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Darkness On The Horizon by Christopher Renna


Eternal Darkness

Tom Deady - 2017
    . . and the flies. They had no idea why anybody would want to live there, but then they met Greg Lupescu, the new kid who had moved in. He looked strange, his father was never around, and he had this creepy butler named Karl. Soon, however, he became their close friend.SOMETHING IS KILLING PEOPLEFirst, a young boy goes missing . . .Soon after, the boy's abusive deadbeat father is slaughtered . . .And his grieving mother burns to death in an unnatural fire . . .People are dying all over Bristol, Massachusetts and the boys are beginning to realize that it all started when the Lupescus moved to town.SOMETIMES YOU CAN'T FIGHT YOUR DESTINYBen and little sister Eve can sense that a dark storm looms on the horizon threatening to engulf Bristol, and at its center stands his new friend. Can they all help Greg resist the sinister forces against him, or in the end will he choose to succumb and embrace an Eternal Darkness?

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Collectors Edition

Jennifer Malone Wright - 2012
    Before the vampire can kidnap her, there is an unexpected rescue by a group of vampire hunters. Overwhelmed by the feeling of safety, Chloe passes out and they whisk her away to their small community. When Chloe wakes, she comes face to face with the only other living relative, besides her mother, whom she has ever met: her grandfather.Through her grandfather, she learns her mother was a vampire hunter. In fact, her entire family is descended from the powerful bloodlines of vampire hunters. Chloe agrees to join the family she has never known for one reason only: Chloe vows to kill the vampire responsible for her mother’s murder.With vengeance in her soul, Chloe is even more determined to follow through on her vow when she discovers the true identity of her enemy and how he is connected to her.So, she begins to train hard, mentored by Drew, the young hunter who saved her and lives with her grandfather. Although she is directly descended from ancient, powerful vampire hunters, the rigorous training schedule begins to break her down.Chloe also experiences her first Christmas without her mother. As part of the grieving process she visits her mother’s grave for the first time and there, she is visited by Sostrate, the immortal demi-god from whom she is descended.As she comes of age, Chloe is changing and developing the gifts unique to her heritage. She discovers a new power she must learn to use and control. During this emotionally chaotic time in her life, the community is attacked, her grandfather injured and hunters are killed. After almost losing her only remaining family, Chloe questions whether her continued presence in the community will sacrifice everyone she has come to care about.

The Disembodied

Anthony Hains - 2016
    He plays basketball at the Y and he’s just learning to talk to girls. But Griffin doesn’t feel normal. He’s been diagnosed with Depersonalization Disorder—he feels disconnected from his body, and at times, he doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive. And it seems to be getting worse.Following the brutal death of his abusive father, Griffin is haunted by a red-haired kid only he can see and who wants him to do things he doesn’t understand. Griffin's only sources of support are his grandfather, Soren - a regional author of Outer Banks ghost stories - and his same-aged cousin, Tanner, a boy coping with his own troubled life.When a rare blizzard strikes the Outer Banks, Griffin recognizes the red-haired boy as a vengeful specter from Soren's tales. To make matters worse, his well-meaning aunt has convinced his mother he’s under some sort of spiritual attack. Unsure if the mysterious boy is a symptom of his disorder or an entity with evil intent, Griffin finds himself in a struggle to save his life, his sanity and maybe his very soul.

The Moth Diaries

Rachel Klein - 2002
    The object of her obsession is her room-mate, Lucy Blake, and Lucy's friendship with their new and disturbing classmate. Ernessa is a mysterious presence with pale skin and hypnotic eyes. Around her swirl dark secrets and a series of ominous disasters. As fear spreads through the school, fantasy and reality mingle into a waking nightmare of gothic menace, fueled by the lusts and fears of adolescence.And at the center of the diary is the question that haunts all who read it: Is Ernessa really a vampire? Or is the narrator trapped in her own fevered imagination?

Bonded in Blood

Mike Bennett - 2013
    He develops a particular fondness for La Reina de Corazones - or rather, its landlady, Michelle. David does not approve, and neither does Lydia, for she and the Black Circle have plans for Underwood that definitely do not include Michelle – plans that involve Underwood granting them the vampiric gift of eternal life. And if Underwood won't grant that gift by choice, they'll take it by force.Bonded in Blood, the second of the Underwood and Flinch Chronicles, continues events started in Resurrection. It also reveals how, in the early 18th Century, Underwood became a vampire and how he and the Flinch family became forever Bonded in Blood.Winner of the Polidori Award for Best Vampire Novel 2010 and 2011.Finalist in the 2010 Parsec Awards and Winner in 2012.

