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The Dare by Dayo Benson


Heart Unbroken (The Potter's House #3)

Alexa Verde - 2018
    She's desperate to regain the trust of the son she once abandoned and change her life. Meeting a vacationer, Rodrigo Ybarra, she fights her attraction to him. Even with her newfound faith, the risk of a relapse is too high.On the two-year anniversary of his wife's death at the hand of a junkie, Sheriff Rodrigo Ybarra comes to the ocean to mourn her. Romance is the last thing on his mind, but he's drawn to a beautiful stranger who frequents the same spot. When he discovers her past could destroy his career, he struggles to guard his heart.Then Emma's life is threatened. Rodrigo won't let her push him away or allow concern for hiscareer to hold him back now. Will he once again lose the woman he loves? Or will faith and trust bring them safely to a future together?Heart Unbroken is Book 3 of "The Potter's House Books" , stories of love, hope, redemption, and second chances. Please check the PotterHouseBooks website for release dates. All books can stand alone and can be read in any order. The next book in the series is Long Way Home by Brenda S Anderson.

That's Amore: That's Love

Marion Ueckermann - 2018
     When Rafaele and Jayne meet again two years after dancing the night away together in Tuscany, is it a matter of fate or of faith? After deciding to take a six-month sabbatical, Italian lawyer Rafaele Rossi moves from Florence to Tuscany, resigned to managing the family farm for his aging nonna after his father’s passing. Convinced a family get-together is what Nonna needs to lift her spirits, he plans an eightieth birthday party for her, making sure his siblings and cousins attend. The Keswick jewelry store where Jayne Austin has worked for seven years closes its doors. Jayne takes her generous severance pay and heads off to Italy—Tuscany to be precise. Choosing to leave her fate in God’s hands, she prays she’ll miraculously bump into the handsome best man she’d danced the night away with at a friend’s Tuscan wedding two years ago. She hasn’t been able to forget those smoldering brown eyes and that rich Italian accent. Jayne’s prayers are answered swiftly and in the most unexpected way. Before she knows what’s happening, she’s a guest not only at Isabella Rossi’s birthday party, but at Villa Rossi too. When Rafaele receives what appears to be a valuable painting from an unknown benefactor, he’s reminded that he doesn’t want to lose Jayne again. After what he’s done to drive her from the villa, though, what kind of a commitment will it take for her to stay? This nine-book Christian romance series from seven of your favorite authors releases weekly from April 2018. Look out for Book 2 in the series, Luna Rosa!

Coming Home (Family Bonds Book 3)

Carolyne Aarsen - 2020
    She thought he loved money more than her. Years later, can they fill the vacancy in their hearts? Garret Beck is determined to flip his image. Still burned by the ex who didn’t believe in his dreams, he’s returned to his hometown with cash to spend and minds to change. Though renovating her faltering family inn may bring him sailing uncomfortably close to his past.Larissa Weir cherishes the memories forged in her family’s property. So when she learns an investor wants to return it to its glory days, she knows it’s exactly what her late mother would have wanted. Until she discovers he’s her old boyfriend who picked cash above commitment and never looked back…Resigned to having to work together on the renovation, the reluctant partners rediscover what connected them so many years ago. But old lies and long-held grudges threaten to tear them apart…Can Garret and Larissa find room in their lives to restore true love?Coming Home is the third standalone book in the inspiring Family Bonds Christian romance series. If you like fated couples, surprising twists, and spiritual connections, then you’ll adore Carolyne Aarsen’s sweet tale. Family Bonds  - the second series in the Rockview Romance collection1. Seeking Home 2. Choosing Home3. Coming Home4. Finding HomeFamily Ties - the first series in the Rockyview Romance Collection1. A Cowboy's Reunion2. The Cowboy's Family3. Taming the Cowboy4. The Cowboy Returns

Fall Fireside (Quinn Valley Ranch Book 25)

