McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series - Box Set 4

April Wilson - 2021
    She doesn't remember any of it, but she has the bruises and lacerations all over her body as painful reminders of something she just wants to put behind her. The problem is, she can’t move on. Everything she’d ever hoped for was torn away from her that night. The man she’s been crushing on has vowed to restore her sense of safety and security. He’ll stop at nothing to catch the assailant who hurt her. The tragic irony is, now he wants her in his life. But it’s too late now.Mack Donovan has always kept a careful distance from Erin. She’s sweet, beautiful, and innocent - way too young and too good for him. After a career in the military and a stint as a mercenary, he’s done things he's not proud of. He thinks his hands are too dirty to touch her. When he rejects her invitation to attend a New Year’s Eve party, the unthinkable happens. A sexual predator drugs Erin and steals not just her innocence, but her sense of self. Mack will stop at nothing to find him and end him. In the meanwhile, he’s not giving up on Erin. He will show her that not all men are monsters.With This RingAnnie is marrying her best friend today, the love of her life. She's waited years for this day, and she's not going to let anything get in the way. So what if she's nine months pregnant with twins and starting to feel contractions? She only has to make it until the ceremony is done. What could possibly go wrong? As a follow-up novella to Annie and Jake's second chance romance (Redeemed), WITH THIS RING is a heart-warming look at love, romance, family, and childbirth.Collateral DamageWhen Sophie McIntyre's blind date goes horribly wrong, she finds herself running for her life. Dominic Zaretti is a man who gets things done—one who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty in the process. His job is to disappear with Sophie and keep her alive until the threat is neutralized. But when Dominic falls for the curvy, statuesque beauty, he finds himself making the ultimate sacrifice to keep her safe.

When Dusk Falls

Dave P. Fisher - 2016
    As he left behind his home, his place on the Branson Ranch and, most importantly, the girl he had planned to marry, his father’s best friend left him with a prophecy and a light, ‘The time will come when you will see the error of this decision. You will be lost in an endless night, but dusk comes before the night, Dane remember that. Before the night, when dusk falls, remember the way home.’ The next two years found Dane living the life of a gunfighter, hired gun, and professional gambler. Then came the day in Denver when he found himself lost in that endless night and knew it was time to put up the gun and go home, yet it was not to be that easy. There was still one more fight and the final showdown with the man who had once been his partner and his best friend.Note: Formerly titled Trail Back to Eagle Rock, published by Malachite Quills Publishing. The revised novel is now published by Double Diamond Books under the title When Dusk Falls.

Tom's First Weeling: The gathering of the caves

Stephen Matthews - 2018
    There would be shame in not going but they had an excuse. Twar did not want an excuse. He wanted to let everyone know about the Normeend who had done so much damaged to the Willow Cave and many caves. As Tom was now the only High Council member, things proved a little difficult. That is until Noree spoke to Heglee, the Farlee of the largest and dominant Cave. After that, things just went from bad to worse.

Oregon Dreams: 10-Book Box Set of Sweet, Clean, Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance

Montana Ross - 2020

Back to Blue Gum Flat

Tea Cooper - 2015
    When the corporate rug is pulled from under her Maddison Markham heads back home – back to Blue Gum Flat. It won’t be for long, just time to regroup and get her life back on track. But Blue Gum Flat is not the sleepy little town she remembers from her childhood. New people, new attitudes and even a coffee machine. Cameron Dean has every intention of making his dream of a rural life a reality and when Maddison arrives in town it seems his stars have finally aligned. But he hasn’t considered the impact their relationship will have on his son and after the mistakes he has made family comes first.

Lantern Beach Blackout: The Complete Series Boxed Set

Christy Barritt - 2020

Castaway in the Caribbean

Janice Horton - 2015
    I loved the settings, they really did come alive for me. The waterfall and the cave scenes took my breath away.” Jera’s Jamboree Book Blog “If you want a fun adventure that is fast paced and mentions Treasure Island then this is for you.” Comet Babe’s Books “A very entertaining and fun read. Another great addition to the world of fiction by Janice Horton.” The Book Maven. “A lively romantic adventure, a nice and easy read that I found hugely entertaining, and enjoyable.” Books4U Castaway in the Caribbean Vacationing on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua, Janey Sinclair is persuaded by her magazine editor boss to do a quick island hop in order to supervise an impromptu photo-shoot for the front cover. With no flights immediately available, Janey is directed to the harbour. Captain Travis Mathews hates tourists, although he’s not above making a bit of money off a prissy and sharp tongued young British girl when she’s desperate to get to the neighbouring island of Tortola. After striking a deal, they set off together in Travis’s weather-beaten old boat. When the vessel comes to a sudden full stop in the sea, the mismatched pair end up as castaways on an uninhabited island. In this fast moving romantic adventure about a vacation that turns into a tropical nightmare there’s more fun than you’ll find in any travel brochure. A message from the author: I was incredibly fortunate to spend most of last summer in the Caribbean, writing and researching this novel. I found it challenging only in the respect of being continually distracted from the manuscript by the tropical sunshine, the white sand beaches, the warm aquamarine sea, rum cocktails, and the fabulous social scene on offer. Many of these distractions are well documented on my website, blog and Facebook page, if you are interested in reading the details and seeing the photos! Janice xx

Ketcham's Land

Douglas Hirt - 2002
    After a card game with Benny Gellerman, a man good with a gun, but bad with cards, Ketcham decides it is time to head out again. He finds a place to bed down on a lonely New Mexico farm run by old Corely Mattlin and his widowed daughter-in-law, Margaret. Ketcham has his eye on pretty Margaret, but he'd better keep his eyes open wide for trouble. A local rancher named Jeb Ollfinger is trying to run the Mattlins off their land, and he is not above using violence, even murder, to get what he wants. Margaret is sure her husband's killer was one of Ollfinger's men, a gunman named Gellerman. If Ketcham knew what was good for him, he would head out again. But this time he has a job to do first.