Sarah Stone Trilogy, #1-3

Iain Rob Wright - 2018
    Includes full versions of SOFT TARGET, HOT ZONE, & END PLAY. SOFT TARGET NOWHERE IS SAFE FROM EVIL... FROM THE BIGGEST CITIES...TO THE SMALLEST VILLAGEWhen an elderly suicide bomber strikes a quiet English village, a once proud nation is brought to its knees. Yet this first attack is just the start of something far greater and much much worse. An attack is coming that no one could have predicted. The days to follow will determine if the United Kingdom has a future, or if it will be reduced to anarchy and ashes. Only one person has a chance to halt the impending terror attacks--damaged ex-solider Captain Sarah Stone. Sarah despises her own country for what it did to her, and that’s what makes it so hard when she is forced to save it, but when an old enemy takes credit for the attacks, her thirst for vengeance forces her to take action. SOFT TARGET is the first in a series of books featuring acerbic heroine Captain Sarah Stone and the Major Crimes Unit. It is a non-stop action thriller in the same style of Jack Reacher, Tom Clancy, and 24. HOT ZONE Sarah Stone is missing.The terrorism threat in the UK is growing day by day. MCU agent Howard Hopkins is heading to White Knight Hospital. Not because he's sick, but because there's been an outbreak of an infectious disease. Somebody has intentionally released Ebola Virus and it's time for the Major Crimes Unit to act. If they fail, thousands will die painful, bloody deaths. This time, he'll have to save the day without his partner, Sarah, who has been missing for months. Eventually Sarah and Howard's paths will cross again, but they might not be on the same side. Both are looking for the same man-a psychotic doctor with a grudge against Western civilisation, who won't stop until Ebola, HIV, and Malaria are as much a threat in the United Kingdom and Europe as they are in the 3rd World. Iain Rob Wright breaks new ground in the non-stop action-thriller genre as he tops his previous book, Soft Target, with an even greater threat. A threat lodged in the current psyche of today's society. A book sure to thrill and frighten. END PLAY Old Nightmares and New Threats…Sarah Stone is finished. The last year of her life has seen her face madmen and terrorists that will haunt her forever. This case will be her last.The Flower Man is London’s worst ever serial killer, putting even Jack the Ripper to shame. Sarah can’t quit until she catches the monster and ensures no more innocent people are killed. A local tip off might just be the break she needs to find her man and get the job done for good.But Sarah doesn’t know that an even bigger monster from her past has just awoken, and that the City of London is about to be devastated by the worst attack in it's long and prestigious history. It’s already too late. If Sarah doesn’t end the killing now, it will end her. She has one chance to get her life back, but time is running out. This is her end play. Iain Rob Wright completes the first trilogy of Sarah Stone books with the biggest threat yet, bringing death and mayhem from all sides. All 3 books in the adrenaline fuelled Sarah Stone trilogy by bestselling author Iain Rob Wright, all included in one great value boxset with 30% off versus buying the books individually.

Evil In Disguise

Deborah McClatchey - 2010
    Little do they know that the unsuspecting, yet odd-looking turtle, is a fiend in disguise. The town bully, Victor Lockett, kidnaps the reptile and finds out he’s made a terrible, terrible mistake! The turtle is now on the loose and the killings begin. Elmer Jacks, the pet shop proprietor, finally reveals the true identity of the turtle to the two boys. He says there is an old scroll that was lost which holds the answer to the cursed tortoise and can revert it back to human form. Charlie’s pretty neighbor, Sunni Russell, joins them on their hunt for the beast. With her help, they search the Internet for the answer to the reversal of the curse. But will they find it? And most importantly, if they find the turtle, will the special words on the scroll even work?

Lone Wolf Rising

Jami Brumfield - 2013
    Seventeen year old Rebecca Winters’ main goal for ten years has been to graduate high school and take down the people who killed her parents. When she stumbled upon a werewolf pack in the middle of Phoenix, she knew she’d found a way to make her dream come true. Instead of getting vengeance, an act of war has put her into a position of power and forces her to put her thirst for family justice on a temporary hold. He is duty bound to protect her. Lucian (Lucky) Lamont is a member of the Protectors, an elite supernatural police force who works for the Authority. Their main goal is to keep humans in the dark about the creatures who live among them. Lucky is assigned to protect and manage Rebecca, despite her refusal of help. His cover is simple; he poses as the dutiful ‘pretend’ boyfriend in order to keep an eye on the new alpha wolf. She is his mate. Gabriel Black though taking his pack back from the witch who was chosen as the new alpha would be simple. He thought wrong. His entire world was turned upside down the moment he met Rebecca at the Authority Council meeting…and he was hooked the moment he kissed her to prove she wasn’t dating his best friend, Lucky. It’s like being torn between two lovers. Rebecca is pulled in hundreds of different directions while she attempts to find a way to survive the supernatural world, protect her family, and discover who massacred her entire pack days before her first transformation. She doesn’t have time for romance. But the heart wants what the heart wants. And the wolf gets what the wolf wants – or so her alpha believes. While Rebecca manages to keep her head above water as she unlocks political and family secrets which could destroy her, she loses sight of the most important people in her life and one of them pays the ultimate price.

