The Greek's Stolen Bride

Kate Hewitt - 2012
    a stolen bride... the perfect revenge!Theo Atrikes wants only one thing: vengeance on Miles Leotokos, the man who destroyed his father. When Leotokos's daughter asks him to help her escape her island prison, it seems the perfect revenge to take her as his bride... Leotokos robbed him of his father, so he will take the man's daughter. Ariana Leotokos might have lived her life in seclusion, but her spirit, beauty and determination are more than a match for Theo. He is determined to make this marriage only about vengeance, but Ariana calls out more emotions from Theo than the revenge that has burned in him for so long... Dare he risk his heart and admit the truth of his feelings to his captive bride?Inspired by the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, The Greek's Stolen Bride is written by USAToday bestselling author Kate Hewitt, and is the first in the Legends of Love series of romances inspired by Greek myths.

Set Up For Love

Virna DePaul - 2011
    Three authors. Three kinds of romance. Sweet. Sassy. Sexy. Sweet: The Boyfriend Bylaws by Susan Hatler: Will a woman have to follow her best friend's narrow dating rules in order to find lasting love? Melanie Porter has been dumped-again. When others accuse her of "being in love with being in love," she agrees to let her best friend, Patti, step in and direct her dating life with The Boyfriend Bylaws. Sassy: Blind Date/Check Mate by Delilah Sloan: Should a woman who's unable to forget her first love give "happily ever after" one more try? Shelby Winters' one great love went sour. If she can't feel that way again, why bother? When her best friend sets Shelby up on a blind date with Logan, the one who broke her heart, he pursues her relentlessly, forcing her to make a choice: give her heart what it's always desired and risk total devastation or shut Logan out and lose her only shot at happiness. To Shelby, it's a lose-lose situation. Or is it? Sexy: Wild For Him by Virna DePaul: Can an uptight prosecutor and a laid-back defense attorney find love despite their opposing agendas? Bryn Donovon became a prosecutor for a reason and defense attorney Daniel Mays seems to take his job about as seriously as he does his love life. While straight-laced Bryn can't deny she's attracted to the southern charmer, she's determined to keep her distance. Instead, she ends up finding something she'd lost long ago a willingness to risk all for love. Bonus: My Last Blind Date by Susan Hatler: Should Rachel Price play it safe and spend Valentine's Day at home with her loyal pooch, Chester, or risk another dating disaster by letting her best friend set her up on a blind date?

Bet On Love

Barbara Witek - 2012
    The myth of catching the bridal bouquet takes on a whole new meaning when Shelby wakes up in bed with her old school obsession – Cole Martin. Only they didn’t just sleep together, they got married, adding to her belief that men are nothing but trouble. He agrees to enlist a mutual friend to help them out of their situation, but she has to return home with him. Trouble or not, a home with Cole is everything Shelby has always dreamed of. Is love worth betting on this time around?

Marry Me

Cheryl Holt - 2012
    The three Merriweather siblings—Lucas, Dustin, and Brittney—think they have it all. As the heirs of the Merriweather gold dynasty, they grew up rich, spoiled and entitled. Yet all the money in the world hasn’t bought them love or happiness. They lead lonely, isolated lives. But that’s about to change. As they meet the most unlikely trio of characters—a con artist, a nosy reporter, and a wounded vet—they learn that even the most carefully-constructed world can be turned upside down. By the right person. Passion, friendship, and everlasting love can strike in the oddest places, and dreams really do come true. Originally released as three separate novellas, Ms. Holt has bundled them under one beautiful cover for readers to cherish. Three great stories. One great book. Seduce Me, Kiss Me, Love Me…MARRY ME!

The Memory

Barbara Kaylor - 2013
    Now, due to a head injury from an auto accident, it is the only memory Elliot has of his life. Determined to find out why, he journeys to Geneva’s small hometown of Holly Park, Florida to confront her.Shocked by Elliot’s arrival, Geneva is forced to deal with emotions that have troubled her for seven years, including her secret crush on the man who fired her. Stepping out on faith, Geneva agrees to help Elliot regain all his memories, but is that what they really want? Confusion, uncertainty, and hidden desires challenge their efforts to do the right thing as they draw close to each other.

