Sheer Consequence

Hannah Ford - 2018
     The words burned against my brain, searing hot. Then another thought, more dangerous than the first. Tie her wrists, brand her, teach her. She was wearing a dress that was a size too small, and I knew immediately she didn’t have a boyfriend waiting for her at home, because no man would have let her out of the house in that. The dress was red. Short. A sweetheart neckline that was supposed to make her look innocent, but did nothing except push her full curves up and over the material. Her hair was dirty blond and long, tousled around her shoulders. She was sipping a glass of champagne and looking around nervously, her wide eyes flicking from person to person at the party, as if she were afraid she was going to get caught. What have you done, bad girl? Something you should be punished for? My palm burned as I imagined taking her over my knee, that short little dress pushed up, the place between her legs pulsing. The feeling of desire I had looking at her was like an electric shock to my soul. My instincts said to leave her alone, that this would end in nothing but tragedy. My instincts had always served me well in the past. But this time, I decided to ignore them. An innocent girl. A ruthless man. An inevitable, sordid devastation…

Meeting Jack Kemble

Sky Corgan - 2013
    She'd managed to get fired from nearly every job she ever had thanks to running her mouth. After being unable to come up with her portion of the rent, her roommate has finally had enough. If she can't stick with the next job that she gets, she'll be forced to move out.Jack Kemble is a multibillionaire playboy who doesn't take no for an answer. When a chance meeting lands Jennifer in his office, will she be able to bend to his will, or will her resistance make life a living hell for the both of them?

Big Daddy Box Set

B.B. Hamel - 2017
    Each story comes with a brand new, never-before-seen extended bonus epilogue!Book 1: Man of the HouseMy house, my rules, and she better f**king like it.I have a playboy reputation and I earned it. I can’t help it if I leave a trail of soaking wet and satisfied women in my wake. Until my latest scandal lands me in hot water. Either I fix my image or the board of directors will force me to step down from the company that I founded. That’s why I marry my secretary and closest confidant. We’re not really into each other, but she says she’ll help when I offer her an outrageous sum of money. It sounds like an easy plan right up until I meet her daughter, Emily. I’m supposed to be good, but her gorgeous curves and innocent baby blues make me want to be very, very bad. If I get caught with Emily, it’s game f**king over. I’ll lose absolutely everything, and it’ll destroy her in the process. She may be incredibly off limits, but I’ll break every rule to get a taste.* * * * *Book 2: Possessive Daddy I refused to get involved with Julia Hall at first. She couldn’t pay me enough to be her pretend husband. Then I caught sight of my future stepdaughter and the word “yes” slipped off my tongue. I need to keep my hands off sweet Sydney. Taking her could ruin everything. Not to mention, she’s twenty years younger than me. I know she wants me too. She gives me those bedroom eyes every day, even though we both know it’s so wrong. I can’t resist her anymore. I know she’s waiting for me to sneak into her room in the middle of the night. I’ll open the door, step inside, and whisper in her ear:You belong to Daddy now.* * * * *Book 3: Your DaddyI ran away from home at nineteen to escape my abusive father, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.Freezing and alone, I needed help. That’s when Carson found me. He took me into his home and saved me. Carson wants to protect me. He wants to give me everything I could possibly need. But we shouldn’t do this. His enemies want to destroy him, and they’ll use me if they have to. All I have to do is give myself up to him. Let him take control. All I have to do is say the words: You’re my Daddy.* * * * *Book 4: Small Town DaddyI shouldn’t want a man like Lucas.I stayed home from college so I could take care of my sick father, not so that I could get involved with an older, tattooed ex-Navy SEAL.As soon as he walks into my life, I know I’m screwed. I can’t take my eyes off of his ripped muscles and cocky grin. I keep undressing him with my eyes, but I’d rather he undressed me with those rough hands. I want to get to know the real Lucas Baker. He’s more than just the bad boy he appears to be. He’s a single father and he works for a flower shop. There has to be something more beneath that hard exterior.* * * * *Book 5: Virgin's DaddyI didn’t know she was a virgin when I bought her.But I knew I had to have Sadie the moment I saw her. At any price.She’s the daughter of the powerful Hans Tillman, and he doesn’t take kindly to self-made men like me. He thinks I can’t own her. But he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.I bought her, every inch of her, and I’m going to take what’s mine.Tillman can try to stop us, but I always get what I want.When we’re through, she’ll have a new Daddy to take care of her.* * * * *All of the stories in 'Big Daddy' are exciting romances with steamy scenes and bad language. They are only recommended for readers 18+.

