The Lottery of Life and Death

James Schmitt - 2020

Meridian Exercise For Self Healing: Classified By Common Symptoms

Ilchi Lee - 2009
    Meridian exercise is a technique developed and perfected over the course of thousands of years in the Asian healing arts traditions.

Apt B17: Camille

Sabrina B. Scales - 2017
    And whether you were there by choice or circumstance, there were lessons to be learned as well as taught. Nobody knew The Bricks better than the women who lived between them. These are their stories of lessons, blessings, love, and loss, brought to you brick by brick. Ladies, and fellas too, you ever invested time in somebody that you knew was no good for you, holding on and waiting for them to change because you thought that you were special? Well I have, and I’m here to tell you that there’s a one percent chance of that change ever taking place, a two percent chance of them becoming a better person than they were before you found them, and a staggering ninety-seven percent chance of someone more deserving coming along if you’ll open your eyes, stop being stupid, and sit down with a common-sense calculator to tally up your worth. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to waste a little time, because contrary to popular belief, there can be a happy ending on the other side of stupidity. And to prove it, I’m gonna take you for a walk through my own experience. I’m Camille, by the way, a resident here at The Rose Palms, aka The Bricks, apartment B17. Glad you stopped by.

Another 365 Things People Believe That Aren't True (The Misconception Trilogy Book 3)

James Egan - 2015
    James Bond isn't a secret agent. The funny bone isn't a bone. E-readers like the Kindle were invented in 1949. Slavery has never been more common as it is today. Neanderthals were extremely smart and were able to speak. Vikings invented rap battles. Natural oranges aren't orange. Rats didn't cause the Black Death. Halitosis doesn't exist. Buddhists don't worship Buddha. Everyone mispronounces "Nutella." St. Patrick wasn't Irish. There has never been 50 states in the United States. Selfies aren't a recent fad. They have existed since 1839. Guardian angels aren't mentioned in the Bible. A comatose person can speak and walk around. Nicotine doesn't cause cancer.

TEXT FAILS : Super Funny Text Fails, Autocorrect Fails Mishaps on Smartphone! (Vol.2)

BOB JOKER - 2020

Diary of a H.O. (House Officer): A Collection of Short Stories from a Surgeon's First Year of Training.

Brandon Green - 2020
    The book offers insight into 21st century modern healthcare and the state of society. You will laugh, cry, and question your beliefs about the healthcare system and patients. Read this before you go to the doctor next and share this information with your family. Throughout the United States stories like these are unfolding each day as you witness the stress of physician training and the ups and downs of the physician's and patient's lives. Dr. Brandon Green is a pseudonym, or pen name, for author who wishes to remain anonymous. He is an Attending Surgeon at an inner-city Level 1 Trauma Center. The author's goals for writing this book include the following: 1.Create awareness and discussion about today’s healthcare and society. 2.Raise money with 30% of profits from the sale of this book being donated to healthcare non-profit organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and any current global medical pandemic funds. 3.Therapy for the author to recount the intern year, which was more stressful and educational than ever imagined. Unexpected emotions occurred and life lessons were taught beyond the surgical training. The short stories are real occurrences that happened to the author and his other two co-interns in one residency year. The author broke ties with the publisher who wanted to adjust the stories to meet societal norms, and now the work is being self published with profits as above going to charity instead of a large publishing company. The names and locations have been changed to provide privacy protection and follow HIPPA guidelines. The author hopes to continue dialogue and discussion on stories from behind the scenes at hospitals, clinics, and in the operating rooms. It's beneficial to communicate with colleagues and other healthcare professionals and staff running into similar circumstances on a day to day basis. Please visit DIARYOFAHO.COM and email your stories to be published on the website and social media.This is a work of sociology, psychology, medicine, surgery, dealing with the public, putting others ins front of yourself, and self-reflective learning. Any story will be accepted and uploaded into the blog and social media. Stories will be screened for HIPPA compliance prior to publishing online. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand what’s happening in modern healthcare training.

Undercover Deacon 2

Andre Ray - 2016
    In the aftermath, so many unanswered questions have surfaced. Will he now stay in the town of Fall River Mills and trust that the Lord has brought him here for a reason? Or will he decide life here is just too much for him to stay. Is his connection to Detroit finally over, or are there still demons that will surface.?Pastor Walker reviled he had knowledge of Kerry’s past transgressions. Will this new revelation bring them closer together or tear their marriage apart for good, and is his faith as a man of God strong enough to keep him from going over the edge? Will the congregation except the news of their First Lady, or will this cause members to leave the church? Will Frank and Kerry finally end their love affair or will this cause them to want to become deeper involved? What deep dark secrets has Kerry been keeping buried inside and have they been the root of her out of control life? This story has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The power of Redemption has won the battle. Now will the devil win the war or is God’s word strong enough to keep this small town together.

