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My Father, His Son by Reidar Jönsson


To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter Compilation

Jordan Krane - 2016
    The novel was so successful that it had earned him a Pulitzer Prize back in 1961. The story of the novel revolves around historical background of American society in the middle of 20th century, prior to the African-American Civil Rights Movement, which was largely led by racism and the cruel regime of white people towards the colored minority. Main character of the novel is a woman nicknamed Scout and her family that, unlike many other white families from that time, raise their voices against the justice system which proclaims racism against African-American people. Read more....

Mountain Man John Comes To Texas: A Western Adventure

Gene Turney - 2020
    John could not wait to get to the Rocky Mountains. He liked solitude, and he wanted to learn how to survive in the harsh winter conditions in the mountains. The big man knew he could be a mountain man and had to learn quickly. He dealt with frequent snow storms, frozen rivers and arctic conditions. His cave became his home. John welcomed an old Indian chief who came to the high elevations to spend the last days of his life. He later rescued the daughter of the Indian chief and life took on a new meaning for Mountain Man John.Grab your copy today and ride boldly with Turney and his new Western frontier adventure!

The Missing Life

Ella King - 2021
    Until a head injury causes her brain to start losing new memories.Determined to fight it, Abby sets out to prove her diagnosis wrong by grabbing life with both hands. She’ll save her memory by embarking on a list of experiences that will be simply unforgettable.All seems to be working well - until a trip of a lifetime to New York City, where she bumps into a friendly stranger called Finn.But is he a stranger at all?

Tyler’s Christmas Bride

Stella Clark - 2019
    Desperate to escape poverty, she agrees to marriage with Tyler, a Montana rancher. But when Rose arrives in Montana and Tyler is not there to meet her, she uncovers secrets and lies regarding Tyler and his family that break her heart. She finds Tyler handsome, and he finds her beautiful, but a bitter Tyler refuses to give in to his feelings, until Rose reveals a shocking secret. Can Tyler open his heart and make Rose his Christmas bride?

The Family Stone Complete Box Set: All Five Books in the Stone Family Romance Series

Brooke St. James - 2020

The New Kid 2: In the Dog House

Maureen Straka - 2018
    He also has to deal with an awful substitute teacher, his know-it-all cousin, and a cheating scandal at school. Can he help to figure out who cheated on the test before the whole class is punished?

Irresistible: The Complete Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Box Set

Elizabeth Nelson - 2016
     This wasn’t the first time I couldn’t pay my bills. My current job wasn’t enough. I needed something better. And when an offer presented itself, I knew I couldn’t say no. There was just one problem –exotic dancing at men’s clubs wasn’t exactly my expertise. The expectations of me were simple –work the parties and give the men their ultimate fantasy, the unattainable dream. Okay, anything to not have to worry about money ever again. Then he walked through the door. Mr. Tall, Dark, and incredibly Sexy. From the moment I saw him, I knew I had to have him. My mind raced with ways I could turn my own budding fantasy into his reality. But it wasn’t that easy. I was in a bind. He was off limits. I’d do anything to make him see me among the many others. Whatever he asked, I’d do. The more I learned about him, his dark secrets and the reasons he was off limits, the more I wanted to wrap my legs around him. And when my time came, I couldn’t help but think I was in way over my head and should have listened to the warnings to stay away. Mature audience only. 18+

Final Authority

Robert J. Dobransky - 2002
    He has a job he loves, a vivacious, pregnant wife, a young son and a beautiful home in Evergreen, Colorado. Bruce's life is rewarding, full, and his position is seemingly secure. Suddenly, an accident in Reno, Nevada, threatens to snatch away everything he cherishes: his family and his career. Bruce was in command of the ill-fated flight, and the airline and FAA blame him for the catastrophe.Bruce soon finds himself fighting against powerful enemies: the airline's bosses, the government, his wife's wealthy mother, and other unseen but dangerous adversaries. Just when Bruce's situation seems hopeless, help arrives from several sources: David Goldstein, an investigative reporter, reveals that there is much more to the accident than meets the eye. Mike Barrow, a retired Marine colonel and close friend of Bruce's, joins the investigation only to find himself thrust into the corporate intrigue at the highest level. Ava O'Kane, a thirty-eight-year-old executive within the circle of power at the airline, makes a shocking discovery of corruption within the organization and she has to choose between evil and good, love and money.Finally, pushed to the limit, Bruce takes control of his predicament in an unprecedented and decisively violent, though legal manner. It's the only way he can stop the conspiracy. In the process of saving himself, his career and his company, can an airline captain get away with murder?


Karen Woods - 2022
    They have secrets, but none as lethal as those they uncover when they get caught up in turf wars between two strip club owners on the back streets of Manchester.Elsa Bradshaw is 18. Despite a tough start – never knowing her father, and barely seeing her mother who’d rather be chasing men – she’s grown up with her grandmother’s values and a desire to build a better life. But will falling for local bad boy, Clayton, change all that?Pamela Maylett seems to have everything – as wife of local lap-dancing club owner, Jordan, she’s got money, influence and plenty of life’s little luxuries. But is her beautiful home also her prison? She knows her husband is surrounded by women at work – after all, she was dancing when she met him. But Jordan won’t let his wife back on the stage and Pamela misses the lights, the lust and the power.When Elsa crosses paths with Pamela, she is grateful to be taken under her wing, and shown a world she never realised was out there. Elsa has a lot to learn – about the clubs, about what she wants, and most importantly, what she’ll do to get it.As the men that own the local clubs start a turf war, it’s time for the women to step up…

Mountain Life: A Mountain Man Adventure

Mike Mackessy - 2020
    Gone are his peaceful trading relationships with the Crow Indians as he must fight to stay alive using every skill he possesses to best his opponents.This new Mountain Man adventure is set in Texas and takes the readers on an adventure they won’t quickly forget.

