Swept Up In Blue

Pender Mackie - 2012
    Tait’s more than interested, but he’s sworn off coworkers. Can Jude market himself as an employee benefit?Also available here.

When the Bluebird Calls

Leiland Dale - 2010
    Then, life as he knew it, changed.Six months ago, he became his mother's sole caretaker when her cancer returned. With his constant absence from home, his relationship ends leaving him alone in one of the most emotionally draining points in his life. When his mother passes, he is lonely and loses his zest for life.With his emotions and life in turmoil, Devon decides it's time to make a change. Leaving the city life behind and taking a job in a small town in Montana, was just what the doctor ordered. Then, he meets the hunky ranch foreman, Greg Elliot.Greg has lived most of his life on a ranch. Living in a small town didn't offer many prospects for a relationship, until he meets the new veterinarian in town.While they try to resist the obvious mutual attraction, a fateful call during the night changes it all.What is a city boy to do when a small town cowboy ropes him in?


D.J. Manly - 2010
    So when his introverted friend asks Bruno to break the ice for him with the sexy guitar playing paramedic in a bar one night, he doesn’t hesitate.But when Bruno sees Holden, he is as infatuated with him as Freddy is. Can he keep in sight that Freddy saw him first, or will a late night trip back to the hot medic’s condo throw all his good intentions to the wind.

The Belmont Hotel, Room Service

Pauline Allan - 2016
    Your room is ready. Please don’t hesitate to ask for anything. Our staff is always here to please. I like the bartender. Sexy, hot, ass looking fine in those blue slacks, Neil. I have forty-eight hours, one conference, and a private sauna. Time to order some room service.

Brier's Bargain

Carol Lynne - 2009
    With the men of Three Partners Protection Agency as role models, how can he go wrong? And falling in love with bodyguard Jackson Benoit, is a dream come true, but the dream becomes a nightmare when Jackie is gravely injured in the line of duty. Feeling helpless, Brier makes a promise to God in exchange for his lover's life. One he intends to keep no matter what.Jackie Benoit cherishes the love he's found with Brier. When his new lover insists on testifying against a violent man from his past in order to fulfill a promise, Jackie has no choice but try to stop him. If that doesn't work, Jackie will protect Brier with everything at his disposal.

You Melted Me

Kari Gregg - 2010
    Leland isn’t just his boss, though. He’s the son of the company’s CEO. And Brian has fallen in love. Hurt by too many stolen kisses and nooners at seedy hotels, Brian finally broke off their secret affair two weeks ago. Leland isn’t ready to let Brian go and he isn’t above seducing Brian — again — to give them both what they really want for Christmas: each other.This free short story was originally written for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's 2010 holiday event and appears in the event's Stuff My Stocking: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and… Naughty anthology.

Bound by Love

T.A. Chase - 2008
    It's as simple and as complicated as that.Tyler Newsome is heading home to the Lazy N, tired of the rodeo and tired of always being his charismatic twin's shadow. It's time he gets a life of his own and maybe the man he's always dreamed of, too. Ren Alston's always been attracted to Tyler, but never made a move because of his own mental and emotional baggage. But after years spent taming his demons and gaining control in every aspect of his life, Ren sees the younger man's return as a sign of good things to come. But first, they have to deal with Tyler's twin, past indiscretions and Ren's brothers. Will these cowboys manage to build a strong foundation of trust and love? Or will their problems be too much for them?"

The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters

Amy Lane - 2011
    When sweet, charming tenderfoot Ben McCutcheon moves onto Crawford’s rural road, Rance is very aware that Ben makes it a grand total of two gay men in their tiny town, and even though he is instantly, painfully smitten, any move he makes could be simply chalked up to being hard up. Using his best weapon and favorite skill, Crawford launches an awkward, wordless effort to make sure Ben is kept warm during the cold Colorado winter, every last piece of him—especially his heart.

The Way to Will

Drew Hunt - 2010
    Realising he feels the same way, Graham has to journey across the US to tell Will he loves him, too. But with little money and travelling in a strange country, the way to Will is not an easy one.

