Book picks similar to
Riding the Storm by Joanne Rock


Devil in Dress Blues

Karen Foley - 2011
    Until one night, she finds it--in the form of a little black book. A book containing X-rated details about an exclusive club where powerful political men play. It could be the story of the century--or it could be the last story Sara writes....Sergeant Rafe Delgado has no use for journalists...even one as hot as Sara. But once he realizes she's in danger, Rafe knows he's the only thing standing between Sara and a pair of cement shoes. Only now, there's nothing standing between them...and Sara's about to learn that powerful politicos aren't the only ones with unbridled desires!


Lori Borrill - 2010
    But a hot fling could easily turn into a major mess for both of them.Then again, what's a little "mess" every now and then...

Hotshot \ Going for It (Uniformly Hot! #20)

Jo Leigh - 2011
    And she's found the perfect candidate. Top gun pilot Luke Carnes is qualified, charismatic and available. Problem #1—he's ridiculously hot. Problem #2— he broke Sara's heart years ago…But she'll be professional. Just as long as she's never close to him. Never under his gaze. And never in his bed.Then again, never is a long, long time…Going For ItDr. Jamie Hampton talked sex -- and all of Manhattan listened. She had the hottest nighttime radio show. Her racy topics and sizzling innuendo made Jamie the number one topic around water coolers all over the city. Her motto? "Go for it!"She was the expert on relationships and sex -- in theory. In practice it was another matter....Bad boy Chase Newman loved talking to Jamie. On the airwaves, her voice aroused him. In person, he planned to seduce her. To teach her everything he instinctively knew she craved. So why wasn't she taking her own advice and going for it?

High Stakes Seduction (Uniformly Hot!, #17)

Lori Wilde - 2011
    Protect. Do not get physical.Obstacle: The temptation to get very physical…Navy Security Specialist Adam Mancuso is staking out the luscious Eva St. George and his control is slipping by the minute. How does a guy stay professional when the subject of his late-night surveillance has a tendency to get her yoga on—in the buff?Eva's had a run of bad luck in the dating department. And she knows she should hold out against the Many Temptations of Adam…but she can't. Besides, when the stakes are this high, the only thing to do is play with everything you've got—and never mind the rules!

Breaking the Rules (Uniformly Hot!, #14)

Tawny Weber - 2011
    James, U.S. Army Sergeant First ClassCurrent Status: On leave after a year in Afghanistan.Mission: Take some R & R. Check up on a buddy's little sister.Obstacle: Sophia Castillo. Independent, stubborn...and hot enough to make him forget she's anybody's "little sister"Max may be off duty, but he still has one last job to do. He's promised to look in on--but not fool around with --his best friend's kid sister. Only once he meets Sophia, all thought of keeping his hands to himself go out the window.Sophia, however, has different ideas. A recent widow, the last thing she needs is another man telling her what to do. Even if that gorgeous man leaves her drooling in a puddle of lust....It's a battle of wills. Who will end up on top? Max breaks every rule in the book to keep Sophia in his bed. After all, all's fair in love and war.And Max is counting on life with Sophia being a little bit of both.

The Rebel

Rhonda Nelson - 2011
    Oddly discontent with the way his life is going...Mission: Getting his act together before the next assignment.Obstacle: Sunny Ledbetter. The girl he's never managed to forget...Finn has never questioned his life's purpose--to serve and protect, no matter how unorthodox the means. But since the unexpected deaths of his parents, he feels lost....Until he runs into Sunny, the first girl he'd ever loved. Sunny's now all woman...and very interested in fanning the banked flames between them into blistering adult heat! And his libido is definitely game.But once again, their timing is off. He'd like nothing more than to spend every waking moment in her bed...but he's leaving in a week! Unfortunately, the overwhelming chemistry between them isn't giving him a choice.And every soldier knows there are some battles you just can't win....

Texas Blaze

Debbi Rawlins - 2009
    But he was a few years older and her brothers' best friend, and her fantasies stayed exactly that. Now however, Kate's got seduction in mind and a point to prove: she won't miss out on Mitch a second time.Mitch can't believe the woman his "little Katie" has become. She's beautiful, has a body that gives him all kinds of naughty ideas and, best of all, she's lost none of her fiery spirit and take-no-prisoners sense of humor. So, when Kate comes a-calling--he can't resist--and won't! But will their luck be better the second time around?

