WordPress Websites Step-by-Step - The Complete Beginner's Guide to Building a Website or Blog With WordPress

Caimin Jones - 2013
    You won't need to learn any web programming or turn yourself into a computer geek.What is WordPress?WordPress is a powerful publishing tool that's the single most popular way of publishing websites and blogs. It's used by Fortune 500 companies, startups, small businesses, bloggers and non-profits alike to build a professional presence on the web.Because WordPress lets you add and edit content through a web-based admin area, it's easier to use then you might imagine. In fact, you can build a great-looking site without being a web designer or computer geek. You can edit your website design as much as you like and add new features with a few clicks of the mouse, or you can use the default design for an equally professional-looking site.In plain English, this step-by-step book, written by a WordPress expert, helps you buy a domain name, get web hosting and set up WordPress so you can make a beautiful website or blog.Clear explanations and over 55 images of the admin screens and tools mean you can see exactly how to do all this.What you'll learn in WordPress Step-by-Step*How to choose a great domain name and get professional, reliable hosting * How to install WordPress in a few mouse clicks* How to publish posts and pages with correctly formatted text* How to give your website a professional touch by using images and videos* How to customize the design of your site without needing to be a programmer* How to extend your site even further with "plugins" * How to structure your site so you'll get found by Google* How to keep your website secure * How to solve the most common WordPress problems...and more.There's also a free bonus chapter on getting the first visitors to your site.Plus, the book is packed with links to additional resources and free design themes and plugins to help you build a website on a budget.By the time you've read the book you'll have a unique, professional and easy-to-use website to be proud of - and you'll have created it yourself!Important: This book is currently the most up-to-date WordPress book available on Amazon. Some of the older WordPress books were published more than a year ago - a lot has changed since then. This guide describes how to use the latest version of WordPress (3.5).Whether you want to build a simple website for your company or organization, make money with a blog or a full online store, this non-geek guide will get you online quickly.

SUMMARY The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson

OneHour Reads - 2018
    His ultimate proposition is that people need to start caring less about everything. Instead, the key to living a good life is in individuals knowing what matters to them and not wasting energy stressing over every little thing. He then proceeds to educate us on how to move forward by going backwards. Manson strongly believes that the endless pursuit of a flawless life, fueled by today's picture-perfect social media standards, is responsible for many of the psychological illnesses that have become rampant. The book culminates in a conclusion that we need to look beyond ourselves, drop the entitled airs, and embrace the ugliness and uncertainties before we can live better lives. This book contains a comprehensive, well detailed summary and key takeaways of the original book by Mark Manson. It summarizes the book in detail, to help people effectively understand, articulate and imbibe the original work by Mark. This book is not meant to replace the original book but to serve as a companion to it Contained is anExecutive Summary of the original book Key Points of each chapter and Brief chapter-by-chapter summaries To get this book, Scroll Up Now and Click on the "Buy now with 1-Click" Button to Download your Copy Right Away! Enjoy this edition instantly on your Kindle device! Now available in paperback and digital editions. Audio book coming soon!! Disclaimer: This is a summary, review of the book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" and not the original book.

Happily (N)ever After: Essays That Will Heal Your Broken Heart

Thought Catalog - 2016
    When your heart breaks, there's nothing more comforting than realizing that you aren't alone—that others can relate to the gut-wrenching pain of saying good-bye to a relationship that once felt so right. Each of us is bound to enter into a relationship or two that doesn't work out, but that doesn't make those months or years spent caring for an ex a total failure. Every heartbreak is a chance to learn, grow, and heal.

