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Omega by Kassanna


Full Circle (Central Florida Pack Book 1)

Chudney Thomas - 2014
    Half-human, half-werewolf, Ria Marlett knows her place in the pack. And she knows exactly how the pack’s alpha, Drake Neilson, views her; as a convenient lay. So far she’s managed to avoid his advances, but she knows his patience is growing thin. Now he's ready to claim her. Ria does her best to avoid Drake, but the sexy woman can’t hide who she is. Tired of waiting, now he’ll do whatever it takes to win Ria, even woo her while dealing with rabid lone wolf attacks. With the pack in danger Ria is forced to face what Drake has been telling her all along, she just might be the strongest of the pack. Length: 23,000 words

Beastly Curse

Selene Drake - 2020
    Isabelle Rose, with her jet black hair, mahogany skin, and intoxicating scent, called to me from miles away.Blade is a beast of a man, a towering presence, a chiseled body, sharp fangs, and he runs with a pack of wolves. Wolves, my father helped kill. And I’m willing to trade my life for his.My Belle… My Enemy… Our Love.Is it possible that she’s the one to break the curse? That she can feel anything, other than fear, for a man like me?But the moment I sense enemies lurking to reclaim my Belle, our differences don’t matter because there’s no way I’ll let them harm her. And I’m prepared to fight, hoping the solution isn’t to let her return to the real world leaving me to remain a beast forever.

To Love An Alpha

Adriana Hunter - 2014
    Over 400 pages!

Rescued by the Jaguar

Zoe Chant - 2016
    On the outside, she's got everything. But inside, she feels empty. Her snobbish uncle keeps trying to set her up with wealthy men, but Octavia-- and her inner jaguar-- have never felt so much as a spark of passion. Yet... Black jaguar Luke Covas is a brave, strong, down to earth firefighter, a man who takes things as he finds them. But when he's separated from his crew during a deadly fire on the border, he's forced to become a jaguar to survive. But the trauma leaves him unable to shift back, stranded wounded and alone, not even knowing what country he's in. Until Octavia finds him. On the surface, the wealthy woman and the courageous firefighter have nothing in common. But their souls call to each other, culminating in a night of wild passion that convinces them that they're meant to be together. But can they survive a gauntlet of awkward dinner parties, a scheming uncle trying to separate them, and a deadly fire? What will it take for the two jaguar shifters to stay together when they're literally worlds apart? This is a burning hot, standalone BBBW jaguar shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Wolf in Waiting

Shyla Colt - 2011
    But for Luz Dryden it’s a complicated reality. The one bright light in her life has been her long-time love Kalyx Hunter.Kalyx shares her strange malady and worships Luz with a passion that overshadows everything else. When Kalyx shifts unexpectedly, Luz flees Blackburn Falls and vows to never look back.Five years later she’s forced back to her home town for her sister’s wedding, and Kalyx is determined to convince her they belong together. Luz fights him at every turn, but her body’s needs overrides her will.Kalyx is prepared to take on anyone who tries to keep them apart. But neither anticipated the twisted web of deceit and betrayal they would find themselves tangled in.

Destined For A Lycan King

Marcelle Sixx - 2019
    All she wanted was her mother's approval and to finish college so that she could go off and enjoy her life. That is of course before running into a salt and pepper-haired middle-aged man with eyes like warm honey, a demeanor of a king, and money that could make anyone else she thought was wealthy tuck their wallets in shame. Josiah lost his wife nearly twenty years before meeting this chocolate enchantress, and something happens to him. Something that makes him quiver inside and want to do more than call out to her. However, with his responsibilities as King of Lycanthropes, trying to get close to a young woman that's beneath him won't be easy. His erotic dreams and valet deem it possible for Quisha to be his. With a sporadic son, deceit within the empire, and his own guilty conscience getting the better of him, obtaining Quisha to make her his queen seems impossible.

The Wolf’s Surrogate

Layla Silver - 2019
    The bane of my existence, the sole star of my daydreams, and hands down the hottest Wolf on the planet. It isn't fair for one person to be that good-looking, confident, and successful. How can I resist that dimpled smile, tempting me to do bad things? But he’s forbidden territory. He’s much too old for me, and my dad’s friend and business partner no less. Oh, and there’s another tiny problem: I’m a surrogate. I’m carrying an unknown man’s baby. Some Wolf’s child … So I’ve made my decision. I’m going to officially stop drooling over him. Now all I have to do is to get my traitorous hormones to cooperate. I can totally do that. Right? The "Shifter Surrogate Agency" series is a paranormal romance series about very hot shifters who haven't found their mates yet but can't wait to have a baby. They might just get more than they bargained for... Guaranteed HEA. 18+ readers only!

A Bite of Love

Ally Summers - 2016
    A dead body outside. And a shifter war in his backyard. Case Kings aren’t supposed to run, but what choice did Case Maddox, king of the jaguar Tribe, have when he lived in the same town as his fated mate ex? Arriving in Grayslake angry, vengeful and broken, Case needed an escape. Shifters in the south are encroaching on his territory. His shifter warriors have lost hope. The last thing this king was looking for was redemption … or love. Cadence Living in a town of shifters hasn't been easy, but Cadence Hathaway was born and raised in Grayslake and there was nowhere else she wanted to call home. Resigned to end up as the town spinster, she threw herself into work, until a broody stranger showed up at the old Maddox estate. One look at the town’s newest resident and Cadence knows she's in trouble. Broody, dark and mysterious she is ready to find out about the King's tastes, both on and off his plate.

