Beyond Tears: Living After Losing a Child

Ellen Mitchell - 2005
    In Beyond Tears, nine mothers share their individual stories of how to survive in the darkest hour. They candidly share with other bereaved parents what to expect in the first year and long beyond:* Harmonious relationships can become strained* There is a new definition of what one considers "normal" * The question "how many children do you have?" can be devastating* Mothers and fathers mourn and cope differently* There simply is no answer to the question "why?"This sharing in itself is a catharsis and because each of these mothers lost her child at least seven years ago, she is in a unique position to provide perspective on what newly bereaved parents can expect to feel. The mothers of Beyond Tears offer reassurance that the clouds of grief do lessen with time and that grieving parents will find a way to live, and even laugh again.

Note to Self: 30 Women on Hardship, Humiliation, Heartbreak, and Overcoming It All

Andrea J. Buchanan - 2008
     Life rarely works out exactly as we plan. Rejection by a cherished friend, the onset of an unexpected illness, struggle with body image and self-perception -- these experiences may challenge us, but our triumphs come to define us. We find comfort, joy, tears, and laughter in the wisdom, insight, and empathy we gain. In Note to Self, thirty dynamic women share their inspirational stories with writer, director, and television and film producer Andrea Buchanan. Celebrities such as Grammy Award-winning rock star Sheryl Crow and Emmy Award-winning actress Camryn Manheim join stuntwoman Stacy Courtney, football player Katie Hnida, seventy- year-old HIV-positive grandmother Beverly London, and alcoholic-turned-interventionist Candy Finnigan to reflect on their unforgettable stories of redemption. Punctuated by tears and laughter, these poignant tales are full of incredible strength, invaluable knowledge, insurmountable odds, helpful survival instincts, amazing willpower, humiliation -- sometimes on a national level -- and a hefty dose of humor. These unstoppable women emerged stronger, wiser, and more successful from the often painful and humbling turning points in their lives. While none of their unique stories will fit neatly on a sticky note you can tape to your wall, each of them carries an indelible message that can.

Don't Die with Your Music Still in You: A Daughter's Response to Her Father's Wisdom

Serena J. Dyer - 2014
    Wayne Dyer wrote a book called 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, based on the most important principles he wanted his children to live by. Serena Dyer, one of those children, has contemplated these ideas throughout her life. “Don’t die with your music still in you” has been the most important principle for Serena: to her, it means that you don’t allow yourself to live any life other than the one you were born to live. In this book, Serena sets out to explain what it was like to grow up with spiritual parents. She touches upon all ten of her dad’s original secrets, imparting her own experiences with them and detailing how they have affected the way she approaches various situations in life. She shares stories, struggles, and triumphs—and Wayne, in turn, contributes his own perspective. This unique father-daughter collaboration will warm the hearts of all parents . . . and inspire anyone who is looking to find the “music” inside themselves.

Froth on the Cappuccino: How Small Pleasures Can Save Your Life

Maeve Haran - 2007
    Yet sometimes other things in our lives can be so overwhelming that we forget their healing power. In this inspiring book, bestselling author Maeve Haran describes how the little things in life can prove to be the most satisfying. Swapping jokes with a shopkeeper or getting a smile from another driver when you let them into the traffic makes you feel better about yourself than any self-help book. "Froth on the Cappuccino" celebrates hundreds of everyday delights all designed to remind us how joyous life is.

Morrie: In His Own Words

Morris S. Schwartz - 1999
    Ever the teacher, in his last year, as his battle with the fatal illness amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's Disease, gradually weakened him, he appeared on three memorable "Nightline" programs with Ted Koppel, simply titled "Morrie," and captivated millions of viewers across the country with his spirit and compassion.Before he died, Morrie finished the manuscript for this book, which was originally titled Letting Go. He saw it as his greatest teaching opportunity. Whether you or a loved one is healthy or ill, young or old, there is invaluable wisdom here that can enrich your life. From "handling frustration" and "reaching acceptance" to "relating to others" and "being kind to yourself," Morrie's life-affirming insights help you take stock of where you are now and where you may want to be. Morrie: In His Own Words will have a lasting impact on whoever reads it. It is Morrie's invaluable legacy to us all.

