Cursed: Andreas & Annabella

Londyn Lenz - 2018
    But there is more to Annabella than meets the eye. Unlike most people, Annabelle was born with a supernatural gift. A gift she's kept concealed her whole life. Despite the things she's capable of, Annabella lives a life of simplicity. But when she falls head over hills in love with the charismatic Andreas, things change and Annabella's simple life turns into something much more. Andreas Washington has walked the earth as a vampire for many, many years and after losing his wife, finding someone worthy enough to spend eternity with has been a challenge. That is, until he meets the beautiful and mysterious Annabella Stacks. There is only one problem though - Andreas' maker, Robin refuses to see him with anybody but herself Faye, Annabella's best friend, has no time for love. In between focusing on building her career and dealing with judgmental, strict parents, love is the last thing on her mind. But fate intervenes, and she meets Andreas' intriguing nephew Duke, falling for him almost immediately. Unfortunately, Faye's parents are harboring a devastating secret that may cost Faye her relationship. When Andreas' & Duke's vampire curses are revealed, will Annabella and Faye hang on to love? Or will their own secrets force them to let go of the only two men they have ever loved?

The Lawman

G. Michael Hopf - 2018
     On the journey, he is presented with an opportunity to begin anew but there’s a catch, this new lease on life requires him to assume a new identity…that of a dead sheriff. Soon afterwards, he’ll discover his burdens aren’t so easily discarded or forgotten.

With This Ring

Gail Gaymer Martin - 2015
    These five stories will take the reader through a gauntlet of emotions and leave them sighing at the romance as they turn the last page. Sit back, relax, and get to know these gutsy heroines and swoon-worthy heroes.

Soul Man

Shari Hearn - 2017
    One problem—she's dead herself. But nothing stops a Sinful Lady, even one who's now among the formerly living.Meanwhile, the Swamp Team 3 has their own mission—locate a nude painting of Carter's visiting Aunt Jolene, a "person of interest" in the dead artist's murder.Will Marge find Cootie's killer and help Cootie move from the "neither here nor there" world and into the light?Will the Swamp Team 3 locate the painting, even if it means getting close, really close, to Celia?A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR: Soul Man (book two in the Sinful Spirits series) was first published on October 20, 2017 as part of the Miss Fortune Kindle Worlds program (which ended in July of 2018). It is now part of the Miss Fortune World published by J&R Fan Fiction.  With regard to Fortune and Carter's relationship, as well as Fortune's threat from Middle East arms dealer, Ahmad, this story follows the storyline after the events of Hook, Line and Blinker, book 10 of Jana DeLeon's Miss Fortune series. I wish to thank Jana DeLeon for graciously allowing other writers to explore their own writing in a most Sinful way.

Irresistible Heroes

Stephanie Queen - 2019
    Does your dream man fight fires or catch bad guys as a cop or undercover? Maybe he's a doctor saving lives? Perhaps he's a military man, who's put his life on the line as a wounded warrior or working security? You'll find each of these stories simply...IRRESISTIBLE. Two Hearts Unlikely Heroes: Tamara Ferguson, USA Today Bestselling author: When wounded warrior Captain Samantha Caldwell is targeted by terrorists after killing their leader in Iraq, can AFOSI Agent Captain Ben Nash keep her safe? Simply Love: Natalie Ann, USA Today Bestselling author:Being strong doesn't make you a hero, but doing what is right does. She's Having A Baby: Suzanne Jenkins, USA Today Bestselling author:During the worst fire season in California history, a wildland fire changes life for Mike and Aisling Saint and their best friend. Johnny's Girl: Cynthia Cooke, USA Today Bestselling author:Will he choose the mission or the girl? Fire Me Up: Alicia Street, USA Today Bestselling author:After an FDNY fireman loses his fiancée to a rich Wall Streeter, he seeks a new start in a sleepy village on Long Island's North Fork, only to fall for a shy schoolteacher who shakes up his world like never. SEAL of Refuge: Alyssa Bailey, USA Today Bestselling author:Becoming vulnerable for a chance at true happiness takes a special kind of courage. Never Gone: Stephanie Queen, USA Today Bestselling author:Joe is a regular guy from Boston--except when he's called on by the Zero Go Team. So when he's sent to protect a sexy Hollywood costume designer, the last thing he expects is a crazy attraction that's anything but regular. Handle With Care: Patrice Wilton, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author:An ER doctor and a wounded veteran find each other, but can their love survive?

