Terra Insanus

Edward Lee - 2015
     THE STICK WOMAN - Priscilla has been held hostage, physically mutilated, and fed feces for years. And her situation is about to get much, much worse. SHIT-HOUSE - How bad is the world around you? How much worse could it get? How far would you go to fix it? THE USHERS - They are always there - somewhere in the background and just out of sight. A force of violence and lust. They are the ushers... THE SEA-SLOP THING - June needs a new job - and she's found it, along with something from the deepest depths of the sea.

sickEST B*stards

Matt Shaw - 2015
    To understand this short story, and wrap the events of Sick B*stards up, you need to have read the previous two titles. READERS TAKE NOTE: This is A SHORT STORY. It is intended for the members of Kindle Unlimited who have been requesting me for short, sick, bedtime stories. As part of Kindle Unlimited they are able to download this title for free. If you wish for a longer story to read, please do not purchase any of the White Cover Books (aka 'F*cked-Up Shorts' range of tales). A good place to start would be The Black Cover Books (for lovers of extreme horror). sickEST B*stards continues on from both Sick B*stards and SickER B*stards, bringing the story to a shocking conclusion.

Lords of Twilight

Greg F. Gifune - 2011
    Mysterious lights dot the night skies. A local farmer is found dead at the summit of a hill with no evidence as to how his body got there. Livestock is disappearing, only to be discovered later, dead and mutilated with precision-like wounds. And despite the coming of an enormous winter storm, odd men identifying themselves simply as 'federal agents' have converged on Edgar in government vehicles as if in anticipation of some greater event. Newcomer Lane Boyce, a recently divorced schoolteacher with a questionable past, believes there must be reasonable explanations for what is taking place, yet seems inexplicably tied to the events. Haunted by his own demons and drowning in loneliness and regret, Lane had hoped Edgar might be a quiet refuge and a place to begin again. Instead, there is madness here, an evil that is slowly making itself known. And as the snowstorm hits town, Lane finds himself trapped in his small house in the middle of nowhere, alone with his puppy...and something else. There, just beyond the trees, hidden in shadow, something watches, waits and whispers, ushering in a new age, a time of something else. Something other. Something close. Reality is no longer ours. It belongs to them. It belong to the LORDS OF TWILIGHT.

Kill Your Neighbor

Andersen Prunty - 2017
    They wanted to get out of the city and get on with their lives on the quiet cul-de-sac. Instead, an object of obsession brings their lives to a screeching halt.Who is the woman living next door?Why does she do the curious things she does?Why do Emma and Kip feel like their lives have been so disrupted?How do they get her to stop?The Duprees are only sure about one thing: the social contract must be upheld at all costs.


J.A. Konrath - 2013
    GRANDMA? Part 1 by J.A. Konrath and Talon KonrathShe won't bake you cookies...

Christmas with the Dead

Joe R. Lansdale - 2010
    It's a story about a man named Calvin who's bound and determined to celebrate Christmas despite being the only human left in a town inhabited by Zombies.PS Holiday Chapbooks #6

100 Word Horrors: An Anthology of Horror Drabbles

Kevin J. KennedyRichard Chizmar - 2018
    Kennedy has once again brought together the best of the horror world to bring you an anthology that is packed with creepy tales. Between these pages you will find over one hundred drabbles, written by a wealth of talented authors. From the best indie horror authors to Bram Stoker award winners and Amazon top sellers. We have monsters, mayhem and madness. Come join us. Contains drabbles by, Amy Cross, William F. Nolan, Lisa Morton, Gord Rollo, Michael A. Arnzen, Mark Lukens, Richard Chizmar, Rick Gualtieri, Jeff Strand, Kevin J. Kennedy, P. Mattern, Lee Mountford, Ike Hamill, Michael Bray, Andrew Lennon, Craig Saunders, Matt Hickman, Glenn Rolfe and many more.

Spermjackers From Hell

Christine Morgan - 2017
    It’ll be fun, they said… I have some friends and we had a crazy idea: let’s summon a demon. Not just any demon but a sexy devil chick that will do anything we want—even butt stuff. It’ll be easy. It’s not like it’s going to work. Monsters aren’t real. We were wrong. Really fucking wrong. The demon is not what we thought and it’s making horrible things happen. People are cutting into each other's junk, some guy is fucking his dog, and sex slugs from Hell are raping us and stealing our semen in order to build a goddamn hive! We didn’t mean for any of this. But we’re gonna fix it... Just after a few more beers and bong hits. From Christine Morgan, author of Mythic Lust: the Minotaur, and The Raven’s Table: Viking Stories, comes a sleazy and deviant satire about sex, occultism, and nerd culture.

Tales From Dark Places: The Halloween Collection

D.C. RogersChris Raven - 1987
    We dare you to venture into these pages of spine chilling tales and stories of ghosts and goblins. Freely donated by the authors themselves, these dark passages are a great example of their various, unique styles and imaginations. This is the first of a series of free topical collections brought to you by The Indie Collaboration.

Before the Harvest

Kimberly A. Bettes - 2012
    Louis to the safety of the countryside, they don't realize that the rural town they think of as a protective haven is loaded with secrets, and the farm they lease is far from safe. It is cursed land, and they're about to find out the hard way that danger lurks everywhere, even in a small, peaceful farming community. AND SO HAS THEIRS... Will the Martins live to see dawn, or will they only add to the rising body count?


Stephen Leather - 2014
    But there hasn't been a train there in more than fifty years. So what killed the old man? As Nightingale investigates, he realises that there are dark forces at work and his own life is on the line. Tracks is about 11,000 words, about thirty-five pages, perfect if you have half an hour to spare. Stephen Leather is one of the UK's most successful thriller writers, an ebook and Sunday Times bestseller and author of the critically acclaimed Dan “Spider’ Shepherd series and the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective novels.

Scaring the Crows: 21 Tales for Noon or Midnight

Gregory Miller - 2009
    A time machine's lesson comes too late. Christmas trees save a lost soul's life. Ten million people live in one man's breath. ...Or Midnight: Murder returns to an infamous moor. Asylum workers find what is worse than insanity. A shunned grave's secrets gain fatal exposure. Nighttime terrors turn all too real. These and other stories comprise a compilation of bittersweet warmth and creeping horror, subtle illumination and dark vistas. Gregory Miller's Scaring the Crows is a genre-spanning collection of short fiction at its finest. Read it at noon...or midnight.


Adam Millard - 2014
    Life couldn't have been better for a psycho slasher.But in '78, after being outwitted by that year's 'final girl', Pigface found himself trapped (and a little bit on fire). Presumed dead, Larry Travers disappeared, but his legend lived on.It's 2014. Now living in the woods with his overbearing - and slightly antique - mother, Larry's old enough to play bingo and enjoy jigsaw puzzles without feeling guilty. But the urge to kill has returned, and Larry thinks he still has what it takes to be a homicidal lunatic.Pigface is back. Trouble is, he's not as young as he used to be...


Richard Laymon - 1997
    Now he is out of jail, Willy is out to get Marty. Fiends is the lead-off novella in this collection of horror stories.

The Ruskin Bond Omnibus: Ghost Stories From The Raj; Nightmare Tales; Book Of Haunted Houses; Scary Stories

Ruskin Bond - 2005
    The tales in this collection are haunting and ghostly and will thrill readers. The thirteen creepy tales in Scary Stories are literary masterpieces by Kipling, Saki, Algernon Blackwood et al, filled with chilling and unfathomable terror.