Liz Isaacson - 2019
    She's on her fifth or sixth broken heart, and she needs the soothing, healing messages she's found at the fall fireside series in the past. When she arrives at the first one, there aren't any seats—except by the handsome Clay Martin, a cowboy who's asked her out before and never followed through. She wasn't going to say yes to the next man who asked her out. But when that man is Clay... Cami says yes. She and Clay begin a whirlwind romance that has both of them questioning who they are and what they want. Coupled with the messages he hears during the firesides, Clay isn't sure he's the man Cami really wants or deserves. Will their differences drive them apart? Or will Cami and Clay find a way to mend what's broken inside themselves in order to find a happily-ever-after? Read all the novels by USA Today bestselling and Kindle All-Star Author, Liz Isaacson! Quinn Valley Ranch: 1. Contracted Cowboy 2. Secret Sweetheart 3. Landscaping Love 4. Birthday Boyfriend 5. Fall Fireside Three Rivers Ranch Romance Series: 1. Second Chance Ranch 2. Third Time's the Charm 3. Fourth and Long 4. Fifth Generation Cowboy 5. Sixth Street Love Affair 6. The Seventh Sergeant 7. Eight Second Ride 8. The First Lady of Three Rivers 9. Christmas in Three Rivers 10. Lucky Number Thirteen 11. The Curse of February Fourteenth 12. Fifteen Minutes of Fame 13. Sixteen Steps to Fall in Love 14. The Sleigh on Seventeenth Street Horseshoe Home Ranch Romance Series: 1. Falling for Her Boss 2. Falling for Her Roommate 3. Falling for His Best Friend 4. Falling for His Nanny 5. Falling for Her Ex's Brother 6. Falling for Her Old Boyfriend 7. Falling for His Next-door Neighbor 8. Falling for His Nurse Brush Creek Brides Romance Series: 1. A Wedding for the Widower 2. A Companion for the Cowboy 3. A Bride for the Bronc Rider 4. A Family for the Farmer 5. A Home for the Horseman 6. A Refuge for the Rancher 7. A Marriage for the Marine 8. A Fiance for the Firefighter 9. A Treasure for the Trooper 10. A Date for the Detective 11. A Partner for the Paramedic 12. A Catch for the Chief Steeple Ridge Romance Series: 1. Her Billionaire Cowboy 2. Her Restless Cowboy 3. Her Faithful Cowboy 4. Her Mistletoe Cowboy 5. Her Patient Cowboy Grape Seed Falls Romance Series: 1. Choosing the Cowboy 2. Craving the Cowboy 3. Charming the Cowboy 4. Courting the Cowboy 5. Claiming the Cowboy 6. Catching the Cowboy 7. Cheering the Cowboy Christmas in Coral Canyon Romance Series: 1. Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend 2. Her Cowboy Billionaire Boss 3. Her Cowboy Billionaire Boyfriend 4. Her Cowboy Billionaire Bodyguard 5. Her Cowboy Billionaire Bull Rider 6. Her Cowboy Billionaire Bachelor 7. Her Cowboy Billionaire Blind Date 8. Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Man 9. Her Cowboy Billionaire Birthday Wish 10. Her Cowboy Billionaire Butler Last Chance Ranch: 1. Her Last First Kiss 2. Her Last Billionaire Boyfriend 3. Her Last Make-Believe Marriage 4.

Beginning Again

Lauraine Snelling - 1999
    Though her son, Nicholas, is wearing resentment like a badge, Maddy flees with him to her childhood home, only to find her widowed father a sullen and broken man.Determined to piece together the shattered fragments of her life, Maddy struggles to support her son and care for the farm that has dwindled under the inattentive hand of her father. With the support of an unforeseen ally, she strives to broaden their income even as her dreams are thwarted by the harsh realities of a beautiful but savage land. Seemingly alone in the inevitable struggles ahead, reminders of her childhood faith usher in the promise that hope and love can blossom in the most unexpected places. This title was previous published as Hawaiian Sunrise.

The Ransom

Grace Livingston Hill - 1934
    But the large elaborate mansion chosen by their deceased stepmother didn't really seem like home. And their father seemed different too--so tired, so weighed down. Christobel wondered if there was any way they could help him. Could they start over again and become a close, loving family?Slowly they learned to trust and love each other. Then, just when it seemed they were indeed becoming a real family, disaster struck! Randall--young, impetuous, Randall who was just beginning to understand what true manhood meant--was kidnapped. Would they be able to come up with the ransom? And would they be in time?

