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JUSTICE (Aces MC #7)

Aimee-Louise Foster - 2018
    The sombre mood has given all club members time to evaluate their own lives and forcing them to quickly realise that life is too short but their mourning is made difficult with the arrival of three members of the London Chapter. With the heat firmly on Duke and the trouble the Essex Chapter has been attracting, Justice takes this opportunity to slip under the radar and tries to reach out to forge relationships with all of his children. He hasn't been the best father due to numerous mistakes and situations but he now understands that in order to grieve the loss of his club brother, he needs to make contact with all of his children to right the many wrongs, something that Hound had wanted him to do for many years. Most children are easy to find but it's the path of destruction and hurt he has left over the years with his ex partners that makes this process difficult. Justice makes a promise that nothing will stand in his way until at least his voice is heard so he can express his love to all of his children and hopefully one day they will forgive him for being an absent father. Justice finds support from Rebecca, an unlikely source because of the drama in her own life but this only highlights the qualities she has. Rebecca is a strong, hard working and soon to be mother, these factors only draw Justice closer but will this independant woman welcome his advances? Many hurdles add pressure to the simple life Justice tries to lead but when a secret that has been hidden for many years comes to light, Justice needs to be strong for his extended family even though the betrayal is soul destroying. Will the pressure of getting closer to finding out the reason Paige took her life and who is behind the chaos that is tearing the ACES apart, have a detrimental effect in Justice finding happiness that he rightly deserves. Warning: This is a fast pace MC romance with colourful language, violence and hot love scenes. Note to readers: This book includes violence and sexual content, if you think these topics will offend you please do not purchase. This is not your normal MC series. The Aces are an MC with alpha males but the members do not shy away from the fact that they are husbands, fathers and lovers with feelings. If you don’t like a 'biker' who cares and respects the women in his life, then this isn't a book for you. I want to take the time to mention that I’m from the United Kingdom and use UK spellings. This book is a standalone story however, to receive the full experience of the ACES MC Series it is recommended to read the stories in the following order: Diesel – Book 1 Duke - Book 2 Paige and Chloe - Book 2.5 Spike - Book 3 Amy - Book 3.5 Locke - Book 4 Jayden - Book 4.5 Woods - Book 5 Cade - Book 5.5 CJ - Book 6 Justice - Book 7


Honey Palomino - 2019
    I watch from afar. They have so much fun, so much life in them left to live. Although I deeply yearn to be included, I know it’s best to stay back. They would never accept me, even with their good hearts. I don’t deserve to be included. I’ve done things. Things I’m not proud of. I’ve taken souls. I’ve taken fortunes. I’ve ripped away loved ones and left strong men drowning in the darkest despair. I am broken. I’m evil. So, I hide. I watch. I listen to everything…" NOTE: This is the TWELTH book of the GODS OF CHAOS MOTORCYCLE CLUB series. Each book may be read alone, but they are best read together. To find book one, search for Gods of Chaos Motorcycle Club: The Trilogy. This book is intended for adults 18 & over.


Vanessa James - 2021
    Nothing will make us lose focus.But then I meet Danielle. I don’t usually hang around women for too long… but she’s different. Little do I know I’m about to learn something about her that’ll shock me to the core.DanielleI hate my job at the bar, but it’s the best I can get. I knew I was walking into trouble when I met the Satan’s Outcasts. Now their rival Griller gives me a mission I can’t refuse. The only problem is, it goes against everything my heart desires.With two blood-thirsty biker clubs going head-to-head, how can a relationship survive all-out war? As tensions begin to flare between the Satan’s Outcasts and their arch-rivals the Ghosts, Tintin and Danielle are given a tough choice to make. Can they hope to form a relationship with their futures on the line? And what will happen when he discovers her treacherous secret?Packed with an exhilarating blend of drama and steamy romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat, the first book in the Satan’s Outcasts series is an MC romance like no other.Scroll up and grab your copy now – the Outcasts are waiting…

Her Crazy Life

Ellie R. Hunter - 2018
    It all changed one night when they found themselves living in Willows Peak and she met JJ Carter. Their love wasn’t smooth sailing and secrets were confessed that spun her mind. Finding out who her real father is and having the violent, crazy president of the Black Crows lusting after her, she couldn’t wait to leave town with her biker. Now her and JJ are settled with the northern chapter and her world is about to change again. Will she be able to cope? Is her future as clear as she likes to think? What will happen when she faces with the one man she’s longed for her whole life? Harper’s life is crazy, but she is most definitely not. With JJ at her side, they can overcome anything. She hopes.

