One to Go

Mike Pace - 2014
    Texting while driving across Memorial Bridge, he loses control and crashes into an oncoming minivan carrying his own daughter and three of her friends. The minivan tips up on two wheels, about to flip over into the Potomac. Time freezes, he s alone on the bridge. A young couple approaches and offers him a re-wind. The crash would be averted, the children saved. All he must do is kill someone every two weeks anyone a soul exchange. A moment later, Tom is back in his spinning car, but averts the deadly crash. He laughs about the hallucination, attributing it to bumping his head on the steering wheel when his car came to an abrupt stop. But his encounter wasn t a hallucination. Two weeks later, the minivan driver is brutally murdered. Tom receives a text: one down, four to go. He has never shot much less owned a gun in his life, and now must turn himself into a serial killer or his daughter and her friends will die."

The Sleepover

Samantha King - 2019
    . . Was it his last?Izzy is thrilled when her shy, 12-year-old son is invited for his first sleepover. Nick has spent years being isolated and picked on; he deserves a night of fun and friendship.But Izzy is also nervous: it's a year to the day since bullies put Nick in hospital. She drops him off at his new best friend's house with mixed feelings. Arriving to collect him the following morning, her worst fears come true . . .Nick isn't there.Who has taken her son?And will she ever get him back?A gripping and emotional psychological thriller perfect for fans of Karen Cole's Deliver Me, Lesley Kara's The Rumour and Nuala Ellwood's Day of the Accident. From the Top Ten ebook bestselling author of The Choice.

Lucky Supreme

Jeff Johnson - 2017
    Darby Holland has enough on his radar, but when some “flash” (tattoo artwork) stolen from him resurfaces in California he can't help himself. His efforts to reclaim it set him on a dangerous path, dragging along his delightfully eccentric colleagues, including the brains behind his brawn—Delia, a twiggy vinyl-clad punk genius secretly from the other side of the tracks. No one knows why the art signed “Roland Norton, Panama, 1955” is worth anything or how it came to hang on the walls of a tattoo shop in Portland, Oregon. Only the deranged former owner can say--and he's not talking. Before the wrecking balls swing through Old Town in the name of “progress,” Darby must settle old scores and face new demons to save his reputation, his shop, and his sanity. He has secrets of his own, and a tattoo shop in Old Town was a perfect place to hide, but when cash, lies, crime, and history collide, Darby Holland will need his ramshackle skill set, his wits, and a lot of luck to rise to the top of a human food chain, or be eaten alive.Lucky Supreme is an intuitive thrill ride from start to finish. It is the first of a trilogy featuring Darby Holland, Delia, and the other unforgettable nocturnal residents of Old Town. Jeff Johnson is a new voice in noir, as entertaining and as fresh as Elmore Leonard or Dennis Lehane.

The Darkness Within

Lisa Stone - 2017
    Their once loving son is slowly being replaced by a violent man whose mood swings leave them terrified – but is it their fault?Jacob’s girlfriend, Rosie, is convinced the man she loves is suffering from stress. But when his moods turn on her, she begins to doubt herself – and she can only hide the bruises for so long.When a terrible crime is committed, Jacob’s family are forced to confront their darkest fears. Has the boy they raised become a monster? Or is someone else to blame?

Stray Dogs

John Ridley - 1997
    I don't know what it is, but it works that way for man and animal alike. I've seen some peculiar things on a hot day too. I've seen a scorpion sting itself to death. It just keeps drivin' its tail into its body again and again. A little killer killing itself. And what a man'll do on a hot day. A man could get his self killed just for rubbing shoulders with another. . . ."A loner, a drifter, a gambler--John Stewart asks little of life. But when his '64 Mustang busts a radiator hose in the middle of the empty Nevada desert, he prays to God, Buddha, L. Ron. And rolls into the tiny town of Sierra. Where he finds . . . nothing. A gas station whose former owner is lying low in the cemetery. A strip of barren, dust-blown store fronts. A truck stop cafe with more flies than customers.Stewart wants out. Sucker-punched in a rigged poker game, he's got to get to Vegas to settle a debt. Or else.Then in walks Grace, a seductive knockout who can read fortunes in faces. In the next twenty-four hours, Stewart becomes ensnared in a web of dirty double-crosses, cold propositions, and desperate souls--deadly ground where murder is just one gasp away.A stunning, fast-paced novel, Stray Dogs unfolds with unrelenting tension, memorable characters, and shocking twists of plot. John Ridley has created a hypnotic story that is pure noir, from its first page until its shattering climax.From the Hardcover edition.

Lucas Davenport Novels 1-5 (Lucas Davenport #1-5)

John Sandford - 2011
    The first five in the # 1 New York Times bestselling series, with introductions by John Sandford included. *Publishers Weekly Rules of Prey Shadow Prey Eyes of Prey Silent Prey Winter Prey

The Innocent

Vincent Zandri - 2010
    It's been a year since Jack Marconi's wife was killed. Ever since, he's been slipping up at his job as warden at an upstate New York prison. It makes him the perfect patsy when a cop-killer breaks out--with the help of someone on the inside. Throwing himself into the hunt for the fleeing con, Jack doesn't see what's coming.