Becoming Mindful: Silence Your Negative Thoughts and Emotions To Regain Control of Your Life (How To Relax Guide Book 3)

HowToRelax Blog Team - 2017
     Are you stuck in an endless loop of the same negative thoughts and emotions? If any of the following questions apply to you, you are at the right place for your solution Your mind is running at full speed, and you can get no sleep? Are you constantly worried for apparently no reason? You were happy, and all of a sudden you feel angry for no reason and snap at your loved ones? Is your mind doing its chitchat all day long and commanding your life? Welcome to the club. You are not alone. Thanks to our modern society, that got even worse. Too many people are stuck in their mind and are often dominated by negative thoughts and emotions. Am I good enough? Why is this guy at work so mean? Why did he do that? How can I get more money? I hate everything. And when you think the disturbing thoughts and emotions are gone, they will come back to you in the most unpleasant situations, like happily playing with your kids. Fortunately, you can change that. We can train our mind to stop those thoughts and regain control of our life. In the book, we will step you through the process of regaining control of your thoughts and emotions. You will learn: why our mind behaves like that and what is going wrong. how you can use your body to change your mind how your environment can help you in silencing your mind why drinking tea helps how Mindfulness will guide you to freedom how proven meditation techniques will assist you in your journey Don't stay paralyzed in what feels like your personal hell; join us and learn how to get your freedom. Do Not Hesitate, Buy the Book and Start Now This book is part of the How To Relax Guide Series; a series helping you to find relaxation and a happier life. With each book in the series, we cover one topic and teach you how to learn the methods in a highly actionable manner while leaving the fillers out.

One Day University Presents: Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness

One Day University - 2010
    He is also the Head Teaching Fellow for the most popular course at Harvard, “Positive Psychology,” which is taken by more than 1,000 students per semester and led by Professor Tal Ben-Shahar.  Shawn received his B.A. in English from Harvard and a Master’s from Harvard Divinity School in Christian and Buddhist Ethics. Part of his interest in positive psychology stems from a troubling fact: studies have shown that many of Harvard’s undergraduates suffer from depression at some point in their college careers. One Day University is a unique educational experience  that brings intellectuals together to learn from top rated professors at Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and other prestigious universities. Chosen for their excellent teaching abilities as rated by their students, these great thinkers represent a wide variety of academic disciplines and share their knowledge in 60 minute, highly entertaining lectures. Offering the ability to learn the highlights of academic thought in world affairs, politics, history, science, art, and more; One Day University is a way to truly enjoy the thrill of learning without the pressures of tests and the high price tag of college tuition. Once reserved only for students who could attend the lectures in New York and other major cities, One Day University courses are now available to everyone from the comfort of their own homes in Kindle format.

The 30 Minute Happiness Formula

Rachel Rofe - 2014
    It's easy to read so you can get moving right away.To get started, simply scroll to the top of the page, select the "Buy" button, and start reading.

Emotional Intelligence: Exploring the Most Powerful Intelligence Ever Discovered

Benjamin Smith - 2016
    This process of introspection and self-reflection is never easy. It requires the ability to understand and handle your emotions in a healthy manner, and this always takes time and patience. That is why this book, “Emotional Intelligence: Exploring the Most Powerful Intelligence Ever Discovered,” has been written just for you. This book is meant to help make the process of emotional development clearer and smoother. Our lives are filled with constant and continual situations where communication with others is necessary. Your ability to communicate effectively and successfully with others is what sets you apart from animals. However, how many of us actually take the time to think about just how important the way we communicate is? In what ways can we become better able to communicate? This would be a good time to introduce you to the concept of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence, or EI, is defined as the ability to recognize, control, and express your emotions in a way that enables you to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically and judiciously. Emotional intelligence is what enables you to recognize how others are feeling in a given situation, differentiate the myriad of emotions, and act accordingly. It is only through emotional intelligence that we are able to adjust our emotions as we go through life, thus reaching whatever goals we have set. Nobody can claim that they do not have emotional intelligence. The only difference is that people exhibit varying levels of EI – some are simply more emotionally intelligent than others. However, it is not something that is fixed from birth to death. There are steps and actions you can take to become more intelligent emotionally. In fact, if there is one feature of personal development that most people need to work on, it is their emotional intelligence. Research has proven that those individuals who have a higher emotional quotient, or EQ, tend to make better leaders, enjoy a better quality of personal and professional relationships, and are more mentally healthy. All you need to do to increase your emotional quotient is take the time to put into practice the tips and strategies outlined in this book. In here, you will learn how to know yourself better so that you can understand others better. You will learn how your emotional brain works, and how emotional intelligence can be improved. There are some great tools and tips described in this book, so make sure that you are ready to learn and practice them. Get ready to also learn about some of the new discoveries in the field of emotional intelligence. Scroll to the top of this page and click the " Buy Now With One-Click " Button to start your journey on EI

