Mated To A Vampire Princess Book 1

LeeSha McCoy - 2021
    She can only eat fruits, he hunts for his food. Her venom could bring him to his knees, and a single drop of his bane could kill her.There's no way this will work.Or can it? Amarey James is the first son of alphas Abriya and Clarence. He's just changed for the first time, but he's not interested in finding his mate.Or at least he wasn't until the visions of her began. The scent of the blurry woman in his dreams becomes so disruptive to his daily life, he has no choice but to ask his sister Ariella what's going on.But what she tells him will blow his entire world apart. Princess Karrisee is the first daughter of Queen Vallessa and King Scarva Caro, rulers of the entire kratius. She's desperate for love but can't ever seem to find it, no matter what she tries.So, with a little advice from the Queens in her life, she decides to work on herself for a while, but she soon becomes distracted when her dreams are plagued with her deepest darkest fantasies. She's always been curious of the beasts in the world, but afraid of becoming a traitor to her own kind, it's a secret she's kept fiercely guarded.But when faced with the opportunity to meet one in the flesh, she jumps at the chance, and so begins the wildest journey she ever could've imagined.Note to reader: This is not a standalone series. If you would like to read this story, you are advised to check the reading order at the beginning of the book or begin with the James Pack Wolves series.

Irresistible Heroes

Stephanie Queen - 2019
    Does your dream man fight fires or catch bad guys as a cop or undercover? Maybe he's a doctor saving lives? Perhaps he's a military man, who's put his life on the line as a wounded warrior or working security? You'll find each of these stories simply...IRRESISTIBLE. Two Hearts Unlikely Heroes: Tamara Ferguson, USA Today Bestselling author: When wounded warrior Captain Samantha Caldwell is targeted by terrorists after killing their leader in Iraq, can AFOSI Agent Captain Ben Nash keep her safe? Simply Love: Natalie Ann, USA Today Bestselling author:Being strong doesn't make you a hero, but doing what is right does. She's Having A Baby: Suzanne Jenkins, USA Today Bestselling author:During the worst fire season in California history, a wildland fire changes life for Mike and Aisling Saint and their best friend. Johnny's Girl: Cynthia Cooke, USA Today Bestselling author:Will he choose the mission or the girl? Fire Me Up: Alicia Street, USA Today Bestselling author:After an FDNY fireman loses his fiancée to a rich Wall Streeter, he seeks a new start in a sleepy village on Long Island's North Fork, only to fall for a shy schoolteacher who shakes up his world like never. SEAL of Refuge: Alyssa Bailey, USA Today Bestselling author:Becoming vulnerable for a chance at true happiness takes a special kind of courage. Never Gone: Stephanie Queen, USA Today Bestselling author:Joe is a regular guy from Boston--except when he's called on by the Zero Go Team. So when he's sent to protect a sexy Hollywood costume designer, the last thing he expects is a crazy attraction that's anything but regular. Handle With Care: Patrice Wilton, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author:An ER doctor and a wounded veteran find each other, but can their love survive?

Luvin’ An Atlanta Boss (The Stockley Family Book 8)

Unique . - 2021

Ghosts of Culloden Moor: Volume 4

L.L. Muir - 2018
    Start with Volume One to read about the magical Gathering that starts it all. Each storyteller of the series is responsible for getting their own Highlander bundles ready for you. In the end, there should be 27 sets in the Collections. These sets will all be available in print so you can fill a shelf if you like.You'll fiind all L.L. Muir's books on her Amazon Author page. Be sure to click the follow button beneath her photo!

Celtic Blades and Battles II: Four Celtic-Themed Medieval Romances

Kathryn Le Veque - 2018
     The Celts were spread through out Ireland and Scotland, men and women of power and determination, and in the pages of this limited edition collection, you'll find an explosion of legendary Celtic adventure and passion. Through the mists of time, these tales bring forth the very best in Celtic historical romance. Also included is an exclusive sneak-peak of HIGH WARRIOR, Le Veque's exciting April 2018 release. In this collection, you will find: Black Sword: An Irish rebel, an English captive, and an unforgettable romance explodes. The Darkland: An Irish legacy knight serves a wicked lord with a terrible secret. Echoes of Ancient Dreams: A Dark Ages Irish king is transported to modern times and back again. SeaWolfe: An English pirate and his Irish prisoner find love on the shores of Cornwall. And an exclusive excerpt from HIGH WARRIOR, not available anywhere else. Enjoy this limited edition collection while it lasts!

