Jack Archer

G.A. Henty - 1883
    The story begins with Jack at school when he is urgently sent for at home. His father tells Jack that he has gotten him a position as a midshipman on a paddle-steamer and will be leaving Portsmouth the following day.

The Gilded Cage

Josephine Cox - 1999
    But he is also a man with a dark secret; an illegitimate daughter that he forced his sister to bring up. The girl is now a young woman who, unbeknown to him, is determined to find the father that abandoned her.James Peterson, a gifted young man, runs Mear's factory with more success than Leonard's own sons. He lives for the day he can have his own business and make his fortune. Only then will he be able to declare his love for beautiful Isabel Mears who he means to release from the gilded cage her father has created. But then the lonely, lovely Sally comes in to his life, turning his heart and dreams upside down.

The Season of Lillian Dawes

Katherine Mosby - 2002
    When he is expelled from boarding school, Gabriel Gibbs is sent to live with his older brother Spencer in New York. Rather than a punishment, this becomes an exhilarating invitation to a dazzling world, from smoking cigars at the Plaza Hotel to weekend house parties filled with tennis and cocktails. It is in this heady atmosphere -- from white-gloved Park Avenue to literary Greenwich Village -- that Gabriel first glimpses the elusive Lillian Dawes. Free-spirited and mysterious, Lillian captures the imaginations of those in "all the best circles," including both brothers. As their lives entwine, so begins the powerful and poignant unraveling of innocence.

Mrs. Parkington

Louis Bromfield - 1942
    Within her own lifetime she had become almost a legendary figure -- stormy, glittering, tragic, but never dull.Married at 17 to one of the most colorful and ruthless of the great robber barons, she had known both the famous and interestingly infamous of two continents; had seen the gaudy world of the great Fifth Aeneue chateaux come into being, flourish, and decay; and now observed with wise, weary eyes the mad, turbulent world of the 20th century. At 84, she still had more zest for life than any of her descendents, all of whom--with the exception of her great-grand-daughter Janie--she privately despised.

Dilly's Sacrifice

Rosie Goodwin - 2015
    . .Dilly is devastated: with her husband unable to work and four children already at home, they cannot afford to feed their new-born baby. Heartbroken, she heads into the night to deliver her baby girl to the Farthing family at the big house. Having just lost their own daughter to measles, the Farthings adopt the baby and offer Dilly a lifeline: a job as a maid.This act of desperation will change the lives of both families irrevocably – and the onset of WWI even more so. Sons are taken, love is declared, hearts are broken and terrible acts are committed. Through it all, Dilly does everything she can to preserve her family. But when the chance for true love finally comes, will she choose family over her own happiness? A moving and uplifting story of family, loyalty and love, from much-loved author Rosie Goodwin.

Motor City Burning

Bill Morris - 2014
    After leaving a snug berth at Tuskegee Institute to join the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, he has become bitterly disillusioned with the civil rights movement and its leaders. He returns home to Alabama to try to write a memoir about his time in the cultural whirlwind, but the words fail to come.The surprise return of his Vietnam veteran brother in the spring of 1967 gives Willie a chance to drive a load of smuggled guns to the Motor City – and make enough money to jump-start his stalled dream of writing his movement memoir. There, at Tiger Stadium on Opening Day of the 1968 baseball season – postponed two days in deference to the funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr. – Willie learns some terrifying news: the Detroit police are still investigating the last unsolved murder from the bloody, apocalyptic riot of the previous summer, and a white cop named Frank Doyle will not rest until the case is solved. And Willie is his prime suspect.Bill Morris's rich and thrilling new novel sets Doyle's hunt amid the history of one of America's most tortured and fascinating cities, as Doyle and Willie struggle with Detroit's deep racial divide, with revenge and forgiveness – and with the realization that justice is rarely attainable, and rarely just.

Ben Retallick

E.V. Thompson - 1980
    Ben Retallick has grown to sturdy manhood among the miners and fishermen, through the hard and hungry years when blood was often the price of bread. When cruel fate steals away Jesse, his love, Ben searches to find her, caring only for the day he'll make her his wife.

Dancing in the Dark

Maureen Lee - 1999
    A brilliantly compelling Liverpool saga following the lives of two women - three generations apart.

