring at the pointy end of a wicked-looking sword. A weary knight swoops in and rescues Melinda, only to find out she’s no swooning damsel in distress. Now Melinda’s greatest fear is falling in love and never finding out what happened to her sister.Book 3: Lonely Is the KnightTravel through time... Both sisters lost to the mists of time.Check.Attempted murder.Check.Actually traveling through time to medieval England?Triple check.Beware ghosts trying to help…Charlotte Merriweather didn’t plan to steal the gorgeous low-slung sports car. But in her defense it was just sitting there running, with the door open, beckoning her. A terrible accident sends her traveling through time to 1330 England. Surely the handsome knight of the castle will aid her in the search to find her missing sisters?Henry Thornton has sworn never to marry. Even if he is enchanted by the odd woman he finds washed up on the shore. He'll aid her and send the lady on her way.Or not. As the castle falls under siege trapping Charlotte and Henry within the stone walls, will they risk everything for a chance at a love meant to last forever? The series picks up with the Thornton Brothers in Darkest Knight with four books in that series and more to come!Book 1: A Knight to RememberBook 2: Knight MovesBook 3: Lonely Is the KnightBook 4: Darkest KnightBook 5: Forever KnightBook 6: First Knight Book 7: Last KnightBook 8: coming soon

Cold Iron Heart

Melissa Marr - 2020
    Tam can see through the glamours faeries wear to hide themselves from mortals, but if her secret were revealed, the fey would steal her eyes, her life, or her freedom. So, Tam doesn’t respond when they trail thorn-crusted fingertips through her hair at the French Market or when the Dark King sings along with her in the bayou.But when the Dark King, Irial, rescues her, Tam must confront everything she thought she knew about faeries, men, and love.Too soon, New Orleans is filling with faeries who are looking for her, and Irial is the only one who can keep her safe.Unbeknownst to Tam, she is the prize in a centuries-old fight between Summer Court and Winter Court. To protect her, Irial must risk a war he can’t win--or surrender the first mortal woman he's loved.

A Princess's Duty

Sloane Murphy - 2018
    She's not brutal like the other Fae. She's not savage. But they are.When the boy she loves, Cade Vasara, Crowned Prince of the Winter Court, kills Emilia's twin, they are torn apart and Emilia's love for Cade dies just like her sibling did.Years later, she has fallen in love with a hunter - a forbidden love that goes against all that she has been taught. A man her father will never approve of. When her secret is outed, her father captures her Hunter and gives Emilia an ultimatum.If she succeeds, she'll lose the one she loves. But if she fails, he will die, and she will never be able to forgive herself...

The Highlander's Keep (Searching for a Highlander Book 2)

Bess McBride - 2017
    Just as she is packing her bags to leave, her long-time boyfriend ends their relationship, claiming that her love for him lacks passion and romance. Cynthia, the daughter of an absentee irresponsible archaeologist father, wants a steady reliable relationship devoid of drama. No sooner does Cyn set foot onto the foggy tidal sea stack of the Morrison stronghold than she falls headlong into a deep hole, all that remains of the keep that served as a lookout tower from rival feuding clans. A metal object slows her fall, the hilt of a medieval dagger. Cyn finds she has fallen not only in space, but in time, when she awakens in a world of rugged Highland Scotsmen who stand ready at all times to fight for their home, their women and children, their very lives. Steady and reliable they may be, but they are fiercely passionate about everything they hold dear. Cyn finds a sympathetic companion in Ann Borodell, the time traveling wife of the laird. But it is the wild ginger mane and compelling blue eyes of the brooding Highland warrior that capture her reluctant heart. Searching for a Highlander series Book 1 - The Highlander's Stronghold Book 2 - The Highlander's Keep Book 3 - The Highlander's Home (coming 2018)

Prince in the Mist

Claudy Conn - 2011
    He is a royal Fae, immortal and endowed with more than eye candy looks. He is a being with immeasurable powers but life for him lacked something—so he looked around, and found... humans.Watching their lives and interactions, from another dimension filled him with feelings he had thought long lost in the ennui of immortality. The more he watched--the more addicted to their antics he became. An affection for the human race grew inside the heart Fae are not supposed to have, and it was inevitable that he began to have preferences with regards to them.In 1314, when Scotland’s rule was in jeopardy and the British were about to take more than they should, he chose a side--and then he saw her, and nothing would ever be the same for the prince ever again…


Holly Hook - 2013
    With her foster mom and sister, she's tried in vain to recover her memories. Her falling nightmare returns each night, and she always wakes from it at 2:20 a.m.--the same time she appeared on the porch of her foster home.Then the dance goes terribly wrong and Julia learns she's somehow in the wrong time and that her falling nightmare is a glimpse into her real, and dangerous, past. Worse, she's being tracked by a group of immortals called the Timeless, who want to send her back into danger to keep the flow of history in order. Julia must avoid the trip at all costs and learn where she's truly from, because if the Timeless catch her, she will die. Things only grow more complicated when attractive but brooding Simon shows up at her school. There's something hauntingly familiar about him--so familiar, in fact, that he may have everything to do with the truth that Julia seeks. Julia finds herself growing closer and closer to him as she works to unravel her true past. But Simon has some secrets of his own, and learning the truth may be her end.


Beth Bracken - 2012
    In the faerie kingdom, an evil queen searches for her daughter while the palace crumbles. To save her best friend, Soli must find her hidden strength. This is a story about friendship, growing up, and the power of wishes. This is a story about faeries and spells, queens and lost princesses, fireflies and four-leaf clovers. But mostly, this is a story about love.

Yuletide Revelry

Graceley Knox - 2020
    Snow covers the grounds of the Goblin Kingdom and Yule is just around the corner, along with more surprises than Ever could have anticipated. Between organizing everyone in the castle, wrapping presents, working to thwart any attacks from the Order, and eating as many cookies as possible, Ever and Dare are hard at work making decisions that will impact not only them but others for a lifetime. Join in the revelry as Ever and Dare celebrate their first Christmas together with both of their families coming together as one. Spoiler Alert: This is a holiday-themed short that takes place after Throne of Secrets and is not meant to be read prior to reading books one through three in the Wicked Kingdoms series.

Hidden: A Pregnant Fairy Godmother's Journey...

Joynell Schultz - 2017
    Not only is she pregnant, but she’s magically pregnant with a human child. Humans are not allowed in the fairy realm. Period. That includes half-fairy/half-human babies. The only solution is to give the baby to its father before the Fairy Council finds out her secret. Finding the father should be easy, how many men named John could possibly live in this place called Chicago?