24 Minutes On The Other Side: Living Without Fear of Death

Tessa Romero - 2020
    She returned to save another life. This experience transformed her, allowing her to enjoy a full and happy life, free from fear.In “24 Minutes on The Other Side”, Tessa tells us about her amazing journey to the afterlife―where she established contact with other beings―to help you understand the sense of life and death. One cannot exist without the other. Thanks to her experience with patients suffering from a terminal disease, the author learned that it is possible to live without fear of death and presently helps others to overcome their fear and die in peace, with dignity, knowing that death is only an awakening to a new life.Why are we afraid of dying? Is there life after death? Can we live without fear? Tessa invites us to follow her during her journey with the object of finding an answer to these fascinating mysteries. SELECTED REVIEWS “This shocking book gave me goosebumps. It successfully combines experience with science. The story is clear and the reading is fluid. Its pages present the author as a benevolent person with good intentions to help us. In hard times, I remember Tessa and her story, and try not to forget that there is life before death.” Benjamín Espinoza. Chemical engineer “This book has helped me face my death-related fears. It made me aware of how easy it is to live without fearing death as such. It gave me a lot of strength, energy and, most preciously, Love. Tessa taught me that instead of living in fear we should learn how to live.” Filli Ramírez. Entrepreneur. THE AUTHOR Tessa Romero is a writer, journalist, sociologist, and life coach. She is a volunteer for the defense of human rights and a journalist with a wide experience in Spain’s leading news media. She has written educational manuals on lyrical and symphonic music, tourist guides for several countries, as well as touristic and cultural articles for both the Spanish and the international printed press. She won her first literary award when she was only 8 years old and was prompted by her true vocation, as an author, to write her story and thus give life to this, her first personal-growth book, thus fulfilling her dream of helping others. Copyright©TessaRomero2020

Ditch Your Job: Time Management Strategies To Start A Business Even If You Are Crazy Busy (Time Mangement)

Sandra León - 2016
    What if you don’t have to pick? What if you could manage your time so effectively you could keep your job while you grow the business of your dreams? What I discovered is that in order to maximize time, you need more than just time management strategies. In addition, you will need to focus on these three elements. First is to shift your mindset around time. The beliefs you hold about time could be wrong.Second is to become aware of destructive thought patterns that occur before you indulge in time-wasting activities.Lastly is to discard the terrible habits that are robbing you of your productivity and replace them with better habits that will increase your output. This book expands on those 3 components combined with time management strategies and delivers a super effective way to eliminate the detrimental behavior that is holding you back from your true potential.  I am a full-time mother of four wonderful children, a part-time entrepreneur, a corporate employee, and a writer. As you can imagine, my hands are always full. However, I refuse to give up my dream of creating a business revolving around my passion. At the same time I make certain I am not sacrificing my health and, more importantly, the time spent with my family. The same can be true for you, too. You can keep your job while you build a business so that eventually you can ditch your job and enjoy your life. Don’t let another year go by without starting the business you have always dreamt about. Grab your copy of this book today and learn: •         What time really is and how to use it to your advantage. •         The formula to figure out the exact monetary value of your time. •         How to make sure you are always using your time for what’s important. •         How to “edit” your life and free up time. •         The most powerful way to keep you accountable for the way you spend your time. •         How to strengthen your decision muscle. •         How habits develop. •         How to switch out bad habits with productive habits. •         The 2 types of energies and how to increase them. •         How to avoid the killer of all dreams and progress. •         Lies we tell ourselves about time and how to bypass them.

