The United States of Australia: An Aussie Bloke Explains Australia to Americans

Cameron Jamieson - 2014
    Written for Americans, but equally amusing to anyone visiting the shores of the Great Southern Land, this book examines the relationship between Australia and the U.S., including how Australians view their American cousins. The author has plenty of experience of working and dealing with Americans. He is married to an American nurse and has lived his life within the massive cultural influence that America has shared with Australia since the Second World War. The author’s stories are brimming with empathy and jokes for his American audience. The book is written from the opinion of an Aussie Bloke and the easy-to-digest chapters are just long enough to leave the reader smiling and well informed.Topics include Blokes and Sheilas, Bloody Foster’s, Dangerous Creatures, Talking to Dogs, The GAFA, Speaking Strail-yun and Working for the Queen. Confused? You won’t be after reading this book!

Reflections of Sunflowers (The Sunflowers Trilogy Series)

Ruth Silvestre - 2004
    In 1976 their dream of owning a peaceful summer retreat came true when they stumbled across this derelict farmhouse surrounded by fields and orchards, and saw what it could become. Over the years there has been the inevitable sadness, but also the joys of new grandchildren, anniversaries, village fetes, and splendid meals taken with their neighbours. And whilst the family has seen many changes in its time, the warm and welcoming atmosphere they first fell in love with has remained the same. Now they face their own personal tragedy, but through all their sorrows Bel-Air continues to be a place of hope and happiness, as well as extraordinary beauty.

Best Autocorrect Fails: Text Messages That Didn't Mean to Send

James MacBrowning - 2014
    For years, millions of people have used this great program. Especially since it is imbedded in all the new phones. Of course, there is a way to disable autocorrect if you really want to. However, not many people do. Why would they? It is just too hilarious when it happens!

The Diary of Nalie: A collection of life lessons and reflections shared while thriving through stage IV cancer

Nalie Agustin - 2021

Hollywood Untold: The true and incredible stories of some of Hollywood’s biggest and best known stars, but never before told . (Little Known Facts Book 1002)

Chaz Allen - 2017
    These are the true and incredible stories of some of Hollywood’s biggest and best known stars, but never before told . Every story has been researched and verified, no matter how surprising or out of character it may seem to the public, for some of the world’s best known people. * "This book is a pure delight." - Daily Oklahoman * " The research is incredible and told in a most      entertaining fashion." - Houston Courier * " Chaz does it again!  This time a Best Seller!      - Blake's Review * " I read until my eyes hurt and still couldn't      put it down." -  Dexter. MacBride      - Columbia Review. *  "A Winner!" - Ray Hibbard, Edmond Life & Leisure. * “A surprise on every page. Fantastic true stories. We loved having Little Known Facts on our radio station for more than 10 years.” - Craig Stallcup – NetRadio Boston * “I could forget the news and nobody would notice. But forget to air Little Known Facts and I would get 30 phone calls.”– Matt Batton – WPRG Radio * “What a fantastic way to spend a few hours. I love these stories of my friends and fellow actors.” - Dale Robertson, Actor, Host. * “Chaz is a dear friend. I can attest to many of these stories personally. What a pleasure to see them put together in one place.” - Tony Randall, Actor -What famous woman movie star invented the snooze alarm? - What famous woman television personality was a spy in WWII? - Did you know it was a glamorous woman movie star who invented the secret codes to direct navy topedos... - Which famous star was the real impetus for the movie Pretty Woman - The Beverly Hillbillies really existed - Which famous movie star was actually AWOL from the Army - Which famous Hollywood hunk was actually a Mailman - Which television star was responsible for one of the biggest toy crazes in history - Which famous comedy star was once completely blind And many many more.

Snarky in the Suburbs--Back to School

Snarky N. Burbs - 2012
    With help from her two kids, a Roomba vacuum turned mobile surveillance drone, and a few close friends, Wynn launches a covert investigation that leads to the mother of all revenge capers at the school’s annual Fall Festival.If you’ve ever fantasized about smoke bombing the idiot parent who has yet to master the fine art of the school drop-off lane or standing up and shouting “Liar, liar Botox on fire!" during a PTA meeting, then this delicious tale of payback is for you.Based on the popular blog, Snarky In the Suburbs that was recently optioned by ABC for film and television rights.

How to Publish Books on Amazon & Sell A Million Copies Using Kindle, Print & Audio Book

Glenn Langohr - 2015
    Discover how to Publish Books on Amazon & Sell A Million Copies Using Kindle, Print & Audio Book~ ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME FOR 0.99, USUALLY 3.99This Writing Guide is the # 1 Way to Learn The Entire Publishing Process on Amazon & Covers: How To Write More BooksHow To Find Which Categories to Publish InHow To Master Kindle Direct PublishingHow to Master Facebook MarketingHow to Master Product Descriptions (Synopsis)How to Use Community ForumsHow to Launch Book Promotions to Climb The Amazon RankingsHow To Master Print Publishing Using CreatespaceHow To Master Publishing Audio Books Using ACXHow To Remake Public Domain Books & Much More!

