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100 Amazing Answers to Prayer by William J. Petersen


The Art of Hearing

Dag Heward-Mills - 2007
    This Bible study answers the question everyone is asking "What would Jesus do" It is God's revelation on how Christians should think in a world whose values and priorities are contrary and often hostile to God and His people. This study will teach you how to escape much of the unbiblical thinking that dominates our world.Lesson titles include"The Surrendered Mind""The Servant Mind""The Settled Mind""The Sanctified Mind"

The Night the Angels Came: Miracles of Protection and Provision in Burundi

Chrissie Chapman - 2016
    She had been there just three years when a coup was declared, and the country descended into a state of civil war. It lasted for thirteen long years. During that time, God directed her to work with the orphans and widows. She started a centre for abandoned babies and traumatised children and saw the Lord performing remarkable miracles in the lives of people who had lost everything. Chrissie adopted three children herself, and has raised more than fifty others to young adulthood. Again and again she has witnessed miracles of protection and provision. When the war started, Chrissie, her adopted children, and the health staff were living in a rural location on top of a mountain, in a healing centre, with maternity clinic and dispensary. Every night there was gunfire, and every day people would come seeking refuge. One night, she and David Ndarahutse, the mission director, were sitting praying amid the fighting, when David said, 'Chrissie, look up.' There were dozens of angels standing on top of the walls of the healing centre. That was the night the angels came. 'From that moment on,' Chrissie records, 'I have never experienced or felt fear for my life.' Today Chrissie divides her time between Burundi, where she continues to care for the teenagers in her charge, and England, Canada and America, where she speaks widely about the faithfulness and power of God.

Simply Jesus: Why he was, what he did, why it matters

Tom Wright - 2011
    Modern critical biblical scholarship often points out how the church's teachings about Jesus have become encrusted with tradition so that it is hard to see what the core documents--the New Testament--really say about him. Now, with the insight of 200 years of modern critical scholarship and assuming an audience that includes both the well-churched and the non-churched, how should the church present the story and identity of the central personality of their faith, Jesus of Nazareth? Many people will be surprised at the story they hear.

Jesus at Walmart...a Reed Shaking in the Wind

Rick Leland - 2011
    Fueled by Pastor Malachi Marble's fall from faith, which tumbles him into the late night world of Walmart.Author Rick Leland spent fourteen months working as a Walmart Overnight Stocker doing research for the book. Well, not purely for research."Actually I needed the money to live on," Leland said. "But I knew God was working something out in my life, as inspiration for Jesus at Walmart emerged even before my first night's work was over." Walk past the greeter; into the heart of Walmart with Malachi Marble. Grab a shopping cart. You'll need something to hang onto during this trip to Walmart like no other. And when you exit Jesus at Walmart, expect to leave a changed person.

Praying the Promises of God for Daily Blessings and Breakthrough

Daniel C. Okpara - 2017
    It doesn't matter how fierce the battle we find ourselves are, the WORD of God will always work. Jesus gave us a template for dealing with the devil from His encounter with satan on the mount. Three times he said, "It is written." "It is written," that is, declaring the word of God in the face of the situation and circumstance remain the smartest thing for us to do to win the battles we face every day. As you learn to stand on what God has said about your life, marriage, career, family and continue to pray and declare the scriptures, at first, it might look like you're deceiving yourself. But in reality, you are winning the battle. This book will guide you to simple and easy steps to pray the scriptures and manifest the victory and blessings and God for your life.

The Ruth Anointing: Becoming a Woman of Faith, Virtue, and Destiny

Michelle McClain-Walters - 2018
    A broken heart can be mended. And lost dreams can become the greatest source of hope. But there is so much more to the story of Ruth. Ruth was not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and embrace new possibilites. She ventured past cultural limitations to discover a life of fulfillment. She was willing to risk it all and be stretched.  For those who feel an affinity to this woman of God, it's time to break boundaries and conquer new territories. This is the core of The Ruth Anointing: a courageous, bold, faith-filled, and resolute pioneering spirit.  MICHELLE McCLAIN-WALTERS SHOWS HOW OPERATING IN AN ANOINTING SIMILAR TO RUTH'S WILL REVEAL THE REDEMPTIVE WORK OF JESUS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Free Christian Books: Old and New (Free Books For a Quick Download #1)

Michael Caputo - 2015
    The first section lists well over 100 books for Christians, which you can instantly download for free from Amazon. The second section offers totally above-board techniques on how to access NEW books on many Christian topics from Amazon every single day, without ever paying one cent!This book will save you thousands of dollars and will enrich your spirit with amazing free books.Enjoy your exploration and the amazing discoveries!M.C. (Editor)AS OF JANUARY 25, 2015 ALL LINKS HAVE BEEN TESTED TWICE AND THEY ARE WORKING. ANY COMMENT TO THE CONTRARY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION COULD BE THE RESULT OF TECHNICAL PROBLEMS IN THE CUSTOMER'S KINDLE OR COMPUTER  OR THE BUYER'S GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION. IF THE YOU EXPERIENCE ONGOING TECHNICAL PROBLEMS, FEEL FREE TO RETURN THE BOOK AND GET YOUR  MONEY BACK.