Her Blue Collar Boss: Billionaire Boss Romances (Locke Family Romance)

Jennifer Youngblood - 2019
     When Xander Locke gets on his motorcycle and rides from Texas to Alabama, his plan is simple—go undercover to gather intel on the Bell family so his brother can orchestrate a seamless takeover of the Bell’s small-town newspaper. Xander never expects to meet Juliana Bell face-to-face, and he certainly doesn’t anticipate the sparks that run like a blowtorch through his veins when they touch. Juliana is everything Xander never even realized that he wanted … until now. Too bad she’s going to hate him when she learns the truth. Can Xander find a way to satisfy the demands of his high-powered family while still being true to the woman he loves? The Blue Collar Boss is the first of Jennifer’s new Locke Family Romance Series. It’s also part of the Billionaire Boss Romance Series, featuring bestselling authors, Cami Checketts and Sarah Gay. Don’t miss Jennifer’s next book, The Lost Chance Boss. Coming soon! You’ll also enjoy the O’Brien Family Romances: The Impossible Groom The Twelfth Hour Patriot The Stormy Warrior

Secrets of the Past

Terri Grace - 2018
    What he doesn’t know is that she carries a fifteen year old secret. She’s brought up her brother’s seven daughters who are now of marriageable age and she wonders what will happen to her once they all leave home. Jeremiah Sherman is free at last, after his domineering mother dies. He lost his wife fifteen years ago and now he feels like it’s time she returns home. The problem is, he has no idea where she is. Enter Molly White, the amateur detective and owner of a bridal agency. This time the task at hand is finding out Matilda’s secrets from the past as well as seven husbands for seven daughters of a man out West. Is she up to the task, and can she reunite the long separated couple? The seven sisters of Oakwood follows the unfurling story of the Wilde sisters, and their hopeful father, Osborne. Burdened with the task of getting these beloved, bright but stubborn young girls married to suitable husbands, Osborne enlists the help of Molly White of the Cozy Bridal Agency to aid his cause – with surprising consequences! Each book is a delightful standalone story, and also part of the full story that spans this joy filled series.

Disturbance in the Wake

S.A. Ison - 2020
    Ten-year-old Hiroki Tanaka grew up in a fishing village on an island just off the coast of Honshu, Japan. While he helps his father fishing, a large earthquake hits his island. Hiroki falls from the boat as the waters become choppy and he is pulled under water. He is desperate to get back to his father. When he surfaces, his father and the boat are gone. When Hiroki swims to shore, he realizes that he has been swept back in time to an era of violence and the samurai. Amy Ohara is celebrating her twenty-first birthday by going on a cruise, off the coast of Honshu, Japan. She had grown up in Tokyo and is well acquainted with Japan's rich traditions and ancient history. Betrayed by the man she had been dating, Amy is now awaiting transport as human cargo. As her life swings in the balance, Amy has a choice, dive into the black waters and perhaps drown or be taken by the human traffickers. When the yacht blows up, Amy feel lucky to be alive and swims for shore. Yet she has arrived at the shore of distant past. Amy has been washed back in time nearly 700 years, 300 years before Europeans stepped foot in Asia. With her red hair and green eyes, she stands out.

Lost in the Wilderness

Mair Rubin - 2015
    The men who live through the plane crash must make their way toward the mountains separating NWT from the Yukon Territory while surviving off the land, facing tragedy and the wild, and uncompromising land and animals they come across. This is a story of extreme survival, and a rescue attempt that is beyond belief.

The Call of the High Country

Tony Parsons - 1999
    As a young married couple, Andrew and Anne work together to make the very best of their property, High Peaks, but at what cost to their happiness? In time, the property will pass to their son, David. Handsome and hardworking, David is determined to become the best sheepdog handler in the land. Nothing is going to stand in his way-not even the beautiful Catriona Campbell, daughter of the wealthy graziers next door. The Call Of The High Country is an inspiring and heartwarming saga of a family battling through hard times, of a love that defies all odds, and of dreams that won't be broken.

Goodbye, No More Excuses

Ian Wilfred - 2018
    Although they loved each other as much as the day they first met, their relationship had run into problems and Caroline knew she couldn’t continue with it any longer. Leo is Caroline’s flamboyant gay friend who helps her to make a new start. Before long they become the talk of Norfolk and the hot new people to know. Paul is devastated to lose Caroline and knows that if he wants to win her back he must change certain things in his life. When John, George and Ringo enter their lives it’s not just their careers that are on the up, but romance also comes knocking at the door.

Into the Wind: A Love Story

Jaclyn M. Hawkes - 2018
    And deadly. Born into the finest of Danish aristocracy, lovely Brekka Toft is drawn to the untamed wilderness of the American West. After being told it is perfectly safe, she travels to see the legendary red rocks of the Utah Territory only to find that the glorious scenery comes with bandits, hostile Indians, fearsome animals, magnificent storms, and a terrifying wildfire. Even her trusted escort from home now feels threatening. Can she trust her life to a seemingly capable, well-respected local rancher? After all, he is dangerously handsome.