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Empathy by Mandi Moane


White Alpha Billionaire's Black Baby 2

Nicki Jackson - 2015
    She cannot wait to share the birth with her new man. But after Samuel leaves on a business trip, Ellie starts to think twice about her fairy tale relationship. Is it too good to be true? She is about to find out.. Note: This book contains very steamy scenes between a curvy black woman and a dominant, white alpha male. Mature readers only!

A Tryst At Midnight (The Alesi Men)

Serenity King - 2012
    The title, some content, and publisher have changed. Piero Alesi is back in the states after being away in Italy for two years. At a family get-together he’s decided that Adanna Washington will be his. Piero is known for getting what he wants both in business and his personal life. He's never envisioned himself in competition with his own cousin, Nicco for Adanna’s attention. Nicco believes he has the upper hand—Adanna’s his sister’s best friend, and he’s been in contact with Adanna far longer than Piero. However, Piero is willing to chance that the love he has for Adanna will far outweigh Nicco’s lust. He only has to convince her. Adanna Washington writes about love but doesn’t have the time for romance in her life. She is far too busy. Adanna is late on a deadline with her editor — attending her best friend, Carina’s Alesi’s family outing is the last place she should be. Imagine her surprise when at the outing she attracts the attention of not only Carina’s brother, Nicco, but also of Carina’s elusive cousin, Piero. Not wanting to be a pawn in this game the Alesi men seem to want to play—she rebuffs them both, or so she thought.

First Love

Viola Black - 2014
    His large, calloused yet soft hand enveloped mine and I intertwined my fingers with his. I never quite got over how our hands looked when we held hands; it was like the Yin and Yang circle, although our hands are not perfectly black and white but there is a contrast.

Billionaire by Design

Tiana Cole - 2016
    but love is worth everything. Graphic artist Jenna Parker has fled NYC for the Southwest, hoping to make a new start -- but a dead-end job in a fast-food joint isn’t quite what she had in mind. Her luck changes when a chance encounter brings her face to face with Zane Talbot, a handsome artist and entrepreneur who owns his own powerhouse marketing firm. Blown away by her talent and beauty, Zane persuades Jenna to join his company. Once she’s there, however, they both struggle to resist the sparks between them and keep things professional. Try as they might, it’s not long before they surrender to temptation. But things get much more complicated after Jenna gets pregnant. And when funds start disappearing from the company, it puts Jenna and Zane in the spotlight … and the crosshairs. Can they find the culprit in time, or will their relationship come to an untimely end?

Vindictive Revenge

Nia Wilson - 2018
    . When off-duty EMT Kristen Devereaux rescues a man from a potentially fatal accident, she has no idea that she just saved the life of one of the most successful billionaires in the country. Which is exactly why she’s stunned when he invites her to dinner one night and makes her a proposal she just can’t afford to turn down. Self-made billionaire Sebastian Kent is a man in trouble. This divorced father of two adorable girls is restlessly being pursued by a vindictive ex-wife who’s not quite as innocent as she looks. After a particularly nasty divorce, the last thing that Sebastian wants is another relationship. Until he meets feisty Kristen with her sparkling eyes and sharp wit. In spite of their reservations, there’s no denying the electrified spark between Kristen and Sebastian. But as the two lovers embark on a whirlwind romance, will they ever escape the dangers that constantly lurk over their heads? **** This is a standalone Novel with a touch of steam and HEA. ****

Doctor's Love

Violet Jackson - 2015
     ***A Complete Story With NO CLIFFHANGER*** Meeka I was a single mother just scraping by with my job as a waitress at the local diner. But I had high hopes, and I knew that my destiny was much greater than my current situation. Life doesn’t always give us a fair hand, but I had love in my heart and a beautiful son I wouldn’t give up anything for. Everything started turning around for the better, once I met the doctor… Rick Money, money, money. It seems everywhere I go that’s all anyone is after. I do well for myself, I’m a successful physician, drive a fancy car and try to do good in this world. But I just hoped one day I would meet someone with a heart of gold. My prayers were answered, one faithful afternoon when I saw her walking alone, all by her lonesome. Little did I know at the time, that I was connected to this woman, in more ways than one… Read this complete standalone romance to the end by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1 Click" Check the "Look Inside" feature and find out how you can get 3 NEW (2018) EXCLUSIVE 40,000 Word Standalone BWWM Romances, absolutely FREE, sent to you in minutes!