The Shadow Doctor

Adrian Plass - 2017
    Sure, you can bring him your problems - but the chances are his solutions will blow your mind. This man can see into your soul, and the cures he prescribes don't come from the pharmacy. If you have fears you just cannot face, wounds you can't even bear to remember - if you've been abused, ignored, damaged by all life throws at you - the Shadow Doctor is here to help.But the Shadow Doctor has shades of his own, and the work of helping others may be the only thing keeping him afloat. Can he stay ahead of the demons that torment him long enough to help those who need him?

The Screwtape Letters Study Guide: A Bible Study on the C.S. Lewis Book The Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis Study Series)

Alan Vermilye - 2015
    Lewis can be a little difficult and confusing at times. Not so with The Screwtape Letters Study Guide! This comprehensive Bible study workbook breaks down each of the thirty one letters into easy-to-understand segments helping you understand and be able to confidently share with others.The Screwtape Letters is a brilliant and satirical look at spiritual warfare and the dynamics of temptation. Screwtape, a senior demon in the bureaucracy of Hell, writes letters to his incompetent nephew Wormwood, a junior devil. The younger demon's assignment is to corrupt a young man living in London during the tumultuous days of World War II.Using Scripture references, discussion questions, and related commentary, The Screwtape Letters Study Guide examines each letter through a Christian lens of morality, temptation, and good and evil. This complete Bible study experience is perfect for book clubs, church groups, and independent study.Detailed character sketches and an easy-to-read book summary provide deep insights into each character and letter of the book. To help with those more difficult discussion questions, a complete Answer Guide and Scripture Reference Guide is available for free online. The Screwtape Letters Study Guide includes: Twelve sessions of study with multi-week options included Comprehensive Bible study workbook with studies for each week Complete character sketches and summaries to go deeper Bible study questions that are ideal for group discussion Answer Guide for all questions and Scripture Reference Guide available for free online Perfect for book clubs, small groups, or individual Bible study Available in print or e-book formats Explore every shocking and amusing detail of this iconic classic to better understand Christianity and the foolish war raging against it. There's no better tool for making that happen than with The Screwtape Letters Study Guide! Frequently Asked Questions: Do I also need the actual book The Screwtape Letters to do the study? Yes. The study guide includes discussion questions, character sketches, commentary, and more, but you will need the book to read corresponding chapters that go with each weekly lesson. How long is the study? The study is twelve weeks covering two-three chapters per week. However, the study can easily be formatted to an eight or ten week study based on your schedule. Does each person in the study need their own study guide? Yes. It’s most helpful for learning purposes if each person has their own study guide to answer questions and to make notes. However, couples might find it convenient to share the C.S. Lewis book for reading purposes. Can anyone lead the study? Absolutely! The study is created in a discussion based format allowing any leader to simply guide participants through each study question at weekly meetings. Can I get access to the answers for each discussion question? Yes. The answers for each discussion question are available for free online! In addition, we provide a Scripture Reference sheet for each Bible passage to save valuable class time.

Powerful Keys to Spiritual Sight: Effective Things You Can Do To Open Your Spiritual Eyes (Pocketbooks Book 1)

Michael Van Vlymen - 2015
     Prayer and Fasting ~ Waiting on God ~ Imagination ~ Passion & Desire ~ Atmosphere These are all things that play a part in the opening of our spiritual eyes. This book seeks to explain in simple and strait-forward terms how to apply all these things in a practical manner so that you know what to do and how to do it. This Pocketbook Series Book is a distillation of the principles set forth in the Best-Seller :"How to See in the Spirit" This smaller, pocket sized edition was created specifically as a resource that would be small enough to carry around and yet still contain all the principles that would convey this powerful message. **If You Have Read "How To See In The Spirit" You Do Not Need To Read This Book** (Although the explanations and examples are somewhat different, the revelation is the same. Pocketbooks : Little Books That Carry A Big Impact

