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Christian Morals by Thomas Browne


The Boleyn Secret

Zoe Bramley - 2016
    Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory. Katherine Digby, daughter to a country gentleman, is now maid of honour at the court of Anne Boleyn. Shy and intimidated by the glamour of the court, she soon inspires the enmity of the queen's sister in law, Lady Rochford. As Anne Boleyn and Katherine Digby grow to understand each other, friendship blossoms, but dark clouds are beginning to gather and Katherine soon realises that the queen is surrounded by sworn enemies - even among the ladies in waiting. When she is entrusted with the safe keeping of a paper, she cannot resist reading it. What she finds is an explosive secret which could threaten everything - even the queen's life. It is vital to protect her, but Katherine faces a formidable adversary in the form of someone who wishes Anne Boleyn dead. The Boleyn secret cannot remain hidden for long. Curl up and enjoy this Tudor escapade by the author of The Lady's Favour, The Shakespeare Trail, and William Shakespeare in 100 Facts.

Four Sisters

Val Wood - 2019
    Matty has had to care for her three younger sisters ever since their mother’s death ten years ago. She and the girls’ beloved father have worked hard to keep the family together and now it’s time to celebrate as Matty turns eighteen. But their joy is short-lived when tragedy suddenly strikes and their father disappears on his way to London. The sisters have no way of knowing what has happened to him – only that he hasn’t returned home. With little money left they’re now forced to battle life’s misfortunes alone…

Sunshine And Showers

Rosie Harris - 2006
    Their life together is full of rows and recriminations and when Alun is involved in a vicious fight and imprisoned, estranged from her own family a desperate Sheryl is forced to turn to the Powells. At first reluctant to help, they agree to take in little Caitlin whilst Sheryl seeks work in Cardiff. But Sheryl soon spirals into a life of unhappiness and despair. Until one fateful day, seven-year-old Caitlin takes off for Cardiff in search of her mother. As night falls and the police continue to look for the young girl, Sheryl fears she will never see her beloved daughter again ...

The Fleethaven Trilogy

Margaret Dickinson - 2001
    Plough the Furrow begins in 1910. Esther Everatt, shunned by her family and desperate for work and a place to say, finds her way to Sam Brumby's farm. Able to work alongside any man, she earns old Sam's grudging respect. Prepared to risk everything to secure her future, Esther marries a local farmhand. But as war arrives she comes to understand that only the truest of love can survive the passing of the seasons. Sow the Seed follows the story of Kate, Esther's daughter. Kate is determined to marry her childhood sweetheart, Danny. But when she reaches eighteen Kate is told the bitter truth of her family's past and the reasons why marriage to Danny can never happen. Heart-broken Kate witnesses many things amidst the chaos and destruction of WWII, which finally lead her to experience a love that allows her to leave the past behind. Reap the Harvest is set in the aftermath of the disastrous Lincolnshire floods of 1953. Kate's daughter Ella finds herself compelled to live at Brumby's Farm with her grandmother, Esther. This story of love, war, secrets and tragedy seems destined to repeat itself in heartache before coming full circle and bringing this glorious trilogy to a close.

