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Voyance by Rhonda Brutt


Burn into Me

    She's strong and unpredictable, and just about as stubborn as you can get. But she has also spent years being abused and tortured by her own father. The man that was supposed to love her. The day she is told that her father called her school, she thinks it's her death sentence.Emelie soon learns that she's being shipped off to a boarding school. There she meets people who will become great friends, traitors, and flat out enemies. Then there's Drake. And he doesn't fit into any of those categories. Questions arise as Emelie discovers that she was born with unusual gifts. She learns that there are people in the school similar to her, each with a specialized talent.Her feelings might also confuse her as she doesn't know what to call her relationship with Drake. They're both stubborn and refuse to admit to what they don't believe is true. However, they've become attached and grown to need each other in times of peril. But what happens when things become too much for either of them?

Fated (Mystic Academy)

Ednah Walters - 2017
    She thinks it's the reason for the tragic accident that killed her parents when she was a child and has become an expert at hiding her gift from the world by age eighteen.  That is, until a soul reaper from Hel walks into her life.   From the moment they meet, Syn Shabaka pushes Lana's buttons. He is the first person she's ever met who is immune to her gift, and the first person to offer her a way to be with other gifted people like her. The offer tempts her, but fear that he will discover the truth about her adopted family keeps her from accepting.  Lana has already lost one set of parents, and she refuses to lose another. As sparks fly between the pair, Lana must decide what is important, keeping her family safe or finding her happiness.

The Alchemist's Apprentice (The Birch Harbor Series #4)

Kristen Selleck - 2014
     Abraham's Men have failed. The alchemists have achieved immortality, and the last thing standing in their way is an old book of spells. A book which Chloe was given to safeguard. Find out what happens to Chloe, Seth, and the rest of their friends, in this thrilling conclusion to the Birch Harbor Series!

Snow Rising (The Great North Woods Pack #4)

Shawn Underhill - 2015
    With the help of Lars, Joseph and the pack strike back against their old enemies.

Resurrected (Vampire Legacy, #1) Excerpt

Morgan Rice - 2012
    This file contains Part One of the book only, which is 20,000 words.In RESURRECTED (Book #1 of the Vampire Legacy), 16 year old Scarlet Paine finds herself changing in mysterious ways. She is becoming sensitive to light, able to read peoples’ thoughts, and is faster and stronger than she’s ever been. She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her, and tries to ignore it. But she can only dismiss it for so long.Caitlin Paine, her mom, knows too well what’s happening to her daughter. She underwent the same transformation to vampire once, centuries ago. But now, in the present day, as a mere human, she has no memory of it. All she has is the journal she found in the attic—her mysterious vampire journal—telling of her exploits in another time and place, and of the vampire race being eradicated. But was there one exception to the rule? Could it be that Scarlet, her daughter, is the last remaining vampire on earth?As Scarlet tries to fight who she’s becoming, she also tries to fight her intense feelings for Blake, a boy in her grade who she has a crush on. She can’t tell, though, if he’s into her, and with the big Halloween dance just days away, the pressure is on. She would do anything for Blake to ask her. But Vivian, the meanest of the popular girls, is also on Blake’s radar, and she’ll do anything to make Blake hers—and to make Scarlet’s life a living hell.Luckily Scarlet has her own clique of friends to back her up, including her best friends Maria and Jasmin. They, too, have guy troubles—but it isn’t until Sage appears, the mysterious new boy, that her friends become obsessed. Scarlet finds herself attracted to him, too—and is surprised when it is her, of all the girls in the school, that he pays attention to. But her mind is set on Blake, at least for now, and she continues to hope he’ll ask her to the dance.Just when it seems that Scarlet has what she wants, her body changes. Soon it may be impossible for her to be near her fellow humans. Soon, she may have to choose between her desire to live and her desire for love.Book #2 in the series, CRAVED (Book #2 of the Vampire Legacy), is now also available.“Grabbed my attention from the beginning and did not let go….This story is an amazing adventure that is fast paced and action packed from the very beginning. There is not a dull moment to be found.”--Paranormal Romance Guild {regarding Turned}“A great plot, and this especially was the kind of book you will have trouble putting down at night. The ending was a cliffhanger that was so spectacular that you will immediately want to buy the next book, just to see what happens.”--The Dallas Examiner {regarding Loved}“Morgan Rice proves herself again to be an extremely talented storyteller….This would appeal to a wide range of audiences, including younger fans of the vampire/fantasy genre. It ended with an unexpected cliffhanger that leaves you shocked.”--The Romance Reviews {regarding Loved}Morgan Rice is the #1 Bestselling author of THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, an eight-book series which has sold over 100,000 copies and has been translated into six languages. Morgan is also author of ARENA ONE, the first book in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic action-thriller trilogy.