Silk and Scandal

Regina Carlysle - 2015
    Scandal by night. Duke Weston must marry soon or forfeit his title. The notion of a relinquishing his hedonistic lifestyle does not appeal until she waltzes into his life and challenges his preconceived ideas of relations between men and women. Headstrong. Stubborn. Challenging. Lady Eliza appeals to him on every level. Hell bent on seeking justice for her murdered sister, Eliza gives no thought to romance or marriage. She is a woman on a dangerous mission and now is not the time for society’s diversions, that is, until she meets a man who could uncover her greatest secret. Evil abounds and the threat of discovery lies around every corner. Only together, can she and Nicholas fight their gravest enemies and find the love of a lifetime along the way.


Aunt Tillie - 2018
    Meanwhile, a dark and blurry photograph puts the entire town on high alert, and the election recount goes Sinfully haywire. It's all fun and games until bodies start turning up... and Fortune might just be the next victim.Fan Fiction: works written by adoring fans of the original author, using the original author's characters and settings. Jana DeLeon has graciously allowed certain authors to write in her world and Aunt Tillie is proud to be one of them. Jumbalaya was Tillie's first effort, and she hopes you will enjoy this and other stories by fan fiction authors. The timelines for these stories may not coincide with current Jana DeLeon stories, but they should fit almost anywhere within the Miss Fortune series.

Sinful Spells (Book 3)

J.K. Hage - 2017
    Voodoo rumors are flying, there's a dead body in the bayou, and strange things start happening.In other words, it's a normal week in Sinful, Louisiana.With a full cast of murder suspects, it will take the combined efforts of Pepper, Gertie, Ida Belle, and Fortune to catch the killer.But for Pepper, knowing there's a killer on the loose pales in comparison to the experiences she has with Olivia, who has taken a particular dislike to the woman her son is passing time with.Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!NOTE: This quick-read novella is licensed fan fiction available as part of Jana DeLeon's Miss Fortune World. It was previously published under the same title through the Kindle Worlds program. Many thanks to Ms. DeLeon for allowing authors to tell new stories and create characters within her world!

Baby on His Doorstep

Cindy Kirk - 2014
    Successful in her career and happily surrounded by friends and family, she was content. Until the day she learned her former heartthrob, Dr. Eli Webster, was moving back to town.Because of a past incident involving Eli and her twin sister, Callie is determined to keep her distance from the handsome doctor. That quickly proves impossible. First, Eli moves into the cottage right next door! Then her car breaks down and he’s the one who comes to her assistance. And when a baby is left on his doorstep (with a note indicating he’s the father), Eli asks her to watch the child while he tracks down the mother. Despite her hesitation, Callie finds the offer impossible to refuse. It’s her summer break and she desperately needs the extra money for a new transmission. If Callie didn’t know better, she’d think the Almighty was deliberately throwing them together.Yet, as she begins to get to know the grown-up Eli, Callie wonders if God has a better plan for her life than she ever dreamed possible. And the man she once thought was perfectly wrong for her is actually perfectly right.

Long, Tall Texans: Regan & Second Chance Cowboy

Diana Palmer - 1994
    Daniels, originally published in 2008.Two sexy cowboys, two second chances at a happily ever after. In REGAN, Ted Regan has a second chance with his first love—if his pride will allow him to forgive a mistake she made long ago. And in SECOND CHANCE COWBOY, Hank Monroe could be the one cowboy in Whitehorse, Montana, who can track down Arlene Evans missing daughter—which could be complicated when his own past comes knocking.These rough-riding men might have storied pasts, but when it comes to protecting the women they love, nothing is going to stand in their way. First published as REGAN’S PRIDE by Silhouette Romance in 1994First published as SECOND CHANCE COWBOY by Harlequin Intrigue in 2008

Angry Birds #1: Mini-Comic #2 (Angry Birds Mini-Comic)

Jeff Parker - 2014
    Angry Birds, the world's favorite mobile game franchise, is now the world's favorite digital comic! This issue's featured story, "Propiganda" by Jeff Parker and César Ferioli is sure to slingshot it's way into your heart!