The Mentor and the Master: A Submissive Series Novella

Tara Sue Me - 2018
     Before he became her teacher, he had to be a student. Before he becomes her everything, he has to tell her all… As Cole and Sasha prepare to become one permanently, they have a visit from old friends. Fritz and Kate aren’t in town for long, but Fritz recently found a journal he wants Cole to have. Sasha doesn’t understand why Cole is so secretive about a journal from years ago. She tries to ignore her growing unease, but the delivery of a mysterious red envelope changes everything. Cole has demanded complete honesty from Sasha. Is he prepared to give her the same?

Rough Hand

Olivia Chase - 2016
     LEVI I’m no good for her. And she’s probably no good for me, either. But hell if I don’t find myself wanting her right now. My c*ck is slamming against my zipper at the thought of thrusting my tongue in her mouth, swallowing her moans… She’s so pure that I can almost see the glow of white around her. I’m too wicked, too dirty to touch her. But there’s something about the way I can feel her emotions pouring from her, like she’s a broken dam spilling over, that makes my chest tight. No one has ever made me feel this way. Like she could slide under my skin and see all of me with her own innocent vulnerability. Like I could be in real danger of losing my self-control, the walls that have protected me well for my whole life. I can’t let her break me apart, not when I’ve worked so hard, so long, to keep myself glued together. To be strong and impenetrable. No, I’ll just keep my distance. Surely that won’t be a problem. Even if she does live right across the street from my shop. ALEXA I’ve never had this feeling before, this burning need to be around someone as much as I can. When we touch, I want to keep on touching. When he’s inside me, our limbs tangled together, our sweat-slicked bodies connected in the most intimate way possible, I feel like I’ve found my other half. Yeah, I’m falling for him. Head over heels, all the clichés. I’m falling hard for Levi, and he’s working just as hard to keep himself from being vulnerable with me. Does this make me a fool, or can I even hope that he might start to open up to me? He’s so scared to open up to anyone. So scared to dig into the things that hurt him in his past. I just want to help him be happy. If only he’d drop all his walls and talk to me, he could let it go and move on. Will I ever be happy with Levi? Right or wrong, I need more. I need more, but the problem is, walking away from Levi makes me feel like I’ll end up with nothing at all…


Brenda Rothert - 2014
    The end of their relationship marked the beginning of a painful solitary journey for her. Though she makes places beautiful with her work as an interior designer, the rest of her life is anything but beautiful – it’s slowly pulling her under.Brady, a contractor, is swiftly building his business into an empire. Work is a faithful companion that never lets him down like Palmer did. When he sees women now, it’s on his terms. And his terms are simple: just sex. He won’t let a woman break him again.Palmer is barely holding it together when she and Brady are unexpectedly paired on a project after a year apart. The pull between them is stronger than ever, but the fallout from their reconnection leaves them both wondering if maybe some things are better left unsaid.

The Stranger Master: Cold Call

Sofia Paz - 2013
    But soon, Katherine finds herself drawn to the stranger in a way she had never quite imagined...!With her emotions in turmoil, her sexual appetite bordering on the ferocious and her marriage in jeopardy, Katherine must decide who she really belongs to. Herself? Her husband? Or the mysterious stranger on the telephone...

Nikki & Damien at the Beach

J. Kenner - 2017
    Short written for Coastal Magic 2017

Punished into Submission

Holly Carter - 2013
    I saw things that a child should never see. I felt things as a teenager that one should never feel and there are things that I heard that one should never hear. I was grateful when Sailor saved my life.”Kat was determined to get away and become someone else after her tragic childhood. Become someone people would fear. Become invincible. Incredible. Painful. Harmful. Playful. Dangerous……..When Kat breaks the law in her adopted club, she is sent to trial where the jury demands obedience, training, and a punishment she will never forget. They force her to become a submissive to none other than Hunter Ford, Master of Masters and Mistresses Palace, the most notorious BDSM club in the city.Hunter is wanted by all and feared by many. He’s dark, dangerous, and sexy as sin. He’s the master. When he is handed a Switch to play with and teach, he thinks life couldn’t get much easier. How wrong he was. His life was about to get explosive.Hunter has thirty days to make Kat obey him, respect him, want him, and kneel to him. Hunter’s methods are savage, sexy, and mind blowing. The feelings between this Dom and sub are never meant to be anything more than pleasure and pain. But when you mix pleasure, lies, and an earth shattering need there are arousing yet devastating consequences.Will Hunter let his guard down? Can the Master be mastered? Or, will Kat give up control after her moment of clarity? Can Hunter succeed and punish her into submission?