Montrose Paranormal Academy (Book 1), The Nexis Secret

Barbara Hartzler - 2020
    For what? Beats me. Hi, I’m Lucy and I just discovered I’m not normal.After my brother’s disappearance, I enrolled in the super-elite academy where he was last seen on U.S. soil. Now two totally gorgeous secret society guys are fighting over which club I get to join. Seriously? As if I want anything to do with the people who banished my brother.But I need to play nice to get anyone from the Three Societies to talk to me. One problem. I’m too good at my job. When the Nexis Society president accidently spills a little-known family secret, I’m left scrambling to figure out who I really am.I’ve always known my family was special, but now I’m about to find out why.Not everyone’s happy I’m at Montrose Paranormal academy. The resident mean girls don’t appreciate my snarky attitude. The Three Societies all want me to join up. Plus, I have to figure out how to use my newfound powers without obliterating an entire city block. Oh yeah, and there’s some kind of crazy prophecy about me.It’s tough staying under the radar when you’re a Chosen One. Well, I prefer badass heroine. Take your pick.Montrose Paranormal Academy, The Nexis Secret is book 1 in the Montrose Paranormal Academy series for teens. It’s a Clean Academy Paranormal YA series full of slow burn romance, snarky dialogue, and urban fantasy adventure set in New York City. Think Shadow Hunters meets Shatter Me with a dash of Bloodline Academy.

Sweet Blood of Mine / Dark Light of Mine

John Corwin - 2014
     Sweet Blood of Mine: Justin Slade and women don't mix, but when he discovers he has the ability to seduce any woman he wants, high school suddenly gets a lot more interesting. The more he opens his eyes to the supernatural world, the more dangerous he realizes it is. Dark Light of Mine: Justin discovers there's a lot more to the supernatural life than he could have imagine. Obsidian arches that allow instantaneous travel, pocket dimensions with complete towns, and, unfortunately, a succubus who's hunting down his father. To make matters worse, Underborn, the most notorious assassin in the Overworld, also has his sights set on Justin's father.Book 1: Sweet Blood of MineBook 2: Dark Light of MineBook 3: Fallen Angel of MineBook 4: Dread Nemesis of MineBook 5: Twisted Sister of MineBook 6: Dearest Mother of MineBook 7: Infernal Father of MineBook 8: Sinister Seraphim of MineBook 9: Wicked War of MineBook 10:Dire Destiny of Ours

The Reaping of Norah Bentley

Eva Truesdale - 2011
    As the grim reaper assigned to harvest her soul, he's spent the past few months getting intimately aquainted with her life--all in preparation to take it away. Which he had every intention of doing.Until he fell in love with her.And then he saved her instead.But can love really overcome death? And what happens to the ones who end up caught in between?

Deception So Deadly

Clara Kensie - 2015
    It’s all sixteen-year-old Tessa Carson has ever known. Hunted by a telepathic killer, Tessa and her family have fled home after home, hiding behind aliases to survive. Her scars are more than just physical, and as the only one in her family without a psychic ability, she lives a life of secrets, lies, and fear. After the Carsons flee to a new hideout and take on new identities yet again, Tessa meets confident, carefree Tristan Walker. Their attraction burns fierce, but she runs from him too, knowing their love can never be true when she can’t even tell him her real name. But Tristan has secrets as well—secrets that will either save Tessa, or destroy her. The only way Tessa can save her family—and uncover the real reason they’ve been hunted all these years—is to forget everything she’s learned from a lifetime of running away, and run straight into danger head-on. Book One in the YA paranormal thriller Deception So series, Deception So Deadly was originally published as the Run to You serial parts 1 – 3, and is the winner of the prestigious RITA® Award for Best First Book.