The Secret of Leadership

Prakash Iyer - 2013
    Only when you put them in hot water do you know how strong they really are.Bestselling author Prakash Iyer uses simple but powerful anecdotes and parables from all over the world to demonstrate what makes for effective personal and professional leadership. Iyer draws lessons from sources as diverse as his driver, a mother giraffe, Abraham Lincoln and footballers in the United Kingdom. He shows how an instinct to lead can be acquired while flipping burgers at a fast food chain. All of these stories come together in an explosive cocktail to unleash your inner leader.About the Author:Prakash lyer is the bestselling author of The Habit of Winning. In a corporate career spanning more than twenty-five years. he has worked with teams selling everything from soaps and colas, to watches, yellow pages and diapers. He is currently the managing director of Kimberly Clark Lever.Passionate about people and cricket Prakash is also a motivational speaker and trained leadership coach. An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, he is married to Savitha. and they have twin children. Shruti and Abhishek.

#Dear Tomorrow: Notes to My Future Self

Maudy Ayunda - 2018
    Guilty as charged.I am one of those people who adore witty quotes and phrases.I love being reminded by simple truths.I love how short statements can strike a chord in our minds and move us to do something.This book is a compilation of my experiences, thoughts, and conversations about myself, love, dreams, and life.All throughout this book, I curated takeaways-or things that I want to be reminded of in the future.If anything I write here can make you smile, then I've done what I set out to do with this book.

Mindset for Moms: From Mundane to Marvelous Thinking in Just 30 Days

Jamie C. Martin - 2012
    Using the simple techniques in Mindset for Moms,you can discover how to transform your mind and change your life. Thisbook is organized into 30 short segments you can read and ponder as yougo about your busy, full days. Or if you feel moved, plow through it inone sitting and return for specific details when you need them. Tacklethe information in the way that works best for you. The important thingis not to put it off. A better life awaits--Jamie invites you to goafter it with her.

The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again

Rachel Marie Martin - 2018
    In her characteristic raw and visceral style, Rachel teaches you how to rewrite the pages of your story, follow your passion, and discover the beauty of who you are. Drawing on lessons from her own incredible journey--together with insight from conversations with thousands of other women--Rachel encourages moms to break cycles, take off masks, and prevent fear from taking control. She balances her "no excuses" approach with breathing room and grace for those messy moments in life and mothering. Rachel reminds you there is always a reason to hope, to move forward, and to dare the impossible. You can make changes. You can pursue dreams, find yourself, and live a life of deep happiness and boundless joy. Stop waiting for "someday." Take hold of the moment, and say yes to your dreams.

Happy Housewives: I Was a Whining, Miserable, Desperate Housewife--But I Finally Snapped Out of It...You Can, Too!

Darla Shine - 2005
    Being at home with two small children and a husband who was rarely home was enough to drive her crazy. She left her high-profile job as a television producer after her son was born, while her husband continued to move up the corporate ladder. Like many of her stay-at-home-mom friends, Shine employed a housekeeper and baby-sitters so she could spend her time running to the salon, the club, and out to lunch. Then one day she was whining to her mother about how terrible her life was, and her mother yelled at her to wake up and stop being so selfish. It was just the wakeup call she needed!The desperate housewife craze of today is sending the wrong message to women and their children everywhere, says Shine. When did being a good mom and being proud to stay home with the kids go out of style? When did it become acceptable to cheat on your husband? When did mothers start dressing like their teenage daughters? Shine finds the standards of today's desperate housewives astonishingly low, and she has set out to teach women how they can be good mothers, look good, and feel good about the choices they make. Being a housewife does not mean you are on house arrest or can't be satisfied in your marriage. So step up, realize that you want to be home with your children, and embrace your life.