Nursing Raw and Uncut

Stella Joseph - 2014
    Have you ever wondered what nurses do behind closed curtains? Nursing has evolved from the abstract image of its predecessors wearing the perfect cap atop a perfectly shaped bun. This unveiling will give you a glimpse into their world. From their perspective. It doesn’t always match the vision of Florence Nightingale sitting and praying over the patient for a speedy recovery. What you will discover in this true account may shock some, and enlighten many—whether it’s about the nurses who have to protect themselves from that angry patient throwing unmentionables at them, or the ones being threatened by the use of excrements as a weapon. Health care is changing at a rapid speed that only CEO’s can keep up with. Bedside nursing has gone beyond the bounds of possibility. The many tasks and activities—along with increased acuity’s—creates an insurmountable work load. Nurses are a unique group, not divided by race, age, or religion. We are united by our humanity, and it takes a special disposition to fulfill this calling.

Zero to Billions - The Zerodha Story: An inspiring story on how a startup disrupted the Indian Stock Market (Indian Unicorns Book 2)

ABHISH B - 2021

Hugh Glass, a Revenant: The "true" story of Hugh Glass and the Grizzly (Campfire Tales Book 1)

Robert Dwyer - 2015
    First in the Campfire Tales series that includes stories of western men like Hugh Glass and John Colter.

GYPSIES: I married a Romany! Honest, raw and extremely funny!

Nell R. Loveridge - 2017
    When you think about the kind of guy you are going to marry, a Romany living in an old caravan does not normally come to mind! Can't think why, can you?! So, there I was. 19 years old and fed up with 'normal' guys who only wanted one thing. Yep you guessed it! But then.... along comes this guy, tall, skinny, bad hair, ugly/handsome..... did I say bad hair? Oh yes! And that was just the beginning! But little did I know that he was a gypsy! Oh boy! Gypsies and gorgi's don't they? I was about to find out! Honest, raw, colourful, and downright hilarious! Based on the true story of Nell Rose Loveridge and Jake her gypsy rover!

Summary | The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Dennis Braun - 2019
    It was a New York Times best seller for over eight years. These blinks explain how society raises people to conform to a strict set of rules and how, with a little effort and commitment, you can set your own guidelines for life. PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and NOT the original book. Our summaries aim to teach you important lessons in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. They are coherent, concise, and comprehensive, highlighting the main ideas and concepts found in the original books. Unessential information is removed to save the reader hours of reading time. Save time and money while completing your reading list.

SS Panzer: Sherman Killers (Eyewitness panzer crews) Panther & Jagdtiger against Shermans

Sprech Media - 2015
    . . The turret was rolling away when the Sherman ignited . . . a bright orange flame shot up, followed by a mushroom cloud explosion. . . flashes of tracer exploded across the battlefield . . . I must pay tribute to the crew of the second Sherman, who seemed undaunted . . ." Recorded by researchers in 1962, these three eyewitness statements by former Waffen SS panzer crewmen relate the sheer violence and aggression of tank combat between the late-war panzers and the Allied Sherman variants. Italy 1944: An SS Panther stands guard over a stricken Elefant tank destroyer, as US Army Shermans move in for the kill. Includes a rare account of the Sherman calliope in action. Normandy 1944: Two Panthers and supporting infantry cause havoc in a British supply line, including combat against the Sherman Firefly and Churchill Crocodile. The Ardennes 1945: A Jagdtiger takes on a series of Shermans in the final stages of the Ardennes campaign, told in ruthless clarity by the Jagdtiger's 128mm gun crew. With ice-cold detail, phenomenal drama and sense of crisis, these first-hand accounts stand out today as one of the most remarkable testimonies to the experience of tank warfare in WW2. They will fascinate anyone interested in tank combat, the Waffen SS, the Sherman variants in action and the use of armor from 1941 to 1945. The complete collection of these unique interviews, covering panzer battles from Barbarossa to Berlin, is available in the Sprech Media book 'SS Panzer SS Voices.'

The Ultimate Key Steps to Self-Discipline

Steve Chandler - 2017
    The Ultimate Key Steps to Self-Discipline

How to Write Effective Emails at Work: 6 Keys that will take your Email Writing Skills to the Next Level

Ramakrishna Reddy - 2017
    By drawing from a decade of experience as a techie, he has created a concise and practical book 'How to Write Effective Emails at Work' You’ll learn: - three important aspects of an email - four situations when we should not write - five tools to get attention - how to smartly respond to emails - the most important benefit of an email - how to get more work done using emails Learn the Six Keys and take your email writing skills to the next level. Pick up a copy of this book and enjoy this quick read.