Tomorrow Will Be Too Late

Ellen Wolf - 2012
    Naïve and trusting, she had bought into her boss’ plea to help her fight back against her greedy and scrupulous soon to be ex husband. She had agreed to play a vital part in portraying him as a womanizer and saving Victoria from a divorce she claimed would have stripped her of everything that was rightfully hers.Unfortunately, things aren’t always what they seem. Justin McBryndon turned out to be nothing like the cold-blooded monster Victoria described. The mutual attraction between Justin and Kate was apparent from the moment they met. However it was too late for second thoughts and she had to go through with her boss’s charade.Two years later, Justin has unexpectedly come back into her life, and he has not forgotten the anguish she caused him. It’s his turn to play the winning hand, getting Kate to where he wants her to be. Yet, being with him is exactly what she craves most, and desperate and bold, she is about to make a counter offer he can’t refuse. For once in her life she will do exactly what she wants and grab the tiny piece of heaven before it is wrenched away from her forever. Their relationship will be absolutely temporary and with no strings attached.Justin wants more than a temporary flare of passion, however convenient it might be. And this time he isn’t willing to let her slip away…

Reckless Nights in Rome

C.C. MacKenzie - 2012
    THE ONE! Though the name of her celebration and wedding cake business is up in lights, Bronte Ludlow doesn't care for the trappings of success. All that matters to her is her company, her independence and her heritage,The Dower House. Home to her ancestors since the seventeenth century, no way will she part with it to ‘a man with too much money and no soul’. Nico Ferranti’s only passions are money and power... He's a man who stopped believing in romance long ago and Bronte's a romantic, yet the attraction sparking between them like fireworks over the Piazza del Popolo stuns Nico. When Bronte's brother is badly hurt in a car accident in Rome, Nico whisks Bronte to the Eternal City. He wants her and he wants The Dower House and Nico Ferranti always gets what he wants. But Bronte’s heart has already been broken by one ruthless charmer and although tempted she isn’t about to give up either her heart or her home to the charismatic Italian without a fight!

Love Letters, Inc

Carole Dean - 1997
    Enter Rosie O’Hanlon. Rosie wants kids. Lots of kids. And she wants a man who’ll value home, hearth, and a horde of happy children as much as she does. But, hey, this is the 21st century, full-throttle motherhood can be a tough sell at the best of times, and right now she’s sidelined by a neck brace due to some recent surgery. She intends to kick start her search for the ideal father figure the minute the brace comes off.By day Rosie is a technical writer, by night she’s an ink-stained scribe who pens old-fashioned love letters for the romantic at heart. She’d kind of, sort of, hoped LOVE LETTERS, INC. would help pay the groaning mortgage on her aging farm house. Not. But she’s enjoying the letter writing too much to stop. She particularly enjoys writing letters for Gardenia to her fiancé Kent Summerton.The problem is Kent isn’t engaged, to Gardenia or anyone else. Kent is the sexy-hot, very much single owner manager of a prestigious local resort. Ambitious, organized, and over-scheduled, Kent does not find the anonymous letters he’s receiving from Gardenia amusing. And when they become more and more explicit, he starts to feel a bit…stalked. He decides to track Gardenia down and put a stop to her purple pen.All roads lead to Rosie, who’s not happy to learn she’s been duped by Gardenia into writing erotic spam. She’s even less happy to be instantly attracted to work-crazed Kent. With his green eyes, chiseled chin, and muscles in all the right places, he might be calendar material, but he’s so-o not the man for her, and so-o absolutely not the future father of her many children. After all, a six-pack of abs doesn’t trump family values.Rosie’s right. Kent doesn’t want a messy passel of kids. Kent wants a successful business, an organized life, and a clean balance sheet. Kids? Time sucks and trouble. This he knows. Or thinks he knows. But Kent doesn’t know what trouble is, until he starts wanting what he can’t have—Rosie O’Hanlon.P.S. I hope you'll enjoy Rosie's love story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Millionaire Tempted Fate

Shirley Jump - 2013
    From showing him her sexy side to a disastrous attempt at cooking dinner, her plan goes awry at every turn. One night, too much rum, and a hot time in Angie’s bed has Max rethinking his logical proposal to a woman who may look good on paper, but isn’t the one who captures his heart like Angie does. But is he willing to risk losing his best friend in order to have the happy ending he secretly craves?

