Bailey's Story: A Dog's Purpose Puppy Tale

W. Bruce Cameron - 2019
    Bruce Cameron Every dog has work to do. Every dog has a purpose. When Bailey meets eight-year-old Ethan, he quickly figures out his purpose: to play with the boy, to explore the Farm during summers with the boy, and to tidy the boy's dishes by licking them clean (only when Mom isn't watching). But Bailey soon learns that life isn't always so simple--that sometimes bad things happen--and that there can be no greater purpose than to protect the boy he loves.Bailey's Story is a moving tale about a dog and his boy for young animal lovers by W. Bruce Cameron, bestselling author of the acclaimed novel A Dog's Purpose. Adorable black-and-white illustrations by Richard Cowdrey bring Bailey and his world to life. A discussion and activity guide at the end of the book will help promote family and classroom discussions about Bailey's Story and the insights it provides about humankind's best friends.Read all the books in the bestselling series: Ellie's StoryLily's StoryMolly's StoryMax's StoryShelby's StoryToby's Story

Big Nate Comics 3-Book Collection: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, Here Goes Nothing, Genius Mode

Lincoln Peirce - 2014
    Included are the first three Big Nate comic compendiums: Big Nate: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, Big Nate: Here Goes Nothing, and Big Nate: Genius Mode. Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney says, "Big Nate is funny, big time!"

The Berenstain Bears at Camp Crush

Stan Berenstain - 1994
    DANGER--SUMMER ROMANCE AHEAD!What is it that keeps drawing the boy campers and the girl campers together? Is it something in the air? Is it something in the water? Or is it the fact that Camp Director Grizzmeyer keeps trying to keep them apart?-back cover

Dilly the Dolphin: Short Stories, Games, and Jokes!

Uncle Amon - 2015
    His new school is Freshwater Elementary. Will he fit in? This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers. Each story contains an important moral and lesson. Cute and bright illustrations for younger readers & a free coloring book! These stories are great for quick bedtime stories and cute tales to be read aloud with friends and family! Excellent for early and beginning readers Includes fun activities for kids Great for reading aloud with friends and family Cute short stories that are great for a quick bedtime story Funny and hilarious jokes for kids FREE coloring book downloads included This books is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home. Story List & Activities: Dilly’s First Day Freshwater Fun Day Just for Fun Activity Dilly Meets Tippy the Toad Field Day Celebrations Just for Fun Activity Welcome Back, Dilly! Funny Jokes FREE Coloring Book Downloads WHAT A GREAT DEAL! => 5 STORIES, JOKES, ACTIVITIES, AND A COLORING BOOK! Your child will be entertained for hours! Each story contains an important lesson for strong character development in children. * FREE GIFT with your purchase! * (see inside for link)Free membership to the Uncle Amon Book Club & 3 free books for children! Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child! 100% Money Back Guaranteetags: dolphin, dolphin books for kids, marine life, dolphin books for children, dolphin stories, dolphins, Children's books, short stories, kids stories, stories for kids, stories for children, kids ebooks, short stories, bedtime stories, kids stories, stories for kids, short stories for kids, short stories, stories for kids, jokes, kids stories, childrens stories, kids books, childrens books, books for kids, bedtime stories, kids books, ebooks, books for kids, jokes, kids, hilarious, children, kid, kids books, childrens books, childrens book, kids book about animals, elementary, kids book, books for kids, childrens book, book, kindle book, kindle ebook, comedy, kindle unlimited, kindle unlimited books for kids, kindle unlimited books for children, humor, early reader, beginning reader, kids comedy, bedtime stories, free ebooks, ebooks free, stories for kids, preschool, ages 3-5, ages 6-8, ages 9-12, preteen, beginning readers, beginner reading, kids stories, children stories

Watchdog and the Coyotes

Bill Wallace - 1995
    But Sweetie, The Great Dane, can't afford to bark -- or bite. After three little nips and three masters, the next stop is the pound. So when the burglar comes calling, he waves his tail. When coyotes come prowling, he tries to make peace -- as they howl in scorn. They promise they'll return -- to eat his food, his friends, Red the Irish Setter, Poky the Beagle, and Sweetie for dessert! If Sweetie can't protect them they'll all perish! How can he outfox twelve hungry coyotes?

Maya's Magical Adventures

Malcolm McCoard - 2017
    Like nothing you've read before! A fast moving, laugh-out-loud magical comedy and fantasy adventure that will keep your "heart thumping like a bongo drum strapped to the back of a runaway camel!". Join Maya a young Scottish girl and her know-it-all talking cat Mischief, her living wand Spell and dragon Blink on a series of magical adventures and mishaps as she discovers her magical powers and their hilarious pitfalls. Find out what lies behind the forbidden door. Solve a series of strange riddles and journey across Ayrshire and Arran landmarks in search of clues. How will each of her friends meet with their inevitable sticky end? Can she figure out who the mysterious shadow is and how to defeat it? Is Aunty Dot really that shallow and can Maya really trust her? Or is she destined to be lost in the strange nightmare of the mirror maze? There's only one way to find out, read it! Failure to do so may lead to feelings of disappointment, delusions of sanity and the loss of a potentially right good giggle! This a previously published edition of ASIN B06X9F4GQ7.