Not Until Forever

Valerie M. Bodden - 2019
    He put his family before her. When they get a second chance, will they choose to put each other first?As she climbs the corporate ladder, Sophie doesn’t let herself think about what she gave up when she declined Spencer’s proposal five years ago. So when she’s called home to say goodbye to her dying grandmother, she goes out of her way to avoid seeing him. Of course, that means he’s the first person she runs into. Much as she fights against it, being near him stirs up old feelings and makes her question old decisions. Leaving college to help on the family farm cost Spencer the woman he loved. But he couldn’t turn his back on his family. Now that Sophie’s back in town, Spencer’s determined to protect his heart. Only he senses something new in Sophie—something that makes him think maybe they could have a second chance. But when his family needs him again, he feels like he’s repeating the past.Only this time, he’s not sure what choice he should make.Is God giving them a second chance? Or are the heartaches of the past too much to overcome?

Color Blind

Michelle Lindo-Rice - 2014
    Angry at the world, Aniyah ‘Annie’ Hays is the only person who can reach him. Her voice draws him like a siren. Saul falls for Annie hard and fast, not knowing that she’s of a different race. As a physical therapist, Annie prides herself on her professionalism. But one glance into Saul’s deep blue eyes and she’s a goner. She’s falling in love and loving it, until she learns Saul opposes interracial relationships. Since her heart refuses to cooperate, Annie wonders, Will Saul reject her because of the color of her skin? Loosely based on the story of Saul and the prophet Ananias, Color Blind promises to answer the question, Can you tell your heart who to love?**** Sweet, Slight sizzle. Christian fiction read.

Until Christmas (The Potter's House #16)

T.K. Chapin - 2018
    What was originally thought of as just an extra paycheck turns out to be much more when she meets a man who might just be an answer to her prayers.Nate's heart has grown weary of never seeing his daughter, Sydney, since he moved away after his divorce over two years ago. Taking an extended trip to spend quality time with his daughter, he hopes to inspire her to return to church and start taking the right steps in her life. What was only meant to be a trip to see his daughter turns into much more after one fateful night at the mall.“Until Christmas” is a story of two hearts molded and shaped by the Master Potter in the most unlikely of places and blessed by the greatest love of all. Join Amanda and Nate as they navigate God's will in their lives.All books can stand alone and can be read in any order.The first 15 of 21 books are:Juliette Duncan: The HomecomingT.K. Chapin: When it RainsAlexa Verde: Heart UnbrokenBrenda S Anderson: Long Way HomeMary Manners: Promises Renewed Kristen M. Fraser: A Vow RedeemedMarion Ueckermann: Restoring FaithJuliette Duncan: UnchainedT.K. Chapin: Gracefully BrokenAlexa Verde: Heart HealedBrenda S. Anderson: Place Called HomeMary Manners: Tragedy and TrustKristen M. Fraser: Heart TransformedMarion Ueckermann: Recovering HopeJuliette Duncan: Blessings Of LoveCheck for details.

The Not Quite Mail-Order Bride

Leah Atwood - 2013
    He enlists the help of longtime friend, Caroline Franklin, to assist him in finding a mail-order bride. Caroline is in love with Wyatt. He is the only man to attract her since her husband passed away several years ago. When Wyatt comes to ask her a question, she is completely surprised by his request. What will she do when faced with losing the man she loves?Dear Reader: Please note this is a clean, short story of thirty pages

Something Better

Jenn Faulk - 2014
    In the worst way possible. Life has taken on a very empty, depressing tone, and she needs a change. So, when the opportunity to leave the country to take pictures for the very intriguing Henry Booth presents itself, she welcomes it gladly. But her exotic vacation soon proves to be more stressful, heartbreaking, and life changing than she ever imagined it could be. When she returns home, things only get worse. As she finds herself confronting very real truths about the world around her, about her own life, and about what her future holds, she struggles to understand what it means to be poor in spirit and rich in grace as Christ changes everything into something better...