Stryker's Salvation (A Savage Saints MC #3)

J. Lynn Lombard - 2019
    Evil lurks in my soul. Blood stains my hands. One woman quiets the voices. One woman eases the misery. One woman is my salvation. Holly I have secrets. I battle darkness daily. Lust and pain sear my soul. My heart bleeds for redemption. One man can ease my burden. One man holds the light. One man worships my body. One man could be my salvation.

Paladin's Hell

Manda Mellett - 2018
    At only fourteen, she developed a teenage crush on me, the man who rescued her. I gave her time to grow, waiting for her feelings to mature. As years, when I was forbidden to touch her, passed, I never doubted she was mine. I just wasn’t allowed to show it. Circumstances send us to Colorado, away from the restrictions and over-protective brothers. At last we have a chance to be together. What could be better? What could be worse? A new club. A new life. Out of my depth, I don’t fit in. A different president and his old lady who’ve been married thirty-six years. That their marriage is on shaky ground spills over into how they treat us. For some reason, Hellfire and Moira want to force Jayden and I apart. Jay and I are just beginning. Or, is it the end? After all this time, will we make it work? Or have the years I’ve spent waiting been wasted?

Torment (Kings of Rebellion MC book 5)

K.T. Fisher - 2019
    She’s never acted like a club bunny and instead decided to help out the families and work behind the bar, rather than walk around naked and sleep with all the men. For that, she’s earnt their respect and caught the eye of Baby, the son of the club president. Everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before something happens, they watch the flirting and the way to two of them look at each other, but Maci never lets Baby get too close. She has to watch him choose club bunny’s and whores over herself, time and time again. Maci won’t be second best, so she decides to look elsewhere. However, everything changes when a shock attack on the club arrives and the men have to travel to hunt down an enemy. Maci is left vulnerable but as much as Baby wants her, can he trust himself to never hurt her or will he need to stay away and protect her from afar?


Nikki Riker - 2019
    Can she deal with him and how his bike club handles business?After Holly tries to help her brother with his gambling problem, she is forced to give herself up as some kind of servant to put off his death. She has no idea what she’s in for - but Cruz, her Keeper, is as gentle as he is brutal. If only his enemy didn’t know of his growing feelings for her.

Christmas Honey

Cathryn Cade - 2017
    But will Jack want her precious gift... or is he busy rekindling an old flame? This will be the best Christmas of Lindi Carson's life. She and her dream man, biker Jack Moran, are growing their businesses together. She has Jack's ring on her finger, and a precious secret she can't wait to share with him. But when a seductive beauty from Jack's past blows into town, Lindi's plans for a private celebration are ruined. Will this Christmas be sweet as honey... or will they feel love's sting?


Jade Kuzma - 2018
    I feel like I'm going crazy in this town.That was until I met her. Lydia.An angel from out of town who came here to save me.She's the only girl who makes me feel sane.She's a damn goddess.I have to do anything to keep her happy, anything to make her mine, anything for her..."LYDIA"Sean. They call him Brash. I can see why.He's part of some motorcycle club or something.The tattoos. The muscles. That demeanor. Why am I not surprised he just got out of prison? They don't make'em like him in the city.I don't know if I can handle a man like him. But damn if I'm not so attracted to him..."Welcome to Ivory, home of friendly townsfolk, honest cops, and motorcycle clubs.Lydia leaves the big city to start her life over in the small town of Ivory. It's nothing like she's ever experienced, including Sean, member of the Black Reapers Motorcycle Club. The ex-convict has Lydia captivated. A torrid affair draws them to each other. But the life of a club member is never easy. Will a passionate attraction that the two of them crave be enough to keep them together? Or will life in Ivory be too much for them to overcome?BRASH is a STEAMY standalone romance novel featuring a bad boy biker and the woman he'll do anything to protect. There are no cliffhangers and no cheating. Happy ending? You'll have to read to find out!