Foxy and Egg

Alex T. Smith - 2011
    Full color.

A Horse Called Trouble

C.K. Volnek - 2011
    At thirteen she finds herself skeptic and suspicious, with no family, no friends, and forced to participate in horse therapy. Horse therapy “will teach trust, perseverance, respect and the value of teamwork,” or so says the program’s instructor. Tara is unconvinced. Trust only got her heart broken, perseverance only gets her put down, and no one respects or wants to team up with the misfit foster kid. At the stable, Tara meets Trouble, an angry horse bent on destroying everything and everyone around him. When Tara realizes he’s just as misunderstood and untrusting as she is, she pushes aside her fear and a special relationship is formed. Trouble trusts Tara, and Tara in turn finds hope and acceptance as well as the will to love and trust again herself. But Tara’s confidence is shaken as a great challenge looms ahead. Trouble’s manipulative owner is determined to have him destroyed because of his ‘dangerous’ nature. Tara must overcome her own limitations and fight to save the horse that has freed her heart and given her life value and meaning.

Chasing the Blue Sky

Will Lowrey - 2018
    But he's not alone — a motley cast of homeless dogs and a devoted pair of shelter workers will give anything to make sure he finds his forever home.Chasing the Blue Sky is the compelling, emotional story of one dog's journey to find his place in the great big world.

Funny Stories for Kids: Lily White and the Horrible Dwarves

Tyler Shaw - 2015
    (Brought to you by the famed Dweezel and Pallie.)"[A] funny and clever little book... I like this version even better than the original story."Chytach18, Reviewer for"An amazing story, and hilariously funny to boot, perfect for kids and adults alike!"Angela, Amazon UK reader"It made me laugh. Grossed me out. Then makes you laugh some more."Thelma Coots, Amazon reader"One word : FUNNY! A new way of reading Snow White"Isienie V., Amazon reader*****Take your expectations for a fairy tale and throw them out the window! A noble prince? Lame. A humble princess? What a loser! A happy ending? You wish. This eBook is way better than all that. It will make you giggle, laugh, and ask for more. Either that, or it will make you scream for it all to stop. The only way to know is to read it. Download "Lily White and the Horrible Dwarves" now!The Funny Stories for Kids series, written/recorded by Dr. Dexter Dweezel and Professor Parnassus Pallie, is an ongoing effort to make fairy tales less crappy. "Lily White and the Horrible Dwarves" is the first in this series, with more to come.**Note: This story is not for babies. It can be crude, and has jokes about butts, poo, and drunk people. It also has a bit of cartoony violence. There is no swearing or sexual activity. If this story had a MPGG rating it would probably be PG, and would be comparable to a modern episode of the Simpsons.**

Carl Hiaasen's South Florida Three-Book Set #2

Carl Hiaasen - 2003
    Carl Hiaasen's South Florida Three-Book Set #2 (Lucky You, Basket Case, Double Whammy) For a limited time get three books in Carl Hiaasen's popular South Florida series together in one easy-to-order package, including the bestseller, Lucky You.

The White Giraffe / Dolphin Song (Animal Healer #1&2)

Lauren St. John - 2011

The Henry and Ribsy Box Set: Henry Huggins, Henry and Ribsy, Ribsy

Beverly Cleary - 2015
    This set, which dazzles with Jacqueline Rogers's illustrations, includes Henry Huggins, Henry and Ribsy, and Ribsy.Nothing exciting ever happened to Henry Huggins until the day that a dog named Ribsy walked into his life. From then on, the duo's hilarious scrapes have never ceased to amuse. Whether Henry is scheming to raise money for his paper route or Ribsy accidentally overturns a boat during a fishing trip, these two will charm even the most reluctant readers.

The Psychokitty Speaks Out: Diary Of A Mad Housecat

Max Thompson - 2005
    With an attitude ... and opinions ... on everything. "The PsychoKitty Speaks Out" is the diary of Max, a put-upon and under-appreciated domestic feline with both a disdain and a fondness for Sticky Little People, an addiction to Kitty Crack, and an appetite for Stinky Goodness. He began his popular blog "The Psychokitty Speaks Out" in October of 2003, and this is an expansion of that journal; all those dates when he didn't blog--they're here, in all his snarky glory.

What Buttosaur Is That?

Andy Griffiths - 2007
    Never again will you look like a fool when somebody asks, "What buttosaur is that?"A must-have for every kid with a butt!