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Intentions by Susan X. Meagher


Hurricane Season

B.J. Phillips - 2016
    Richardson) is a romance author. She’s had her heart broken badly again and is done with love. Ditching San Francisco, she moves back home to Southwest Florida to get her feet back under her and finish her latest novel.Carrie Alexander is a huge S.K. Richardson fan, but has no idea what she looks like. She does, however, like the looks of the new neighbor down the street, Shawn Richards. Drawn to each other as friends, Shawn still tries to keep some distance in spite of what she’s beginning to feel for Carrie. Carrie isn’t the kind of woman you just have a fun night with and then move on. Carrie’s the kind you fall in love with and make love to, and live happily ever after with—but she just can’t let herself trust her heart yet. After all, the last time she fell for one of her fans, it ended badly. Carrie is looking for ‘happy ever after’ just like in all those romance novels she reads. Shawn could be the one, or maybe Carrie’s fooling herself and there’s really no such thing as all that romantic stuff in Shawn’s books. Shawn is afraid she can’t deliver on that ‘happy ever after’ she knows Carrie wants—and she wants, too, truth be told. Destiny might have given them a push when Carrie tripped at the local grocery store and literally fell into Shawn’s arms. But fear could cost Shawn the woman of her dreams.Words: 64,530

Heart's Tempo

C.L. Ryder - 2017
    She’s been single since college, and she just can’t admit to herself that she’s got a thing for women. That is, until she meets her at a client’s wedding. She’s impossibly gorgeous, she’s got a voice of gold, and she’s one of the most famous pop stars in the world. Passions under the spotlight… Winona Heart’s life has been a flurry of stage lights, five star hotel rooms and flashing cameras, never giving her a moment to pursue her true passions or show her real self to the world. She also desperately needs a change, to make a true connection that has been sorely missing in her heart. When she meets Lily, the beautiful stranger unaware of her celebrity status, the two hit it off in a way neither have felt before. Their desires must stay backstage… As the notes of their passion begin to perfectly harmonize, they must do everything they can to keep their relationship out of the public eye and away from Winona’s uptight and authoritarian stage mother. Can the two women keep their secret hidden, or will the curtain come crashing down on their love forever?

Playing For Her Heart (The Ashforth Series Book 1)

Melissa Tereze - 2020

Double Pleasure, Double Pain

Nikki Rashan - 2003
    Rashan takes readers along on a passionate journey for an answer to the common question, Who am I?, in this story of a young woman who must decide whether to continue a lopsided relationship with her boyfriend, or submit to the unfamiliar passions felt toward another woman.

Double Trouble

R.J. Nolan - 2007
    Tripping in front of the dark-haired Erin and caught ogling to boot, was only the preamble for the tall blonde, as both ended up splashed with beer in the stands and laughing good naturedly about the accident and clean-up. So begins what will be bound to open old wounds and make both women stronger as they find in each other a connection, and love, lust, trust, kids and trouble times two and more will decidedly make their relationship a rocky one but ultimately worth pursuing.

The Practitioner

Ronica Black - 2017
    An anxiety disorder, loss of her business, and homelessness have been difficult to overcome. But Johnnie has come through the other side to find success as an artist. Now, however, she’s lost her creative drive and she’s struggling to produce.Elaine Taylor has an interesting job. She’s a “creative practitioner,” known to awaken her client’s creative side by using many different approaches, including a sensual or sexual approach. Most of her clients are male and she likes it that way. Women are the last thing she wants in her life, having lost the most important woman she’s ever known, her wife.Fearing she’ll lose all she’s worked so hard for, Johnnie takes her friend’s advice and calls a lone number on a business card, steps into Elaine’s office, and shakes up both their worlds forever.


Rachel Spangler - 2012
    Blue-collar boi Joey Lang is too insecure to even approach her—that is until her well-meaning but meddling best friend Lisa decides to break the ice and makes Joey a life-coaching appointment with Elaine. A session meant to bring clarity only leaves them both feeling more confused about their purpose in life and love.Will Joey be able to find the strength to chase the woman of her dreams, and even if she does, will Elaine be willing to risk the life she loves for the woman who could be the love of her life?