Annie Jocoby - 2014
    Ends in MAJOR cliffhanger. Not for the faint of heart. :) Beautiful heiress Dalilah Gallagher, a former child art prodigy, has lost her way. Harsh criticism in her formative years has left her floundering and without the artistic voice that once centered her life. Now, at the age of 20, she has spent the last nine years trying to reclaim what she lost. Her struggles lead her to the nude-modeling world in New York City, where she hopes she will find her passion for art again. What she finds is surprising: Her artistic voice isn't gone, merely misplaced.Luke Roberts has a different problem. Raised by a solid, working-class fisherman in Maine, Luke is a gifted artist struggling to get a foothold in the busy New York City art scene. His gifts attract the attention of a wealthy benefactor, Blake Nottingham, who finds himself fascinated with Dalilah. Nottingham commissions Luke to provide him with a piece of art: A painting of Dalilah. As the two young artists fall in love, Dalilah finds her artistic voice once more, so she'll do anything to help Luke find the prominence he deserves. This leads to a dangerous game of deceit that puts Dalilah in Nottingham's clutches when she tries to manipulate him into helping Luke. Nottingham isn't easily manipulated, though, and things go seriously awry for Dalilah. What happens when the manipulated becomes the manipulator? Will Dalilah's lies cause her to lose the one person that means everything her? This is a full-length, 65,000 word novel. Approximately 200 pages.

The Billionaire's Deal: The Complete Story

Crystal Kaswell - 2015
    At only twenty-one, she's resigned to one seriously bleak future. Waiting tables barely supports her only family, her sister, and she's got no luck finding a better job. With no money or time for school, she has no chance at a better life.Then she meets Blake. The billionaire tech CEO is a lifeline. An arrogant, controlling, impossible to read lifeline. He wants something from Kat and he'll do whatever it takes to get it.He offers Kat a deal-- a few months of her life for a few hundred thousand dollars. All she has to do is play his girlfriend and convince everyone that she's madly in love with him.It's Blake's way, Blake's terms, Blake utterly in control.She tells herself it's only business. But the part between them that matters-- the two of them alone, her giving in to everything he wants-- that part is strictly personal.The Billionaire's Deal is a four episode new adult romance serial featuring an inexperienced yet feisty heroine and a protective alpha billionaire hero. This is the complete story.Stay tuned for the bonus Blake and Kat holiday story, The Billionaire's Christmas, coming November 2015 and for The Billionaire's Need, coming December 2015 and following Lizzy and her alpha billionaire.


Jason Luke - 2016
    It’s the novella that changes the genre. What would happen if you had the chance to talk privately to an author about sex and sensuality in the most intimate environment possible? Reader comments: ‘With this one release, Jason Luke has changed the erotic genre. Forever’… ‘Absolutely brilliant!’… ‘Between the covers is every woman’s fantasy.’… Approximately 20,000 words

10 Nights

Michelle Hughes - 2012
    Or so she thought. Her best laid plans and well-ordered life were turned head over heels after her best friend, Janie, invited her to a “coming-out” party.One look at Rhett and all previous thoughts went straight to hell. He made an unbelievable offer to her: “Give me 10 nights and I’ll show you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.”Was this an invitation to paradise or would his request destroy her mind, body and soul?From virgin to courtesan in 10 nights? Was Leah even willing to consider it?In a game of cat and mouse in which 10 nights, 10 choices and 10 fantasies could change everything, who would declare victory?Reader Advisory: Book contains adult themes such as m/f/m, f/f, dubious consent, anal play, and BDSM themes.


Lucia Jordan - 2016
    She is certain that moving to Seattle Washington is the perfect chance to start over and finally blossom in the woman she’s always wanted to be. But things don’t turn out exactly the way she expects… When Jenna agrees to interview hot business tycoon Eli Carver, she is not prepared for the intense chemistry she experiences with him. Jenna can’t resist Eli’s almost magnetic pull, and he can’t seem to keep away from her either. But as things heat up between them, are Jenna and Eli at risk of getting burnt? Jealous tempers and accusations abound…but is someone after them with even darker motives?

A Slave To Him (Book 1) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Kelly Favor - 2016
    From New York Times bestselling author Kelly Favor, comes a sexy and gripping new series that will leave you breathless… HIS OBSESSION Orlando Parker is one of the richest, most powerful men in the free world.And when he decides he wants something, or someone, he gets it.If he chooses you, be ready to give him everything.Be ready to take everything you can take.Be ready to be… A SLAVE TO HIM.