Holiday Hijinx

Shara Azod - 2016
    Her partners and best friends were determined to make this year's office Christmas party the best one ever. So leaving the two to do their worst, which could be extremely bad, she set out to give the presentation of a lifetime to Ty Lafitte, the most sought after investor in all of Silicon Valley.  Who knew a man worth billions could strip like he was a pro? Who knew a lap dance could lead to forever?   Excerpt: “Dude! You are late! Your costumes were delivered like an hour ago. Come on you can get ready on my office.” Ty wasn't exactly sure what the hell was happening. There hadn’t been time to step off the elevator before a tiny termagant of a human was pulling him along then pushing him into an otherwise empty office, shoving a gym bag in his hands. “Hurry up!” the little woman hissed at him, actually stomping her foot. “Dana will be here in five minutes, the one I sent you a picture of. You remember what she looks like right?” Not giving him time to answer she launched into instructions. “It doesn't matter, she will be the only one seated, I will be standing right behind her. I’m Kimmi by the way, the one who hired you. Just make sure you give her one hell of a show before working the room. We’ve already paid you double so that shouldn’t be a problem, right? I mean, you are bound to get a lot of tips out there. Oh and you are bi right? The guys that are into this kind of thing - you know- you shaking it all over them or whatever, will be up front. Leave the dudes hanging back alone. Are we clear? Good! Now hurry up and get those buns out there. As soon as I see you enter I will start the music.” There was no time to tell the diminutive general who he really was. As soon as she finished talking she was gone, closing the door with authority despite doing so quietly. Yep, he was definitely investing in this company. Hell, he was prepared to give them twice the capital they were asking for. What he couldn’t figure out was whether he was going to march out of the office he was currently standing in the middle of like he had lost every available brain cell in his head, or have a little fun and go out there and play the role. There was a reason Ty kept a very low profile despite his unprecedented success in business. Truthfully, he just didn't want to be bothered with questions and have an exposé done on his background, the Louisiana swamp he crawled out of, or the fact he put himself through college by stripping. This situation would be funny if it was so eerie. It just so happened he could go out there, shake it like they had never seen before, then surprise the three partners with his identity. It would be a great prank. But as Ty began hastily disrobing, he knew the real reason he was doing this. It was Dana. The straight talking, serious pitch woman had piqued his interest beyond her company’s potential growth. As he watched her deal with Dale and Dallas, he found himself fascinated by her. And yeah, he was more than a little interested. His cock had gotten hard by the way she continually slapped down Dale’s insinuations that maybe the apps she was presenting weren't so unique, or that maybe Dana and her partners needed assistance in supervising a growing company. Dale hadn’t even realized how thoroughly she had slit his throat with witty, accurate comebacks. Some flew right over Dale’s head. Dallas had simply sat there and let his counterpart be torn apart rhetorically speaking. Sirens was a company that didn't need Ty, they wanted him. That made a business deal desirable.

Billionaire's Baby Surprise, Part One

Mia Caldwell - 2015
    Instead, Jake is actually billionaire Wallace Whitcomb Jacobi and her new boss. Their resolve to forget the shared night of passion and behave as aloof professionals soon falls apart under the force of their mutual attraction. Sondra knows the sensible choice is to resign—not just because she can't keep her hands off her boss, but because the consequences of one night will last nine months and beyond. It's a surprise baby for the billionaire in this three-part serial featuring a strong black woman and a stubborn white man. Part one ends with a cliffhanger.

THE PATTELS: HAWK & RAVEN II: Absolute loyalty, Unbreakable trust

S.K Hardy - 2019
    However, she didn’t count on falling for the youngest of the clan, Hawk Pattel. Hawk is wealthy, handsome, intelligent and charming. Raven tries to resist him, but when a Pattel wants something, nothing will stand in his way. Just when Hawk is on the verge of convincing Raven that the two of them could have something special, something real, all of his skeletons start falling out of the closet, one ugly bone at a time. Self-preservation takes over for Raven, and the only thing she can do is run. But Hawk is determined not to give up. He’ll break down the walls she’s had time to rebuild one brick at a time if he has to. However, old hurts and secrets are revealed that will test Hawk and Raven beyond anything they’ve come up against. Will they be strong enough to withstand a storm a second time? The Pattels: Hawk and Raven II is the continuation of the first book in the hot new series by National Best Selling author S.K. Hardy. It’s sexy, thrilling, and intriguing, all of the elements that S.K. is known for. This exciting saga is a story that will engage every one of your emotions: anger, happiness, laughter, and fear. The Pattels is a spin off of S.K.’s previous bestseller, The Sin City Heat Series. However, it is not necessary to have read Sin City Heat in order to start this new series. **Warning: This book is an erotic romance novel. It contains strong sexual language and themes that is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

The Mistletoe Wedding (The Brides of Christmas #1 )

Izabella Brooks - 2019
    Fate brought them together again, at Christmas, no less. But this time, she’s determined to safeguard her heart. Breona Ten years ago, he stole everything from me. We used to be friends. We could have even been more than that. Until he left me behind for good, ruining my life in the process. But backstabber or not, we’re both part of a wedding party. Together. At Christmas. It might be a season of love, magic, and second chances, but not for us. We’ll be lucky if we make it through the wedding without killing each other or setting the place on fire. Karsyn Okay, there’s no denying it: Breona Smyth is the most obnoxious, beautiful, enchanting woman I’ve ever met. She’s also clinging on to the notion that I ruined her life. Ten years later, she’s just as obnoxious, beautiful, and enchanting. I don’t want to ruin my best bud’s wedding, but I’m determined to make her see reason. I just don’t know if she’ll really listen. Or if I can keep myself from falling in love with her all over again. **** This is a standalone Novella with a touch of steam and HEA. ****


Linda Verji - 2019
    She’s everything he wants in a woman; gorgeous, generous, warm and she makes him smile every time he sees her. Unfortunately, she’s also his best friend’s little sister aka seriously off limits. He can’t have her. That is until heartbreak and drinking together leads to one unforgettable night of passion. Lex has an empire to run and a friendship to keep… so why can’t he get Freddie off his mind. She’s the one woman he shouldn’t want… so why can’t he forget how right she feels in his bed? Or how much he wants her there, not just for one night but forever? Being together might be against the rules… but being apart is impossible.