The Billionaire Cowboy Needs A Nanny : A Clean Romance (Western Billionaire Ranchers)

Charlotte Young - 2020

Held Hostage

Velvet Vaughn - 2020
    Held Hostage is an intriguing mixture of romance and pulse-pounding suspense.At the wrong place at the wrong timeBeBe Davis' career has thrived after an accident left her confined to a wheelchair. As the office manager of the bustling COBRA Securities offices, she works her magic daily to support the agents and is adored by everyone. She's perfectly happy until Tank Hale walks in the door and she realizes what's been missing from her life. Love.Tank lost his leg in Afghanistan and his heart to BeBe the moment he met her. Before he can act on his feelings, he discovers her life is in danger. Acting on a hunch, he races to find her. With time running out, an already tense situation becomes explosive. If Tank’s too late, he runs the risk of losing BeBe before he ever had her.

International Estate Planning in Plain English: A Multistate and Multinational Practitioner's Guide to Domestic and Treaty-Based International Estate Planning Techniques

John Anthony Castro - 2019

The Family Man

Amy Cross - 2014
    Happily married, with a loving wife and a teen daughter, he seems to have everything. But this particular family man has a dark secret that he's managed to hide from his family. From all his families.But that's about to change.When a dying girl crawls to the door of a remote farmhouse, the police are led to a horrific warehouse where scores of other girls are chained in horrifying conditions. Somebody has been farming human beings, using them to create new identities that can be sold on the black market.And now the perfect family man is about to learn that he can never truly escape his past. Originally published as The House of Broken Backs, The Family Man is a dark tale of one man's determination to hide his true nature.

Rachel's Joy (Rachel Miller Book 2)

Hannah Schrock - 2020
     Ever since she could remember it had been the three of them. Rachel, Stephen and Thomas. They had been the best of friends, the closest of allies. It was Stephen and Thomas who had helped her get through when her mother passed away. But they were no longer children and it was time Rachel admitted which of her friends she loved more. After a two-year courtship with Thomas, Rachel turned down his marriage proposal. Now two years later, Rachel wonders if she has done the right thing. She couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her father and moving on with her own life, especially not after everything he has done for her over the years. But that doesn’t matter now, because Thomas is courting Katie Smock. When her father sets her up with Stephen, Rachel looks at her other friend through the eyes of a young lady for the first time. Had she fallen in love with the wrong friend two years ago? And why did Thomas seem jealous of her renewed friendship with Stephen? Find out now in this heartwarming tale about love and family-ties that will remind you of the important things in life and that sometimes it’s good to let go.

The Man From U.N.D.E.A.D. Trilogy

Darren Humphries - 2012
    novels. Follow Agent Ward as he searches for the clues that link a missing chemist to Sirens, Strippers and Snake Monsters in The Curious Case of the Kidnapped Chemist.Dodge the walking dead in Zombie Apocalypse Now when the eponymous undead attack Parliament and ... er ... Hull.Finally, thrill at the latest adventure Do Dragons Dream of Burning Sheep in which no sheep are burned, but dragons just might dream.

The Regency Christmas Hearts Collection: A Regency Christmas Anthology

Arietta Richmond - 2019
     Courting a Spinster for Christmas Investigating a mystery hundreds of years in the making leads to more than Miss Lydia Millpost expects - far more. To Dance with the Dangerous Duke One past mistake seems likely to destroy Lady Isabelle’s future - until the Duke of Dangerfield gets involved. Lady Theodora’s Christmas Wish She didn’t really expect her wishes to come true at the Christmas Ball.... The Marchioness’ Second Chance Having always believed that love wasn’t necessary, Olivia, Lady Hemsbridge finds her opinions changing, as circumstances give her a second chance in life. The Gift of a Christmas Scandal The Duke of Southolton and Lady Selina Brancourt have a problem in common - they are each promised to someone they don’t want to marry. When they meet, scandal seems their best option...

What Makes a Family

Debbie Macomber - 2020
    Tanner Lund feels the same way. Like Joanna, he got divorced after a short, disastrous marriage. And like her, he’s raising his eleven-year-old daughter alone. But the girls have other plans in mind—and it involves the best friends becoming sisters. Both Tanner and Joanna are determined to avoid marriage, yet there’s no resisting their growing attraction…HERE COMES TROUBLEMaryanne Simpson is working hard to make it as a journalist; it’s not her fault that her father happens to own the newspaper! After rival columnist Nolan Adams writes an unflattering piece about her, she’s furious. But Maryanne decides the tough, streetwise newsman is right about one thing: her life has been too easy. So she quits her job, leaves her luxury apartment and swears not to touch her trust fund. She needs to prove to Nolan—and to herself—that she’s got what it takes to make it on her own. She wants Nolan’s respect…and maybe more. When they end up as neighbors, Maryann discovers that she can’t resist Nolan’s gruff charm, and although he doesn’t seem to be an appropriate match for a socialite, Maryanne has other ideas!

Temptation at the Lake (Clear Lake, #1)

Erin Swann - 2021

The Winning of America Series: The Frontiersman

Allan W. Eckert
    The Winning of America Series: The Frontiersman