Muhammad: How He Can Make You Extraordinary

Hesham Al-Awadi - 2016
     You will learn how Muhammad shaped his personality as a child, dealt with the universal challenges of adolescence while a teenager, and then emerged as a leader in his community as a young adult. The book deliberately avoids the language of historical narration used in typical biographies of the Prophet in favor of a more informal, down-to-earth approach. In this book, the reader will get a completely different view of Muhammad and hopefully will see how Muhammad addressed our own daily challenges, inspiring us to excel in confronting these challenges. "I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to everyone who wants to be inspired by Muhammad, the greatest of mankind." Mirza Yawar Baig, author of Presenting Islam Today.

The Unwelcome Visitor: Depression and How I Survive It

Denise Welch - 2020
    This is my story that you have asked me to tell. Those who suffer from depression will understand and those who don't will hopefully learn how to.'This is the book that Denise Welch wished for as she found herself exhausted and defeated after yet another visit from The Unwelcome Visitor - the name she gives to the episodes of clinical depression she has suffered from over the past 30 years.For so many understanding their mental health is a leap into the unknown, and they are left grappling with the physical and emotional fallout without any guidance or someone to tell them 'you're not alone and you can live a happy and successful life alongside your illness'. Within these pages Denise reveals her ongoing journey from breakdowns to breakthroughs and through self-destruction to self-acceptance.Typically candid, Denise brings her trademark humour and honesty to a conversation that we urgently need to have, and shows readers it is brave and courageous to be open and vulnerable, and you too can take back control.

The Silver Lining: An Insightful Guide to the Realities of Breast Cancer

Hollye Jacobs - 2014
    It soon evolved into a daily must-read for thousands of women worldwide. Now, in a graceful, exquisitely illustrated work with full-color photographs by award-winning photographer Elizabeth Messina, Jacobs offers an informative, therapeutic guide for people who have been diagnosed with the disease.Part personal memoir, part professional guide, The Silver Lining is the book that Jacobs wished she’d had when she began her fight with cancer. She covers what every patient can expect as they go through their specific treatment and teaches other big issues, such as nutrition and how to talk to children about illness. While the book is brimming with action steps to help negotiate each phase of treatment and recovery, every chapter concludes with “Silver Linings”—the sources of inspiration and perspective that buoyed Jacobs through her own journey and that, taken together, comprise the heartbeat of the book.“Like a good friend, this book will be by your side as you travel through the world of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery,” says Dr. Susan Love, surgeon, breast cancer research advocate, and author of Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book. An invaluable guide, a gorgeously rendered object of beauty, The Silver Lining will be the manual for breast cancer patients and their loved ones.

Living from the Soul: The 7 Spiritual Principles of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sam Torode - 2020
    Trust Yourself All that you need for growth and guidance 
in life is already present inside you.2. As You Sow, You Will Reap Your thoughts and actions shape your character, 
and your character determines your destiny.3. Nothing Outside You Can Harm YouCircumstances and events don't matter 
as much as how you deal with them.4. The Universe Is Inside You
The world around you is a reflection of the world within you.5. Identify with the InfiniteCenter your identity on the soul 
and your life's purpose will unfold.6. Live in the Present The present moment is your point of power. Eternity is now.7. Seek God WithinThe highest revelation is the divinity of the soul.

Dear Daughters: Love Letters from One Generation to the Next

Susie Davis - 2019
    It is a bridge between two groups of women—dear daughters and spiritual mamas. It is a guide to friendship. A dear daughter is a young woman in need of spiritual guidance, and a spiritual mama is someone just a little further down the road who can pass along wisdom. Whichever role you identify with, the hope is that you will invite someone to come alongside you, pore over the letters together and share what is speaking to you right now, wherever you are in your God story.