Cold: Daughter of Gaea

E.L. King - 2017
    Twenty-one-year-old Olive Trenton doesn't have much happening in her life aside from a temperamental friend who spends her free time antagonizing werewolf's, and another friend who when distracted may cause the second world flood. Given the job of managing these two trouble makers, she spends her time preventing near disasters and completing her homework. Despite the pressures of making sure her races identity remains a secrete on a campus filled with paranormal beings, she's managing just find, until a cold eyed Lycan by the name of Lucian Siriano enters her life claiming she is his mate. She may be more special then she knows... The minute Lucian Siriano lays his eyes on Olive, he knows she's the one for him. She is the key to giving him the power to compete against others for the title of Alpha in his pack. The only problem is, she insists she isn't the one and that they could never be. Lucian will not allow her to run from him, and has no choice but to show her that there is no other that could bring the same cold hit. In the eyes of the domineering and terrifying a Lucian Siriano, Olive will find her life thrown on its head, as she is dragged into a world she wasn't groomed for and forced to experience the coldest passion at the hands of the Lycan Heir. Will she break or will she fight the cold?

An Alpha's Heart: The Architect and Bodyguard

Sara Allen - 2019
    He gazed at me for a few seconds. ”Because after the fire is burned away, what’s left?” The Architect: He was like no one I’d ever seen. Ink snaking across his neck, down his arms and across his hands like the map of his life. If those experiences gave him joys or pains, he’d never tell. He was a mystery I hoped he’d want to share, but I knew I was fooling myself. Robbing a bank would have been easier. His body reminded me of a marble statue; tall, lean and muscled. When he walked into a room, men and women stopped to stare. If his body enticed them, the impassive stare and cold eyes scared them more. He watched every action, and wasn’t impressed. What kind of man was picked him up off the streets, kept like a dangerous pet, but remained loyal to the one man who had his respect? Whoever said the only fire that burns was hot, had never met Asher’s frigid stare. He was going to ruin me, and like a moth to a flame, I went willingly. The Bodyguard: My job had its perks. Travel, women and enough freedom to make my life interesting. I’d been to nearly every continent in the world, and slept with some of the best-paid entertainment money could buy. But those things were for show, meaning nothing in the grander scheme of things. When my boss decided to build a new house, why he recruited the sexiest architect around, I have no idea. I’m not a relationship kind of guy; I’ve been too messed up to share myself with anyone worth the time. It’s complicated. A person like me, whose life belonged to someone else, had nothing to share with anyone. I saw her, but made sure she thought otherwise. A woman like that is too straight for me. She’d want too much and be worth the effort too. I was like a doctor who prescribed pain and heartache to the unwary, and even though I knew I should stay away, there’s something about her I want to explore. Maybe I’ll just get her number. After all, I don’t have to call her, right?

Enjoying Mr. Hardwood

Christine Gray - 2018
    Hardwood, a RE-EDITED version has been uploaded as of June 18, 2018. We apologize for the glaring errors within the original.*** MJ should have know she couldn't love this man and leave him. It was something about his touch that sent her up in flames. His turquoise eyes gave a promise of satisfaction that created a fear that she should have listened to. No, MJ thought when she walked away the mysterious Mr. Hardwood would be reduced to a man that she would conjure up in the darkness. However, their time of lust over 9 years ago left a lasting mark. When Mr. Hardwood lays his gaze upon MJ years later, he's shocked by what he sees. Now more than ever, he's hell bent to make MJ his, no matter the cost. However, will the price be too damn high when he realizes MJ is a lot more than what she seems? "Who the hell have I been messing with? Who the hell was this woman that was glaring at me? I always bragged about being able to get a read on people. I claim to be the chief hustler, but for some odd reason, I get the feeling I’m the one being bamboozled. Like ice melting to reveal the ground underneath, that’s how the transformation of MJ unfolds before me. The way her almond shape eyes narrow gives way to a cunningness that I hadn’t seen before." - Mr. Hardwood


Shay Violet - 2020
    He owns the team, but he doesn't own me.Billionaire Tate Rendell is a bigger player than any man on the court.Raised to be a politician, he's not afraid to fight dirty...and hard.He bucked tradition and made a name for himself in business and the world of sports.Whenever he sees something he wants, he doesn’t stop until he gets it.Until he sets his sights on me.As a girl with no prospects from a small town, I worked hard to get to where I am, too.Basketball put me through college and has given me a career I love.Nothing stands in the way of my dream.Not even love.