The Secret to Money Masterclass

Rhonda Byrne - 2020
    You are meant to have a rich life, in every respect, and yet many people are unaware of the power they have within them that directly and effortlessly accesses abundance in all things, including money.In this new book, Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, explains how the law of attraction applies specifically to wealth and your relationship with money. By applying the knowledge in The Secret, you can stop money from slipping through your fingers, and eliminate forever the perpetual state of “not having enough money.” You will discover the power you have to bring money to you and to live a life of abundance, where you can be, do, or have anything you want.Subjects covered by Rhonda include personal finance, eradicating a poverty mindset and adopting a wealth mindset, job hunting, career advancement, creating a successful business, and giving and sharing wealth.Rhonda also presents many inspirational real-life stories of people who have used The Secret to attract wealth, build a company, pay off debts, acquire a home, and secure a high paying job.They say money doesn’t grow on trees—but with the knowledge of The Secret to Money Masterclass, you will feel that it actually does, as money starts to come into your life from unexpected places. Financial freedom can be yours, and as you will discover, it is just one thought away!

Living On Almost Nothing

Amber Storck - 2021

Mastering Hypnotic Language - Further Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

The Rogue Hypnotist - 2013
    For his own reasons he still remains anonymous, the hypnotic self-help elite must be ruffled! They don’t want this stuff getting out! The Rogue Hypnotist is a top UK clinical hypnotherapist and Advanced NLP expert. He has a very good success rate indeed with his client’s and he wants to share the tricks that work with you! He helps his client’s in 1 session only at a very reasonable rate. They leave with a big smile on their faces. Police officers, multimillionaire’s even TV celebs have sought his help; now he wants to help YOU! The sequel to ‘How to hypnotise anyone,’ the number 1 best seller on hypnosis on Amazon.com and .co.uk is here! ‘Mastering hypnotic language,’ awaits you!!! You can now take your hypnotic mastery up to the next level! In book 1 you learnt how to hypnotise anyone using words alone. Now you will learn how to use words with such precision that your total hypnotic power is assured! The Rogue Hypnotist is giving away almost for free all the ‘language patterns’ that work as opposed to all the junk being sold out that that won’t do anything to anyone. Learning hypnosis should be easy and fun! The hypnosis bag of magic tricks that you can expect to effortlessly learn and put into practise are… 1. The specific language that will induce trance and hypnosis in anyone. 2. Why words beginning in RE are hypnotic! 3. Why you SHOULD use PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) with a script showing just how to do so. 4. How to dissociate the conscious and unconscious minds. Script provided! 5. What ‘colour feelings’ are and how to use them in hypnosis. 6. The secrets of ‘hidden code’ hypnosis. 7. How to use ‘hypnotic negations’ properly and why they work. 8. The amazing expose of how the unconscious reveals the truth through ‘reverse speech.’ 9. A powerful and much more advanced ‘hypnotic mind model,’ that will give you far greater understanding of how the mind works than 99% of mental health care professionals, helping you hypnotise anyone with flair. 10. What the best ‘temporal and spatial’ language predicates to use in hypnosis are. 11. Exactly how to use language to dig out specifics, to find the missing pieces and stop yourself being influenced against your will. 12. How to use hypnotic assumptions and nominalisations and which ones work best. 13. How to specifically and expertly use artfully vague hypnotic language. 14. What hyperbolic words and hypnotic poetry is. 15. The specifics of ‘hypnotic languaging.’ 16. A knowledge of associational networks and artful ambiguity. 17. The 100% fail proof formula to create your own hypnotic deepeners! It’s easier than you think! And you get a free bonus – ‘The Silly Deepener!’ 18. An embedded commands induction PLUS the specific ‘embeds’ that induce trance in any conversation. You will learn TRUE conversational hypnosis that works including how to describe a state to elicit it! 19. A step by step description of the precise way to create a ‘symbolic deepener’ with full script provided. 20. Your special BONUS – ‘The Unicorn Deepener’ and much, much more! The Rogue Hypnotist is practically giving this away so that YOU will have by end of the book more hypnotic ability than 99% of so-called hypnotists out there! That’s my promise to you.

