Subtropical High

Gregory S. Dew - 2014
    With a street value over eight million dollars, the grungy duo sets up a buyer then rumbles through Florida in their 1973 El Camino to unload the square grouper and end their financial woes. Unfortunately, in their efforts to make the rendezvous, they become unexpectedly entangled with a host of unsavory characters, including an expatriate haunted by his single testicle, a destitute real estate developer with a penchant for GMILFs, a toupee-wearing pederast, Florida’s first closet-gay Governor, and a game warden turned eco-maniac, all of whom must be dealt with as a Category 5 hurricane, Cyclone Tyrone, spins ashore.

The Eleventh Hour: Day Of Atonement Book II (The Eleventh Hour Trilogy)

Kathryn Dionne - 2012

Goliath: A Thriller

Oceanview Publishing - 2016
    On this maiden voyage, Captain Borodin is at the helm. He is the only one aboard aware of the mission.Soon an engineer discovers a defect—seemingly minor, but one with disastrous potential. Despite his attempts to correct the problem, a fire erupts, contained at first, then rapidly spreads out of control, consuming the behemoth ship.A Mayday call alerts Sonny Wade some two hundred miles from the burning ship. This could be the lifeline that Sonny and his rag-tag crew need to save their failing salvage business. But Dan Sharp, Sonny’s nemesis and former employer—the owner of the largest salvage business in northern Alaska—also hears the call. A brutal race is on to claim the burning ship before it sinks or runs aground, contaminating the entire north Pacific Rim—and not only with oil.

Point Of No Return (Peter Hatherall Mystery Book 3)

Diana Febry - 2018
    A young man hung himself from the tree two years earlier. Someone is determined this time the guilty ones will pay. DCI Hatherall must unmask a master of disguise before everyone connected to the suicide is slaughtered.


James Barrington - 2016
    But this is no ordinary assassination. Who is the third killer? Why was there no threat warning? And why did the killers kidnap one of the bodyguards, a former SAS soldier? Paul Richter is sent on the case. Before long he is in a deadly game of cat and mouse, wounded and chased through the English countryside. Richter will have to rely on all his combat skills and luck to avoid retribution…A standalone novella in the Paul Richter series, Retribution shows James Barrington at his best: fast, action-packed and giving absolutely no quarter. Watch out for more Agent Paul Richter thrillers 1. Manhunt2. Overkill3. Pandemic4. Foxbat5. Timebomb6. PaybackComing in 2017: the next full length Paul Richter thriller.

Storme Surge: Five Full Novels

W.L. Ripley - 2021
    He reports violent incident confidentially to the local Sheriff…who is murdered the next day. Storme believes there’s a connection and starts asking questions, unraveling a deadly conspiracy of corruption, drug-trafficking and organized crime… and making himself someone that just about everybody wants dead.Storme FrontTo help a desperate friend, ex-footballer Wyatt Storme and his hard-charging buddy Chick Easton ride shotgun on an illegal gun shipment. Things go very wrong, putting Wyatt in the crosshairs of corrupt politicians, homicidal mobsters, and rogue CIA agents.Eye of the StormeA young co-ed is raped by a country music legend in Branson, the “NashVegas” of Missouri. Ignored by the police, she turns Wyatt for help.Storme WarningChick Easton, a hard-drinking, shockingly lethal ex-CIA agent, asks his buddy Storme for back-up when he's hired by the director of a big budget western to protect a bad-boy movie star who is getting well-deserved death threats.Thunder StormeWyatt and Chick are fishing on the Lake of the Ozarks when gunmen blow by them in a boat, chasing a determined woman seeking justice for her family...and are swept into a violent battle for control of a new casino and into the middle of a mob war.

The Search

Vishal Anand - 2021
    ACP Rathore is investigating the homicide. As the events begin to unleash Rathore digs upon secrets too dark and dangerous. As he proceeds, the question becomes more and more haunting - Who Killed Roger? Michael Rodriques, the Deputy Chief Minister of Goa? Shirley Fernandes, Roger's wife? One or more of the other artists? Or, an individual for whom Roger refused to perform? The Search is the most astonishingly impudent, ingenious and altogether a fast-paced murder mystery ever written by an Indian author.Note: This is an expanded version of the short story Who Killed Roger.