Apocalypse 2027: Antichrist Unmasked: Scriptural Case for the Global Antichrist

Peter Jensen - 2018
     Blood moons that brought nothing. Shemitah years that have long passed. 10 horns that seem neither to be 10 countries of the failing European Union nor 10 Islamic nations. Yet 1900 years after John, the code of the Antichrist is finally clear and as failed ideologies of the recent past entice the younger generation through great deception, Nimrod is rising once again. The symbols of Daniel's and John's visions are no longer a mystery but hide in plain sight today. History you can verify for yourself right now will convince you of the global Antichrist to come, before the Second Coming. There is nothing new under the sun (Eccl 1:9). This book decodes simply the vision of John on the Number of the Beast, reliving the first lie in the garden of Eden. And it does not end at Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus or Nero Caesar or "nrwn qsr" You will see : Extraordinary proofs of God's omniscience in predicting the future movements of the human race, from the beginning of the world A dark agenda that is no longer a conspiracy theory, but is out in the open, operating in the halls of government worldwide Is America Mystery Babylon ? or as this book shows - has America stood time and again in the gap for Humanity against the real Beast for exactly over a 100 years now ? How World War 3 will be the global entry ramp for the Antichrist but wars are not the end (Matt 24:6) The rise of Homo Deus as prophesied (2 Thessalonians 2:4) Four horns or ten ? - Maps of the Middle East and the most likely regions of the Ten horns from a meeting that preceded even the European Union The coming enforcement of a trans-national "planetary regime" to enforce totalitarian population control measures and control of all renewable and non-renewable resources on earth, even OPENLY demanded by some politicians today. The goal of this future regime to fundamentally and irreversibly change human nature through government action A connection between two events that occurred more than two decades ago EXACTLY one year apart the first a political earthquake and the second, one that started small but today has irrevocably changed humanity. How FAKE news will be the ONLY news just before the return of Christ How the Antichrist will finally make peace between Israel and the Arabs and WHY this will have to happen, inevitably! New meaning in the prophecies of Isaiah and how Psalm 83 aligns perfectly with his prophecies of the changes surrounding the end times Why Mystery Babylon and the Headquarters of the Beast are the same TWO cities in the future as in the 1st century from prophecies of Jeremiah and John You will also see how the Apocalypse or "uncovering" will unfold through a new yet doomed-to-fail system of global government and two new technologies not fully here today

Zetta's Dream: An Appalachian Coal Camp Novel (The Zetta Series Book 1)

Sandra Picklesimer Aldrich - 2015
    Determined to keep the family together, Zetta and their toddlers join Asa and her brothers at the Golden Gate coal camp just before Christmas 1922. She is eight months pregnant. During the first week in the dismal camp, Zetta suffers fearful nightmares of cut trees and fresh dirt--Appalachian signs of trouble. Asa dismisses his wife's pleas to return to their farm, insisting their three-month stay will provide the $400 they need to give their children better lives. Disappointed, Zetta draws strength from her plump red-haired neighbor, Dosha, and the strong willed granny woman, Clarie, who will deliver her baby. And each morning, she thanks the Lord they are one more day closer to home. Or are they?

Opening Your Heart

Lisa Brenninkmeyer
    The themes we'll explore are the timeless, foundational, core questions that people return to century after century. Delving into these topics will help fill holes in our spiritual foundations so that we have something firm to stand on when life gets shaky. A DVD series, Priorities complements the course. Immensely practical and encouraging, Opening Your Heart is the perfect starting point as you seek to grow closer to God.

Take Courage - Bible Study Book: A Study of Haggai

Jennifer Rothschild - 2020
    They were distracted, discouraged, and ready to throw in the towel. But the prophet Haggai reminded them they could find courage in the God who had never left them.Sometimes the landscapes of our lives feel wrecked, with our hope and purpose in shambles. We too get distracted and discouraged. However, God's presence and promises give us courage to press on and trust Him with our story.In this 7-session study on the Book of Haggai, learn to walk confidently in your calling, stay motivated despite opposition, and courageously invest your life in God's purposes, trusting Him for results you may never see in this lifetime.Features: Leader guide to lead discussions within small groupsPersonal study segments to complete between 7 weeks of group sessionsEnriching teaching videos, approximately 25 minutes per session, available for purchase or rentBenefits: Defeat discouragement through God's presence, people, and Word.See beyond your current circumstances to a future hope.Learn to trust God more than your feelings.

Brazen: Be a Voice, Not an Echo

Sean Feucht - 2020
    After seven months of pouring my heart, soul and guts into something so demanding and so intense, this was the moment of truth. We were one of the most watched Congressional campaigns in America and everyone “knew” Super Tuesday was just a stepping stone to get to November. Then the finality of the words came. Second place. The end of the road.Sean Feucht never backed down from a challenge and running for US Congress was no exception. From birth, there was a call on his life to dream about the impossible, and then partner with God to see miracles come about. From going to the darkest corners of the earth to starting a world-wide prayer and worship movement, Sean has been brazen as he resolutely pursues the call of God on his life.Sean poignantly shares the deep losses in his life and how God showed up inexplicably to always show Himself to be faithful and good. In Brazen, he shares a vulnerable story of trust and how God always shows up even in your darkest hour and seemingly greatest loss. Be inspired to see your circumstances in a new way.