The Wives of Billie's Mountain

Kelly L. Simmons - 2014
    Second families must go into hiding or be arrested. There is even a finder's fee for those who turn in their own. Ten-year-old Mary's father, a poor farmer, abandons Mary, her nearly-blind mother, and six brothers and sisters in the hills of the Wasatch Mountains to live in a shallow dugout not much better than a cave. Close to starving, the family is rescued by a nearby polygamist. As the much older man's intentions become more threatening, Mary finds it harder and harder to resist his proposal of marriage. Her family and friends, even her own mother, turn away from her. During the six-year period, from Mary's childhood to a forced marriage at sixteen, Mary must first survive, and then choose her fate. This is the story of survival, love, and compassion in a sometimes heartless existence. It is also the story of Mary's deep conflict with the Church's teachings on plural marriage, and with her father, who has abandoned them. Based on a true story."...filled with rich description that makes its early 20th-century setting and people come alive." -The Salt Lake Tribune"...an emotionally wrenching narrative out of U.S. history."-Kirkus Reviews

Appalachian Tales

Deanna Edens - 2019
    Struggling to make a life for herself and her younger brother she is determined to forge her own way. When a mining disaster tragically strikes her hometown, her life, and heart, is changed forever. Appalachian Tales is a charming and engaging tale, filled with amusing yarns about marriage, illustrations of courage and an unsolved mystery. It's the story of two women who meet in 1982, elderly Nadia telling her stories to Dee, a young college student living in Charleston, West Virginia. The tales she tells encompasses tragic events, such as the Benwood Mine Disaster, bigotry, and the disappearance of the Sodder children. It is also a portrait of a life that was packed full of history, love, heartbreak, acts of kindness, bravery, joy and strange events that spans across decades. You will find yourself wishing to call on the fine folks of the Appalachians, grab a frosty glass of sweet tea, settle into a rocking chair, and discover why West Virginia is wild and yet splendidly wonderful.


Catherine Cookson - 1998
    With a harsh childhood behind him, he left school with little in the way of knowledge but brimful of optimism, and secure in the knowledge that one of his teachers, Fred Beardsley, had faith in him; although at the time neither of them could have envisaged how the other was to influence the course of their lives.Fred Beardsley, who much to everyone's surprise had become acquainted with and married Louise Barrington, a teacher at his school, within a matter of weeks, ran into Riley while they were on their honeymoon in Paris. Riley said he'd won first prize in a talent competition - hence his presence, with his uncle, in the city for the weekend. In addition, he told the happy couple that as a result of winning the competition he had been offered a 'position' at The Little Palace Theatre in Fellburn.Fred and Louise, who suspected that the 'position' was probably that of a dogsbody, nevertheless encouraged Riley, whom they knew to be an expert mimic. After a time, however, it became clear to them that Riley had actually been appointed assistant stage-manager. And then he surprised them by forming a close friendship with the leading lady, thirty-something Nyrene Forbes-Mason, who he claimed was nurturing his burgeoning talent as an actor. What Riley hadn't told them, however, was that he had great hopes of the relationship developing into something more than friendship...Over the subsequent years, Fred and Louise observed with amazement the rise to fame and fortune of this remarkable lad, as did as did his parents and all those who knew him. As for his relationship with Nyrene, that did indeed change; although the manner in which it progressed was not quite as Riley had planned.

The Jarrow Lass

Janet MacLeod Trotter - 1997
    Capturing the heart of handsome and respectable steelworker William Fawcett, it seems her wish for a better life is finally within reach. But tragedy strikes, and to save her young family from destitution, Rose must turn to wild John McMullen. A powerful tale of passion and heartache, and a wonderful heroine who - for the sake of those she loves - refuses to give in to loss and despair. THE JARROW LASS is the first novel in the Jarrow Trilogy. 'A powerful novel of passion and heartache. Janet MacLeod Trotter’s poignant, compelling family drama is based on the life of Catherine Cookson’s grandmother. Totally engrossing and vividly bringing to life the time and place, it is sure to appeal to all Catherine’s fans' World Books 'This is a powerful and compelling saga' Bolton Evening News 'An excellent period work' Bournmouth Daily Echo 'A passionate and dramatic story that definitely warrants a box of tissues by the bedside' Worcester Evening News

That Liverpool Girl

Ruth Hamilton - 2011
    Life isn't great, but they have eachother, and family can get you through anything. Or...can it?Then, on the third day in September 1939, Britain declares war on Germany and their lives change forever.The children have to be evacuated, but daughter Mel refuses to go, and so Eileen says goodbye to het mother and sons, moves away from the street they love and faces a future without most of the people in her precious family.Thus begins a journey for them all. A journey filled with forbidden love, tragedy and the terrifying sounds of a city they love crumbling into craters left by the Luftwaffe.Their lives will never be the same again ...

The Glitter and the Gold

Fred Mustard Stewart - 1988
    THE GLITTER AND THE GOLD is a dazzling, robust saga of the Collingwoods of California, heirs to wealth, ambition, and lust. And against the vivid backdrop of time and change - earthquake, fire, riot, and the clash of cultures - he brings to rousing life five generations of this remarkable family whose passions were as boundless as California in the making...

Elegy for Eddie / Leaving Everything Most Loved

Jacqueline Winspear - 2014
    This eBook bundle includes books 9 & 10 in Jacqueline Winspear's New York Times bestselling Maisie Dobbs series: Elegy for Eddie and Leaving Everything Most Loved.