The Mudlark Orphan

Rosie Darling - 2019
     Abandoned as a baby Maise never gave up hope that one day her mother would return to claim her as her own, but as she stood in the dirty river water that dream soon washed away. She soon learnt that life was like the river; dark, fast moving and dangerous. Life would teach her lessons she had never wanted to learn, but would fate mend what had been broken, before she succumbed to the Thames as so many had before her?

This Place of Evil

Kevin Wignall - 2021
    Four high school students are being driven back from a wilderness camp in the White Mountains of New Hampshire when their teacher takes a detour. He claims he just wants to take a look at the private school where he started his teaching career, but then he heads into the deserted and remote mansion and promptly disappears. The four students find themselves stranded as a snowstorm moves in, but they become increasingly aware that they're not quite alone, and that the ghosts of this place might be the least of their problems...

Double Dose 2: Overdose

Apryl Cox - 2014
    Nivea is still the same shady chick that JayVon is madly in love with, but there is only so much a man can take before he reaches his breaking point. Will she get it together before she loses her husband or better yet before her skeletons come from hiding? It's understandable that Coco is fed up with Von scandalous ways, but her backyard isn't squeaky clean. What will happen when her truth hit the fan? Will Von give her a pass because she's his baby momma or will she be treated like a hood rat in the streets and be dealt with? Karma is playing both fields who will walk away? Allie came to Cali to start over but her ex isn't having it. He stalks her and when he gets mad he disrespects her. She changed her number and met a new friend. The girl’s hit it off and is now enjoying life together, but is it a little too much? Brandy and Jay is falling for each other, but will the love they have for the ones who are hurting them prevent them from crossing the line of no return? Are you ready for an Overdose of love, scandal, and drama?

Copper Creek Mail Order Brides: Boxed Set

Charlotte Dearing - 2020
    Instead, he finds a jilted mail order bride, two ragged orphans and a basket of striped kittens.The thief abandoned his fiancée, a lovely blue-eyed beauty who steals Gideon’s breath at first glance. Ruth’s sassy and plenty exasperating. She’s taken in a newborn orphan girl and cares for the baby with grit and devotion. Gideon yearns to shelter both Ruth and the sweet baby. He can’t make sense of the protective instincts, turning his tidy thoughts all topsy turvy. Before long, he’s got more trouble than he can shake a stick at.Ruth claims to know nothing about the stolen money. But is she innocent or is she the real thief?Mail Order RebeccaAdam Barstow just wants to be left alone to mend his ways. The good Lord has other plans…As Adam works to turn over a new leaf, two orphans appear on his doorstep. They escaped a cruel orphanage. Adam can hardly turn them away and vows to keep them for a short spell, just until he finds them a decent home.But a few short weeks later a mail-order bride arrives. Rebecca is kind and gentle and believes Adam sent for her to help care for the children. He didn’t. Adam would dearly like to know who wrote Rebecca. Until he learns the truth, he’ll shelter his newfound, precious family.Mail Order HollyA Christmas Bride for the Texas Cowboy.Holly Ross travels to Texas a few weeks before Christmas as a mail order bride. She’s tasked with returning a stack of letters to a certain cowboy. His mail order bride has jilted him.Holly peeks at the letters as she journeys to Texas. She knows she shouldn’t snoop but can’t resist learning more about the cowboy, Jacob Barstow.When she arrives, her husband to-be isn’t waiting. Instead, she comes face to face with Jacob Barstow, the charming and protective cowboy whose letters she secretly read. Jacob will help Holly, but only if she accepts a marriage of convenience by Christmas Eve.

Fredrik Backman's A Man Called Ove - For Fans (Trivia-On-Books)

Trivion Books - 2015
    He is a strict, bitter, and angry old man. Because of the tragedy he has faced in his life, he is also a very sad man. No one knows who he really is because they don’t dare get close to him. After a new family moves in next to him, things begins to change for Ove. This family may just have what it takes to help Ove see the brighter side of life. This tale of tragedy and grief becomes a journey that will lead Ove down a path of understanding, love, and lasting friendship. A Man Called Ove is the bestselling debut novel from Fredrik Backman, one of Sweden’s most popular writers.  Features You'll Discover Inside: • 30 Multiple choice questions on the book, plots, characters and author • Insightful commentary to answer every question • Complementary quiz material for yourself or your reading group • Results provided with scores to determine "status" Why you'll love Trivia-On-Books Trivia-On-Booksis an independently quiz-formatted trivia to your favorite books readers, students, and fans alike can enjoy. Whether you're looking for new materials or simply can't get enough of your favorite book, Trivia-On-Booksis an unofficial solution to provide a unique approach that is both insightful and educational. Promising quality and value, don't hesitate to grab your copy of Trivia-on-Books!