The Power of Ten

Emily James - 2019
     Ten Dates Statistically, if you kiss a lot of frogs there's bound to be at least one that's not a complete toad, isn't there? When Joanie’s engagement becomes more stalemate than soulmate, her best friends stage an intervention sure to make even the most hardened, serial daters wince: 10 Dates in 10 Days. With nothing to lose, Joanie embarks on a hilarious rollercoaster of blind dates. But when the sexy as sin guy next door starts throwing his spanner in the works, Joanie soon realises she may have bitten off more than she can chew. 10 Dates is an enemies to lovers, standalone romantic comedy with a happy ending. It is best suited for readers over the age of eighteen due to sexual themes and mature content. Ten Dares Can 10 Dares help Melinda loosen up, conquer stress and find love? Or might they push her over the edge.... Melinda Spencer had everything but now her life has fallen apart. Her two best friends, Mikey and Joanie are worried. Melinda’s been acting even more highly strung than usual. They decide to stage an intervention. Something to help her lighten up and take her mind off things: 10 crazy dares. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine... Never one to squelch on a dare, Melinda accepts her challenge. The dares look simple enough: knock on a door and run away, tend her lady garden, flash a stranger… and if it gets Joanie and Mikey off her back about loosening up, it’ll be worth it. But with a sexy vet, a troublesome ex, and a village full of nutters hot on her trail, has Melinda finally bitten off more than she can chew? Ten Dares is a hilarious romp about a strung-out single mum trying to hold everything together when life is throwing her lemons as curve balls. Ten Lies Katie Perkins lives a simple life. She takes care of her son, works hard, and tries not to worry about the man shaped hole in her life. That is until she wins a fantastic luxury holiday. Throwing caution to the wind, Katie let’s down her hair and the holiday mood takes over. Enter Jackson Quinn, a handsome doctor who is no stranger to the good life. Katie has no experience of riches, and with only her bus fare home in her pocket she decides there’s no harm in a few white lies… Filthy rich? Check. Size ten? Check. Olympic Gymnast who can complete a Rubik’s Cube in under thirty seconds? Check. After all, it’s not like she’s ever going to see Doctor Quinn again… Follow Katie’s hilarious journey as she learns that sometimes those little white lies really can come back and bite you on the butt. This standalone romantic comedy has a happy ending and no cliff hanger. It is best suited for readers over the age of eighteen due to sexual themes and mature content.

A Matter of Conscience: the Aragon Years

Judith Arnopp - 2021
    The intensive education that follows offers Henry a model for future excellence; a model that he is doomed to fail.On his accession, he chooses his brother’s widow, Caterina of Aragon, to be his queen. Together they plan to reinstate the glory of days of old and fill the royal nursery with boys.But when their first-born son dies at just a few months old, and subsequent babies are born dead or perish in the womb, the king’s golden dreams are tarnishedChristendom mocks the virile prince. Caterina’s fertile years are ending yet all he has is one useless living daughter, and a baseborn son.He needs a solution but stubborn to the end, Caterina refuses to step aside.As their relationship founders his eye is caught by a woman newly arrived from the French court. Her name is Anne Boleyn. A Matter of Conscience: The Aragon Years offers a unique first-person account of the ‘monster’ we love to hate and reveals a man on the edge; an amiable man made dangerous by his own impossible expectation.The story continues in A Matter of Faith : Book Two of The Henrician Chronicle.

The Challenges of a King (The Road to Hastings #1)

K.M. Ashman - 2021

The Seven Signs: Three Book Collection

D.W. Hawkins - 2018
     Her family massacred, her home destroyed, she escapes with nothing but her mother’s heirloom and the desire for vengeance. When she’s found by Dormael, a Warlock of the Conclave, she learns that her mother’s keepsake—the very reason her family was killed—holds the power to unleash boundless destruction. Dormael and Shawna must flee for their lives before a vengeful enemy and guard against the deadly secret it seeks to unearth. Some secrets are best left buried, and vengeance must be pulled from the fists of the gods. With danger closing in around them, Shawna and Dormael are left with little choice. Will they escape, or will they drown beneath a tide of blood? From book two, The Knife in the Dark:Sanctuary beckons, but hides a deadly secret within. Dormael and D’Jenn bring a dangerous artifact home to the Conclave, hoping to answer the riddle behind an ancient mystery. But their homecoming only raises more questions as they discover an undercurrent of lies beneath the surface—lies that have been eating at the foundation of the Conclave itself, and subverting all they’ve sworn to uphold. Caught in a web of treachery, they must uncover the truth to free themselves, and keep an ancient weapon from falling into the wrong hands. To survive, Dormael and D’Jenn may have to sacrifice everything. With their home crumbling around them, they’re forced to make a dreadful choice. Will they navigate the waters of intrigue steeping the Conclave in turmoil, or be crushed by the cold heels of their enemies?From book three, The Old Man of the Temple:An archaic power awakens, but the shadows of antiquity conceal a terrible truth. Fugitives from the Conclave, Dormael and his friends flee with the armlet in their possession. Hounded by their former allies, they undertake a dangerous trek to an ancient ruin—a place where the only things older than the stones are the secrets buried beneath them. Pain and darkness wait in the halls of the dead, but something worse may be closing in from behind. With evil stirring, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Will Dormael and his friends uncover the mystery of the artifact, or be destroyed by those who wish its power for themselves? For Dormael, D’Jenn, and Shawna, failure could mean the destruction of everything they know. The war is just beginning, and the gods will weigh the price in blood.