Ghalib Danger

Neeraj Pandey - 2013
    What seems like a good deed however has a cruel payback andin a single moment, Kamran loses everything dear to him. This is whenMirza, in gratitude, takes Kamran under his wing and the young man getsdrawn into the mafia boss’s dangerous world of cops and rival gangsters,eventually taking over from him.Kamran also inherits Mirza’s philosophy that all of life’s problems can besolved through Ghalib¹s poetry.Soon, the innocent taxi driver has cops, criminals and even cabinetministers at his beck and call.And he has a new name—Ghalib Danger.

The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon

D.C. Stansfield - 2012
    He had a hold on the producers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. His receiver network was increasing and the distribution was now being handled by four of the biggest gangs in London. With business so good, he was starting to expand. He was becoming very, very rich.The only small annoyance had come from a little old lady who owned of all things a small corner shop. She had refused to accept any of his little parcels and wanted to go to the police, so she’d been given two bullets, the ‘double tap’, both to shut her up and to send a message to everyone else in the network.Unknown to Lee she was married to a specialist, a man who, in a former life killed men for a living. He had two friends, one a gatherer of information, the master in his field, one a breaker of men, who was so vicious that it was rumoured that each time he hit a man he cut him. Each of these three men had spent thirty years and more playing the ‘great game’. Inside the security company called ‘The Firm’ they were legends known only as The Assassin, The Grey Man and The Surgeon. Now living at the edge of the secret world and about to disappear into history, this atrocity had brought them back centre stage but the question is, do they still have what it takes to go up against today’s hard men?


Mark Joseph - 1991
    Caught in the crossfire, the Americans must decide who the real enemy is, in this very real post-Cold War thriller.

Club: Drunken Cherry (Fighters Against Darkness #1)

Olga Goa - 2020
    But one night in club 'Drunken Cherry' changes her life abruptly, and Violet having no idea if it is for the better or worse. An accidental meeting with her gorgeous boss, Mr. Jamieson who all women in the office are thrilled with, twists her destiny. A destiny she couldn't imagine even in her worst nightmares or her best daydreams. A destiny that turns her life upside down. Will Violet survive this race in her life where her independence is at stake? Will she be the independent woman Violet always thought she was? Read THIS DARK SUSPENSE MAFIA ROMANCE STORY full of unpredictable twists. Find out more as things heat up. Discover the shocking secrets as the story unfolds and follow the heroes on their destinies! This story about the crime mafia cartel's king and the mafia prince is really different from stories that I have written before. It's really explicit, dangerous and in some ways brutal. You read it at your own risk. For mature readers.

Wie Met Vuur Speel

Deon Meyer - 2007
    Na ’n naweek op Houwhoek weet sy sy is nog nooit so volledig bemin nie. Weens populere aanvraag, die heruitgawe van Deon Meyer se heel eerste spanningsroman!When Ragel Bergh meets Dirk Buchner, her life changes overnight, and irrevocably – it is the most passionate she has ever felt about anybody. But then Ragel and Dirk find themselves in an extremely dangerous situation, and are forced to call upon the services of the enigmatic Ivan Malan, master of disguise, manipulation and other sinister activities. When danger calls, his arsenal – known as the “cabinet of death” – lies at the ready, hidden underneath his inconspicuous West Coast home.

That Last Mountain

Terence Strong - 1989
    His escape is blocked by the Russians, and Shalayez faces a punishing chase across the Swedish wilderness to escape.

Tell No One by Harlan Coben Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2011
    0 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more – everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Tell No One (novel). This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Tell No One (novel) by Harlan Coben.

The Haunting of Highcliff Hall

Cat Knight - 2017
    She didn’t know what waited for her or why the village folk avoided her, or why the live in help moved out when she arrived. She should have believed the Hag. When foreign correspondent Catherine Davis inherits her grand aunt’s castle, it’s enough to convince her to leave her globe-trotting life behind and write her novel. But before she ever steps one foot out of London, a Hag, warns her that she is cursed. The always sceptical, Catherine disregards the Hag’s warnings. But when she arrives at Highcliff Hall and discovers that most of the villagers are afraid of her, she begins to wonder. What do the caretaker and the housekeeper know about Highcliff? What aren’t they telling her? Why is the house strewn with herbs? And why is the tower locked? Can Catherine survive the lethal confrontation with paranormal forces long enough to discover the answers, or is she doomed like those before her.If you love ghosts and Haunted houses, you really should be reading Cat Knight’s other books. List of Books The Haunting of Elleric LodgeThe Haunting of Grayson HouseThe Haunting of Weaver HouseThe Haunting of Fairview HouseThe Haunting of Keira O’ConnellThe Haunting of Ferncoombe HouseThe Haunting of Stone Street CemeteryThe Haunting of Knoll HouseIf you read stories in the occult, occultism, horror, supernatural and paranormal genres then add these to your reading list.