A Chance at Destiny

Lilah K. London - 2014
    Destiny is black. They are both poor . He is from a trailer park on the outskirts of town. She lives in the city housing project. Both have mother's who are drug addicts. They have known each other all their lives. They have competed both in and out of the classroom. They both know the only way out of their poverty is hard work and education. The only problem, is neither of them have the family money to support them. Until .....they find a scholarship for married couples. Join these high school rivals on their journey. From competition to learning the art marriage and love.

Picnics & Promises: Six Delicious Summer Romances

Jan Elder - 2017
     MOOSED OPPORTUNITIES—JAN ELDER Rev. Samantha Evans loves Moose Creek, Maine, the land of moose and men, particularly her fiancé Eric Palmer. Forest ranger, Eric, strives to plan their wedding, but Samantha’s busy schedule, his interfering ex-wife, missing college students, and a pregnant moose, all conspire against him. Will their lives continue to be a series of Moosed Opportunities? ZARA’S FOLLY—CLARE REVELL British equestrian, Zara Michaels, heads south to convince TJ Greggson to sell his property to her developer father. Any way she can. TJ co-owns the stables, catering to disabled children—his life’s purpose. His brother wants to sell. TJ doesn’t. Can TJ help untangle Zara from her past follies, or will their secrets destroy them both? A POCKETFUL OF WISHES—MARY MANNERS As childhood neighbors, Jenna Palmer and Carter Stevens discover first love. When a cross-country job transfer separates them, they promise to one day find each other. Years go by and they lose touch until an accident causes their paths to once again cross. Can their promise stand the test of time, or will time crush their promise…and their love? SWEET DELIGHTS—CECELIA DOWDY Patty-Lynn is stunned when she runs into her wealthy ex-boyfriend, Sam. She’s still haunted by their painful breakup seven years ago. Recently widowed, Sam now wants to fix their broken relationship. Seeing Patty-Lynn, happy in her bakery, gives him hope. Can her prize-winning pie recipe sweeten his new business venture and heal their broken hearts? IMPERFECTLY PROVERBS 31—AUTUMN MACARTHUR The last thing geeky Samantha Rose planned for was the homemaking blog only her sister was ever supposed to see going viral. After a disastrous picnic, Daniel Novak, the cynical reporter dispatched to interview her, insists he must reveal the truth. But that could ruin everything, including their budding love. A COURTSHIP FOR CLOVER—MARION UECKERMANN Clover Blume’s chance of getting to know the groomsman escorting her to her sister’s wedding is threatened when he’s delayed. Jonathan Spalding’s money hasn’t managed to buy him one thing: a woman to love. Is the auburn-haired beauty partnering with him at his best friend’s wedding finding a way into his heart? What will it cost Jonathan to realize it profits him nothing to gain the world, yet lose his soul? And the girl.

Salt Water Taffie

Janice Hanna - 2009
    But when her parents begin planning their retirement, Taffie's not sure she has the moxie or the know-how to manage Carini’s Confections on her own. When repairman Ryan Antonelli makes a service call at Carini's, he’s irresistibly drawn to more than just the candy. Although his marketing degree has hardly prepared him to fix a taffy-making machine, Ryan will do anything to help Taffie, with the hopes of winning her heart. When a business mogul wants to buy Carini’s property to build a new casino, Taffie’s family’s future is threatened. Can Ryan help Taffie save Carini’s Confections? Will they find sweet love together in the process?

Whisper If You Have To

Staci Stallings - 2014
    Alison Prescott has collected a boatload of them in her short lifetime. Moving to a new school in a new town was supposed to fix everything; however, when she meets a new set of friends, keeping those secrets might just ruin everything. Chad Dourozette has the world by the tail as his crazy T-shirts proclaim every day, but Chad has deeply held secrets of his own. When Chad meets Alison whose life looks absolutely perfect from the outside, will he have the courage to try to win her heart, or will the secrets they both carry keep them apart forever? A new adventure from #1 Best Selling Christian Romance Author, Staci Stallings begins now... "Staci's books are Christian romance at its very best!"