Jamie Garrett - 2018
     I never had a real family. Not one you could count on to have your back, no matter what. David, my best friend and fellow solider, was the only person I trusted. Until the day I got him killed. Now the Steel Kings MC are my family, and my life. As their Sergeant of Arms, I keep the peace and pay my penance. That’s all I deserve. There’s just one complication. Cassie. My best friend’s widow, and the woman I’ve loved since the moment I laid eyes on her. I watch over her from a distance. She’s off-limits, always has been. One hot night with her writhing underneath me doesn’t change that. But then I found out her secret. Someone’s been leaving her notes, following her. I can’t let myself fall for her, but I’ll protect her with my life. Betrayal is a steamy and suspenseful alpha male MC romance and contains no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happily ever after, guaranteed.

Renegade: Desert Knights MC

Kara Parker - 2016
     Anton Murdoch had been my first. Lover. Mistake. Call it what you want, but he was unforgettable. His rough hands took my body, his thundering pulse claimed my heart, and his searing kiss stole my soul. Then the worst thing happened. I got pregnant. And my father found out—found out and threatened to take my baby away. I had no choice. So I ran… And prayed that Anton would come for me. For his child. His family. Before it's too late... RENEGADE is a full-length, standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex, strong language, a happily ever after ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS. Contains dark and disturbing themes, and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers. Perfect for fans of Sam Crescent, Jenika Snow, L Wilder, Sabrina Paige, Lauren Landish, Vanessa Waltz, Jordan Marie and Nicole Snow

The President's Wife: Prequel

Alivia Grayson - 2019
    Cross me, and I'll end you. There is nowhere you can hide from me, and when I find you? You'll feel pain you never knew existed. Obey the rules or die. Being one of us does not excuse you from my wrath should you betray me. Come for my girl, and I'll tear you apart. I'm no assassin, but I'm a damn good killer. Welcome to Snakes Henchmen MC. Shepard: I've wanted Lynette for longer than I ever should have. She's everything a woman should be, the young woman who has been a mother to my son even before his useless mother took off. I fight what I feel for Lynette because my son has to come first. However, I can't fight it any longer; I'll make her my wife, and damn anyone who dare hurt her! Lynette: I've loved Shepard for a very long time. I love his son as much as Shepard loves my daughter. It may have taken us years to get together, but once he's mine, he's mine forever. We're happy together, but old enemies take more from us than we were willing to lose Shepard is not the kind of man you cross lightly. I've seen him kill once before. I know he's killed since. When my daughter's father turns up, when he thinks he can destroy me, he'll learn just why I'm the President's wife!

Rider: Fallen Reapers MC

Savannah Rylan - 2019
    My best friend Carver is a member of the club, And I want to be out there riding with him. I've known Carver's younger sister Zoey for years. But I haven't seen her since she was in middle school. When Zoey comes back from college, she doesn't look like the scrawny girl I used to know. She now has curves and legs for days. One night with her makes we want to keep coming back for more. But if Carver ever found out about us, that would be the end of our friendship and any chance I had with the club. Soon I'll have to decide which is more important. Zoey or being a Fallen Reaper.

A Very MC Picnic: Sam Crescent MC Special

Sam Crescent - 2018
     By invitation only, the Billionaire Bikers MC wish for you to join them at a set location, to bring your family, your children, to enjoy a day of fun with no harm to come to anyone, providing all people can play nice. This is just a bit of fun. It features past and future couples, and though it should be read if you love any of the MC books above, it is not necessary to do so. If you want to see more of Angel and Lash, Devil and Lexie, Duke and Holly, Simon and Tabitha, Pie and Lindsey, then this story is for you.