Samantha Moon Phantasm: Including Books 9-16 in the Vampire for Hire Series

J.R. Rain - 2019
    Rain! The world of Samantha Moon is ever growing and expanding. As her powers increased, so do her enemies. Luckily, she has a crew around to her combat the evil that threatens our world... and threatens her family. Going after her family might just be the biggest mistake of them all. Eight epic novels in one huge collection. But or borrow it now... and dig in. Included within: 9. Vampire Sun 10. Moon Dragon 11. Moon Shadow 12. Vampire Fire 13. Midnight Moon 14. Moon Angel 15. Vampire Sire 16. Moon Master

Body in the Bayou

Morgan Draper - 2015
     Unlucky Lizzy, as she's called by those who know of her close relationship with misfortune, is headed to Sinful, Louisiana, to get her life back on track. But a missed bus, a squished sandwich, and screeching tires mark her dramatic entry into the world of Gertie, Ida Belle, and CIA-assassin-in-hiding Fortune “Sandy-Sue Morrow” Redding. When Lizzy reveals the nature of the job she's on her way to take up at a big, lonely, old house, the three Sinful ladies become suspicious, especially as Lizzy hints that she's learned something creepy about her new boss and says that he wants her to keep everything hush-hush. Things only get worse when the group arrives at the house, as Fortune discovers a body in the bayou, at the back of the compound. A string of revelations and further events send off alarm bells for Fortune, prompting the Swamp Team 3 to spring into action. Will they be able to act fast enough to save the life of a newcomer to Sinful who's clueless about the imminent danger that looms? Lizzy narrates this hilarious, breezy adventure which is chock-full of twists and turns that promise to take you by surprise. The events in “Body in the Bayou” take place between books six and seven in Jana Deleon's Miss Fortune Mystery Series Q & A with Morgan Draper Q: How would you describe “Body in the Bayou”? Morgan: It's a cozy murder mystery that takes place in the world created by Jana Deleon, author of the Miss Fortune Mystery Series. It imagines the thrills and spills that follow when Fortune and the Geritol Mafia become acquainted with a stranger nicknamed Unlucky Lizzy, who thinks of herself as a magnet for disaster. It's a quick, fun read. Q: Explain how you came to write a book based on Jana's series. Morgan: Jana dreamed up the delightful town of Sinful, Louisiana, and populated it with a wonderful mix of oddball characters. Jana has generously opened up her world and invited other authors to use her characters and setting as a base to explore their creativity and come up with their own stories. I had a blast with these characters and wish to thank Jana for the opportunity to play in the Sinful sandbox. Q: Why do you think readers should spend time with these characters? Morgan: Despite appearances, these women are sassy, intelligent, and deadly when they need to be. But there's also a tender vulnerability evident as they grapple with their romantic side. And it's easy to get caught up in their growing friendships. They don't back away from trouble, and when they get together, you can be sure that quite a romp will follow. In this novella, Fortune displays the toughness of a trained CIA-assassin that Jana Deleon breathed into her, and she also has a some of the characteristics of an amateur woman sleuth in the Agatha Christie mold. Q: Is “Body in the Bayou” a one-off or will you be returning to Sinful in another novella? Morgan: I love to laugh, and the world could certainly do with more humor. So, yes, there'll absolutely be more adventures with Unlucky Lizzy mixing up her kind of crazy with the gang from Sinful.

Ruthless Millionaire, Indecent Proposal: An Offer She Can't Refuse / One Night in His Bed / When Only Diamonds Will Do

Emma Darcy - 2015
    He offers Sienna a ruthless deal: he will help her, but she must play by his rules – by giving herself to him totally for one night of passion…When Only Diamonds Will DoThe Theron dynasty once looked down at Reith Richardson – but now they need his help. In exchange, Reith demands Kimberley Theron as his wife. Yet Kim is no pampered princess…and the role of obedient wife isn’t one she’s prepared to play!

Cutter's Creek (Books 1-3) Plus a Few Surprises ...

Kit Morgan - 2018
    Read back to back they become a delightful, fun romp. Add in stories to add to the over-all book bundle and they're even more fun! Enjoy reading these sweet, clean and wholesome western historical romances of Kit's! That Healing Touch: Jack Carlson spied for the union army for four, long years and what did he get for his trouble? Blindness. Battered by the war and lost without his sight, he seeks refuge in Cutter’s Creek, Montana. There he hopes to heal his bitter heart. But he’s going to need a lot more help than what he can come up with. His cousin, the local preacher, thinks so too and sends off for a mail-order bride for him, praying a wife will do the trick. Love is Blind: Lucius Judrow was good at his job, maybe too good. Hired by Jack Carlson of Cutter’s Creek to track down and retrieve his sister Emma, Lucius got more than he bargained for. The free-spirited Emma wasn’t what he expected, nor was the family she’d taken refuge with. Recipe for Christmas: Eldon Judrow searched for his brother Lucius for years, during which, he just happen to strike it rich. Imagine Lucius’s surprise when Eldon shows up in Cutter’s Creek! But even though Eldon’s bank account makes it appear he has everything a man could want, his brother has something far more precious. A wife. Can Eldon find the same happiness? After all, the pickings in Cutter’s Creek aren’t just slim, they’re practically non-existent!