Finding Southern Comfort

Barbara Lohr - 2013
    She’s desperate when he sends her home. Jobs are scarce and eviction looms. Former boyfriend Billy took off for California and she’s too proud to head home to Chicago. Although Cameron may not go for her cheerleader kicks, he does admire Harper’s spunk. When she answers his ad for a nanny, she’s horrified to find herself back at his mansion. But she can’t turn down the generous salary or Bella, the toddler with troubled eyes. Youngest in the Kirkpatrick clan, Harper’s not an expert on kids. Neither is the young widower. Her head-strong personality soon puts her at odds with Cameron and his TV personality girlfriend, Kimmy Carrington. When she stands in for Kimmy at a Savannah gala, Harper and Cameron spark a fire that nearly burns down the dance floor. Never has the wrong man felt so right. Never has a boy from the south worked so hard to rev up the charm. Will the Windy City girl be able to put the heart back in his home? Can he convince her that his southern comfort has staying power?

Her Mr Perfect Christmas

Melissa Jolley - 2012
    When she leaves a message on, her best friend, Kaye's answerphone she doesn't expect to see Kaye's brother Dominic on her doorstep half an hour later.She would never have called them friends, but times have changed and they're not children anymore.When Dominic Shaw hears Marty, saying she "needs" Kaye, he can't believe it. Marty has never needed anyone in all the years he's known her. When he arrives to find a drunken mess, he's even more concerned, what is so bad to have brought "Miss Dependable" to this, and why has he never noticed those beautiful jade eyes before?Can fifteen years of apathy really turn to love, or will Marty learn the price of perfection is too high to pay?WARNING: This book contains alcohol consumption that will make your liver cringe, swearing that a sailor would be proud of , and scenes of a sexual and sensual nature--So an average Saturday night down the pub then.

What's Life Without the Sprinkles?

Misty Simon - 2012
    Throw in a case of preteen angst and a family with lots of well-meant advice, and, well, she’s whipping up a recipe for chaos!Nate West has always been there for Claudia, a basic ingredient in her life, but suddenly she is flirting outrageously with him when she’s never looked that way at him before — despite his dreams. With her ex-lover back in town, Nate isn’t about to renege on his years-old promise to always be the friend Claudia needs, but does she want more?She’s as tempting as butter cream frosting with sprinkles, and he’s mighty tempted…

Body Double

Alane Hudson - 2013
    Two years ago, her fiancé failed to show up on the day of their wedding, forever changing her outlook on marriage. Now she’s being offered enough money to solve her financial woes in exchange for acting as proxy for another woman—Andrea's double—in her marriage to handsome and rich Blake Thomas. All Andrea has to do is play the part of the bride in the wedding and then share a two-week honeymoon in Hawaii with Blake.Old fears of being jilted resurface as the wedding day approaches. But after she meets the dashing groom, her ability to distance herself from the job becomes more challenging every day. Will Andrea be able to cash out of this arrangement with her heart intact when Blake’s new wife claims her place at his side?

Date Shark

DelSheree Gladden - 2014
    She’s not sure what ever possessed her to add revamping her dating life to her already hectic schedule. Calling in renowned Date Shark, Eli Walsh seemed like a good idea until she actually met with him… Date Shark was only meant to be a side-enterprise to his thriving couple’s therapy practice, but Eli Walsh knows it’s become more of an obsession. At least, it was until he agreed to take on Leila. Somehow she has stolen his entire focus. He wants to admit his fascination with her and growing romantic interest, but he knows coming on too strong will scare her away. His plan to convince her that she is worth any man’s interest by first being her friend is challenged when his tips start to pay off and Leila begins dating Luke. Will his friendship with Leila mean the end to any romantic pursuit?

Picture Perfect

Heather B. Moore - 2014
    But that was over ten years ago, and each is still trying to find that perfect someone . . . if perfect is even possible. In PICTURE PERFECT, Gemma has never done anything out of the ordinary, until her boyfriend Randy starts to ignore her. But even cutting and dyeing her hair doesn’t get his attention. She decides to join her old high school friends for spring vacation, only to be faced with Drew, her best friend who suddenly seems interested in her as more than a friend. Gemma must determine if her heart is on the rebound or if it’s finally met its true match.