Man Hunt

Priya Kumar - 2020
    If you really want to feel alive, get out of the four walls of the little point in space you call home and embrace the infinite, immortal truth of who you really are. You cannot know life living in the box of your daily existence. Step out into the planet, step into the wild, and you will come alive. Set in the Nagarjuna Tiger Reserve, the story is filled with Suspense, Drama, and Divinity, which brings fore issues like deforestation, genetic modification of animals, corruption in media, vested political agendas, and a larger environmental impact stemming from our responsibility. Get into the canter for an adventure of a lifetime, through the jungles of India’s most pristine tiger reserve. And as you do, keep your eyes open to the truth about the state of our planet. We were given its custody, and we have polluted it with our greed, ignorance, and misplaced purposes. There is still a way back, there is still a way out to restore our world to the glory it was meant to be. Let’s go. The wild is calling.About the AuthorPriya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author of 12 Inspirational Books. In her 25 years journey with Motivational Speaking, she has worked with over 2000 Multi-National Corporates across 47 countries and has touched over 3 million people through her workshops and books, and is the only Woman Speaker in India to have done so. She is the only Indian Author who has won 39 International Awards for her books.

The Zima Confession

Iain M. Rodgers - 2019
    Party activists develop the plan - code name Zima and lie in wait...London 2013 - Richard is in London, working for a financial software company. He has held onto the Zima plan all this time and has been signalling he can activate it. Is anyone listening? Have others stayed true to the ideology?The "suicide" of Richard's work colleague shows British and Russian Intelligence have been listening and waiting too. Tension mounts as more players reveal themselves and the battle for power and control moves to Moscow. As the coil of agents, misinformation and mind control experiments connected to Zima unravel - where do allegiances lie? Can Richard trust anyone - even himself?Can MI9 stop a catastrophic act of sabotage on the banking system? Will the revolution succeed? Can Richard uncover the TRUTH and save himself?

The Missing Bride: Her Love Started Where His Ended....

Seema Parashar - 2015
    All your problems will be solved while we have fun’, his voice sounded throatier as he spoke. ‘Fun? For me, it’s sin’, she met his eyes with a conspicuous scorn. His mouth contorted into a sarcastic smile. ‘Prudish! This outmoded thinking won’t do you any good. Your body won’t lose any of its charm if you share it with me for a few days.’ ‘You think my ethics are outdated and I think that your modern ideas are outrageous. I don’t share even my feelings with someone I don’t trust. For me, any kind of physical intimacy, not preceded by love and commitment, is a sin, committed to self.' ‘Then you have two options, either you fall in love with me or decide to commit this sin as this is the only key to your freedom.' ‘I don’t want to go back’, she said flopping her head back on the pillow behind her, ‘I like it here.' Brought up amid limited sources but unlimited love of her mother, Niyati is happy with her far-from-perfect life until she finds a rich and dissolute man, Avi, flinging himself on her. When she goes missing just before her wedding, the city is rife with speculations about The Missing Bride. Has she escaped or eloped or been abducted? Chained and kept behind a locked door, she goes through an unexpected ordeal and a living nightmare. Rescued a few months later, she encounters the truth. Is she really free or fettered forever by her past? Can the seeds of lust grow into an eternal shoot of love? A never-heard-before saga of lust and love; revenge and sacrifice....

Kate Jones Thriller Series Complete

D.V. Berkom - 2020
    1 Contains the first four novellas in the edge-of-your-seat Kate Jones adventure thriller series: Bad Spirits, Dead of Winter, Death Rites, and Touring for Death.★Book 2: Cruising for Death Kate Jones is on a luxury cruise in the Caribbean when a passenger dies of an apparent heart attack and the ship is boarded by modern-day pirates. Along with two other passengers, Kate is kidnapped by a long-lost enemy who wants to settle an old score.★Book 3: Yucatan Dead For Kate Jones, being on the run was never going to be easy. But with a new identity and a new life, she was beginning to believe she'd made it through the worst. Then, in an act of twisted revenge, Kate's imprisoned deep in the Yucatán by her deadly enemy, his intention to make her pay for her sins.★Book 4: A One Way Ticket to Dead After years of running from her ex, Kate Jones is ready to bury the past and try to piece together a new normal. But first there’s a loose end to tie, and it involves digging up old ghosts that are best left alone.★Book 5: Vigilante Dead PI Kate Jones lands the case of a lifetime: a college student with no history of drug abuse dies of an overdose, and the parents come to Kate demanding answers. Soon, Seattle is reeling from dozens more deaths, all with the same chemical markers. At first, police assume that the victims are closet junkies who got hold of a bad combination, but after someone close to her becomes a victim, Kate believes something far more sinister is going on.

