The Lost Symphony (Jack Rogan Mysteries, #6)

Gabriel Farago - 2021
    A lost musical masterpiece. A stolen Russian icon. Can Jack honour a promise made a long time ago, and solve an age-old mystery?When acclaimed Australian journalist and author Jack Rogan inherits an old music box with a curious letter hidden inside, he decides to investigate. As he delves deeper into a murky past of secrets and violence, he soon discovers that he’s not the only one interested in solving the puzzle.Frieda Malenkova, a ruthless art dealer, and Victor Sokolov, a Russian billionaire with a dark past, will stop at nothing to achieve their deep desires and foil Jack’s valiant struggle to uncover the truth.Joining forces with Mademoiselle Darrieux, a flamboyant Paris socialite, and Claude Dupree, a retired French police officer, Jack enters a dangerous world of unbridled ambition, murder and greed that threatens to destroy him.On a perilous journey that takes him deep into Russia, Jack follows a tortuous path of discovery, disappointment and betrayal that brings him face to face with his destiny.Will Jack unravel the hidden clues left behind by a desperate empress? Can he save the precious legacy of a genius before it’s too late, and return a holy icon revered by generations to where it belongs?The Lost Symphony is the sixth standalone novel in the page-turning Jack Rogan Mysteries series.If you enjoy historical mysteries based on meticulous research, fascinating characters, and edge-of-your seat excitement, then you'll love Gabriel Farago's latest action-thriller.

Convoy of War

Philip McCutchan - 1987
    They’re bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia, seeking much-needed supplies — armour, ammunition, foodstuffs — as well as Canadian troops to reinforce the battle-weary British army. Leading the convoy is Commodore John Mason Kemp, mobilized from the liners for war service with the Royal Navy. The commodore has weathered countless journeys at sea, but this is war. Decisions often have to be made split-second and can mean lives saved or lost. Amid sudden tempests and the constant threat of German U-boat attacks, Kemp also faces the challenges of an unlikely assortment of people aboard a war-time ship: His young assistant, eager to prove himself but with a lot to learn. The ship’s doctor, often too drunk to attend to the wounded. The second steward, whose questionable morals harm more than just himself. As the convoy picks its way through submarine-infested waters, this journey will prove to be the commodore’s most difficult yet. Convoy of War is a page-turning naval thriller, and a rich depiction of war at sea. Praise for Philip McCutchan: “McCutchan is to be congratulated...” — Houston Post "The military-series genre hasn't a finer craftsman than McCutchan." — Publishers Weekly "His character conflicts are well organised." — Daily Telegraph 'A gripping page-turner.' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of 'Trade-Off.' Philip McCutchan grew up in the naval atmosphere of Portsmouth Dockyard and developed a lifetime's interest in the sea. Military history was an early interest of his, resulting in several fiction books about the British Army and its campaigns, especially in the last 150 years. He served throughout WW II in a variety of ships, including the cruiser Vindictive, the ocean boarding vessel Largs, and the escort carrier Ravager, ending the war as a lieutenant, RNVR. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.

Secrets of the Dead

Tom Harper - 2011
    The last thing she remembers is a gun pointed directly at her. She wakes to find herself at the center of a diplomatic nightmare. Everyone wants an answer but no one wants to listen. Even her employers at the Foreign Office believe she's hiding something. She is completely alone. As Abby tries to piece together the last few months of Michael's life in order to get at the truth, she soon realizes that he wasn't quite what he seemed. What exactly was his relationship with one of the most ruthless men in the Balkans—a war criminal who has never been brought to justice? And what links the gold necklace he gave her to a 4th century manuscript left in the shadow of Emperor Constantine's palace at Trier, and an inscription on a tomb in Rome? When Abby investigates further, it becomes clear that someone wants to suppress a secret that has been kept hidden for centuries, and they will stop at nothing to do so.

The Reflection

Hugo Wilcken - 2015
    But when that laborer tells David that he's not who the police say he is, David slowly begins to believe it may be trueUnable to stop himself, David begins to look into how the police handle the man, and the hospital they take him to . . . and begins to suspect that the man is caught up in some kind of secret governmental medical testing. Realizing he's got to rescue his patient, David quickly finds himself battling forces that seem to be even bigger than he suspected, and that now have him in their sights. When he suddenly finds himself caught with a patient's i.d. papers on him, he decides on a risky course that seems his only way out: To change his identity, and enter even deeper into the conspiracy, if he's to find out how to escape it.Written in relentlessly probing prose with a delicious plot complication seemingly on every page, this is one of the most thought-provoking, chilling, and suspenseful novels you'll ever read.