Keeper part 2

Tiffany Evans - 2013
    Her ability to control minds in their hands could mean the destruction of the Kember and Drea race. Laced with speed, strength, and a physical ability, each Kember holds the key to not only defeat the Rygons, but to protect one Drea until death. But what happens when one who’s born to protect, hunts instead? During a heated battle with a rogue Kember, Taylee’s forced to run and let her own Kember—the man who raised her—face him alone. With the announcement of her protector’s death, Taylee’s anger and obsession regarding the mysterious murderer take over. She’s hell-bent on bringing her guardian justice, even if it means walking into the enemy’s trap.

Crystal Seeker

Sophia Sharp - 2011
    A private, prestigious boarding school located on a beautiful, pristine island, it's everything she's ever dreamed of. If she could only stumble upon the right guy there, everything would be perfect.Following a rocky start, Tracy settles in and comes to love the island. Everyone is fascinated by the new girl, and Tracy is quick to make friends and meet not just one, but two different guys.However, it doesn't take long for her friends to help her discover a latent ability deep within herself... an ability that is unlike anything she's ever experienced.And her ability is coveted. There are others who would take advantage of her, to make use of her powers for their own gain. Suddenly, Tracy starts to realize that underneath her perfect little getaway might lurk a threat. A danger. And as she gets deeper and deeper involved, finds herself lost in a world of love, lies, and supernatural magic.

Rise of the Fire Tamer

Kailin Gow - 2010
    Little do they know, the castle is the doorway to a wondrous world call Anachronia where words can be used as weapons, power, and commodity. There is unrest in Anachronia, and if the five teens can follow the rules of Wordwick Games and prove to be the best player, one of them will be crowned Ruler of Anachronia.

Red: The Untold Story

Angela M. Hudson - 2016
     Do not go gentle into the wolf's asylum... Once every twenty years, pack alpha Luther takes a new wife. On the day of Selection, Red is chosen. Just as her family always planned. Just as she always planned. Until she met Alex Plain. Alex took Red to worlds she never imagined, where the ordinary is seen as magical, and the upright is abstract. With the help of this new friendship, Red begins to see a future for herself outside of the pack. But, unfortunately, Alex Plain came along too late. Red is obligated to marry Luther now, and taken to live in the mysterious Ravenswood Mansion, where truth lies and the walls have eyes. What Red learns there about her alpha will ignite some burning questions—ones that, when answered, could undo the entire order of the pack: What happened to all the children born there? Why hasn’t this mansion left the seventeenth century? And where are all his previous wives?

The Aegis of Merlin Omnibus Vol 1

James E. Wisher - 2018
     At least until the final day of school arrives and with it the annual wizard’s test. When Conryu passes the test, no one can believe it since everyone knows boys can’t do magic. Suddenly thrust into a world of magic and danger, Conryu must figure out how to use his news powers and quickly. He soon finds himself n the run from a mad religious cult and hunted by a group of wizards that view a man wielding magic as the worst abomination imaginable. When his home city is taken hostage by the sinister Lady Raven, Conryu is the only one that can save the day. Can Conryu master his magic before it’s too late? This Volume contains the first four novels of the Aegis of Merlin Urban Fantasy Series: The Impossible Wizard, The Awakening, The Chimera Jar, and The Raven’s Shadow.

When Destiny Knocks

Heather M. White - 2011
    But when her Mom dies she is forced to move over 1,000 miles away to live with her Dad. That's when things start getting weird.She can't explain the earthquakes that nobody else feels, or why she no longer sleeps. But most of all she doesn't know why she trusts Shane so much, even though his Dad wants her dead.Suddenly, Karlie's normal life is turned upside down and she enters a world she never dreamed could really exist.