Meditation for Beginners: Easy Techniques to Relieve Stress, Depression and Anxiety and Increase Inner Peace and Motivation for Life (Mindfulness Book 1)

Scott Henderson - 2017
    Follow Proven Methods and Simple, Step-By-Step Guidelines to Improve your Motivation and Happiness, and Reduce Stress, Depression and Anxiety Today! Does it feel like you're being overwhelmed with all the tasks and activities you have to attend to in your life? How can anyone keep up in the fast-paced society of ours? The last thing that you'd be wanting to do is relax and slow down when there's so much going on. But this is exactly what you should do. In this title, you'll find out why, how and when it's best to settle your thoughts, and come out stronger with crystal clarity and well-being. Meditation is especially effective if you're dealing with depression, anxiety or chronic stress. It can increase your inner peace and motivation for life's every task. Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn Why Meditation Is Important What Meditation Assists With Proving Its Effectiveness The Steps To Meditative Practices Long-Term Meditative Success Tips And Much, Much More! It's never too late to learn and to take action! This book contains no filler, no unnecessary stories or long-winded case studies; simply an explanation and methods to succeed.

Social Skills: Simple Techniques to Manage Your Shyness, Improve Conversations, Develop Your Charisma and Make Friends In No Time

James W. Williams - 2019
    Social Skills: Simple Techniques to Manage Your Shyness, Improve Conversations, Develop Your Charisma and Make Friends In No Time is a pragmatic book written in a down-to-earth manner showing exactly how to develop your social skills. You can unlock your potentials by applying the tips shared in this book.In this book you will discover: Practical steps to help you overcome shyness How to boost your self-confidence Easy ways to influence and charm people Practical ways to keep your audience or listener engaged How to manage awkward social situations Conversation skills to make your interactions flow seamlessly If you are tired of vague tips on improving social skills, or if you have little or no improvement with the several other social skills books you have read in time past, this book will break the jinx. The methods in this book have been tested and they work, plain and simple.Get your copy today and learn how to put the magic back into your social interactions.

HTML Fixes for Kindle: Advanced Self Publishing for Kindle Books, or Tips on Tweaking Your App's HTML So Your Ebooks Look Their Best

Aaron Shepard - 2013
    Have you ever opened a Kindle book to find that the font started out way too small or way too large? Have you tried to change to a different font while reading and discovered you couldn't? Have you jumped to a new chapter in a Kindle book and seen that the chapter heading lost its formatting? Has a Kindle completely ignored formatting you knew was in the book? According to Amazon, the simplest way to publish your Kindle book is to upload an HTML file you've saved from Microsoft Word or another app. By itself, that method can bring you maybe 80% of the way to a well-formatted, trouble-free ebook. But what about the other 20%? In this follow-up to his bestselling -From Word to Kindle, - Aaron Shepard takes your saved HTML as a starting point and tells how to quickly tweak and tune it to avoid common problems. Assuming no knowledge of HTML, he introduces the basics of the language, then reveals how to use find-and-replace and macros to touch up an entire book in seconds! If you're serious about Kindle publishing and you're technically inclined -- but not a full-fledged geek -- Aaron provides the tips you need to bring your Kindle book to the next level, making it something truly to be proud of. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Aaron Shepard is a foremost proponent of the new business of profitable self publishing, which he has practiced and helped develop since 1998. He is the author of -Aiming at Amazon, - -POD for Profit, - -Perfect Pages, - and Amazon's #1 and #2 bestselling paid books on Kindle formatting, -From Word to Kindle- and -Pictures on Kindle.- ///////////////////////////////////////////////// CONTENTS Getting Started 1 WORKING WITH HTML HTML and Kindle HTML Export HTML Editing HTML Processing HTML Basics HTML Checking HTML Cleanup HTML Testing 2 HTML FIXES Fixes for Fonts Fixes for Paragraphs Fixes for Headings Fixes for Line Breaking Fixes for Pictures Fixes for Navigation ///////////////////////////////////////////////// SAMPLE Here are some of the things you can accomplish through changes in HTML. * Adjust bookmarks so headings retain proper formatting when jumped to. * Remove settings that stop the user from choosing their own. * Keep fonts from appearing much too small or much too large when the book is opened. * Make sure indents and other spacing stays relative to larger and smaller font sizes. * Avoid line breaks that leave short words dangling at the ends of lines or paragraphs. * Make up for features lost in translation from your word processor, like nonbreaking hyphens. * Stop -ghost hyphens- from appearing in the middle of words. * Keep pages of text from disappearing for some users. * Prevent the Kindle from applying its own defaults in place of your settings.