Book picks similar to
The Girl in the City by Philip Harris


Beyond the Night

Alexandra Bracken - 2017
    Sam would rather be on her own than put in the care of a foster family and given the 'cure' - a dangerous procedure that unclaimed kids across the country are being forced to undergo. But there's more at stake than just her own safety. Sam once made someone a promise and the time has come to fulfill it. Now that she's out of her camp, Mia only has one thought in her head: finding Lucas, her beloved older brother.Don't miss the thrilling novella that connects the last two novels in the New York Times bestselling series The Darkest Minds.MORE PRAISE FOR THE DARKEST MINDS'The story's quick-paced action leads to a heartbreaking cliffhanger that will have readers eager for the next book ...' - Publishers Weekly'Haunting ... Bracken creates a gripping and terrifying dystopian world.' - Kirkus Reviews'HELL TO THE YES, I love this story and these characters so much!!' - Goodreads'THE DARKEST MINDS was, without a doubt, one of the best books I have read!' - Goodreads

Portrait of a Donor

Lissa Price - 2013
    The ebook is a perfect entryway into the world of Starters, and a must-read for fans who've already read the novel and the other ebook original short stories, Portrait of a Starter and Portrait of a Marshal.

Flotsam & Jetsam

Carrie Ryan - 2013
    What’s worse: one of them is infected. Note: this 5,000 word short story was originally published in the anthology The Living Dead 2 edited by John Joseph Adams.


Lee Strauss - 2012
    He’s taken up his dead father’s cause, speaking out and protesting against unfair GAP policies that are responsible for the massive social divide between wealthy GAPs and poorer naturals.If only he could keep his mind off of perfect Zoe Vanderveen, daughter of the GAP family his mother works for.And can he really fill his father’s shoes?Ambition is a free short story prequel (5K- approx. 20 pages) to Perception, capturing the beginning of Noah and Zoe’s story from Noah’s POV.

The Ivory Tower

Kirstin Pulioff - 2013
    The number that dictates her life at the protection camp. Regulated by a system of ringing bells, fortified cars, and rations, the survivors are protected from residual contaminates on the other side of the wall. Breaking the monotony of the highly structured camp, Simone and her friend skip school to enjoy one of the last nice days of fall. An afternoon game leads them to a new part of the forest, uncovering more than they expected. All thoughts of protection and rules are shattered by the appearance of the ivory tower. A tower riddled with a history of danger and death.When her friend shows up with a bruised face and thinly veiled threats, Simone has to decide how much she is willing to risk to find out the truth of the tower.


Katie French - 2013
    Grown up in a dying world where nine out of ten babies are born male, she survives by trusting no one. When Marlin, the nineteen-year-old gunslinger with the sky-blue eyes, kills the man who has been keeping her enslaved, Nessa decides this handsome stranger might be her meal ticket. What she doesn’t realize is love is still possible, even in their decimated world. When Nessa discovers she’s pregnant with Marlin’s child, her difficult life now teeters on a knife’s edge. Can she bear to bring a child into their shattered world? Better yet, can Marlin keep them safe from those that hunt Nessa?A companion story to The Breeders, this prequel novelette (34 pages or 10,000 words) explores the origins of two important characters and gives a deeper look into their background. It contains minor spoilers to the novel and is intended for mature teens and adults.

Garnet's Story

Amy Ewing - 2016
    Now we’ll hear the Duchess’s son, Garnet’s, story in this digital novella—a companion story to the New York Times bestselling Lone City trilogy.Garnet, the son of the Duchess of the Lake, has always been a spoiled playboy. But now, for the first time, Garnet is beginning to realize the horrors that his family, and the ruling community, have perpetrated. And he just may be ready to do something about it.

Maddie's Tattoo

Katie Kacvinsky - 2013
    Excerpt:"I never knew that taking one class would change my life. The most insignificant decisions can have the most significant impacts. That is the scary thing about choice. Choice is a methodical genius hidden behind the face of a child. We think it’s all fun and innocent until we realize the force of our decisions. Choice is our life compass. It guides our every direction."

Malcolm's Journal

Pittacus Lore - 2013
    Malcolm's Journal is a Lost Files bonus containing journal entries of Malcolm's thoughts, between rescuing Sam from the Dulce Base and meeting up with the Garde.

Life After Legend

Marie Lu - 2017
    It will be available to the public near the end of 2017 or early 2018

The Longest Fall

Liu Cixin - 2012
    Using nothing beyond gravity and inertia one could now travel from the eastern to the western hemisphere in less than an hour. The future of travel was not the sky, it was deep below the earth. It all came crashing down when its inventor was accused of crimes against humanity. With its creator a monster in the eyes of the world the tunnel has fallen into disuse, but now it will be used once more ...

Endgame: The Complete Zero Line Chronicles

James Frey - 2016
    But there are some people out there who aren’t keen to let their fate be decided by twelve strangers.Originally published as three individual ebook novellas, the Zero Line Chronicles are now together in one print volume and tell the story of an underground group of conspiracy theorists determined to stop Endgame before it begins—and save the world.

Shadow Me

Tahereh Mafi - 2019
    Juliette is still reeling from Warner's betrayal, and Kenji is trying to balance his friendship with her with his responsibilities as a leader of the resistance against the Reestablishment. Things get even more interesting when an unexpected person from Omega Point’s past surfaces.The ending of Restore Me left readers gasping, and this novella full of Kenji’s signature sass and big heart is the perfect story to tide fans over until Defy Me, the shocking fifth book in the Shatter Me series.

A Dark Grave

J.A. Souders - 2012
    Cursed.All who venture to the island disappear.But Gavin doesn't believe in such things. He is a hunter; since his father's death, he is the only one who can provide for the family. Silly rumors of ghosts aren't going to stop him from crossing the dark waters to the island in search of fresh game...


Will McIntosh - 2017
    All she knows of the outside world is a mysterious audience that files through the gates once a week to watch her and the other residents attempt to break world records. Celia’s record-breaking feats require an iron will more than any special talent, and she will need every ounce of that will when she escapes her town to help a dying friend, because outside the walls lies a shocking truth. Accompanied by a tall, scarred stranger, and a hostile clown whose brightly-colored face makeup does not wash off, Celia confronts an enemy that will test her limits and threaten the survival of everyone she loves. Fans of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games will love this explosive, action-packed dystopian thriller from Hugo Award winning science fiction author Will McIntosh.