Patron on Ice 2: The First Wedding of the Trap

David Weaver - 2017
    A love for each other that defies the attractions and the perils of the streets. With Jose as the plug, the couple is poised to take over the streets of Atlanta with their cheap prices. For a group of people who didn't choose the dope game, how far could they go in it before unfavorable situations arise and press their backs against the wall? Lil Albert is determined to stay away from under Jiip's shadow, and Jiip is determined to be the most feared hustler in the history of Atlanta. Reecy Pooh will always be Reecy Pooh, and Rhondo can't seem to escape his streak of bad luck. Crews collide and decisions have to be made at a rapid pace in this thrilling sequel to "Patron on Ice."

A Toast To Love

Johnazia Gray - 2018
    Especially to the one woman he loved with everything he had in him. After the love of his life, Vix, was murdered he gave up on loving and dating completely. He couldn’t bare the pain that came with love. That was until he ran into the beautiful, classy, and sweet Mashayla. Mashayla was a young, successful entrepreneur and she too loved hard. After getting her heart broken into a million pieces just a few months before her wedding, her life felt as if it was crumbling into pieces. She never knew that helping one of her love ones would push her into the arms of a real man who was willing to love, cherish, and honor her for the queen that she was. Mashayla and Hazel realized that love sometimes came with pain, love sometimes came with trials and tribulations, and most of all love sometimes came with a little deceit, but overall what they did realize during their journey was that real love overcome it all. This urban filled with romance novel is one that you don’t want to miss!

Baby For A Pryce (Pryce Sisters Book 1)

Brenda Barrett - 2019
    The one who was on the fast track to becoming an Olympic medalist. She had so excelled in school that she got two scholarships from Ivy league schools to do medicine. Nothing could derail her… until she got pregnant. And then, her life which seemed to be going so well was suddenly derailed. What would she do and how would she handle this newest hurdle?

For My Good: My Baby Daddy Ain't Ish

Tanisha Stewart - 2019
    It seems that ever since he left her for another woman, Kayden has written both Gina and her son off. He refuses to pay child support and doesn't seem interested in playing any kind of role in the life of Kayden Jr - who still sees his father as his hero. The only consistent thing about Kayden Senior appears to be his desire to make Gina's life miserable. Meanwhile, her girls Melanie and Keisha always have her back. They have a close knit circle, almost like sisters. Melanie and Keisha urge Gina to try something new with her sexy co-worker David, but Gina isn't sure. Her confidence and her trust in men has not been the same since Kayden Sr. abandoned their family. Her faith in men and her inability to choose a good one makes her hesitant to let another man into her - and her son’s - life. Her heart tells her that David is different, but her mind isn't quite ready to let go of her past. The possibility of love and a good man seems too good to be true, when her baby daddy ain’t ish.

Self Assessment & Review of Basic Subjects, Vol-II: Anatomy & Forensic Medicine

Arvind Arora
    Complete guide for preparation of most entrance exams including NEET, AIIMS, PGI Includes questions of recent NEET Pattern and CET Pattern with explanatory answers (upto 2015) Also includes questions from AIIMS, All India PGI, Chandigarh & varous other examinations (upto 2015)

Seven Planes of Existence: The Philosophy of the ThetaHealing Technique

Vianna Stibal - 2015
    Using a theta brain wave, which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect with the energy of All That Is – the energy in everything – to witness healings of the physical body, and to identify and change limiting beliefs. This book is for those who have already started to experience the magic of this energy healing modality, and wish to deepen their understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence – the philosophy behind the creation of ThetaHealing.       Vianna presents exciting new information to help you take your skill with this work to the next level, and brings the reader into dimensions that she believes to be the beginnings of life itself, on a journey that leads outward, past the universe, to transform beliefs, showing that with a theta state of mind it is possible to connect to a Divine Energy before it becomes anything in this universe.

Dr. Bob and the Good Old Timers

Ed Nyland - 2015
    Its essence is sharing. Therefore, Bill W. and Dr. Bob are always referred to within the Fellowship as the co-founders. So far, among the majority of A.A. members, the Ohio surgeon has been less well known than his partner. He died in 1950, when A.A. was only 15 years old. But his influence on the whole A.A. program is permanent and profound. This book gives a portrait of Dr. Bob as full-sale and balanced as possible—for the most part, in the words of those who knew him personally. The young man who grew up in Vermont became a hard-drinking college boy, then a medical student fighting the onset of his own alcoholism, a respected physician, a loving but increasingly unreliable family man, and at last a desperately ill drunk. He was without hope until he met a stockbroker from New York—Bill W., who urgently needed a fellow alcoholic to help him maintain his own sobriety. His story then becomes inextricably entwined with that of Alcoholics Anonymous: from a fledgling Fellowship to a powerful spiritual movement with a worldwide reach. Dr. Bob’s story remains instructional and inspiring to those who read it today.

The Financial Miracle Prayer

Francis Jonah - 2016
     You will learn how to pray for financial miracles and what to do when the answer is not forthcoming. You must simply read this book to gain a better understanding of prayer for finances.