City Of The Damned

Stephen Knight - 2011
    And they have plans.After blitzing a vampire coven in Arizona, former U.S. Army captain Mark Acheson leads his highly trained team into a new and unexpected battle zone: suburban Los Angeles. Hard contact with the vampires, led by arch-vampire master Osric, results in Acheson's lover being taken and his team left wounded and in disarray. As Acheson and his people struggle to regroup, it becomes clear that Osric's master plan, which involves ancient occult magic from the bowels of Eastern Europe, is in motion.Time is running out, for Los Angeles...and the human race.

Cliche: Episode Three - A Dark Psychological Thriller (Numb Series)

Jeff Menapace - 2020
    He had no idea... Welcome to The Track. An elite club for members whose depraved desires run to the extreme. A place where you can bet on a pony and see how long he can a deadly scenario decided by a simple spin of the wheel. Step right up. Author's note: "Cliché: Episode Three" is the third installment in an ongoing series. Think literary Netflix! This series of shorts is a follow-up to the novel Numb. However, it can just as easily be enjoyed as a standalone series beginning with episode one. Whichever path you choose, enjoy! Cliche: Episode Three eBook categories: Suspense Thriller Psychological Thriller Crime Fiction Murder Noir Vigilante Justice Suspense Horror Organized Crime Kidnapping Disturbing Hard-boiled Suspense Horror Mystery

The Radleys

Matt Haig - 2010
    Except, as Peter and Helen Radley know but their children have yet to find out, the Radleys happen to be a family of abstaining vampires. When one night Clara finds herself driven to commit a bloodthirsty act, her parents decide to explain a few things.

Forty-Four Book Thirteen (44 13)

Jools Sinclair - 2016
     But not without a fight. Trapped between the evil that is Nathaniel Mortimer and the mysterious Samael, whose terrible secret she has finally unearthed, Abby doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance. Is there any way she can overcome impossible odds and make it out alive? Or will she eternally be trapped by the darkness, with home forever being just a dream, a mirage, a wisp of a ghost always disappearing in the wind? Read the unforgettable last chapter in the Forty-Four series and find out.


Steve Feasey - 2009
    Not after the day he wakes up in agony -- retina-splitting, vomit-inducing agony. His clothes are torn. His room is trashed.Enter Lucien Charron, the mysterious, long-lost "uncle" with freakish fire-flecked eyes and skin that blisters in the sun. Suddenly, Trey finds himself living in a luxury penthouse at the heart of a strange and sinister empire built on the powers of the Netherworld -- vampires, demons, sorcerers, and djinn.And there is a girl -- Alexa Charron -- who is half vampire, half human, and insanely pretty, with powers all of her own. Trey is falling for her.Trey is training night and day to control the newly discovered power lurking inside him. Now, demons are closing in on every side, and the most psychopathic bloodsucker to rock the Netherworld wants to destroy him. Above all, he must face one terrifying question: Is he a boy . . . or is he a beast?

Wake of Vultures

Lila Bowen - 2015
    She's a half-breed who dresses like a boy, raised by folks who don't call her a slave but use her like one. She knows of nothing else. That is, until the day a stranger attacks her. When nothing, not even a sickle to the eye can stop him, Nettie stabs him through the heart with a chunk of wood and he turns to black sand.And just like that, Nettie can see.But her newfound sight is a blessing and a curse. Even if she doesn't understand what's under her own skin, she can sense what everyone else is hiding—at least physically. The world is full of evil, and now she knows the source of all the sand in the desert. Haunted by the spirits, Nettie has no choice but to set out on a quest that might lead her to find her true kin . . . if the monsters along the way don't kill her first.

Her Dark Retreat

J.A. Baker - 2017
    Both damaged by issues from their childhoods, they are trying to get on with their lives. But this is hard for them to do when they both believe they are being watched. As a result, Peggy, who has terrible scars on her face, becomes more agoraphobic.To make matters worse, Peggy discovers her estranged mother is stalking both she and Alec, claiming she has a dark secret that is putting Peggy in danger.What caused the scars on Peggy’s face? Is Alec really the monster Peggy’s mother believes him to be? And what secrets does Chamber Cottage hold?