Roughstock: Blind Ride - Season One

B.A. Tortuga - 2008
    Along with his traveling partner, Andy Baxter, he's riding hard on the circuit, working around the country with all of the other bull riders and bull fighters, living the good life. The only thing he wishes he had is Bax, but he's afraid to take the step that would make them more than friends, worried that it will ruin everything. When a terrible accident leaves Jason unable to see, his whole life goes south. Jason decides to chuck it all, determined to go home and hide at his momma's ranch. Bax has other ideas. He wants to make sure his best friend doesn't give up, and he hatches a plan that stuns Jason and makes their friends and family think he's crazy. With the help of the other bull riders and a very persistent bull fighter named Coke, Bax convinces Jason to give life one more try. With Jason cautiously learning to hope, and his relationship with Bax going to the next level, life gets pretty complicated. Everyone gets in on the project, from Jason's strong-willed mother to an entire ranch full of children, all of them working to help Jason do what he loves. Will Bax be able to convince Jason that he can still ride, even if he's blind to everything the world has to offer?

Calling Dr. Love

G.A. Hauser - 2009
    Unless you discover another who is your mirror image. Twenty-five year old Phil Andrews left his family in Eastern Washington to escape the small town attitudes to be free to be himself in West Hollywood. But without an education Phil works as a go-go boy at a night club. Dr. Christopher Love is a success in everything but his relationships.Finding the kind of man he was attracted to sexually and one who was also was willing to bend to his demands was an impossible task. Until he met Phil Andrews. Two men, two opposite worlds. The physical attraction bonds them instantly, but soon their differences bring to the surface that deadly pride.

Love, Jamie

A.K.M. Miles - 2009
    Sparks ensue and Grant comes out of the closet for Jamie. Things would be just great if it wasn't for the fact that Jamie has this stalker problem. The administrator's son, Donnie, has a thing for Jamie and doesn't like Grant showing up and horning in on what he considers his territory. Donnie makes his feelings known in a variety of violent ways. He preys upon everyone and everything that Jamie loves. Soon, that includes Grant. It's hard to get a relationship started in good times, but with Donnie creating mayhem around every corner, it is even more of a challenge. But, Donnie's hate is not nearly as strong as Jamie and Grant's love. Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of m/m intimacy and sex.

Macon's Story

Hennessee Andrews - 2013
    One is taboo, his best friend Wade Sutherland. His second love is the rodeo, where their problems begin. When a nosy reporter clicks a picture at the rodeo, capturing Wade and Macon kissing, life is never the same and neither are their relationships with their family and peers. As outcasts in their small, narrow-minded town, Wade and Macon feel the effects daily. Wade becomes secretive with their relationship, foolishly believing that hiding is the answer. What he doesn't realize is how much harm he is inflicting on Macon by doing so. Sneaking away for intimate moments with Wade are as hurtful as the glares Macon receives from people who are supposed to be neighbors, friends. Even roping buddies have stopped inviting them to functions. He can't stand how he feels or how Wade is treating him. When he receives a call from Zander Wesley, he sees a new life and opportunity for him and Wade. Note: This book is written in one point of view.Note: This book was previously available as a free read on Goodreads under the title Rough in the Saddle. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Riding Double Anthology

Anne ReganZahra Owens - 2011
    These sweaty, dusty icons of the West, past and present, still melt hearts and raise pulse rates, whether the man's wearing a ten-gallon hat, chaps and spurs, or nothing at all. In these stories of romance with a Western flair, love softens the most hardened range rider and passion fires the most stoic ramrod's blood. Fate may throw a few twists in their path, but at the end of the day, these men will be riding double into the sunset. Maria Albert - Surviving the CrossingK.R. Foster - Mr. AugustLacey-Anne Frye - Trial By FireMaggie Lee - Hitting the TrailRowan McAllister - Courtin' Trouble J.M. McLaughlin - Facing UpZahra Owens - DelugeJane Seville - In TemperanceKate Sherwood - Rode Hard and Put Away WetAriel Tachna - Out on the Range B.G. Thomas - The Real Thing Xara X. Xanakas - Cowboys and IT-ians

Tempting Sin

Amber Kell - 2010
    Right, he had no idea he would find it in a celebrity chef. Warning: There is hot man/man action.