In the Line of Fire (Uniformly Hot!, #15)

Jennifer LaBrecque - 2011
    About to engage in a battle for his heart.Mission: Keep his honor intact.Obstacle: Runaway bride--and first love --Andi Mitchell.Colton respects one creed: Duty and honor above all. So he's torn when sweet, sexy Andi asks his help in fleeing from her intended groom. But her big, brown-eyed plea is so convincing...Unfortunately, Andi is his best friend's little sister. Translation? Hands off, soldier But that's a damn hard thing to do. Because this sexy, utterly absorbing woman is the only one he wants--the one he's "always" wanted. How can he possibly resist her when they're sharing hotel rooms...and their bodies?Battle zones are nothing compared to this. Colton's heart is directly in the line of fire. So what else can he do but launch a counterattack...a purely physical one? Because if you can't beat 'em...

Just One Night

Nancy Warren - 2012
    Furnished with unique four-poster bed...currently occupied by a disheveled, wickedly hot guy!When she sees photojournalist Rob Klassen sleeping in the bed, real estate agent Hailey Fleming figures she's either in property hell...or some kind of heaven where sexy-pants men just appear in empty beds.But when Rob decides to stay in his grandmother's house until they find the right buyer, Hailey's libido starts getting out of control. Her only option is a no-holds-barred SexFest for one night. And her commission... is his submission!

Not Just Friends

Kate Hoffmann - 2012
    (With boys!)For the great outdoors. (Where you can find yourself in nature. With boys!) For adults-only activities. (Best shared with men!)For venture capitalist Adam Sutherland, attending Camp Winnehatchee's reopening was a no-brainer. He's even reuniting with former camp counselors to chip in and help revive the camp. What he isn't expecting is to find a girl sleeping in his bunk. Or that the girl is none other than Julia McKee, who went from shy and awkward Good Girl to scorching-hot babe….But the good girl is all gone…and she's headed off to Paris! But before she goes, Julia intends to show her bad-boy childhood crush just how to put the "wild" back into the wilderness! And this time, he'll be the one left wanting more….

Roped In

Crystal Green - 2011
    But when a mix-up finds Shane slipping into her bedroom—and her bed!—Nicki decides it's time to take her new look (and Shane) for a spin!Now Nicki is ready to play, and Shane can't help but want more. And more. But this is supposed to be a temporary arrangement… So what happens to their role-playing hanky-panky when they run into their real selves?

Another Wild Wedding Night

Leslie Kelly - 2010
    But when famous, drop-dead-hottie action star Drew Ericson films his latest flick at the wedding inn, she turns into his naughtiest fan....Jazz Wilkes is rough, tough and totally in touch with her sexual appetite. No man can withstand her desires...except proper yet wildly sexy Blake Marshall! He'll give her a night to remember... but only if she'll give him the rest of her life!Passion? Abby Bauer wants some! Her fiance, Keith, just doesn't make her toes tingle. But the dashing masked man at the reception sure does....

Let It Ride

Jillian Burns - 2009
    And all the hot flyboys in the world won't make a difference--until Major Cole Jackson sends Jordan's thoughts and hormones into wicked places indeed....What Jordan doesn't know is that Cole made a deal with his buddies: get some hot-'n'-heavy action from the Keno girl, or pay up! But Cole doesn't need an incentive. Every time he looks at Jordan's lips (or any part of her body, for that matter), he's immediately aware that something is up--and it isn't his ante!It looks as if Cole won't lose just his shirt. He'll lose all control, too!

Simon Says...

Donna Kauffman - 2010
    Respectable night manager Sophie Maplethorpe is about to break and enter--in her own hotel. Worse, she ducks into the wrong room But it's hard to be sorry when she discovers the most sexy, mysterious guy in it....International security expert Simon Lassiter is on the verge of finding a stolen precious--and pricey--gem...until the most criminally inept but majorly hot woman creeps into his room. Much to their soon-discovered mutual pleasureBut Simon's got hard-earned savvy and sophistication. He's not about to trust a woman who just happened to stumble into a major heist.Not even if she "is" willing to do anything Simon says in the bedroom....

Just One Kiss

Isabel Sharpe - 2012
    Sweet buttery cookies with melted chocolate, yummy cupcakes with creamy soft icing…and the owner, Angela Loukas, is about to meet a mouthwatering morsel of a man—one she can't resist!Unfortunately, Daniel Flynn is officially celibate. No sex. No dating. It's criminal, really. But once he steps into Angela's shop, he remembers what temptation—in the form of chocolate icing and a mischievous set of chocolate-brown eyes—feels like.Now he wants to have his cupcakes…and Angela, too!