The Other Typist Free Preview

Suzanne Rindell - 2013
    Ripley "and "The Great Gatsby" comes one of the most memorable unreliable narrators in years. Rose Baker seals men's fates. With a few strokes of the keys that sit before her, she can send a person away for life in prison. A typist in a New York City Police Department precinct, Rose is like a high priestess. Confessions are her job. It is 1923, and while she may hear every detail about shootings, knifings, and murders, as soon as she leaves the interrogation room she is once again the weaker sex, best suited for filing and making coffee. This is a new era for women, and New York is a confusing place for Rose. Gone are the Victorian standards of what is acceptable. All around her women bob their hair, they smoke, they go to speakeasies. Yet prudish Rose is stuck in the fading light of yesteryear, searching for the nurturing companionship that eluded her childhood. When glamorous Odalie, a new girl, joins the typing pool, despite her best intentions Rose falls under Odalie's spell. As the two women navigate between the sparkling underworld of speakeasies by night and their work at the station by day, Rose is drawn fully into Odalie's high-stakes world. And soon her fascination with Odalie turns into an obsession from which she may never recover.

The Peat Dead

Allan Martin - 2019
    All of them have been shot in the back of the head, execution style. Sent across from the mainland to investigate, Inspector Angus Blue and his team slowly piece together the little evidence they have, and discover the men were killed on a wartime base, over 70 years ago. But there are still secrets worth protecting, and even killing for. Who can Inspector Blue trust?


Garry Disher - 2017
    . .Her name is scarcely known or remembered. All in all, she is worth less than the nine shillings and sixpence counted into her father’s hand. She bides her time. She does her work.Way back in the corner of her mind is a thought she is almost too frightened to shine a light on: one day she will run away.A dark and unsettling tale from the turn of the twentieth century by a master of Australian literature.

Fred & Edie

Jill Dawson - 2000
    The two lovers were executed in a whirl of publicity in 1923. The case caused a sensation, a crime of passion that gripped the nation's imagination and became the raw material for Jill Dawson's sensual and captivating novel Fred and Edie, a fictional account of the lovers' romance and their subsequent trial, predominantly told through Edie's imaginary letters addressed to her lover, "Darlint Freddie". This is a remarkable novel, that brilliantly evokes the suburban world of 1920s London (T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, published the same year as the trial, runs like a leitmotif throughout the novel). Edie, viewed from the public gallery as "silly, vain" is a superb literary creation--sensual, intelligent, articulate and liberated, bitterly denouncing in her letters to Freddy a world that denies "that our love might be a real love, on a par with other great loves. That just because you are from Norwood and work as a ship's laundry man and I grew up in Stamford Hill and read a certain kind of novel, we are not capable of true emotions, of having feelings and experiences that matter".Dawson's novel gradually reveals that Edie's "crime" is actually her articulate, contradictory and assertive femininity. "I am not all sweetness and light" she insists, but it is her independent behaviour that ultimately stands trial, as Freddy becomes an increasingly enigmatic and questionable figure on the margins of the novel. Elegantly written and carefully researched, Fred and Edie is as passionate and assured as the tragic heroine it portrays. --Jerry Brotton

Gold Mine

Wilbur Smith - 1970
    For some men, gold mining is a way of life--and death. For some it's just a business. For one man, it's the most dangerous game of all...Rod Ironsides makes love to his boss's wife and drives his miners faster and harder than anyone has ever dared. A few weeks ago, Ironsides had a passion for golf and one-night stands. Now, he has been handed a prize and a curse: to blast through rock and reap a fortune--or be destroyed.From a split-second, oxygen-sucking explosion to a looming underground wall of water, there are a dozen ways Rod can fail. But his passion and fury won't let him back down from a conspiracy he cannot see: men who want to turn his mine into a death trap--for the bloodiest pay-day of all...


R.J. Ellory - 2003
    Accused of the horrific murder of his best friend Nathan 12 years before, he has exhausted all appeals and now faces the long walk to the electric chair. All he can do is make peace with his God. Father John Rousseau is the man to whom the last month of Daniel's life has been entrusted. All the two men have left to do is rake over the last ashes of Ford's existence. So he begins to tell his story. Beginning with his first meeting with Nathan, aged 6, on the shores of a lake in 1952, through first loves, Vietnam, the death of Kennedy, and finally their flight from the draft which ended in Nathan's brutal murder.