Love's Someday

Robin Alexander - 2009
    Her relationship becomes the casualty when the past and present collide.Erica Barrett’s world is turned upside down when she is forced to watch Ashleigh confront old demons and become someone she doesn’t recognize.Is love worth fighting for when you realize that you never truly knew the person you’ve shared five years of your life with?

The Hired Hand

Delilah Devlin - 2015
    A Dominant cowgirl proves to her sexy femme employer that she's not missing a thing... Note: This original 5100-word short story may be short in length, but it's not short in passion!

The Delicate Things We Make

Milena McKay - 2021
    The quest, however, proves to be difficult, as—so far—nobody has managed to discover who the legendary DeVor really is.As Jamie delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic artist, trying to salvage her stagnant career, she risks getting in over her head and losing her heart in the process.100,000 words

Survival of Love

Frankie J. Jones - 2004
    They've been through everything together, always finding comfort and solace in their enduring friendship. After living apart for years, they're now following their lifelong dream of opening their own flower shop together. Life has never been better. The last time Jody met Denise's daughter, Ellen was nothing more than a seventeen-year-old whiney, spoiled brat. So when Denise announces that the now twenty-six-year-old Ellen is returning home with a broken heart, Jody can't help feeling a total lack of sympathy for the younger woman. But then Denise tells Jody that Ellen has confided that she's a lesbian…and who better than Jody to take Ellen under her wing and show her the lesbian life in San Antonio? Jody cannot believe that the once spoiled child has grown into such a kind and exquisite woman. She and Ellen find their attraction for each other overwhelming…but can they confront and overcome all of the challenges that lay ahead? Not only is Denise furious about their new relationship, but Ellen's ex-lover has come to town to try to win her back…and then there's something even more devastating that could threaten to tear all of them apart forever

Just Friends

Mia Archer - 2016
    Spend a couple years running her hometown library, get job experience, then get the hell out of Small Town, USA. The last thing she expected was to meet someone like Savannah. Savannah loved life in the small town slow lane, even if it meant hiding who she really was. She was content until she met Kirsten and remembered what was missing in her life. Girl meets girl and everything is perfect. Almost. Sort of. Except for the part where they have to keep their budding relationship secret because Kirsten is worried about getting fired and Savannah never told her mother that she was into girls. Oops. To the world they might be just friends, but they'll have to stand up to prejudice and their own fears if they want their girl meets girl story to have a happy ending!

Life After Love

K.G. MacGregor - 2014
    Facing unrelenting heartbreak, she learns to embrace it, oblivious to the toll her grief is taking on her body and spirit. Her only hope is for Melody to realize her mistake and come home.Bea Lawson notices Allyn’s decline because she too once suffered a shattering loss and struggled to put her sorrow to rest. While neither is yet the woman she wants to be, it soon becomes clear their lives are better together…until their budding love is threatened by choices they never expected to face.

Wayworn Lovers

Gun Brooke - 2018
    She needs a driver and housekeeper or she won’t be able to work. Tierney Edwards, a restless, wandering soul, is on the move again, never staying in one place more than a few months. The two women are each other’s opposites, one nomad and one recluse, but when destiny places them together, their mutual attraction can’t be denied.Giselle knows her heart will break when Tierney moves on again. But Tierney has never felt so at home, which scares her. Can these women, so bruised by life and experience, find a way to break free of the past—or will they have to say good-bye?Cover Artist: Gun Brooke and Sheri HalalGenres: Contemporary / Romance Tags: Children / Families, Age Gap, Financial gap/Class disparity, Animals, Actors/Artists, Disability, Celebrity

Love's Knocking

Jade Winters - 2018
    Career driven and with no time for love, her ambition is crushed when Jo is brought in by Nikki's manager to restructure the struggling company.Nikki instantly labels Jo as her nemesis but at the same time finds her undeniably attractive. As both women's lives take a dramatic turn, they are thrown together again unexpectedly. The tension between them is palpable but can they both overcome the simmering resentment to build a future together?