Grace in Mombasa

Tracy Traynor - 2020
    Grace in Mombasa is an intriguing historical saga of betrayal and loss, romance and heartbreak, and one woman’s journey in faith. From the day she was born, Grace Clifton has navigated a life of loss and heartbreak, without a mother to guide her and through the ravages of two World Wars. With England in the midst of a Second World War, Grace experiences the excitement of love and romance, but all too soon, it turns to heartbreak. Through it all, Grace is sustained by her unwavering faith in God, but when all she holds dear is ripped away from her, Grace is left devastated and doubting everything she’s ever believed in. As the world slowly recovers from war, Grace too begins the process of healing from bitterness and the deep wounds inflicted by life. However, her steadfastness to God is lost and she determines never to pray again. When an unexpected opportunity comes up in Kenya, Grace seizes the chance to escape the memories, hoping to find a purpose and build a new life for herself. In the city of Mombasa, Grace soon begins to realise she can’t ever distance herself from life’s complications, but if she’s prepared to open her heart, maybe her shattered faith will once more bring her hope, love and the healing that she desperately needs. Grace in Mombasa is a story about a woman with amazing faith that is shattered when her life falls apart, but will God simply let her go? If you like heartfelt dialogue, stories seeped in fact and history, and memorable characters, then you’ll love Tracy Traynor’s moving and inspirational novel. Read Grace in Mombasa to escape into a story of yesteryear and the evocative dream that is Kenya!

The Forest, Part 1 of 2

Edward Rutherfurd - 2000
    . . A sprawling tome that combines fact with fiction and covers 900 years in the history of New Forest, a 100,000-acre woodland in southern England . . . Rutherfurd sketches the histories of six fictional families, ranging from aristocrats to peasants, who have lived in the forest for generations. . . . But the real success is in how Rutherfurd paints his picture of the wooded enclave with images of treachery and violence, as well as magic and beauty.”–The New York Post

The Black Mountains

Janet Tanner - 1981
    Charlotte, James and their seven children are independent spirits, united by strong family values.Living in a mining community is never easy, and when the shadow of impending war threatens, they must pull together to face the hardship to come. Can this close-knit family overcome whatever tragedy life throws at them?The Black Mountains, a moving saga of love, happiness and heartbreak, is perfect for fans of Rosie Goodwin and Katie Flynn. ‘Sensitive and exceptionally polished’ Manchester Evening News The Hillsbridge Sagas The Black Mountains The Emerald Valley The Hills and the Valley A Family Affair

The Prisoner

Steven A. McKay - 2016
    Inevitably, as they set off on the journey back to Nottingham the lawmen's disgust at the captive's crime colours their opinion of him and Little John has to be restrained from brutally assaulting the man. The harsh winter conditions slow their progress though, and eventually the prisoner's protestations and desperate violent actions have the lawmen questioning what's really been happening in Stapleford...Can Robin and John complete the mission they've been given, or will their own innate sense of justice lead them down an unexpected path?Fans of the bestselling Forest Lord series will love this exciting new stand-alone tale, set just before Blood of the Wolf, that explores the themes of morality and justice in medieval England.