Taste of Fury

M.A. Comley - 2021
    From M A Comley, New York Times bestselling author of the DI Sara Ramsey series who has sold over 3 million copies to date.Does time ever truly heal an aching heart?DI Katy Foster and her partner, DS Charlie Simpkins arrive at a crime scene where the victim has been torched in his own vehicle.But who is the killer and what is their motive?Over the course of a week, several more men are murdered and Katy is put under severe stress to find the culprit when clues are sparse and the crimes are happening frequently.Until finally, a suspect emerges with a heartbreaking motive and a truly wicked agenda.Giving up their weekend off to try to locate the suspect, leaves Katy and Charlie reeling when a child goes missing in connection with the investigation.With a child’s fate in their hands, Katy and Charlie are thrust into a dangerous race against the clock.Other books in this series are:Gone in SecondsUltimate DilemmaShot of SilenceTaste of Fury

This Green and Pleasant Land

John Andrews - 2014
    His life and his business collapse in a haze of sleepless, nightmare ridden nights and excessive drinking.As he attempts to rebuild his life, a spiteful character from his past comes back to haunt him and contributes to his downfall.With his home repossessed he moves to a flat on a council estate where through a series of random unrelated incidents Alex finds himself in violent conflict with the gang who control the area and most of the drug dealing in West Yorkshire.The story centres on the fight of good against evil and explains how each of the individual characters involved developed into the people they've become and how they interact with each other.

The Survivor: by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills (A Mitch Rapp Novel Book 12) | Unofficial & Independent Summary & Analysis

Summary ShortReads - 2015
    You are encouraged to buy the original book before reading this summary & Analysis which is meant to enhance your experience. The Survivor, book written by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills, is a sequel book that follows Mitch Rapp series. This novel, as well as previous novels of this author, follows similar pattern of writing, considering the author’s style, which includes: action and suspense combined with intertwined political intrigues. The author acknowledges his own perceptions on what seems to be right and wrong. Mitch Rapp, the novel’s main character and protagonist of the series, is an elite agent of United States Central Intelligence Agency. Here in this novel, Mitch, together with his team, are trying to stop a man named Joseph Rickman. Rickman is someone on the inside of the Agency, he manages to uncover many secrets and destroy the effectiveness of the Agency in the process. The Survivor is a well written multi-genre novel that deserves the recognition of readers already familiar with the series, as well as new readers of Mitch Rapp. What's in Store Detailed Summary of the novel Analysis of the themes and plot as well as characters in the book Free Extra Bonuses in The Book Click the Buy Now With One Click Button, and Get Your Exclusive Bonus Offers Today for a limited Time!! Regularly Priced at $4.99 Today Only at $2.99

White Fire (Pendergast): By Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child -- Review

Expert Book Reviews - 2013
    While it will greatly enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the book, it is not intended to stand in its place.* In "White Fire," Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast makes his 13th appearance as the modern Sherlock Holmes investigator. Whether familiar with the novels of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child or not, readers will enjoy the twists throughout this bestselling mystery thriller "White Fire." Fans may remember Corrie Swanson from "Still Life with Crows," but now she is a college student trying to enter law enforcement. While aiming to achieve an academic prize for her thesis, Swanson uses manipulation and other schemes to uncover the mystery behind a case from the 1870s. The clues behind a man-eating grizzly bear that attacked and killed 11 miners are provided by Arthur Conan Doyle. Swanson digs through old evidence and comes up with new discoveries that suggest human culprits. Supported by Pendergast, the protagonist encounters many obstacles, including imprisonment and the threat on her own life. Before you engage in this mystery thriller, read what the experts think of the latest bestseller from Preston and Child "White Fire." Compare the pros and cons of the co-authors' writing styles while seeing quotes from well-known critics and publications. This review offers an insider's view of the novel to prove why "White Fire" is worth your time.