How It Ends

Saskia Sarginson - 2018
    Did they know something they weren't allowed to know? Did they find something they weren't supposed to find? Only one girl has the courage to question what really went on behind closed doors . . . Hedy's journey to the truth leads her to read a manuscript that her talented twin brother had started months before he died, a story inspired by an experience in the forest surrounding the airbase perimeter. Only through deciding to finish what her brother started does Hedy begin to piece together what happened to her family. But would she have continued if she'd known then what she knows now? Sometimes, it's safer not to finish what you've started...

The Sheriff's Catch

James Vella-Bardon - 2018
    Abel de Santiago has deserted the army and all but avenged his murdered wife, when he is captured and sold as a galley slave. As the Spanish Armada sails for England, there can be few souls on board more reluctant than him.After a crushing defeat to the enemy fleet, the Spanish ships are battered by extraordinary storms and Santiago finds himself washed ashore in Ireland, a country terrorised by English troops that the natives call Sassenachs.But Santiago’s faint hopes of survival appear dashed when he is captured by a brutal Sheriff, who has orders from Dublin to torture and kill all Spanish castaways.An unlikely escape has Santiago flee with a jewelled ring worth a King’s ransom. His flight leads to a desperate chase across a strange and stunning land, where danger lurks at every turn.So begins The Sheriff’s Catch; Part One of The Sassana Stone Pentalogy

Texas John Slaughter

William W. Johnstone - 2014
    Trail driver. Cattleman. Texas Ranger. The story of John Horton Slaughter is the story of the America West itself. Now bestselling authors William and J.A. Johnstone bring this legendary figure to life--in the blazing saga of the first sheriff in U.S. history who could tame a town like Tombstone, Arizona. A WESTERN LEGEND. AN AMERICAN HERO. It's been barely a decade since the notorious gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Rustlers and outlaws still terrorize the land, and the good citizens of Tombstone are at the end of their ropes. Enter Texas John Slaughter--the new sheriff of Cochise County and the toughest lawman west of the Rio Grande. With a backbone of steel to match the iron law of his badge, Texas John is determined to bring peace to this parched desert hell even if it kills him. Which it just might. When word gets out about an untapped vein of silver in the Dragoon Mountains, every man in town heads for the hills. The streets of Tombstone are an easy target for raiders, looters--and one gang of outlaws foolish enough to kidnap Slaughter's young, pretty wife.Forget keeping the peace. This is war. Also Available in Audiobook

Collector of Secrets

Richard Goodfellow - 2015
    His manipulative boss, Yoko, is trying to swindle the unsuspecting parents of his students and is using his golden boy American face to do it. Desperate to get his passport out of Yoko's locked cabinet, he sneaks into her office in the middle of the night only to surprise the Japanese mafia's burglary-in-progress. Taking whatever he can in the short amount of time he has, Max barely escapes with his life. However Max soon finds himself on the run from everyone from tattooed Yakuza to the Japanese police and a mysterious American named Lloyd Elgin who seems to have ties in the highest places. All are after the book Max grabbed instead of the passport that could take him home, a strange diary bound in leather and closed with a strange seal embossed with ornate chrysanthemum petals. Little does Max know that Yoko's father has been safeguarding the diary for more than half a century, and its secrets could topple some of Japan's most powerful people and rewrite the history of Japan's royal family.With both his and his girlfriend's life in the balance, Max must decipher the secrets of the diary and put an end to the chase before his newest, gravest troubles catch up to him and stop his running for good.Collector of Secrets marries the historical intrigue, deep research, and wide commercial appeal of the best of Dan Brown or Michael Gruber to the techno-savvy, judo-kicking, stranger-in-a-strange-land atmosphere of Barry Eisler's internationally bestselling John Rain series. Richard Goodfellow has used real-life conspiracy theories from the Far East in the creation of a nonstop ride that covers everything from World War II to Watergate. This is his first novel.

None So Blind

Alis Hawkins - 2017
    When an old tree root is dug up, the remains of a young woman are found. Harry Probert-Lloyd, a barrister forced home from London by encroaching blindness, has been dreading this discovery. He knows exactly whose bones they are.Working with his clerk, John Davies, Harry is determined to expose the guilty. But the investigation turns up more questions than answers. Questions that centre around three names. Rebecca, the faceless leader of an angry mob who terrorise those they hate. Nathaniel Howell, a rabble-rousing chapel minister preaching a revolutionary gospel. And David Thomas, an ominous name with echoes from Harry’s past.Is it Rebecca who is intent on ending Harry and John’s enquiry? Why did Nathaniel Howell disappear when Rebecca’s insurrection was at its height? And can Harry keep the secrets of his own past safely buried?The search for the truth will prove costly. But will Harry and John be the ones to pay the highest price?