J.A. Ironside - 2019
    The King's Knight skilfully blends action with real historical events and personages... Medieval England is a time of both blood and humanity." Richard Foreman, author Band of Brothers. 1381. England seethes with discontent over unfair and arbitrary taxation. The country is on the cusp of an uprising - a peasant's revolt. All it will take is a spark. Gregory Maudesley, second son of a minor noble and disillusioned knight for hire, returns home after nearly a decade abroad. Maudesley intends to claim his deceased father's lands but the knight is plagued by misfortune. Gregory journeys to London to secure an audience with the boy king, Richard II. But the England he travels through is very different from that of his youth. The road is treacherous and the greatest dangers of all await him in the capital. London is ablaze. Even the Tower of London has fallen to Wat Tyler's forces. But Richard, enlisting the help of Gregory, will ride out to meet the rebellion head on. A king and kingdom must stand, or fall. Revolt is the first book is The King's Knight series of novellas, chronicling the life of Gregory Maudesley and the dramatic reign of Richard II. Recommended for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Robyn Young and Michael Jecks. Praise for J. A. Ironside “Entertaining, well-researched and compelling.” Michael Jecks on An Argument of Blood. “Ælfgifa…steals every scene and is a character who would fit in any George R. R. Martin novel.” Tony Riches author of The Tudor Trilogy (An Argument of Blood). “Intense drama, creative working of the sparse historical record, and a detailed look into what made William and Harold tick… A rousing, page turning tale awaits you…” Paul Bennett, author of Clash of Empires (on 'A Black Matter for the King'). J. A. Ironside grew up in rural Dorset in a house full of books. She was exposed to history at an early age and happily never recovered – the presence of so many Roman ruins in the area inspired a lifelong interest in historical warfare. She has taught and studied martial arts and weaponry for 25 years. Her published works include An Argument of Blood and A Black Matter for the King, both co-written with Matthew Willis.


Jayne Stone - 2016
    there was Penda, one of the greatest warrior-kings in Anglo-Saxon history and creator of Mercia, one of the seven warring kingdoms that eventually united to become England. But Penda's Britain--over thirteen hundred years ago--seethed with violent struggles between rival warrior-kings who ruled by bloody sword and sealed alliances with forced marriages; this was also when Christianity was just beginning to sweep the land as most still practiced Anglo-Saxon paganism. Told from the perspective of his wife Cynewise, "The Last Great Pagan Queen" is a richly imagined and gritty tale of her marriage to a man who would become known for killing more kings than any other of his age; it is also the story of a woman just trying to make it in a savage world, where--much like today--choices were limited, men held all the power, and it took courage to survive. Note: this book contains explicit violence and adult themes.

Finding Love Series Clean Romance Collection: Books 1-6

Delaney Cameron - 2018
    These small town, clean contemporary romances are about first love, second chances and happily ever afters.Team MomJulie's calm life is thrown a curve ball when her brother arrives the night before his seven-month deployment asking her to take care of his son. Noting her nephew's interest in baseball, Julie signs him up for little league. She's anything but thrilled to find out that his coach is a celebrity.Stealing His HeartJust days after her return to St. Marys, Darcy runs into her childhood crush. Given that she was twelve and he was nineteen at the time, it's not surprising that he doesn't remember her. Her dreams of him coming back to find her grown up and so beautiful that he can't help but fall instantly in love with her should have been long forgotten. All he can ever be is a reminder of how much she lost when she veered off the road to avoid an oncoming car.Love of a LifetimeFaith's boyfriend has started mentioning the "M" word. Her family and friends are thrilled that she's finally found someone, pointing out that Ian (the husband she lost in Iraq four years earlier) wouldn't expect her to mourn him forever. There's just one problem: Faith isn't in love with Connor. Feeling pressure from all sides, she jumps at the chance to get away from St. Marys for a few days. Her escape to the Georgia Mountains isn't supposed to include waking up to find a stranger in her room.Dare to LoveWhen Sabrina arrives for a job interview, she never expects to run into the man who broke her heart six years ago. Trent is a painful souvenir of a first love that went terribly wrong. Four months of being unemployed is the only reason she agrees to work for him. For the present, she can't escape the cruel trick fate has dealt her. There will be no running away from Trent this time.Yours, With LoveAn unexpected inheritance brings Ellen back to her hometown of St. Marys. After an absence of ten years, she never expects to run into Quinn, one of her sister's old boyfriends and her teenage obsession. If it's true that it's a small world, it's also true that it can be a cruel one. The good-looking eighteen-year-old who touched her young heart is no more. In his place is a man whose life has been torn apart by tragedy and loss.Love at LastWorking on her grandmother's house gives Rosemary a reason to escape the media attention of a very public broken engagement. In St. Marys, she hopes to rekindle the music that used to flow easily from her mind to paper and rediscover the girl who's somehow lost her way. Instead she finds someone who challenges her beliefs about love and tests her resolve to guard her heart.