Wolves Town

Kelly Lucille - 2018
    Only she has no idea who or what she really is. He has two choices, he can walk away and leave her to possibly be found and claimed by the rightful First of her territory, or, he can take her. He makes his choice in a heartbeat of time, taking her off the street and back to his lands and clan, where everyone does as their First commands. Well...except Georgiana. This is a quick, steamy read of about 23,000 words. A stand alone with no cliff hangers, bad language and sexual situations. If you like them quick and sexy with a hot alpha male who doesn't find claiming his mate quite as easy as he expects, this is the book for you.


Amber Ella Monroe - 2015
     When Kalena is caught snooping around in the laboratories at Silex Pharmaceuticals, a shifter-owned company, the guards label her a spy. She’s captured and tossed inside of a barricade filled with wolves who have been deemed menaces to society. What’s worse is that her memory of what happened over the last few days isn’t all that clear. Her only hope of escape is linked to Thane Silex, a convicted felon with a vendetta against his brother. ~ Captured is Part One of Wolf in Exile, a serialized shapeshifter paranormal romantic suspense that contains a cliffhanger at the end. Intended for Mature Audiences only. Wolf in Exile Reading Order: Part I: CAPTURED Part II: UNCHAINED Part III: ASCEND Part IV: RECLAIMED (Coming Soon)

Bad Blood

Shannon West - 2014
    Alone by a nearby stream, the shifter is surprised to discover who the tracks and the scent belong to.The Dire Wolves, an ancient pack the grays thought extinct, came spoiling for a fight. Led by Kerrick, the northern pack of huge wolves had traveled south looking for two things in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains—to take over and to find mates.When Blaine is taken by surprise by Kerrick, he finds himself strangely attracted to the huge male. But then Blaine accidentally almost kills Kerrick, escalating tension between the packs. Will the two alphas be able to resolve the conflict between them and merge their packs or will they lose each other forever?

The Werewolf's Mate

B.A. Stretke - 2015
    He’s used to getting his way and using force to do so. He doesn’t believe in romantic love or the necessities of such attachments, that is until in the middle of an altercation with the Dubois family he is brought face to face with his predestined forever mate...and oh boy does he mess it up. Actually to say he messed it up would be an understatement. Now after hurting his mate accidentally and scaring the crap out of him, he has to find a way to forge a bond and claim his mate, while also tracking down a shooter in the woods that is threatening his pack. Nothing in Jake’s life has ever come easy. Skye Dubois is the runt of the litter, so to speak. He is the youngest and the shortest of the five sons of farmer Daniel Dubois and therefore he is the most protected in the family. He cooks for his brothers and the farm workers and all-in-all has a pretty sheltered existence. He breaks that shelteredness when he meets Jake Maguire during a fight between the wolf pack and his brothers. Skye feels drawn to the handsome stranger, that is until said handsome stranger breaks his wrist. Now in the midst of trying to forge some sort of relationship with Jake, he has to deal with the wrath of his overprotective brothers. Skye will either end up hurt again, or embarrassed beyond all recognition...possible both.

Caedmon Wolves; 6 Books Collection

Ambrielle Kirk - 2015
    Includes 6 full books in the Caedmon Wolves series. With the fate of the Caedmon Pack hanging in the balance, their leaders devise a strategy for peace and prolonged existence. One Alpha leads the pack to overcome grief and hopelessness during a time of chaos. His enemies make attempts to tear down the unity holding the pack together. Rivals infiltrate their territories and threaten to claim possession at the first sign of weakness. Many lives are destroyed in the quest for dominance and peace. The rules must evolve to fit their ever-changing society before deception, jealousy, and hatred ruin the Caedmon Pack! This collection focuses on the Caedmon Pack Council members as they face tough choices between loyalty and true love. 6 Sexy Alpha Males and 6 Happily-Ever-Afters included. Author's Note: These are full-length paranormal romance stories of the 1st six books in the Caedmon Wolves series. The following titles are included: Wolf's HavenWolf's PromiseWolf's TouchWolf's DesireWolf's StrengthWolf's Honor

Reclaiming the Wolf

Jessie Donovan - 2014
    However, when the male cougar-shifter who broke her heart ten years ago shows up on her doorstep with a dead wolf-shifter in tow, her whole world goes off-kilter. She’s determined to ignore him, but when a virus threatens to decimate her clan, she has no choice but to work with her ex and his brother to survive.Sylas Murray is sent by his brother to ask for the wolves’ help in solving the mystery of a recent wolf-shifter attack. There are a few problems, however. Not only is he a cougar-shifter among a pack of wolves, the clan leader is also his ex-girlfriend. To say they had a bad break-up would be putting it mildly—Sy’s actions nearly destroyed the truce his clan had with the wolf-shifters. But as a virus threatens the GreyFire wolves, Sy and Kaya must put aside their past to find a cure.As they work together and race against the clock, Sy starts to wonder why he let Kaya go in the first place. Despite their past, will he be able to reclaim the wolf that captured his heart and start over?

A Shifter's Worst Nightmare

Marcy Jacks - 2015
    He never expected to see a man who made the world shift beneath his feet.Morgan Anson is young and good looking, and just Jake's type. It's weird that he feels an immediate jealousy of everyone Morgan dances with. He needs to get the man home, right now, and make him his. Jake just never expected to wake up the following morning next to a wolf.Morgan didn't mean to shift. It was an accident, but he was so comfortable and happy next to his mate, that it just sort of happened while he slept.They can't stay away from each other for long, however, though Jake knows he should, and even though Morgan is considered a curse on his pack, Jake will have to prove himself to the alpha if he plans on taking Morgan out of his abusive pack forever.